11. Infiltration is the process by which rainwater becomes A. ocean water. B. river water. C. saltwater. D. groundwater. 12. Water that flows downhill along Earth's surface is called A. cycles. B. rain. C. runoff. D. beach hydraulics. 13. Soil can best be described as the A. third layer beneath the Earth's surface. B. sandy bottom of the ocean's floor. C. layer of bedrock four layers beneath the Earth's surface. D. loose covering of weathered rocks and decaying organic matter. 14. A depression in the ground due to a cave collapse or acidic water dissolution of limestone is called a A. sinkhole. B. stalactite. C. stalagmite. D. cave. 15. When the water level of a stream or river exceeds its natural banks, it has reached its A. capacity. B. crest. C. flood stage. D. plateau. 16. Which of the following soil types is richest in organic material? A. Yellow soil B. Blue soil C. Red soil D. Dark-colored soil 17. Which of the following statements best describes chemical weathering? A. It happens only in cool environments. B. It always results in dome-shaped formations. C. It's the process by which rocks and minerals undergo changes in their composition. D. It's the type of weathering in which rocks and minerals break down into smaller pieces. 18. A divide as it relates to Earth science is the A. elevated land area that separates one watershed from another. B. rate of precipitation that exceeds infiltration. C. largest river system possible. D. stream that flows between two trees. 19. Which gas is a source of natural groundwater pollution? A. Radon B. Oxygen C. Carbon D. Hydrogen 20. Due to human demand because of its importance to life, the Earth's most precious resource is End of exam A. saltwater. B. oil. C. soil. D. freshwater.

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Related questions

Earths greenhouse effect is most directly related to the ___ cycle

Earth's green house effects is directly related to the carbon cycle.

carbon is known as the building block of life and also a form of stored energy.  When fossil fuels such as coal and oil products are burned for energy, carbon dioxide is released . Carbon compounds move in a cycle through plants and animals, the air, ocean and earth.

Carbon that is in the air is the one that contributes to the greenhouse effect. Activities of man especially the burning of fossil fuels for energy is thought to release a lot of carbon dioxide in the air significantly  contributing to the greenhouse effect.

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The physical systems of the earth include the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, and _

The physical systems of the earth include the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the biosphere.

The hydrosphere consists  of the earth's water. Approximately 70% of the earth's surface is water. It is found in oceans, lakes, rivers ponds, ice and ground water.

The Lithosphere consists of the solid surface that covers the  Earth. Features such as hills, mountains, plateaus, plains and ocean basins are land forms covering the lithosphere.

The atmosphere consists of the thin layer of gases that  surround the earth and rises up to 100 miles from the earth's surface, beyond which is outer space.

The biosphere consists of all things living on the surface of the earth  and includes animals and plants.

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Which jet stream affects weather in South Africa? A. the northern subtropical jet stream B. the southern subtropical jet stream C. the northern midlatitude jet stream D. the southern midlatitude jet stream


B. the southern subtropical jet stream


Jet streams are currents of air that move accross earth taking cold and warm air, the polar jets carry cold air from the poles to the continents, and the subtropical jets carry warm humid streams of air from the tropics towards the poles the southern subtropical jet stream arrives to South Africa, making it a warmer location eventhough it is located near the antartic.

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How can the actions of people in one country affect the environment of another?

Because people, at the end of the day, mirror each other. Though, they are of different beliefs and cultures, it is naturally human to connect with one another. And especially in this era, where countries are on alliances and member of organizations, what happens to this country is responsibility of the countries allied to it. These countries are expected to help and guide when the need arises. And people, when they do things in a large scale, whether good or bad, will affect the its neighboring countries and it will spread like wildfire to other countries.

ANSWERED AT 15/12/2019 - 10:54 PM

QUESTION POSTED AT 15/12/2019 - 10:54 PM

What environmental challenges do humans face

These include

1. Population- The world's population has tripled within the last 60 years placing stress on literally every aspect of the environment.

2.Climate- due to indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels, it is thought greenhouse effects have been created causing undesirable climate changes.

3. Loss of biodiversity - humans have continually and steadily destroyed habitats of species which may result in adverse effects on the food chain.

4.Water- it is estimated that by 2050, two thirds of the world's population will be unable to have clean water. This is due to abuse of the environment  by man.

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How do we know plate tectonics exist (list 4-5 pieces of evidence) and why are there different boundaries?

Continent jig-saw shapes when puzzled and combined together, formed one big continent - Pangea, and was separated by drifts. Fossil comparisons of different species were discovered into two different, separated continents in which when you combine them, they were one in the past. Seismic, volcanic, and geothermal activity are found along imagined plate boundaries.  Plates were actually rubbing against each other as evidence is seen on the formed mountain ranges. Paleomagnetism, magnetic field placement in the layers of the rock are present.  

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Why are population pyramids sometimes called age structure diagrams

A population pyramid consists of a vertical number line, but instead of numbers its ages. The diagram shows how much of the population is in each age group, and also divides it again to show if the person is a boy or a girl. These pyramids/diagrams help compare the ages and genders of a population in an easy way. (Ex. Large amount in the youth but small amount in the elderly would mean economic problems, Ex. Many boys on one side but not many girls in reproductive age would mean population will decline)

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4 largest river systems in the u.s.a.

Rio Grande

ANSWERED AT 15/12/2019 - 10:04 PM

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What location on Earth experiences the least change in daylight hours as the seasons change and why?

The correct answer here is: The equator.

This is because the seasons are caused by a small tilt in the eaths axis: the Axis is not straight with respect to the movement around the sun, but it's tilted, pushing one pole (North or south) closer or away from the Sun.

This tilt affects the pole region the most and the equator region the least. At the poles the tilt causes extreme variations in the lenght of daylight hours: from perpetual daylight for days to no daylight for days.

The effect is strongest at the poles and weakest far away from the poles: at the equator. 

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What is a catchy slogan to help people remember the difference between weathering and erosion?

Weather makes a sunny day, erosion drives the  dirt away.

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Which plate is covering most of two continents? What two continents?

Europe and Asia are position on the Eurasian plate.

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What location in the Earth has the same latitude as Norway but in the opposite hemisphere (either north or south)?

Norway is located around 60°N - and more, also around 65°N.

So we're looking for a place located 60°S or 65°S.

No land crosses the 60°S exactly, but some uninhabited Islands lie close to it.

65°S crosses Antarctica. - so the best answer is Antarctica. (since  you didn't specify longitude,   I think this answer is enough and you don't need more specific answer but let me know if you do)

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How does cliff collapse affect the environment

- - It can damage animals homes, cause destructions in the land, waters, air, and more. If near some sort of town it can harm the town and its people it in along with there homes, pets, stores, etc.

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Why river Ganga does not dry during summer

The Ganges River, or river Ganga is known to be one of the largest rivers in the world which means that there is still a huge reserve of water. The summer may dry up the Ganges river and makes it low tide, but it will not totally dry up because the summer is followed by some rainy days which will make the Ganges river become high tide. Whenever there are downpours in the country, then the water level of the Ganges river will go up and the water will be replenished. 

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If the weather becomes stormy for a short time and then becomes colder,which type of frount has most likely passed

It's a cold front. While a cold is passing, heavy showers and thunderstorms start appearing. Temperatures soon become noticibly colder than when before the front passed.

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Good 1959 now water agreement between Egypt and blank led to the construction of High Dam

The Agreement was actually called 1959 Nile Waters Agreement.
It's an agreement relating to the river Nile, which is shared between many countries. The country that shares the border with Egypt among those is Sudan. 

so the correct answer is : Sudan (this is what goes into the "Blank")

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Where does the hudson flow

From north to south                                       .

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Which layer contains the highest mountains and the deepest ocean

-- The crust level of organization are the colonial protozoans.

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By the early 2000s,which country was taiwan's third-largest trading partner? A. China or C. Japan

It would be Japan i hope this helps

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Mesophere plus thermosphere reflects radio waves. What is it called

- - Mesosphere plus thermosphere reflects radio waves lionosphere.

ANSWERED AT 15/12/2019 - 03:48 PM

QUESTION POSTED AT 15/12/2019 - 03:48 PM

How do mountains barriers affect precipitation level

On the windward side of the mountain, wind will blow up along the side of the mountain. As it rises up, it cools acrobatically forming clouds as water vapour, begins to condense. This leading to greater precipitation and thus a wetter climate on the windward side.

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Which organisms are responsible for absorbing carbon from the atosphere

Plants and trees absorb the carbon and make oxygen with it.

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How does the sun drive the water cycle

The sun causes evaporation.

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What advantage do organisms in a food web have over those in a food chain? A.Organisms in a food web have alternative foods to eat if one of their food sources diminishes or disappears. b. Organisms in a food web are on the highest trophic level of feeding stages. c. Organisms in a food web have equivalent survival rates to those in a food chain because they are herbivores. d. Organisms in a food web have one primary food source, which ensures their health.

A.Organisms in a food web have alternative foods to eat if one of their food sources diminishes or disappears.

Food chain refers to a process cycle from producer to consumer to decomposer.
Plants – herbivores – omnivores – carnivores
 Start -> Plants -> herbivore insect -> spiders -> small bird -> Snake -> hawk -> fox -> lion -> when died the body will be eaten by hyena-> when hyena died -> body get decompose and be eaten  by worms and the rest will be plant’s fertilizer.

The process of the food chain will then again takes place over and over again. 

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What is the difference between the structure of an organ and the function of the organ

The structure of an organ is how its made. The function of an organ is what it does.

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The Jones family lives on the western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and they experience a wet climate much of the year. On the eastern side of the mountain is where the Greer family lives. What type of climate do the Greers most likely experience?

the type of climate that Greers most likely experience is : arid, desert-like climate due to living in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevadas As the excerpt explained, The joens family live on the other side of the wet climate mountain. The mountain became some sort of a shield that blocked any water containing air from coming to the eastern part of the mountain, which create a desert-like climate

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Gregorio is sad because he has not been able to go outside and play. It has rained every day for two weeks in his small village in coastal Ecuador. What is the most likely cause of the rainy weather?

Two weeks? I wouldn't be surprised if his village has washed out to sea right about now...

The rainy weather is most likely caused by Ecuador's wet season, which happens from October to May. Countries located in the tropics, like Ecuador, and the subtropics experience a wet and dry season every year.

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