__________ force is the force of attraction and repulsion between subatomic particles. a. electrical b. frictional c. gravitational d. spring

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A.) Electrical force is your answer......
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Which scenario best describes a chemical change? A. water conducting electricity B.copper pipe being cut into pieces C.copper corroding in the presence of oxygen D.water freezing into ice

It's c because that's what happened to the statue of liberty lol

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Which type of radioactive particle(s) has/have been emitted in the following equation?

It is beta particle

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Which of the following substances have polar interactions (dipole-dipole forces) between molecules? F2, Cl2, ClF, NF3



The covalent bond is the chemical bond between atoms where electrons are shared, forming a molecule. Covalent bonds are established between non-metallic elements, such as hydrogen H, oxygen O and chlorine Cl. These elements have many electrons in their outermost level (valence electrons) and have a tendency to gain electrons to acquire the stability of the electronic structure of noble gas. The shared electron pair is common to the two atoms and holds them together.

Electronegativity is defined as the ability of an element to attract the electrons that link it to another element.

The covalent bond between two atoms can be polar or nonpolar.

When two atoms have different electronegativities, the one with the highest electronegativity will attract the electrons towards each other, giving rise to two opposite charges on the bond. That is, this generates that in a polar molecule there is separation between positive and negative charges. The bonds will be all the more polar the greater the difference in electronegativity between the bound atoms.

On the other hand, the non-polar covalent bond occurs between atoms of the same element or between atoms with very little electronegativity difference. It is thus characterized to molecules or bonds that do not exhibit any polarity.

A molecule is a dipole when there is an asymmetric distribution of electrons because the molecule is made up of atoms of different electronegativity. That is, dipole is formed when the molecule is polar.

So, dipole-dipole forces are forces of attraction between polar molecules. These molecules attract when the positive end of one of them is close to the negative of the other.

Given the above, F₂ and Cl₂ are non-polar molecules and ClF and NF₃ are polar molecules. Then ClF and NF₃ have polar interactions (dipole-dipole forces).

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Which source of energy causes most of the water evaporation on Earth’s surface? wind solar gravity electrical please help!!! thanks!

The answer is solar!!!!! I'm pretty sure

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What is gravitational energy

Is the energy an object has due to its position above Earth, energy due to its height.

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Chen is testing the friction of three surfaces. He pushes the same ball across three different surfaces with the same force and measures the distance of each ball. The ball moved ten inches across Surface 1, six inches across Surface 2, and fifteen inches across Surface 3. Which could most likely describe the three surfaces? A>Surface 1 is ice, Surface 2 is gravel, and Surface 3 is blacktop. B>Surface 1 is gravel, Surface 2 is ice, and Surface 3 is blacktop. C>Surface 1 is blacktop, Surface 2 is gravel, and Surface 3 is ice. D>Surface 1 is blacktop, Surface 2 is ice, and Surface 3 is gravel.

Answer: The correct answer is Option C.


We are given three surfaces and the distance traveled by the object on that surface.

Frictional force depends on the mass of the object and the surface in contact. Smoother the surface, more distance will be traveled by the object and vice-versa.

In the question, the distance traveled by the object on 3 surfaces are:

Surface 1 = 10 inches

Surface 2 = 6 inches

Surface 3 = 15 inches

From the above information, surface 3 must be the smoothest of all the surfaces. Hence, this surface is ice.

The distance traveled is the lowest on Surface 2 which means that this is the roughest surface of all. This surface will be gravel.

And, surface 1 will be blacktop.

Therefore, the correct answer is Option C.

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Describe when the force push is demonstrated

Forces work in pairs. For example when you push a shopping cart, another really good example is if you are pushing a stalled car from the street, it is more difficult to get the car moving than what it is to keep it moving. This is because inertia is working against you to keep the car at rest (object at rest will stay at rest). Once the car is moving, inertia will work with you and you will only have to push with enough force to overcome gravity and friction.

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Based on table s an atom of which elements has the weakest attraction for electrons in a chemical bond

It seems that you have missed the necessary table for us to answer this question, so I had to look for it. Anyway, here is the answer. Based on Table S, an atom of the element POLONIUM has the weakest attraction for electrons in a chemical bond. Hope this answers your question.

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If a car has a mass of 200 kilograms and produces a force of 500 N, how fast will the car accelerate? If it took you 5 seconds to move a rock 15 meters using a force of 150 Newtons, how much power did you need to use?


i. 2.5 m/s^2

ii. 450 watts


i. mass (M) = 200 kilograms and produces a force (F) = 500 N

From force is the product of mass and acceleration (F = M × A), how fast the car accelerates

A = F/M

A = 500/200

A = 2.5 m/s^2

ii, Time to move rock  t = 5 sec

Distance d = 15 m

Force F = 150N

Power P is the rate of doing work. work W is said to be done when a force moves a body through a distance.

P =W/t

W = F × d

P = F × d/t = 150 × 15/5

P = 450 watts

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An atom contains 4 protons, 3 neutrons, and 5 electrons. what is its total electric charge?


The charge will be "-1".


In a neutral atom there are protons and neutrons in the nucleus and the same number of electrons (as of protons) in the outer shells.

As given that there are four protons and 5 electrons, it means the given atom is not neutral.

An atom may have lesser number of electrons than that of protons or it may have more number of electrons.

If an atom has less number of electrons, it will carry positive charge

If an atom has more number of electrons, it will carry negative charge.

So the total electric charge on the atom will be "-1"

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Which type of substance can conduct electricity in the liquid phase but not in the solid phase? metallic element molecular compound nonmetallic element ionic compound

The answer here is ionic compound, because they dissociate in water to form ions that conduct electricity well through the solution.

Molecular compounds and nonmetallic elements tend to be poorer conductors, while metallic elements are good conductors in the solid phase.

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"you have a mixture made os two substances, one with a higher density than the other. how could you separate the substances in the mixture? A) boil the mixture so that the substances with the hightest densities turn into gas B) add electric current to the mixture, the one with most mass will split first. C) Freeze the mixtures because the substance with the lower density will turn solid first D) centrifuge the mixture because the substance with the highter density will be pulled to the bottom"

The correct answer is D) centrifuge the mixture because the substance with the highter density will be pulled to the bottom

When things spin around, like a centrifuge, the centripetal force draws things towards the middle. If you make it a bit like a spiral and put it sideways, then the denser thing will go to the bottom while the less dense ones will remain on the outside.

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A rope experiences three 400 N forces to the left and three different 410 N forces to the right. (A) Will accelerate to the left (B) Will accelerate to the right (C) Will not accelerate

B) will accelerate to the right, because three different 410 N is greater than three different 400 N

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Which property determines an atom's ability to attract electrons shared in a chemical bond? A. Ionization energy B. atomic radius C. electronegativity D.ionic radius

Electronegativity is how much an atom's nucleus attracts the electrons around it, so the answer is C. electronegativity.

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What is the result of a decrease in salinity in the ocean? Select all that apply. sunlight is bent at a greater angle sunlight is bent at a smaller angle the electrical conductivity of sea water increases the electrical conductivity of sea water decreases


The correct answers are sunlight is bent at a smaller angle and the electrical conductivity of seawater decreases.


In seawater, the refraction angle changes according to salinity and temperature, becoming higher when salt concentration increases and temperature decreases.

The conductivity of water depends on the amount of salt dissolved in it. The electric current is caused by the movement of electrically charged particles and in response to the forces acting on these particles due to an applied electric field. Conductivity increases as the amount of solids dissolved in water increases. So if salinity decreases, does salinity.

Have a nice day!

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Which of the following is an example of an electric force that occurs in atoms

In atoms, electrons are held in their orbits due to positively charged nucleus. Hope this example cleared your doubt.

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