A __________ is a group of words containing a subject and a predicate, but is not a sentence on its own. phrase independent clause subordinate clause compound sentence

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The answer is option C. Subordinate Clause
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Read the excerpt below and answer the question. Behold, I answer to him who asks, What was God doing before He made heaven and earth? I answer not, as a certain person is reported to have done facetiously (avoiding the pressure of the question), He was preparing hell, says he, for those who pry into mysteries. (Book XI, Chapter 12) What does the word “facetiously” mean? lacking a serious or respectful attitude lacking pleasure or happiness nervously or anxiously quietly or privately


The word "facetious" means lacking a serious or respectful attitude  


The formal definition of the word facetious is to make fun of something or not to take something very seriously so it could refer to attitudes or personalities, in this case, taking away the seriousness or importance of the question or trying not to get to into a religious topic by talking about the things that God did.

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Which word from “Are Local Music Stores Obsolete?” by Catherine Bailey and Zach Bucek creates a transition? ordinary Although absent more

I would have to say Although is the transition. I hope this helps you :D

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Can someone give my a good conclusion (about 4 sentences or 5 long) about Romeo and Juliet about fate

Romeo and Juliet is a tale of love and despair in which young Juliet falls in love with romantic Romeo together they get married and plan to tragically stage their deaths but failure to receive the message of the plan. Romeo arrives to Juliet's Tomb and ends his life with a bottle of poison. When Juliet wakes up she finds her Romeo dead and in return she tries to drink the poison or kiss it off his lips but has found they it has been run dry so she resorts to using Romeo's dagger to end her life. Just as they lived together they ended their lives together.

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Which word most clearly has a positive connotation? A. Slothful B. Sluggish C. Leisurely D. Lazy


C. Leisurely


Leisurely can mean that something is done in a gentle or relaxed manner, thus, it doesn't have a negative connotation.  

On the other hand, slothful means inactivity; sluggish means that something lacks energy or is inactive; and lazy means that someone doesn't want to do anything at all.  

All of these words are synonymous related to laziness, thereby, carrying a negative connotation.

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PLEASE HELP ASAP!! THIS IS DUE TOMORROW!! WILL MARK AS BRAINLIEST IF ANSWERED NOW!! I need to make a summary of the following passage in your own words

This passage is saying how amazing it is that there is a Science museum finally opening. It's talking about all of the wonderful things that are going to be happening and in the museum. You can see how exciting and amazing the museum is just by the detail the author gives.

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Use the words atmosphere, energy, feature, measurement, rotation, solar system, solid, and surface in a short story

The launch of the ship took a lot of energy but eased as they sped through the atmosphere and into space.  The ship has a solid structure with a smooth interior surface. Buttons and lights blinked on and off and the beeping sounds filled the ships. The best feature of the ship was the monitor that measured the relative closeness of things within the solar system from the ship. With the rotation of the ship the monitor would move as well. With these things, the astronauts were ready for their long voyage into deep space.

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Write a sentence using sight word (about )and( had)?

I wish I had about 1000000000000000000000000 dollars

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Which sentence is punctuated incorrectly? A. He explained the principle of internal-combustion (although not very well) B. John Lennon (1940-1980) was a founding member of The Beatles. C. The Latin expression "per se" ("in itself") has found wide use in legal circles. D. Fredrick (not known as "Tex") was becoming a well-known animator.


Option A. He explained the principle of internal-combustion (although not very well)


Option A is missing a period at the end of the sentence.

Periods are used at the end of any sentence that is intended to make a statement. The period should be placed directly behind the last letter of the last word of the sentence.

In this case, after finishing a sentence with parenthesis, a period should be set after the parenthesis, not after the last word inside it.

"... (although not very well)."

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Read the paragraph. She was much taller than the other girls. Her mannerisms seemed more graceful to Charlie. When she spoke, her words were marked by a slight lilt, which Charlie found endearing. This paragraph contains imagery. characterization. symbolism. dialogue.

Answer: A) Characterization

Explanation: Characterization is a literary device used by the author to explain and describe the details about a character in a story, it can be a description about how the character looks like, but also its personality, beliefs and emotions. In the given paragraph we can see a clear example of characterization, in this case, the author is characterizing the girl through Charlie's point of view.

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I tramp a perpetual journey, (come listen all!) How does the word “tramp” affect the tone of this line? It makes the tone of the line vaguely humorous. It creates a tone of arrogance within the line. It suggests the determination of the speaker. It indicates the weariness of the speaker.


It suggests the determination of the speaker.


The tone refers to the author or speaker's attitude or feeling about a topic or story, and it is mainly created by word choice and syntax. In the excerpt, the verb “tramp” suggests that the speaker is walking firmly, without hesitation, with resolute determination through a path, and helps develop a determined tone.

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Make a sentence with the idiom "to rake in the dough".

Denis flipped his 2 bedroom condo and is now raking in the dough.

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Three pyramids _____ from the plateau, and the sphinx _____ to stand guard. Which verbs correctly complete the sentence? rises; seems rises; seem rise; seems rise; seem

The correct answer is option C. Three pyramids RISE from the plateau, and the sphinx SEEMS to stand guard.

In the first case, the verb is plural because it has to agree with the subject (three pyramids). On the second part of the sentence, the suitable verb is seems, because the subject is singular: The sphinx. (Only one).

Subjects and verbs must agree with one another in number,  if a subject is singular, its verb must also be singular. On the contrary, if a subject is plural, its verb must also be plural.

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Make a sentence that has the idiom "the third degree".

When i finish this level, i will finally get to the third degree level. hope this helps

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In conversation, the way we use the word tragic today _____. is exactly the way Shakespeare used it is not the way Shakespeare used it refers to punishment for serious wrongdoing refers to people who are doomed by their own actions


is exactly the way Shakespeare used it


The use of the word tragic is as same today as Shakespeare used. Merriam-Webster define the term as "of a kind to cause great distress."

Shakespeare had also used the term or evoked the feeling of tragic through his dramas and plays to cause great distress.

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In the following sentence, which word is an adverb used to modify a verb? The young girl sadly spoke of her grandfather.

Your answer is sadly 

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NEED HELP ASAP As the boys set out to search for the Beast, Ralph allows Jack to lead the way, and he sinks to the back of the pack, "thankful to have escaped responsibility for a time." What does this moment lead you to infer about Ralph and about his feelings about being the group’s leader? What does this moment foreshadow?

Ralph starts to feel like he needs/ wants to step back and let Jack lead the group for a while. He is slowly getting sick of all the responsibility of leading the group of boys. This foreshadows Jack's ruling of the group as Ralph becomes more of a follower. 

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1. All of the following lines from "Cranes" demonstrate the story's message about the effects of war on people except. A. "The northern village at the border of the Thirty-eighth Parallel was snugly settled under the high, bright autumn sky."**** B. "Then he suddenly he thought that Tokchae,too, must want a puff. But today, how could he offer a cigarette to a fellow like this?" C. "They made me vice-chairman of the league because I was one of the poorest and I was a hard-working farmer. If that constitutes a crime worthy of death, so be it." D. "I thought of evacuating, even if I hd to carry my father on my back. But my father said no. How could the farmers leave the land behind when the crops were ready for harvest?" 2. Read the following paragraphs from "Cranes." Without a moment's delay, still out of breath from running, they untied the crane's feet and wings. But the bird could hardly walk. It must have been worn out from being bound. The two held it up in the air. Then, all of a sudden, a shot was fired. The crane fluttered its wings a couple of times and came down again. It was shot, they thought. But the next moment, as another crane from a nearby bush fluttered its wings, the boys' crane stretched out its long neck with a whoop and disappeared into the sky. For a long time the two boys could not take their eyes away from the blue sky into which their crane had soared. Which word best describes the mood created by these paragraphs? A. Celebratory B. Comforting C. Admiring***** D. Tranquil I think 1 is A and 2 is C. I'm not 100% sure if I'm correct or not.

The questions on my unit test for the East Asia and Pacific Rim were different for question 1, so do not have that for sure.

2. c. admiring

Just took test.

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Which sentence in the story best indicates that it is an emergence creation story

Another magic cane brought them to a higher plane, with more light and vegetation, and here was the creation of the animal kingdom.

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Choose the word or phrase that best defines the italicized word. " ...shook our heads in wonder and approval of such exemplary filial behavior." (filial being italicized) A. befitting a loving parent B. befitting a loyal citizen C. befitting a solider or warrior D. befitting a son or daughter


D. befitting a son or daughter


The word "filial" is an adjective that describes something that is related to a son or a daughter. The word comes from the Latin. In this case, the phrase describes how the observers were extremely impressed by a particular behaviour that was admirable and wonderful. The observers believe that this behaviour is particularly desirable in a son or daughter.

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Compose your own sentence defining the term synonym by using an appositive phrase.

Synonyms, words with the same or related meaning, can be lifesavers when you want to refrain repeating the same word. It is essential to consider the meaning of the word because some synonyms can tell a different meaning from the one we planned to use.

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