A bicycle wheel has a diameter of 63centermeter.the wheel.during a journey the wheel makes a 510revolation turn.how many meter does the bicycle travel

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63 × 510 = 32130

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As a fundraiser, the band is selling cookies. The cost to make each cookie can be written as c(x) = 0.25x + 0.5 and the functions that represents the amount they sell the cookie for can be written as s(x) = 2x. What function represents the profit, P(x), for each function?

The profit it's the money that you make minus the money that you sell. So
P(x) = s(x) - c(x)
P(x) = (2x) - (0.25x + 0.5)
P(x) = 2x - 0.25x - 0.5
P(x) = 1.75x - 0.5

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If jane rides her bike 500 meters each day.how many kilometers will she have ridden in a week

That is 3.5 kilometers a day

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Marcus needs 108 inches of wood to make a frame how many feet of wood does marcus need

The answer will be 9ft of wood

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How much material does it need to make the popcorn container?

339.29 in is the answer because you do 2pi rh+2pi r squared

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WORTH 10 POINTS! Mara decides to plot her neighborhood on a coordinate plane. She plots her house at the point (0,0), her school is located at (0,8), the library at (3,8), and the softball field is at (3,0). One day she decides that after school she will run by the library to grab a book, and then head to softball practice and then back home. How far on the coordinate plane does she travel starting at home that morning? Leave your answer in units. A) 11 units B) 14 units C) 19 units D) 22 units


Option: D is the correct answer.

D) 22 units.

Step-by-step explanation:

Her home is located at: (0,0)

School at (8,0)

Library at (3,8)

and softball field is located at (3,0) on the coordinate plane.

Now, that morning she starts from home then goes to school then after school she goes to Library and then after library she goes to softball field and returns back home.

Home→ school → Library → Softball field → Home.

This means that she covers the boundary of the rectangle that is formed by the location of the points.

This means in order to find the total distance she traveled we need to find the perimeter of the rectangle.

Length of One side of rectangle(a)= 8 units.

Length of the other side of rectangle(b) = 3 units.


Perimeter of rectangle= 2(a+b)

                                    = 2(8+3)


                                   = 22 units.

Hence, the total distance she traveled is:

                       22 units.  

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Reedy's Rocking Chairs employs 10 people. The CEO makes $500,000 each year, and the 9 other employees make $50,000 each. What measure would give you the best idea of what a typical employee makes? A) mean B) range C) median D) mean average deviation


The median would provide the best idea of the salary of a typical employee; the mean and other methods will become inaccurate due to the large difference between the employees' pay and the CEO's pay.

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Find the area of a circle with radius 8.5 meters

\pi r^{2} = area

8.5^2 = 72.25 x  \pi = 226.9800692218...

which equals to 226.98 (2dp)

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An oil storage tank is a cylinder 30 feet high. The base of the tank is a circle with a diameter of 50 feet. When full, how many gallons are in the tank? 1 gallon equals approximately 0.13 cubic feet.

Answer with Step-by-step explanation:

An oil storage tank is a cylinder 30 feet high.

The base of the tank is a circle with a diameter of 50 feet.

The water in tank will be equal to the volume of the tank.

We know that volume of cylinder is given by:


where r is the radius and h is the height

Here, r=25 feet (since radius=diameter/2)

and h=30 feet


            =58875 cubic feet

1 gallon=0.13 cubic feet

1 cubic feet=1/0.13 gallon

58875 cubic feet=58875/0.13 gallons

                            = 452884.62 gallons

Hence, water in tank equals:

452884.62 gallons

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A hollow crystal ball is made of glass that is 3 cm thick. The ball has a radius to the outside surface of 8 cm. What is the approximate volume of glass used to make the ball? Use 3.14 to approximate pi. a 113.0 cm³ b 523.3 cm³ c 1620.2 cm³ d 2143.6 cm³


The Correct Answer is 523.3 cm^3

Step-by-step explanation:

A hollow crystal ball is made of glass that is 3 cm thick. The ball has a radius to the OUTSIDE surface of 8 cm, so 8 - 3 = 5.

v = 4/3 pi (5)^3

v = 4/3 pi (125)

v = 523.3333333

The volume of the hollow 3 cm thick crystal ball is approximately 523.3 cm^3

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Meg works 5 1/2 hours and earns 52.25. If Adam makes an hourly rate that is proportional and earns 71.25, how many did he work?

Can u break the main part down

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The diameter of point Z is 5 in. What is its area in terms of pi?

There is a lot missing here, but I will guess we are looking at a circle since we have a diameter. The area of a circle is πd. To answer in terms of pi, the area would be 5π

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Matt is making cookies. He adds 3 over 4 cup of sugar to a bowl. He then removes two 1 over 8 cups of sugar. Which of the following best explains the amount of sugar left in the bowl? A 4/8 because 3/4-2*(1/8)=3/4-3/8. B 4/8 because 3/4-2*(1/8)=3/4-2/8


 Option B) is the correct answer.        

Step-by-step explanation:

We are given the following information in the question.

Amount of sugar added to bowl = \displaystyle\frac{3}{4}

Amount of sugar removed = 2\times \displaystyle\frac{1}{8}

In order to calculate total amount of sugar = \text{Amount of sugar added in the bowl} - \text{Amount of sugar removed from the bowl}

= \displaystyle\frac{3}{4} - (2\times \displaystyle\frac{1}{8} ) \\\\= \displaystyle\frac{3}{4} - \displaystyle\frac{2}{8}\\\\= \displaystyle\frac{6}{8} - \displaystyle\frac{2}{8}\\\\= \displaystyle\frac{4}{8}

Thus, Option B) is the right interpretation.

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A sports writer makes his pre-season picks for the top ten team finish. If there are 40 teams, how many different lists could there be?

I think the answer is 30 because difference means subtract

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What is the volume of a ball if its diameter is 6 inches? Leave your answer in terms of π.

V=4/3TT33 =113.097 in3 (3dp)
TT stands for racial don't have the right symbol

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An auction website charges $1 for a bid. The bidding starts at 1¢ and goes up 1¢ at a time. A television that is worth $2000 is won, on average, with a bid of $160. You make one bid at random. Find the expected value of the outcome of the bid. (Write as an exact decimal, with a negative sign, if necessary.)

This is fairly complex, but looks like fun. 
So first lets count how many bids are made till the bidding goes up to 160.
That is 100*160=16000
How much will be your random bid. Each bid has equal chance so it is the avarge of all bids. (1cent + 160dollars)/2 = 80dollars (rounded)
What is your chance of winning: 1 bid wins out of 16000 so 1/16000.
When you win your profit is 2000-80dollars=1920
1920/16000= 0.12 dollars 
You entering the bidding costs 1 dollar and your average win is 0.12
This the outcome is 0.12-1=-0.88 dollars

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The exact radius of a circle with a circumference 36 meters.

Circumference = pi x diameter
So for this it is
36 = 3.14 x d (d = r x 2)
36 / 3.14 = 2r
11.46 = 2r
11.46 / 2 = r
5.73 = r

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You have 2 quarts of orange juice and 1 pint of cranberry juice to make a fruit punch.then you use 1 quart more of ginger ale than orange juice.how many cups of fruit punch have you made ?

Convert everything to pints and add them up.
1 quart is 2 pints
4 pints of OJ+1 pint of CJ+(2+4) pints of GA= 11 pints of fruit punch

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Use the numbers 3 and 4 to make a fraction greater then 1

4/3. Because 4/3 is 1.333repeating.

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Use 3.14 for π to estimate the area of a circle.the diameter is 24.4. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth if necessary

Answer:  The required area of the given circle is 467.36 sq. units.

Step-by-step explanation:  We are given that the diameter of a circle is 24.4 units and the value of π is 3.14.

We are to find the area of the circle.

We know that

the AREA of a circle with length of the radius r units is given by

A=\pi r^2.

Since the diameter of the given circle is 24.4 units, so its radius will be


Therefore, the AREA of the circle will be

A=\pi r^2=3.14\times(12.2)^2=3.14\times 148.84=467.3576~\textup{sq. units}.

Rounding to nearest hundredth, we get

A = 467.36 sq. units.

Thus, the required area of the given circle is 467.36 sq. units.

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How many meters are in a kilometer

1000. Hope this helps!!!

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Ebert used to make $22 an hour, but got a 10% raise. How much more will he make in a 40 work week with the raise? Give steps!


He will make $88 more per week with the raise.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we are asked about the increment, we focus on finding the amount of money he has gained from raise, once we have that we can  find the total amount gained per week, knowing he works 40 hours per week.

Raise increment in dollars.

Since he has  a raise of 10%, we can find the value of 10% of $22 first.

\text{ Increment per hour } =  \$22(0.1)

Notice that we have to multiply to find that increment and we are writing 10% in decimal form, that is 0.1, so we get:

\text{ Increment per hour } =  \$2.2

Total amount gained per week

We know that he makes now $2.2 per hour, so  in  40 hours, he will make:

\text{ Increment per week } = \$2.2\text{ per hour} \times 40 \text{ hours per week}

That give us

\text{ Increment per week } = \$ 88

Thus the increment per week is $88.

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A recipe takes 90 minutes to make 35% of the time is spent preparing the ingredients how many minutes are spent preparing

You need to convert the percent to a decimal then multiply.
35% as a decimal is 0.35
The answer should be 31.5 (I'm not good at these types of problems)

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You are making costumes for the school play. Each costume needs a piece of ribbon that is 5/8 yard long. how many yards of ribbon are needed for 24 costumes?

24=number of costumes
5/8= yards or ribbon per costume
15 yards of ribbon is needed for 24 costumes and for each costume to have 5/8 yards of ribbon

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The scale model of a building is 5.4 feet tall. If the original building is 810 meters tall, what was the scale used to make the model? Explain.


Approximately 1492.126 to 3 decimal places


1 metre is 3.28084 feet to 5 decimal places

So 1 foot is 13.28084 metres.

Using scale ratio: reduced size in fee tactual size in metres5.4810

These are of different units so we need to convert them. I am choosing to convert feet to metres

reduced size in metres actual size in metres5.43.28084810=5.43.28084×8105.42657.48041492.126

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