A paramecium reproduces by dividing into two daughter cells. Which statement is true of the daughter cells? a.They are genetically similar to the parent cell. bThey are genetically identical to the parent cell. c.They are genetically different to the parent cell.

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This statement giving a clue that there is asexually reproduction (may be binary fission) taking place and the progenies in asexual reproduction are genetically similar to parent cell. So answer is A.
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What are some examples of how mutation aides genetic variation?

Why study human genetics? One reason is simply an interest in better understanding ourselves. As a branch of genetics, human genetics concerns itself with what most of us consider to be the most interesting species on earth: Homo sapiens. But our interest in human genetics does not stop at the boundaries of the species, for what we learn about human genetic variation and its sources and transmission inevitably contributes to our understanding of genetics in general, just as the study of variation in other species informs our understanding of our own.

A second reason for studying human genetics is its practical value for human welfare. In this sense, human genetics is more an applied science than a fundamental science. One benefit of studying human genetic variation is the discovery and description of the genetic contribution to many human diseases. This is an increasingly powerful motivation in light of our growing understanding of the contribution that genes make to the development of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. In fact, society has been willing in the past and continues to be willing to pay significant amounts of money for research in this area, primarily because of its perception that such study has enormous potential to improve human health. This perception, and its realization in the discoveries of the past 20 years, have led to a marked increase in the number of people and organizations involved in human genetics.

This second reason for studying human genetics is related to the first. The desire to develop medical practices that can alleviate the suffering associated with human disease has provided strong support to basic research. Many basic biological phenomena have been discovered and described during the course of investigations into particular disease conditions. A classic example is the knowledge about human sex chromosomes that was gained through the study of patients with sex chromosome abnormalities. A more current example is our rapidly increasing understanding of the mechanisms that regulate cell growth and reproduction, understanding that we have gained primarily through a study of genes that, when mutated, increase the risk of cancer.

Likewise, the results of basic research inform and stimulate research into human disease. For example, the development of recombinant DNA techniques (Figure 3) rapidly transformed the study of human genetics, ultimately allowing scientists to study the detailed structure and functions of individual human genes, as well as to manipulate these genes in a variety of previously unimaginable ways.

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Which statement explains why sugar dissolves easily in water, but sand does not? Sugar has a greater buoyant force than sand. Sugar has a greater conductivity than sand. Sugar has a greater hardness than sand. Sugar has a greater solubility than sand.

  • Sugar dissolves easily in water, but sand does not because sugar has greater solubility than sand.
  • A solution is made by mixing a substance (solute) in a medium (solvent). The chemical property of the solute that describes how easily the solute will dissolve in a given solvent is known as its solubility.
  • The greater the solubility of a solute the more easily it dissolves in a solvent.
  • The solubility of different solutes varies from each other and, also varies from one solvent to another.
  • If we compare sugar and sand then sugar has more solubility in water as compared to sand and, is able to dissolve more quickly and easily.

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Letter D is the part of the cell that makes proteins. What is letter D? A) ribosomes B) chromosomes C) chloroplast

the answer is A.RIBOSOMES

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A microbiologist is in the process of classifying a newly discovered organism. Its characteristics include: · eukaryotic · multicellular · reproduces by spores · motile in some stage of its life cycle · decomposer Which type of organism is it most likely to be? club fungus fungus-like protist plant-like protist sac fungus

Based on the characteristics of the new organism discovered by the biologist, it can be concluded that this organism is most likely a fungus-like protist. The organism is a multi-cellular eukaryote who reproduced by the spores and is motile in few stages of the life cycle. Besides all this it is a decomposer. This all characteristics fit the description of a fungus like protist. They are most commonly found on the dead wood, but they also produce spores like the fungi.

Hence, the correct answer is 'fungus-like protist'.

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Which of the following is a good example of something a cell might do during G1 phase

Well you didnt put your answer choices but the examples are: Cell grows and develops and new proteins are made

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True or False? Most of the energy resources used to generate electricity are renewable

False I believe because due to the fact that fossil fuels etc. are not renewable, and they are some of the main sources of power.

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How are mosses and horsetails similar to ferns

All of those are similar to each other because they are all weeds, or in other words they are all different types of grasses.

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Muscle cells have many mitochondria for A) energy. B) protection. C) divisibility. D) reproduction

A) Energy could be the answer.

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What must be true for natural selection to happen?

For natural selection to happen there must be genetic variation in the population for it to even work

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Aquatic organisms have only a predatory relationship with coral reefs. True or false

I believe the answer is false.

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Coral reef ecosystems support over a million different species. True or False

True millions of different species live on coral reefs

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Humans cannot digest food without the aid of small single-celled organisms that live in our digestive tract. These small organisms help humans digest food by breaking down complex food molecules. Which common name is associated with these single-celled organisms that help humans digest food? A) algae B) bacteria C) protozoa D) virus

Bacteria are single-celled organisms that help humans digest food.


The symbiotic association of bacteria and human is of importance in the process of digestion. These bacterias are found in our gut, large intestine and sometimes in small intestine also. These bacteria break down big molecules into useful forms. Bacteria are also responsible for producing vitamin k2 and vitamin B in large intestine. They also help in mobilising of xenobiotics, bile and sterols.

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How has the nucleus in cells evolved?

Common parts of a cell

The cell is the building block of an organism, its smallest living unit. By definition, all cells have the following:

A cell membrane: As a barrier between the cell and its environment, the membrane provides structure, protection and control over the movement of materials in and out of the cell.Cytoplasm: This refers to the contents of the cell membrane excepting the nucleus. One of its main components is cytosol, a jelly-like substance which acts as protection and support for the remaining contents.DNA: Each cell contains genetic material. However, the way it is stored is one of the distinguishing factors between a eukaryote (a plant or animal cell for example) and a prokaryote (like a bacterium). These represent the two main types of cells. The former has a nucleus — for its DNA — as well as other organelles while the latter does not. Organelles are parts of a cell that have a specialised function and their own membranes.Nucleus

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18. In a species of wild animal, claw size is determined by a combination of two alleles. Allele Q codes for large claws, while allele q codes for small claws. Individuals with a heterozygous genotype possess claws of medium size. Members of the species depend on their claws to be able to burrow in the ground and find food. But in an area where the ground has always been soft, gradual climate change has caused the dirt to become hard and compact. Which statement best predicts the change that will occur in the affected populations? A. Allele q will decrease in frequency. B. Allele q will become dominant to allele Q. C. Allele Q will become dominant to allele q. D. Allele Q will decrease in frequency.

Answer: The correct answer is- A) Allele q will decrease in frequency.

According to the information in the question, allele Q codes for large claws and allele q codes for small claws in a species of wild animal.

This indicates that larger claws will enable the wild animals to burrow more in the ground and find their food. As the change in the climatic conditions caused the dirt on the ground to become hard and compact.

This will result in change in the frequency of allele of the population as allele Q will increase because larger claws will provide more advantage (in context of burrowing) to the animals for getting their food, whereas frequency of q allele will decrease ( as smaller size of claws will not be that beneficial to them in hard and compact ground).

Thus, option A) is the right answer.

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Biological catalyst hormones and receptor molecules are similar in what way

They interact with each other using a high pH 2 they interact with molecules that can alter their specific bonding patterns and they contain amino acids chains that fold into a specific shape

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Surging photosynthesis, sugar c16h12o6 is produced from carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight, which statement best explains what happens during photosynthesis

Light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll and this is used to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar called glucose 

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Which of these statements best sums up evolution? rapid change in species’ habits and features punctuated change in a population change in a population through new species being made change in a population through genetic variation over time


-Change in a population through genetic variation over time.


-Evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection. It is the process of genetic change from one generation to the next and may be caused by several aspects including mutation, natural selection, genetic drift, thought and technology.

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Which major change can occur in a small population that is the result of the genetic drift? A. recessive traits always become dominant B. new individuals add their genes to the gene pool C. large changes in allele frequencies can occur in a short time.

The answer is C. large changes in allele frequencies can occur in a short time.

Genetic drift is a change in the frequency of alleles in a population as a result of random sampling of organisms and it decreases genetic variation of the population. In specific circumstances, large and rapid changes in allele frequencies can occur in a short time. The smaller the population, the more susceptible it is to genetic drift.

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Which of the following statements about homologous chromosomes is likely to be true?

They contain the same genes 
they do Connect to each other to form homologous pairs
 they divide into  meiosis too

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Which statement is NOT true concerning the cytoskeleton of the cell?

It would be c hope this helps

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