An agriculturist plants legumes, which host the bacterium Rhizobium in their root nodules for nitrogen fixation. How will these legumes enrich the soil? Select the correct answer. A.they will overcome the deficiency of nitrogen in the soil. B.they will allow bacterial growth in the soil. C.they will prevent root diseases caused by other bacteria.

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The right answer for the question that is being asked and shown above is that: "A. they will overcome the deficiency of nitrogen in the soil." These legumes enrich the soil is that they will overcome the deficiency of nitrogen in the soil. 
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Can someone answer this please :)

The answer will be for you U

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Which of these is the human body's first line of defense against invading pathogens such as bacteria and viruses? a.body temperature b.macrophages cells d.vitamins

I believe the correct answer from the choices listed above is option C. The human body's first line of defense against invading pathogens such as bacteria and viruses would be the skin cells. It is what covers the whole body. Hope this answers the question.

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How does the diaphragm work to change air pressure in the lungs, and as a result, cause breathing?

Diaphragm's Role in Breathing. When the diaphragm contracts and moves lower, the chest cavity enlarges, reducing the pressure inside the lungs. To equalize the pressure, air enters the lungs. When the diaphragm relaxes and moves back up, the elasticity of the lungs and chest wall pushes air out of the lungs.

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Name two ways plants reproduce

Plants reproduce through either sexual or asexual means. Sexual reproduction involves pollination helped by wind or insects. Asexual reproduction involves tubers, bulbs and runners known as rhizomes and stolons as well as cuttings taken by humans for commercial and home growing.

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Explain why people are searching ways to use biofuels made from plants to power cars

Biofuels have been around as long as cars have. At the start of the 20th century, Henry Ford planned to fuel his Model Ts with ethanol, and early diesel engines were shown to run on peanut oil.

But discoveries of huge petroleum deposits kept gasoline and diesel cheap for decades, and biofuels were largely forgotten. However, with the recent rise in oil prices, along with growing concern about global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions, biofuels have been regaining popularity.

Gasoline and diesel are actually ancient biofuels. But they are known as fossil fuels because they are made from decomposed plants and animals that have been buried in the ground for millions of years. Biofuels are similar, except that they're made from plants grown today.

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Lable all the parts of a of a plant cell and what it does

Nucleus- Contains genetic material which controls the activities of the cell.
Cytoplasm- Most chemical processes take place here, controlled by enzymes.
Cell membrane- Controls the movement of substances into and out of the cell.
Mitochondria- Most energy is released by respiration here.
Ribosomes- Protein synthesis happens here.
Cell wall- Strengthens the cell.
Chloroplasts- Contain chlorophyll, which absorbs light energy for photosynthesis.
Permanent vacuole- Filled with cell sap to help keep the cell enlarged and swollen with water.

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How does microgravity affect the human body? A: QUICK ANSWER

Microgravity usually makes your body very nauseous, and due to it, your bones, especially your spine, enlarges by some percent. (Not all effects)

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The Grants witnessed strong selection during droughts in 1977 and 1985. Compare the two droughts.

There were two things that were in common to both of them. First, they both changed the food sources for the finches which enabled some types to survive and thrive while others disappeared. The second thing in common is that they were both important for the natural selection of the birds that remained.

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(LOTS OF POINTS ) Identify the characteristics of fungus-like protists. Check all that apply. decomposers autotrophs produce spores stationary (stupid answers will be deleted)

The correct options given below:

- decomposes

- spores

The fungus-like protists such as slime molds, have some common features like fungi. Some of the common features are mentioned below:

  • Nutritionally they are heterotrophs like fungi. They get energy from dead and decaying matter such as rotting logs or leaves. Thus, they are decomposers.
  • Like fungi they reproduce by forming spores in the sporangia.

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Biogeochemical cycles recycle water and natural elements throughout the biosphere to ensure that organisms do not run out of these substances. Thiobacillus denitrificans is a specialized species of bacteria that obtains its energy from carbon dioxide and inorganic compounds such as nitrogen in its environment. It is used in bioremediation of groundwater that contains excess nitrate. How does Thiobacillus denitrificans help bioremediate groundwater?

Thiobacillus denitrificans is a chemolithoautotrophic bacteria which can obtain energy from the oxidation of inorganic compounds like nitrogen, iron or sulphur in their environment. It is an autotrophic denitrifying bacteria that is used in the bioremediation of contaminated groundwater. The process of bioremediation is carried out by the process of denitrification.

Nitrate contamination of groundwater is of high-priority concern. In the process of denitrification by Thiobacillus denitrificans, pyrite acts as the electron donor. Other sulphur minerals also act as electron donors in the process of denitrification and help in bioremediation of the contaminated ground water. The bacteria has also been engineered for nitrate removal in water treatment systems also.

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How many different allele combinations would be found in the gametes produced by a pea plant whose genotype was RrYY? (1 point)

4 different types of allele combination would be possible

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Coral reefs are found in cold, neritic waters. Please select the best answer from the choices provided T F


Your answer is false please tell me if I´m right I know I´m right but I like other people to tell me


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Characteristics of plant cells include which of the following? no cell wall, only plasma membrane large hypertonic vacuole no chlorophyll or chloroplasts cell plate in cell division cleavage furrow

Plant cells have a cell plate, no centrioles in cell, division presence of cell wall plus plasma membrane, and large hypertonic vacuole.

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Which organism has differentiated cells? A. amoeba B. chipmunk C. bacterium D. paramecium

It's b, i don't think it's D

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A student isolates an unknown bacteria sample from the bottom of a swamp. The student discovers that this species is able to live and grow in an oxygen-free enviroment, but it requires nitrate-rich soil. Which of the following respiration pathways is this species or bacteria most likely using? a. ethyl alcohol fermentation b. lactic acid fermentation c. aerobic respiration d. anaerobic repiration

Answer: Anaerobic Respiration.


The bacteria that is found in the bottom of the swamp requires nitrate rich soil and does not requires oxygen for its survival would be using the anaerobic respiration.

Anaerobic respiration does not requires oxygen and can perform respiration even in the absence of oxygen.

This process requires organic matter and converts it into carbon dioxide and energy. It can use nitrate as a source of organic matter and final electron acceptor instead of oxygen.

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What is a result of light from distant objects falling short of the retina, causing distant objects to appear blurry.

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is the ability to see close objects clearly, but distant objects appear blurry. Myopia is a defect of the eye in which the focusing system, the cornea, and lens, is optically too powerful, or the eyeball is too long (axial myopia). As a result, the focal point is too near the lens, and the image is focused in front of the retina.

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Your family has planted a garden. You observe that some of the plants in the garden have teeth marks in them. What is eating the plants?

Out of pure guessing, I'd assume caterpillars, or rabbits/rodents of a sort.

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Why do mutations make such a large contribution to bacterial genetic variation?

They are rare, but can significantly increase genetic diversity when reproductive rates are high

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Describe the impact that scientific research has had in fight against disease.

It could help you find the cure to making people get better and it could help the world.

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How do natural disasters weaken a community’s social infrastructure? a. Social systems are unbalanced by the damage caused by natural disasters. b. Natural disasters tend to target the poorest members of a community. c. The number of natural disasters is increasing across the globe. d. Natural disasters can cause billions of dollars in property damage. Someone said A and someone said D. Does anyone know?? thanks :)


Natural disasters can cause billions of dollars in property damage.


-Natural disasters are disasters that are caused by nature, not by human. they include; Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, floods, wildfires, etc. Natural disasters can cause billions of dollars in property damage. Systems are unbalanced by the damage caused by natural disasters. The social infrastructure of a community includes social assets such as schools, hospitals, prisons and community housing. Such places are damaged in natural disaster, adversely affecting the community.

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Which of these rocks are formed by great pressure? Select the two correct answers. A. Marble B. Limestone C. Basalt D. Sandstone E. Schist

Limestone and sandstone i think

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Pic is available...please answer fast

I suggest you is warmer and low salty !!!

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Which of the following causes a precipitate to form

I think it may be atoms combining in a solution to form a salid. Not sure though, sorry.

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__________ species reproduce rapidly in a new habitat due to the lack of parasites and predators that would naturally control their population growth. A) Invasive B) Isolated C) Native D) Reproductive

Hello there.

__________ species reproduce rapidly in a new habitat due to the lack of parasites and predators that would naturally control their population growth.

A) Invasive

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