Are there criminal and civil cases in the federal court system?

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Yes there is both in a court system
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What type of economic system does Cuba have?

Cuba has a socialist economic system.


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Why has conflict and civil war occured in many african nations after independence

Because the colonial governments kept peace, no matter how bad people thought they were. When the Europeans handed over power, inter-tribal warfare started in virtually every African country.

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Do you think the Supreme Court's power would be enhanced or diminished if it would give advisory opinions? Explain your answer.

The Supreme Court's power would be diminished if they give advisory opinions. Courts are designed to objectively look at situations that are happening between parties. If they input their opinion in a particular decision, then they would have become biased and ruled out their objectivity. In able for them to become in control, they need to always watch from the sidelines and then decide afterwards. 

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The authority to re-examine a case that has already been tried and decided in a lower court is known as __________.

Answer: Appellate Jurisdiction

The authority to re-examine a case that has already been tried and decided in a lower court is known as Appellate Jurisdiction.


Appellate jurisdiction refers to the judicial system in which the higher court has the power to review and revise a lower court's decision. Appellate courts are saddled with the responsibility of hearing and reviewing appeals from legal cases that have already been heard in a lower court. Appellate courts are in the state and federal levels.

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What three beliefs in our legal system come from the roman empire

Great britan came from the roman empire

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List three levels of the florida court system

Florida Supreme Court 
Florida District Courts 
Florida Circuit Courts
Florida County Courts 

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What "system" of government is power shared between the national and regional governments?

The answer is Federalism

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Who heads each of the branches of Federal Reserve Banks and look after their functioning


The Federal Reserve has an executive officer also known as "Fed Chair" who is the person in charge of the Federal Reserve.


The Federal Reserve is the main system related to the bank's functioning in the United States. The chair has to report the different objectives in terms of monetary policy as well as responsibilities related to the Fed. These objectives are related to having a major number of jobs, the stability in prices as well as the interest rates.

The United States president is the person who is in charge of the chair's election and he or she has to serve four years after the United States Senate has confirmed his/her election. Moreover, the United States president cannot dismiss the chair.  

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo avoided conflict and civil war after receiving independence from Belgium. Please select the best answer from the choices provided. T or F

I would say false because why would that make them not have the choice to  participating and helping other countries.

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What was one of the long-term consequence of sharecropping system?

One of the most significant consequences of the sharecropping system is that it led to the impoverishment of many blacks, since after the Civil War they could not afford to free themselves from economic dependency on their land lords. 

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Which countries civil war resulted in thousands of people dying of disease and starvation in refugee camps in neighboring countries?

Had to look for the options and here is my answer.
The country during Civil war that had thousands of casualties due to starvation and diseases are is RWANDA. This Rwandan Civil War happened between the republic of Rwanda and Rwandan Armed Forces and the rebel Rwandan Patriotic Front. Hope this answer helps.

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Which term describes a system in which the government determines the production and distribution of goods? free economy mixed economy market economy planned economy

The term that best describes an economy in which the government determines the production and distribution of goods is a:

planned economy

In a planned economy the investment and allocation of goods is determined by a production plan. This economic system can be centralize or decentralized. As opposed to a command economy that is characterized by a hierarchical administration. Also, a planned economy differs from a market economy in that companies do not have the liberty to decide on production, investment, cost and distribution. A free economy is characterized by having no government intervention. While a mixed economy lays has some government intervention but firms still have many liberties and is partially regulated by the market.

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How is Pan-Africanism related to Africa in the 1960s? A) It was no longer necessary following World War II. B) It accidentally caused the beginning of imperialism. C) It led to the end of the apartheid system in South Africa. D) It helped to unify Africans against their colonial situation.

The answer is: D) It helped to unify Africans against their colonial situation.

Pan africanism refers to the political union that is held by people who originally from African descent. Within this union, African people started to spread the idea that their society would be better of socially and economically without the influence of the colonists. This lead to rapid independent movements started to appear on Africa to free themselves from colonialism.

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What are some of the challenges the federal and state governments face in trying to implement a fair tax system? Give at least three concrete facts to support your answer

(1) No two people agree on just what would be "fair". 

(2) Even if there were agreement, the people with political clout have no reason to want a "fair" system; they want a system that benefits them. There is a reason the Republicans have been pushing through tax cuts for the rich.

(3) The tax "system" includes all the taxes: local, state, and federal. If you want the entire system to be fair, it has to be changed as a whole, not piece by piece. And that would make it hard to start and hard to maintain (any change in tax rates would also have to be coordinated)

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What will help the driver maintain a safe driving environment while using the highway transportation system

Following the laws of the roads and staying alert at all times

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According to the supreme court, when is it acceptable for a government body to display a religious nativity scene?

Answer: When the display contains other seasonal items

Explanation: When a government body displays a religious nativity scene in a public place of a city it can be seen as an imposition of a specific religion. However, if the display contains other seasonal features such as a christmas tree it is accepted by the Supreme Court because it is believed that it is representing the holiday instead of supporting a religion.

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A trial court in the federal system is the US Supreme Court. the US Court of Appeals. the US Court of Common Pleas. the US Court of Claims. Answer is D

The correct answer is D. the US Court of Claims.

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In most cases, the US Supreme Court functions as a trial court. a circuit court. an appellate court. a superior court. Answer is C

Answering the question, in most cases the US Supreme Court functions as the appellate court

The decision of this court is binding on other court being the highest court in the United States and most cases; it also functions as the appellate court. This implies, the Supreme court can hear appeals and review the ruling of lower courts.

Further Explanation

The Supreme performs major judicial functions.

some its functions include

  • It also entertains appeals from the decisions made by the lower courts
  • It has the power to invalidate a bill if it violates the constitution of the United States
  • The Supreme Court has the authority to nullify executive directives perceived to be unconstitutional

Article III of the US Constitution established the Supreme Court. Its compositions and judicial processes were initially created by the first United States Congress and were established through the judiciary act of 1789.

The composition of the Supreme Court set by the Judiciary act of 1789 consists of the following:

  • The Chief Justice of the United States
  • Eight associate justices

All the justices of the Supreme Court will remain in office until they retire, die or are remove officially from office.

The US president appoints a new justice if vacancies occur and such an appointment is subject to the approval of the senate.



  • trial court
  • supreme court
  • appellate
  • lower courts
  • United States
  • functions

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The rise and the decline of Sparta can be attributed to _____________ . a. their accumulation of wealth c. their oligarchical system of government b. their over emphasis on the military


b.their over emphasis on the military


The life in Sparta was based on the military. The Spartan society was a militaristic one, the main goal of the city-state was to train its citizens to become a soldier that could fight enemies of revolts.

The Spartan birth rate declined and because of the culture of the military, society was not focused on family, with time there were only a few soldiers to fight its wars, by the time of the Battle of Leuctra Spartan army was small and the city-state was defeated.

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Types of money systems designed by Thomas Jefferson? that 4 letters

Decimal money system.

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Which of the following describes a shared goal of civil rights leaders Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, and Marcus Garvey?


A shared goal of civil rights leaders Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, and Marcus Garvey was to achieve equal rights between White Americans and African Americans.


-Booker Taliaferro Washington, born April 5, 1856 in Franklin County, Virginia, died November 14, 1915 in Tuskegee, Alabama, was an American writer and politician, known for his work on racism and slavery.  Washington was himself born into slavery, but became free at the age of nine. The experiences of this are depicted in his autobiography "Up from Slavery", written in 1901.

-William Edward Burghardt Du Bois was an American sociologist and leaders of the civil rights movement.

In 1905, Du Bois founded the Niagara movement, the predecessor of the NAACP, and in 1910 left his professorship and became NAACP's director of research and editor-in-chief of Crisis. In 1934, he returned to Atlanta University until working again at the NAACP from 1944 to 1948.

The idea of ​​black liberation led Du Bois to organize the first Pan-African Congress in Paris in 1919. At the Fifth Congress in Manchester in 1945, he met Kwame Nkrumah and Jomo Kenyatta.

-Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican pan-Africanist, black nationalist, advocate for black rights, and founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. He is also held as a prophet in the rastafari movement. In 1924, a speech Garvey gave to thousands of people in Harlem, New York City, received worldwide attention.

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Tati was involved in a car accident. The first court to hear the case ruled that accident was her fault.

This isn't really a question

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