Biologists use ball-and-stick models to study complex molecules by representing atoms with balls and bonds with sticks. DNA is a biological molecule that contains millions of atoms. What is a limitation of using a ball-and-stick model for DNA?

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Most models can't incorporate all the details of complex natural phenomena. For example, when measuring distances around the Earth it's convenient to model the Earth as a sphere, but this doesn't incorporate variations in distance because of mountain ranges, valleys and other topological features the traveler must traverse. Incorporating these additional details would make the model too complex for easy use. Since models must be simple enough that you can use them to make predictions, they often leave out some of the details.


The conformation of molecules are based on probability. It fails to take into account the electronegativity of individual atoms. And it is ineffective in showing inorganic interactions with metals and such.
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. In preparation for mitosis, DNA is copied; this is called DNA ______________________.

It is called DNA polymerase.

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Scientific models can be used for a variety of different purposes. Which of the following is not a possible use for a scientific model?

d. answer scientific questions.

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An enzyme is a form of a. DNA b. glucose c. protein d. lipid

C.) Protein enzymes are proteins which have coiled into a tertiary structure. When an enzyme denatures it is its protein structure which uncoils because the bonds are being broken

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Which kind of electrical charge is found on a hydrogen atom of a polar water molecule?

It has a positive charge,

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How does the brain and the nervous system assist in times of limited body resources?

The brain is considered as the main center of the human body. The nervous system is the system of the body that coordinates in all of the functions of the other systems. They serve as the main communication system or as the coordinator of the systems of the body. So for example if one system fails to do its function, this sends signals to the brain, then the brain sends messages to other systems to compensate of the loss. Hope this answers your question.

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If one strand of DNA had the same sequence aactgtg, what will be the nucleotide sequence of the complementary strand?

Ttgacac as they are the complimentary ones

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How do investigators use DNA analysis in crime scenes?

Every single time someone is arrested they are fingerprinted. Some jobs even require fingerprinting. So when they dust for finger prints the scan them into the police database. When they do that they match the finger prints with criminals and with other finger prints they have.

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Which sequence is listed in order from simplest to most complex

G – cell -> tissue -> organ -> organ system

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At the beginning of cellular respiration, energy is stored in the bonds of (blank) molecules. At the end of cellular respiration, energy is stored in the bonds of (blank) molecules

Answer -
ADP (adenosine diphosate)
Then comes
ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
(Confidently Correct)
Reason -
ADP is the starting molecule for the reaction which occurs at the start as it moves down the chains such as the kreb cycle, the nutrients is then packed into and converted into ATP for Storage and later use for the cells required energy.

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What is the difference between an atom of silver and anatom of gold? a. one is new and the other is old. b. their net electrical charges are different. c. their atomic masses are different. d. more people would rather have one gold atom than a lot of gold.

The right answer is C. I think, a. and d. are obviously not serious. B is not true, because Ag and Au are in the same group in the periodic table and therefore have the same number of electrons in the last level. So, they form ions with the same charge. C is true beacause Ag and Au have different numbers in the periodic table and different amount of protons and neutrons in their nucleuses. 

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In a bean plant, which reaction will release the greatest amount of energy? a) aerobic respiration of a glucose molecule b) anaerobic respiration of a glucose molecule c) synthesis of a chlorophyll molecule d) hydrolysis of a cellulose molecule




Aerobic respiration uses molecular oxygen and releases 36 ATP from one glucose molecule.

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which polypeptide chain will be made during translation of the following DNA sequence. (everything you need is in the picture)

The answer is: arg-ile-arg-tyr

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What is the sequence of the base in dna important?

The reason the sequence of the bases in a short segment of DNA is important is because it is essentially through these nitrogenous bases, where the code for the production of a particular protein can be transcribed and ultimately synthesized during translation. The message for producing a particular protein, that is operational is stored or present within these set of instructions to form it, later on during protein synthesis.

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What would be the complementary dna strand formed from gac tga cga tta?

A always pairs with T. G always pairs with C so to find a complementary DNA strand you simply swap all the letters to their corresponding pair. In this case CTG ACT GCT AAT 

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The fact that two strands composing a dna molecule are called antiparaellel has to do with the orientation of the

Double helix shape of DNA.

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The red spheres represent oxygen atoms, and the blue spheres represent hydrogen aroms is this substance a compound


Yes, compounds are molecules that are formed by different elements, water is formed by oxygen and hydrogen atoms, so yes

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A section of this dna molecule that codes for a specific inherited trait is called


C) gene


I just took the quiz

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Which of the following explains how polar molecules form? A. Electrons are more attracted to one of the atoms involved in a bond. B. The two atoms in a bond share electrons equally. C. One atom transfers its electrons to another atom. D. Protons are more attracted to one of the atoms involved in a bond.

The answer is A. It'ss based on electronegativity (not sure if this is covered before A level) but essentially in the covalent bond, the bonding electron pairs are more attracted towards one of the atoms than the other. This creates a slight difference in charge.
So for instance in water, the oxygen is greedy and pulls the bonding electron pair away from hydrogen, closer to itself. This gives the oxygen molecule a slightly negative charge and the hydrogens a slight positive charge. 

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Which of these is not a branch of biology? A. botany B. genetics C. zoology D. geology

The answer is geology. Because botany is the branch of biology where we study with plant, zoology is where we study animals and genetics is where we study about genes and stuff. So the answer is 'D'

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