Biology shows us the fossil record and comparative anatomies. Chemistry shows us that organic molecules can come from inorganic matter. Geology shows us that organisms that used to live together are found on separate continents due to continental drift. Which fields of science provide evidence for evolution? a.)biology only b.)biology and chemistry c.)biology and geology d.)biology, chemistry, and geology HEELLLLLP PPPLLLSSS

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The answer to your question is D. To create the full picture of evolution, and how the species that exist on our planet came to exist in their current forms, it is important to take in information from all the possible fields of science including biology, chemistry and geology.
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When the continents separated, some of the same species ended up on different continents this was due from a. geologic time c. platetectonics b. evolution d. natural selection

C. platetectonics due to the sparation of the continents animals that lived in europe were separted while the continents shifted

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Which of the following statements is true? Groundwater is the largest available source of freshwater. Most of Earth's water is found in lakes, rivers, and streams. Glaciers are made from frozen ocean water, so they are sources of saltwater. Most freshwater is used for public drinking and mining.

Answer: Groundwater is the largest available source of freshwater.

Ground water is a water reservoir. It accumulates in the saturated zone of the geosphere. The water accumulates when water from sources like river, lakes, ponds, rainfall, snow melt, and agricultural irrigation gets seep underground by the pores of soil and rocks. It is a largest source of freshwater, as it remains unexposed to the contamination.

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Which two structures would provide a positive identification of an animal cell under a microscope


flagellum, lysosome


i took the quiz and this was correct

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What is the role of genes in evolution?

Genes are the proof of evolution and show that we are related to another species that existed long ago. So that means we all share some of the same genes.

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Omar studies the effects of a drought on the water level in a pond. He takes a reading of the water depth at the same location in the pond every day for the duration of the drought. Which method of displaying data would he most likely use to show changes in the water level?

A line graph because it displays the data over time of the water levels rather than a bar graph which measures multiple things

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Which question is most likely to be found in a dichotomous key for identifying a tree by its leaves? A-What is the shape of the tree’s leaves? B-What type of birds prefer nesting in the tree? C-Are the leaf bases attached opposite to each other on the branch? D-Are the leaves shaped in a way that slows the evaporation of water?

The answer is  C, are the leaf bases attached opposite to each other on the branch ? A dichotomous key is a tool that may be used to identify trees. It always gives two choices in each step and following all the steps will lead to the name of the tree being identified. Dichotomous key is a tool used to identify unknown organisms by leading a user through a sequence of paired, either or choices, to help them identify the unknown organisms.

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A turgid plant cell would be found in which type of environment

Hypontonic environment

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Insects often act as pollinators for plants. In turn, plants provide these insects with food. What kind of a relationship exists between the insects and the plants?


In this case mutualism is the relationship between Insects and plants


The pollination is mutualism because it involves two species interaction that is benefic. There is an interaction involving the exchange of food and the possibility of reproduction by the transfer of gametes. This relation implies benefits for both species. The advantage for the plant is the possibility to produce more number and more viable offspring, the advantage for the insects pollinators include food (pollen and nectar).

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Which statements about cells are true? a. Cells are the basic unit of all living things. b. Cells have unique functions and features. c. All cells have some recognizable similarities. d. Every single cell works like a small factory. e. Cells follow a genetic DNA blueprint to construct an organism. f. Cells are composed of different parts called organelles

Answer: All the statements that are provided here are true when a cell is taken into consideration.

Explanation: The cells are known to be the basic structure and functional unit of the body. They have their unique functions based on the different organs in which they are located.

There are some recognizable similarities like structure for the cells. The cells need energy for working and it acts as a small factory. The replication of DNA acts as a blueprint to construct new cells to form an organism.

Every cell of the body function with the help of some small organelles like Golgi apparatus, mitochondria et cetera.

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Which of the following statements is false? The number of chromosomes is different in different organisms. There are more genes in a cell than there are chromosomes. A single gene can only influence a single trait. The karyotypes for a male human and a female human look different.


The false statement is "A single gene can only influence a single trait".


A single gene can control or influence one or more than one trait. The ability of a single gene to control or affect more than one character or trait is called pleiotropy. However, according to one gene-one enzyme hypothesis gene act through enzyme production that each gene is responsible for single enzyme that affects a single step in a metabolic process.

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Living things get rid of wastes by the process of


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List 3 basic activities of living things

#1 ~ Nutrition: intake of food and water

#2 ~ Respiration turning and turning glucose into energy

#3 ~ Excrution: removal of waste

(#4 ~ Growth and/or development)

(#5 ~ Reproduction/death)

(#6 ~ Movement and/or responses)

(#7 ~ Homeostasis: the ability of an organism / cell to keep the internal conditions the same even though the external conditions change.) 

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Read the quotation below from a high school science student. We found that a new type of plastic grocery bag required half as much energy to recycle as the old type of plastic grocery bag. What is the student doing? A. Making a prediction B. Making random discoveries C. Forming a hypothesis D. Making a conclusion

If this is a true or false question, the answer would be D., making a conclusion. "We found" implies that the student has already done their research. They have already made their random discoveries, prediction, and subsequent hypotheses. The statement that they found no difference between the two grocery bags is a conclusion. Hope this helps.

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Which shows that the results of an experiment are reliable? A. The experiment creates ideas for new experiments. B. The experiment supports the hypothesis. C. The experiment can be repeated with the same results. D. The experiment uses a very simple procedure.

Answer: B. The experiment supports the hypothesis.


The hypothesis is a presummed explanation for the cause of natural process. It is supported by few evidences and it is required to be proved by using experimental procedures.

If the results of experiment satisfies the information of the hypothesis then it can be said that the hypothesis is true if not then it can be said that the hypothesis is false.

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A student uses a computer program to determine the effects of increasing pollutants on the animals in a zoo. What is this kind of modeling called? A. classification B. compare and contrast C. observation D. simulation

This kind of modeling is known as (D) simulation. A computer program is used to simulate an environment, in this case, the zoo. Instead of having to do an actual experiment which harms real animals, a simulation is done to cut costs and avoid using live samples.

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What types of matter are made of atoms? A) All matter is made of atoms B) Only living organisms are made of atoms C) emotions are made of atoms

All matter is made up of atoms (A) because atoms are the basic unit of everything.

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A probe is launched from Earth and lands on Mars. The gravitational acceleration on Mars is 3.7 m/s2. Which statement best compares the mass and weight of the probe? The mass of the probe remains the same, but the weight of the probe increases. The mass of the probe remains the same, but the weight of the probe decreases. The mass of the probe increases, but the weight of the probe remains the same. The mass of the probe decreases, but the weight of the probe remains the same.


The mass of an object is a measure of the amount of substance it contains and this amount always remain the same unless there is a change in quantity of matter. This is the reason why the mass of a substance will remain constant, no matter where it is placed, whether on planet earth or on another planet. The weight of a substance on the other hand is a force, whose value depends on the force of gravity. Thus, the force of gravity that exist in the place, where the object is placed will determine its weight.

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The purpose of an experiment is to compare results with a(n) _____. A answer B hypothesis C theory D variable

Ima keep it short with you chief, its " hypothesis "

He was right just wanted to dumb it down.

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The graphic below shows how photosynthesis and cellular respiration are related. mc023-1.jpg Which label in the graphic represents the energy that is released from glucose by cellular respiration? A)Oxygen B)Glucose C)Energy stored as ATP D)Carbon dioxide and water

The right answer is C)Energy stored as ATP

Cells have different morphologies, structures, and roles, but their basic operation is the same. One of the main activities of the cell is its survival.

ATP is precisely a molecule essential to the life of the cell.

The degradation reactions are called exoenergetic because they release energy and the synthesis reactions are called endoenergetic because they consume: the energy of the first reactions allows the realization of synthesis reactions.

This is only possible if an intermediary is able to store this energy and restore it as needed: the ATP molecules play this role of intermediary.

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In cladistic analysis, similar genes that appear in dissimilar organisms, indicate that they share a common ____________________.

The answer is ancestor.

Common ancestor is an ancestral organism that two or more descendant lineages have in common. If organisms are not similar, but still have similar genes, that indicates that they share the common ancestor. The more basic the common genes are, their common ancestor is more close to the last universal common ancestor (LUCA).

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The highest level of organization is the ______. tissue cell system organ

Cell Is the highest level of organization

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The movement of all or part of an organism in response to an external stimulus is called ______. stomata reaction tropism transpiration


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Where are endocrine glands found?

They are found in the body

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Karyotypes can be studied to determine an organism’s chromosomal makeup and to detect genetic defects. Patau syndrome occurs when an individual has an extra copy of chromosome 13, giving them three copies. Symptoms of Patau syndrome include extra digits, seizures, and cleft palate. Which word would geneticists use to describe the cause of Patau syndrome?

The answer is trisomy 13.

Trisomy 13 is a condition in which an extra copy of chromosome 13 is present. Instead of two chromosomes 13 in a cell, there are three chromosomes. This is a consequence of a failure of chromosome 13 to separate during the gamete development. Thus, an egg cell or a sperm cell will have two instead of one chromosome 13 and after a cross with normal gamete cell, a zygote will have three chromosomes 13.

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