Choose the correct order of classifying organisms in the Linnaean system. kingdom→phylum→ class→ order→ genus→ family → species kingdom→phylum→class→order→family→genus→species species→order→family→genus →class →phylum→kingdom

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The correct way to classify organisms is as follows :Kingdom, such as Eukaryote, Phylum such as Animalia, Phylum such as Chordata, class, order, genus and family are mostly used for classification purposes in taxonomy and species, such as Oreochromis mossambicus, which is the mozambique tilapia.
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A microbiologist is in the process of classifying a newly discovered organism. Its characteristics include: · eukaryotic · multicellular · reproduces by spores · motile in some stage of its life cycle · decomposer Which type of organism is it most likely to be? club fungus fungus-like protist plant-like protist sac fungus

Based on the characteristics of the new organism discovered by the biologist, it can be concluded that this organism is most likely a fungus-like protist. The organism is a multi-cellular eukaryote who reproduced by the spores and is motile in few stages of the life cycle. Besides all this it is a decomposer. This all characteristics fit the description of a fungus like protist. They are most commonly found on the dead wood, but they also produce spores like the fungi.

Hence, the correct answer is 'fungus-like protist'.

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____ is a layer of organic sediment. a. Peat c. Lignite b. Bituminous coal d. Anthracite coal

A.Peat organic matter which causes decaying matter 

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Why might introduction of exotic species disrupt an ecosystem? A. They're struggling to survive and can be disruptive. B. They die quickly and overfeed scavengers. C. There are very few of the organisms present. D. They can outcompete native species.

Answer: D. They can outcompete native species.

Exotic species are the species which are not native to the region to which they are introduced. They can be referred as alien, non indegenous species. These species are introduced either due to human intervention in order to use these species for their own benefit or these species migrate from their native land in search of food and other resources. These species may act as an invasive species, which means they compete with the native population for resources. Therefore, they will disturb the natural biodiversity of the ecosystem.

Hence, exotic species when introduced in an ecosystem they can outcompete native species.  

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How is an individual palm tree growing in a tropical forest classified organism,population,abiotic,habitat


The correct answer is- organism


An organism is an individual who has all the living characteristics. So an organism can be plat, animal, or a microorganism. So here we are talking about an individual palm tree and we know that a palm tree is a plant which has life so palm tree will be classified as an organism.

When many individuals of the same species are present in an area then it is called a population. The area where a population is living is called their habitat. Abiotic factors are the non-living things like air, water, soil. So the correct answer is- organism.

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Which could be classified as part of an ecosystem but not part of a community trees,grasses,bacteria,minerals

The correct answer is minerals.

Minerals can be considered as the abiotic factor present in the ecosystem but it cannot be considered as a part of community.

Ecosystem can be defined as the interaction of the biotic (living things) and abiotic factor(non-living things) in which the plants, animals and human beings survive with each other.

Community can be defined as the group of organisms interacting among each other.

Minerals can be a part of ecosystem but not a part of community.

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Many people try to eliminate fat from their diets. Which is one reason it is necessary for humans to eat fat? A.The internal organs are cushioned by fat. B.Eating fat is the fastest way to get energy. C.Fat stores less energy than polysaccharides. D.Saturated fats clear out the blood vessels.


A.The internal organs are cushioned by fat.


-Most of the nutrients in food fall into three major groups: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The body uses fat as a fuel source, and fat is the major storage form of energy in the body.By supplying energy, fats save proteins from being used for energy and allow them to perform their more important role of building and repairing tissues.

Fat also has many other important functions in the body, and a moderate amount is needed in the diet for good health.They also cushion internal organs, provide insulation against temperature and also facilitate absorption of fat soluble vitamins.

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Aquatic organisms have only a predatory relationship with coral reefs. True or false

I believe the answer is false.

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Coral reef ecosystems support over a million different species. True or False

True millions of different species live on coral reefs

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Humans cannot digest food without the aid of small single-celled organisms that live in our digestive tract. These small organisms help humans digest food by breaking down complex food molecules. Which common name is associated with these single-celled organisms that help humans digest food? A) algae B) bacteria C) protozoa D) virus

Bacteria are single-celled organisms that help humans digest food.


The symbiotic association of bacteria and human is of importance in the process of digestion. These bacterias are found in our gut, large intestine and sometimes in small intestine also. These bacteria break down big molecules into useful forms. Bacteria are also responsible for producing vitamin k2 and vitamin B in large intestine. They also help in mobilising of xenobiotics, bile and sterols.

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Do plants such as Ferns need to break down glucose in order to obtain energy

No they absorb the sun's energy directly.
Hope this helps

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18. In a species of wild animal, claw size is determined by a combination of two alleles. Allele Q codes for large claws, while allele q codes for small claws. Individuals with a heterozygous genotype possess claws of medium size. Members of the species depend on their claws to be able to burrow in the ground and find food. But in an area where the ground has always been soft, gradual climate change has caused the dirt to become hard and compact. Which statement best predicts the change that will occur in the affected populations? A. Allele q will decrease in frequency. B. Allele q will become dominant to allele Q. C. Allele Q will become dominant to allele q. D. Allele Q will decrease in frequency.

Answer: The correct answer is- A) Allele q will decrease in frequency.

According to the information in the question, allele Q codes for large claws and allele q codes for small claws in a species of wild animal.

This indicates that larger claws will enable the wild animals to burrow more in the ground and find their food. As the change in the climatic conditions caused the dirt on the ground to become hard and compact.

This will result in change in the frequency of allele of the population as allele Q will increase because larger claws will provide more advantage (in context of burrowing) to the animals for getting their food, whereas frequency of q allele will decrease ( as smaller size of claws will not be that beneficial to them in hard and compact ground).

Thus, option A) is the right answer.

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Which of these statements best sums up evolution? rapid change in species’ habits and features punctuated change in a population change in a population through new species being made change in a population through genetic variation over time


-Change in a population through genetic variation over time.


-Evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection. It is the process of genetic change from one generation to the next and may be caused by several aspects including mutation, natural selection, genetic drift, thought and technology.

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Which of the following is a correct conversion factor? 1 foot = 12 cm 1 mm = 0.1 cm 1,000 kg = 1 decigram 1 ml = 10 L

The answer would be 1 mm = 0.1 cm.

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Classify the human genotype as an example of trisomy and monosomy

What is that

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The ancient fossils are a record of when shallow seas covered much of the United States. While the fossils are of organisms that are the precursors of many modern day organisms, changes in ocean geography and other factors eventually caused those older species to become __________.

-It is considered to be the link between the lobe-finned fishes and early ... Climate andgeography ... Sea levels were high with much of western North America under water. ... By the mid-Devonian, the fossil record shows evidence that there ... Plants, which had begun colonizing the landduring the Silurian ...

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Along with sensory receptors, _____ transport information to the integrating center. a)effectors b)signal pathways c)sensory organs

The right answer is sensory organs.

An organ is called "sensory" when its action results in a sensory perception. In humans, the eyes, nose, tongue, ears, and skin are the sensory organs of the body. They allow an individual to perceive one of the five senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. For this, these specific organs transmit information to the brain in the form of electrical pulses. In cats, the vibrios are the main sensory organ while the sensilla provide this function in arthropods.

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