Comment on the dominant variety of prose (narrative,expository or descriptive) present in each of the following passages.write a brief appreciation of each passage in about 260 words each.

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Narrative prose

Narrative, as in, it recounts to a story as opposed to just offering a depiction of something or a clarification of an idea.

Prose, as in, written in sections of sentences instead of stanzans of lines as a sonnet would be.  Narrative prose is the normal style of talking and composing, with nonattendance of musicality, rhyme, mood and different characteristics of the idyllic structure . It comprises of the ordinary discussion individuals use to convey what needs be rationally.

The message in exposition is objective and not uncertain, on a specific subject, for instance. It is a type of writing wherein the work is written in exposition, rather than verse, and recounts to an authoritative story through activities. Many composed works are composed on this structure, including a lot of artistic works and increasingly present day bits of fiction.

At the end of the day, story exposition is the type of fundamentally every customary novel at any point is composed.

Expository Prose

An exposition prose is a scholarly type of composition composing or narrating that points in enlightingen its reader and uncovering an issue. Its like an unmistakable exposition yet it goes for not depicting an occasion yet uncovering it as something of concern or worth.

In creation examines, explanatory composition (likewise called work) is one of the four conventional methods of talk. It might incorporate components of portrayal, depiction, and argumentation. Not at all like innovative or enticing composition, which can engage feelings and use stories, explanatory composition's basic role is to convey data about an issue, subject, technique, or thought utilizing realities.

Descriptive Prose

At the point when you watch a film, the majority of the "portrayal" is accomplished for you by a camera and an amplifier. The sum total of what essayists have are words. So you have to utilize those words to enable the peruser to see and hear (and smell, taste and contact, as well). You can utilize them actually ("she wore a red dress"). Or then again you can compose all the more allegorically.

For instance; it's difficult to depict the exact look on a character's face when they're in an incredibly foul state of mind. However, on the off chance that you state that their face resembled "the sky before a tempest," perusers will get the thought.

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Read the excerpt below and answer the question. Behold, I answer to him who asks, What was God doing before He made heaven and earth? I answer not, as a certain person is reported to have done facetiously (avoiding the pressure of the question), He was preparing hell, says he, for those who pry into mysteries. (Book XI, Chapter 12) What does the word “facetiously” mean? lacking a serious or respectful attitude lacking pleasure or happiness nervously or anxiously quietly or privately


The word "facetious" means lacking a serious or respectful attitude  


The formal definition of the word facetious is to make fun of something or not to take something very seriously so it could refer to attitudes or personalities, in this case, taking away the seriousness or importance of the question or trying not to get to into a religious topic by talking about the things that God did.

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Which word from “Are Local Music Stores Obsolete?” by Catherine Bailey and Zach Bucek creates a transition? ordinary Although absent more

I would have to say Although is the transition. I hope this helps you :D

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Which word most clearly has a positive connotation? A. Slothful B. Sluggish C. Leisurely D. Lazy


C. Leisurely


Leisurely can mean that something is done in a gentle or relaxed manner, thus, it doesn't have a negative connotation.  

On the other hand, slothful means inactivity; sluggish means that something lacks energy or is inactive; and lazy means that someone doesn't want to do anything at all.  

All of these words are synonymous related to laziness, thereby, carrying a negative connotation.

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PLEASE HELP ASAP!! THIS IS DUE TOMORROW!! WILL MARK AS BRAINLIEST IF ANSWERED NOW!! I need to make a summary of the following passage in your own words

This passage is saying how amazing it is that there is a Science museum finally opening. It's talking about all of the wonderful things that are going to be happening and in the museum. You can see how exciting and amazing the museum is just by the detail the author gives.

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Use the words atmosphere, energy, feature, measurement, rotation, solar system, solid, and surface in a short story

The launch of the ship took a lot of energy but eased as they sped through the atmosphere and into space.  The ship has a solid structure with a smooth interior surface. Buttons and lights blinked on and off and the beeping sounds filled the ships. The best feature of the ship was the monitor that measured the relative closeness of things within the solar system from the ship. With the rotation of the ship the monitor would move as well. With these things, the astronauts were ready for their long voyage into deep space.

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Write a sentence using sight word (about )and( had)?

I wish I had about 1000000000000000000000000 dollars

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Read the paragraph. She was much taller than the other girls. Her mannerisms seemed more graceful to Charlie. When she spoke, her words were marked by a slight lilt, which Charlie found endearing. This paragraph contains imagery. characterization. symbolism. dialogue.

Answer: A) Characterization

Explanation: Characterization is a literary device used by the author to explain and describe the details about a character in a story, it can be a description about how the character looks like, but also its personality, beliefs and emotions. In the given paragraph we can see a clear example of characterization, in this case, the author is characterizing the girl through Charlie's point of view.

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I tramp a perpetual journey, (come listen all!) How does the word “tramp” affect the tone of this line? It makes the tone of the line vaguely humorous. It creates a tone of arrogance within the line. It suggests the determination of the speaker. It indicates the weariness of the speaker.


It suggests the determination of the speaker.


The tone refers to the author or speaker's attitude or feeling about a topic or story, and it is mainly created by word choice and syntax. In the excerpt, the verb “tramp” suggests that the speaker is walking firmly, without hesitation, with resolute determination through a path, and helps develop a determined tone.

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In conversation, the way we use the word tragic today _____. is exactly the way Shakespeare used it is not the way Shakespeare used it refers to punishment for serious wrongdoing refers to people who are doomed by their own actions


is exactly the way Shakespeare used it


The use of the word tragic is as same today as Shakespeare used. Merriam-Webster define the term as "of a kind to cause great distress."

Shakespeare had also used the term or evoked the feeling of tragic through his dramas and plays to cause great distress.

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In the following sentence, which word is an adverb used to modify a verb? The young girl sadly spoke of her grandfather.

Your answer is sadly 

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Select all the correct answers. Wendy is writing the first draft of her research paper about symbolism used in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Why should Wendy take short breaks while writing the draft? Wendy can read what she has written after a break and plan the best way to continue. Wendy can read what she has written after a break and edit any grammar and spelling mistakes. Wendy can use her break to find out what approach her classmates are taking. Wendy can get a better perspective of what needs to be included in her essay and how it should be presented. Wendy can use the time to get started on her other school assignments.


Wendy should take short breaks while writing the draft so:

* Wendy can read what she has written after a break and plan the best way to continue.

* Wendy can get a better perspective of what needs to be included in her essay and how it should be presented.


It is suggested that Wendy should tale short breaks while she is writing the draft that means that she has not finished it, revisions are made until the writer finishes the draft, so she can just read it to keep on going with the rest, and after a little break she has a fresh vision of the work she is making and she can improve it before finishing it.

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1. All of the following lines from "Cranes" demonstrate the story's message about the effects of war on people except. A. "The northern village at the border of the Thirty-eighth Parallel was snugly settled under the high, bright autumn sky."**** B. "Then he suddenly he thought that Tokchae,too, must want a puff. But today, how could he offer a cigarette to a fellow like this?" C. "They made me vice-chairman of the league because I was one of the poorest and I was a hard-working farmer. If that constitutes a crime worthy of death, so be it." D. "I thought of evacuating, even if I hd to carry my father on my back. But my father said no. How could the farmers leave the land behind when the crops were ready for harvest?" 2. Read the following paragraphs from "Cranes." Without a moment's delay, still out of breath from running, they untied the crane's feet and wings. But the bird could hardly walk. It must have been worn out from being bound. The two held it up in the air. Then, all of a sudden, a shot was fired. The crane fluttered its wings a couple of times and came down again. It was shot, they thought. But the next moment, as another crane from a nearby bush fluttered its wings, the boys' crane stretched out its long neck with a whoop and disappeared into the sky. For a long time the two boys could not take their eyes away from the blue sky into which their crane had soared. Which word best describes the mood created by these paragraphs? A. Celebratory B. Comforting C. Admiring***** D. Tranquil I think 1 is A and 2 is C. I'm not 100% sure if I'm correct or not.

The questions on my unit test for the East Asia and Pacific Rim were different for question 1, so do not have that for sure.

2. c. admiring

Just took test.

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What is a physical description of Dr. Reynolds in to kill a mockingbird?

Dr. Reynolds is the Maycomb doctor. He is well known to Scout and JemScout says that he "had brought Jem and me into the world, had led us through every childhood disease known to man including the time Jem fell out of the tree house, and he had never lost our friendship.

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Choose the word or phrase that best defines the italicized word. " ...shook our heads in wonder and approval of such exemplary filial behavior." (filial being italicized) A. befitting a loving parent B. befitting a loyal citizen C. befitting a solider or warrior D. befitting a son or daughter


D. befitting a son or daughter


The word "filial" is an adjective that describes something that is related to a son or a daughter. The word comes from the Latin. In this case, the phrase describes how the observers were extremely impressed by a particular behaviour that was admirable and wonderful. The observers believe that this behaviour is particularly desirable in a son or daughter.

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We had been listening to the radio when the lights went out. a. past progressive b. present progressive c. past perfect progressive d. present perfect progressive

A. past progressive

The past progressive tense describes something from the past that is consistently happening. Usually, it sets the stage for the next thing that will happen. It is used with the verb "was or were" and an -ing verb. 

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HELP! Read the following sentence from "the old man and the sea" (1) In Ernest hemingways novel The old man and the sea, the main character is Santiago. (2) He endures severe physical hardship. (3) The hardship come mainly in his fight with the great fish. (4) A painful loss is also suffered by him when sharks eat most of the great fish on the long journey back to shore. (5) Despite the suffering and loss, however, the novel is affirmative and hopeful, stressing the power of humans to reach for greatness and to inspire greatness in others. Which of the following best describes the writer's intention in sentence 5 in relation to the rest of the passage? A) To restate the opening sentence B) To present an interpretation C) To provide example D) To summarize the paragraph


The one that best describes the writer's intention in sentence 5 in relation to the rest of the passage is to present an interpretation.


This excerpt introduces the topic in the first line and the following ones give examples of the events in the story of the main character, then the sentence number 5 expresses how the writer feels towards the general message of the story, and by saying that it is affirmative and hopeful despite all the hard time the character has to pass through, is giving they understanding of the story.

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10) In paragraph 1, the word appeal means

The correct answer is letter A: Charm

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Which sentence uses the underlined word correctly? A. Florence jumped from the dock at the lake. B. Florence jumped off the dock at the lake.

It's letter B due to it being in a better form then letter A

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Which sentence uses the underlined word correctly? A. Cecelia walked BETWEEN the bush and the tree in the yard. B. Cecelia walked AMONG the bush and the tree in the yard.

A... between is always used with 2 things. Among is always more than 2. It's a bush and a tree, two things, making it between.

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In the poem "a dream deferred" what does the word "explode" suggest?

Any explosive device going off and therefore creating an explosion

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Which word in the sentence is a plural pronoun? We saw a few caterpillars crawling toward Alex and her. A. few B. caterpillars C. We D. her

The answer is C, We. I hope this helped, let me know if you need further explanation.

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Which of the following are effective strategies for looking up words in the dictionary when reading? Select all that apply. Look up the words right away. Underline words then look them up when you have finished the book. Make a list of words and definitions as you learn them. Don’t bother looking up a word if you can guess the meaning.


  • Underline words then look them up when you have finished the book.
  • Make a list of words and definitions as you learn them.


When you are reading a text you may come across unfamiliar words which you do not know the meaning of. However, knowing these words is of utmost importance for a complete understanding of the text, so you should look up the meaning of the words in a dictionary.

You might even stop reading and look up the words right away, but that would slow you down and you might even lose interest in continuing reading that text. For this reason, the best strategies for searching for words you don't know in a dictionary are:

  • Underline words then look them up when you have finished the book.
  • Make a list of words and definitions as you learn them.

With these strategies you will not disturb the reading pace, will finish the text and enrich your vocabulary because you will know new words

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Which is a way to present a research report? A. multimedia presentation B. personal narrative C. short story D. analogies

The best answer would be A: multimedia presentation

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