Common reason rodents bite

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Hello! One of the reasons that rodents bite is because it senses danger. For example, if someone reaches over to pet it, it would be unable to recognize that the hand is not a danger and instead a friendly action. Rodents don't have that kind of knowledge. Another reason could be rodents fighting each other. Biting is a defense mechanism. An underlying reason to frequent aggressive behavior could also be rabies.
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Which of the following is a reason why cells divide

The reason cells devide is so they can make room for things to grow.

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A _______ is a group in which all members have common characteristics and can produce fertile offspring.

biological species is a group in which all members have common characteristics and can produce fertile offspring.

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A certain segment of DNA can be used as a molecular clock. Its rate of mutation is one mutation per 15 million years. Examine the DNA segments from two different species: Species A: GTTGAGCTAGTATGGACC Species B: GATAAGCTAGTAAGGTCA Using this example, explain how this information can be used to determine how long ago these two species shared a common ancestor. Be sure to answer this question in paragraph form using complete sentences.

Answer and explanation;

  • This can be done by DNA sequencing which is the process of determining the accurate order of nucleotides within a DNA molecule.
  • By doing a DNA sequencing for the two sequences of DNA from the two species it will help compare the number of random mutations which have occurred in a molecular clock in the two species - that is, seeing how different the sequences are.
  • This will make it possible to infer how long ago the species diverged.



These species differ in 5 nucleotides.

This number should be multiplied by the rate of mutations; that is;

5 × 15 million years =75 million years.

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A recent forest fire has swept through the forest, killing many of the smaller organisms such as the hare, deer, and rodent populations that are prey for the larger organisms such as bobcats, wolves, and mountain lions. How would this affect the populations in the forest ecosystem? Check all that apply.

The death of the smaller organism that is hunted by the predators for food will also most likely kill or shrunken the population of the predators. In the forest ecosystem, other smaller organisms that would be used as food for the hare, deer, and rodent will increase in population and those who depend on these animals for food will decrease in population. 

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Summerize the purpose of DNA( there's 2 reasons)

Well for one thing DNA is basically the code for any living thing. It contains genes, like traits, that kind of make us who we are.

That's only one reason, but I hope that helps!

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The model shows an intended destination, A, of wind from the North Pole. The actual destination is B. What is the reason for this difference?



Coriolis effect


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What is a beneficial reason for purchasing organic fresh fruits and vegetables rather than conventionally grown foods?

A benefit to buying organic fruit verses regular grown fruit, is that the organic fruit has not been grown or produced with harmful pesticides, or dyed with colors that are unnatural.

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What do bone marrow and epidermis have in common. A.they are both sites of new cell information B.they both contain structures that assist the body in cooling down if overheating occurs. C.they both contain or are associated with sensory neorons D.they are both involved in waste disposal functions*

Thank you for posting your question here at brainly. I hope the answer will help you. Feel free to ask more questions.
The bone marrow and epidermis have in common.  is that 
.they are both sites of new cell information B.they both contain structures that assist the body in cooling down if overheating occurs.

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Please Answer! A wildlife scientist finds two reptile-like organisms. Both have a post-anal tail, claws, and some common characters of reptiles, but they differ in size, color, pattern, and design. To find out whether they belong to the same clade, which classification system should the scientist look to? A. Linneaus's system of classification B. phylogentic system of classification C. Whittaker's system of classification

Correct answer: B). Phylogentic system of classification

The scientist will use the phylogenetic system of classification. As is uses evolutionary relationship for classifying an organism. The phylogenetic relationship between the organism is given by the degree of evolutionary distance. This system names only clades which are a group of organism that is descended from the common ancestor.

Hence, the correct answer would be option B

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A tissue is a group of similar cells that share a common

A tissue is a group of similar cells that share a common function, I am pretty sure.

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A study was conducted to test the effectiveness of Seeing Eye Dogs. People with different ranges of vision loss were included in the study. Which question would help in determining whether the conclusion above is valid? A. What was the average age of the people in the study? B. What was the most common occupation of people in the study? C. How many people in the study had a pet? D. How many people in the study had hearing problems?


The correct answer will be option-B.


In the given study, the people were selected with different ranges of vision loss to study the effectiveness of seeing by looking at the dogs of an eye.

These persons showed variance in their ability to see as the vision depends on the age along with occupation they were in or they are in.  The strongest factor that influences the ability to see was the occupation which leads to different ranges of vision.

Thus, Option-B is the correct answer.

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What are two reasons why a scientist might want to study the DNA of strawberries?

Strawberries are very marketable horticultural crops, they can suffer from diseases and insect attacks, they are susceptible to both heat and cold.

The other reason is they could study a strawberries DNA so it could provide the farmer or plant breeder with keys on how to successfully overcome limitation for strawberry production 

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Which of these is a common component of air pollution? A. nitrogen B. carbon dioxide C. insecticides D. herbicides

B.) Carbon dioxide!

but get a second opinion on this!

Good luck!!

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What TWO characteristics do all living cells have in common?

 plasma membrane, cytoplasm 

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The white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, is common in the Eastern United States. Most deer have reddish brown fur, but occasionally a deer may be born with a genetic condition known as albinism which results in white fur. Albinism is caused by the inheritance of two recessive alleles for the production of coloration pigments. If an albino deer is born to two parents who each have normal fur coloration, what conclusion may be drawn about the genotypes of the parent deer?


Both the parents must be the carrier of recessive genes along with dominant gene


Recessive genes are genes that are expressed only when two recessive alleles are inherited from the parents.

A dominant gene is expressed in two cases a) when two dominant alleles are inherited or b) when one dominant and one recessive allele are inherited.

since parents have normal fur color but they are producing white fur coloured deer  (Albinitic offsprings)  this means that both of the parents must be the carrier of recessive genes.

Let the allele for “normal fur colour” be expressed by C

Allele for “white fur color” be expressed by c.  

Both the parents have heterozygous dominant gene (which is carrier if recessive allele "c"), thus their genotype would be Cc

Let see the punnet square below -

C c


c Cc cc

Out of the four offspring’s produced only  “cc” represents white fur deer.  

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Forensic odontologists might be involved in which of the following circumstances? A femur bone is found in a field. A victim has a bite on his arm. A profile of a suspect is needed. Beetles are collected from a decomposed body.

An odontologist is a forensic scientist that specializes in dentistry. Therefore, they would be involved in the circumstance relating to a victim having a bite on his arm.

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Lactobacillus acidophilus (below) is a probiotic microorganism typically found in the human small intestine. It has a cell wall made of peptidoglycan. It aids in the process of digestion and can commonly be obtained through sources such as acidophilus yogurt. Which characteristic proves Lactobacillus acidophilus is from the specific kingdom Eubacteria? It is multicellular. It has a cell wall. It is a microorganism. It has peptidoglycan.

The right answer is It has peptidoglycan.

Eubacteria are not multicellular beings, but are unicellular.

Eubacteria certainly have a cell wall, but we must not forget that plant cells also have a cell wall, so this is not really a feature.

Eubacteria are microorganisms but there are eukaryotic microorganisms, so it is not a characteristic.

Peptidoglycan (or murine, or mucocomplex, or mucopeptide) is a characteristic component of the bacterial wall (not found elsewhere) maintaining the shape of cells and providing mechanical protection against osmotic pressure. It forms a thin layer in Gram-negative bacteria and a thick layer in Gram-positive bacteria.

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You visit a farm and notice that white chickens lay white eggs and colored chickens lay brown eggs, so you decide that only white chickens lay white eggs. What type of reasoning is this? a) inductive b) deductive




Its a logical process in which a number of premises  all believed true or sometimes found  true most of the time and combined to come up with specific conclusions. Its mostly used in applications that do involve  behavior, forecasting and makes broader generalization that is considered probable. For example a speculation that all crows are black and each time a new crow is observed  and found out that its black the assumption is increasingly confirmed. On the other hand if the crow is found not to be black then the assumption's found to be false..

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What do gradualism and punctuated equilibrium have in common?

The answer is A:

"They are both explanations of the rate of evolutionary change."

Good luck!


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Name 3 reasons why recycling is bad

1. Air pollution would still be an issue since fossil fuel trucks that produce exhaust have to go pick up recyclable items and bring them back. Also, the recycling process itself produces a lot of pollutants from inside the factory. 

2. Contamination is also a huge obstacle in the recycling industry. Sometimes there are errors with sorting through recyclable stuff and let's say, for example, a spray can gets mixed in with other types of recyclables; it can contaminate the new products.

3. Most plastics can not be recycled. There are about seven types of plastic that we find and encounter on a day to day life, but only two of those plastics are recyclable. What isn't recyclable will be collected, processed, sorted and then thrown into a landfill. 

Hope this helps.

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HELP PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU I CAN'T FIND THE ANSWERS1. Stems cannot grow underground True or False 2. The cell division process that allows two different organisms to contribute DNA to am offspring is known as A. Osmosis B. Mitosis C.Meiosis D. RNA. 3. All of the following are important considerations when planting turfgrass EXCEPT A.climate B. its appearance C. the nutrition it provides livestock D. whether or not a lot of people will be walking on it 4. The danger of crops becoming extinct before scientists can study them is A. future scientists will not have jobs B. only scientists fully understand how useful plants can be C. opportunities for improved crops or new medications will be lost D. siientists have not yet developed effective classification standards for plants 5. trees require regularly trimming because A. it protects them from harmful insects B. without it roots will continue to expand indefinitely C. it prevents them from becoming too heavy and falling over D. it generates additional revenue for landscaping industry 6.Deductive reasoning does not need to consider variables True or False 7. Joe leaves for work and arrives there 35 minutes later. therefore, it takes Joe 35 minutes to get to work in the morning. this is an example of A.deductive reasoning B. inductive reasoning C. systems thinking D. abstract theory 8. Critical thinking skills are highly desired by employers True or False 9. Systems thinking is especially important in agriculture and agriscience because A.agriculture is like family B. Its important in science in general C. natural resources are in tolerated D.those in agriculture create the systemsvthey work with 10. Plants with fibrous roots are better for the environment for the environment than those with taproots for all of the following reasons EXCEPT A. fibrous roots help prevent soil erosion B.fibrous roots need more water than taproots C. fibrous roots are more likely to put nutrients back in the soil than taproots D. fibrous roots are very effective in getting nutrients from the soil to the plant 11. If a plant is not getting a nutrient, it means that nutrient is not in the soil True or false 12.Environmental concerns like light and water are not as important for indoor plants as they are for outdoor plants True or False 13. If knowledge is knowing what happened , then critical thinking is knowing A. why it happened B. when it happened C. where it happened D. whether it happened 14.How many nutrients do plants need to thrive 6 7 9 16 15. In plants the process of osmosis is important for A. reproduction B.absorbing oxygen and releasing nitrogen C.transferring energy into glucose D. acquiring water and water-born nutrients


6. Deductive reasoning does not need to consider variables


10. Plants with fibrous roots are better for the environment for the environment than those with taproots for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

-Fibrous roots need more water than taproots.

14. How many nutrients do plants need to thrive



I just took the test. Everything else was correct.

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Reasons why a virus is living and nonlivng???

Because it starts out as one cell

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Reasons why a renewable service is more valuable than a non-renewable service


A renewable service is more valuable than a non-renewable service because it reduces the impact in the environment and it won´t run out.


A renewable service produces little to no global warming emissions which helps the environment. Also, a renewable service can be replaced and used repetedly so it won't run out.

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A starving dog might bite your hand if you were near his food. This behavior is based on needs.

Answer: The given statement is true.


When we go near a dog who is starving then it is likely that he might bite our hand because he will feel that we are actually trying to take his food away from him.

Since, food is the need of every living being so, this basic need makes the dog act defensively for his food.

Therefore, the statement a starving dog might bite your hand if you were near his food. This behavior is based on needs is true.

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