Convert 250.0F into C

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Which organisms help convert gaseous nitrogen into ammonia in the nitrogen cycle?

The organisms that help convert gaseous nitrogen into ammonia are nitrogen fixation.

Hope this helped :)

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Which shows the formula for converting from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit? °F = (9/5 × °C) +32 °F = 5/9 × (°C – 32) °F = °C – 273 °F = °C + 273

Answer: The correct answer is ^oF=(\frac{9}{5}\times ^oC)+32


Temperature is defined as the measure of coldness or hotness of a body. It also determines the average kinetic energy of the particles in a body.

This term is expressed in degree Celsius, degree Fahrenheit and Kelvins. All these units are interchangeable.

Conversion used to convert degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit is:

^oF=(\frac{9}{5}\times ^oC)+32

For Example: Converting 30^oC into degree Fahrenheit:

(\frac{9}{5}\times 30)+32=86^oF

Hence, the correct answer is ^oF=(\frac{9}{5}\times ^oC)+32

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How much heat is evolved in converting 1.00 mol of steam at 160.0 ∘C to ice at -45.0 ∘C? The heat capacity of steam is 2.01 J/(g⋅∘C) and of ice is 2.09 J/(g⋅∘C).

First of all, we convert the amount of item given in moles into grams. Each mol of steam is 18 grams of steam. Such that the heat released during the evolution of per gram of steam is,
                H = (2.01 J/goC)(160 - 100) + 2260 J/g + (4.179 J/gC)(100 - 0) + (333.5 J/g) + (2.09 J/gC)(45oC)
                 H  = 3226.05 J/g
Then, we multiply this value by 18 g to get the final answer which is equal to 58068.9 Joules. 

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If 1.0 gram of matter was converted to energy, how much energy would be formed? A. 9.0 x 10-13 joules B. 9.0 x 1013 joules C. 3.0 x 1013 joules D. 3.0 x 108 joules

Answer : The correct option is, (B) 9.0\times 10^{13}J

Explanation : Given,

Mass of matter = 1.0 g = 0.001 g

Conversion : 1 Kg = 1000 g

Formula used :



E = energy of the matter = ?

m = mass of the matter = 1.0 g

c = speed of matter = 3\times 10^8m/s

Now put all the given values in this formula, we get :

E=(0.001g)\times (3\times 10^8m/s)^2

E=9.0\times 10^{13}J

Therefore, the energy of the matter will be, 9.0\times 10^{13}J

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Calculate the total quantity of heat required to convert 25.0 g of liquid ccl4(l from 35.0°c to gaseous ccl4 at 76.8°c (the normal boiling point for ccl4. the specific heat of ccl4(l is its heat of fusion is and its heat of vaporization is

The solution would be like this for this specific problem:

25.0 g CCl4 x (1 mole CCl4 / 153.8 g CCl4) = 0.163 moles CCl4 

(29.82 kJ / mole)(0.163 moles) = 4.86 kJ 

total heat = 1.11 kJ + 4.86 kJ = 5.97 kJ 

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask again. 

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Producer organisms convert _______ energy to chemical energy—the energy of c?h and c?o?h bonds.

The answer is AR energy

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When you burn wood and they camp fire, _______ Energy is converted to ________ and light energy

Kenetic energy ...........

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How do you convert a temperature from Celsius to kelvin? A. Add 273 degrees B. Subtract 273 from the degrees Celsius C. Multiply 273 by the degrees Celsius D. Divide the degrees Celsius by 273

The temperature T in Kelvin (K) is equal to the temperature T in degrees Celsius (°C) plus 273.15:

T(K) = T(°C) + 273.15


Convert 10 degrees Celsius to Kelvin:

T(K) = 10°C + 273.15 = 283.15 K

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Convert 430.45 ml to kl. show your work

There are 1 million (1,000,000) ml in a kl.
move the decimal to the left six times
answer; .00043045

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What part of the photovoltaic cell converts light to electricity A.plastic B.semiconductor D,non-reflective

it would be B.semiconductor hope this helps i did this test good luck everyone

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During a chemical reaction, energy is converted from one form to another increases decreases is used up as bonds are broken and formed

Is used up as bonds are broken and formed .

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A ______ is a machine that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. A. transmitter B. pulverizer C. generator

C.generator is the answer

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What is elictrical energy converted to inside a toaster?

It is converted to heat/thermal energy.

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What type of organism converts nitrogen into a usable form for plants? A) bacteria B) earthworms C) fungus D) mold

Answer : The correct option is (A) Bacteria.

Explanation :

The nitrogen is converted into ammonia with the help of nitrogen fixing bacteria which are present in association with the roots of some plants.

Ammonia can be utilized in protein formation which is used as nutrient for the plant growth.

Example of nitrogen fixing bacteria is Nostoc.

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During photosynthesis carbon is converted into which chemical

Carbon dioxide + water ---> glucose +oxygen

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What is the process in which large hydrocarbons are converted into smaller hydrocarbons, which provide better fuel?

The process is called cracking.

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Buffers are systems that resist changes in pH by converting strong acids or bases to weak acids or bases. TRUE FALSE

In my opinion it is true 

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Which statement is true about limiting reactants? A). The limiting reactant in a reaction is the first reactant to be completely converted to moles. B). The limiting reactant in a reaction is the first reactant to be completely converted to products. C).The limiting reactant in a reaction is the first reactant to be completely converted to energy. D).The limiting reactant in a reaction is the first reactant to be completely converted to heat.

Ans: B). The limiting reactant in a reaction is the first reactant to be completely converted to products.

In a chemical reaction, the limiting reagent is one with a lower number of moles. Thus, the limiting reactant will be consumed first and will dictate the amount of product that can be formed.

For example consider the reaction between 1 g of Mg and 2 g of O to form MgO

2Mg + O_{2} ---- 2MgO

# moles of Mg = \frac{mass of Mg}{atomic mass of Mg} = \frac{ 1 g}{24 g.mol-1} = <strong>0.042 moles

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What device that converts energy of motion into eletrical energy?

I believe an electric generator.

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1. Name of transportation 2. Source of energy 3. How are energy was converted 4. Disadvantages that were present

U should include 2 photos so i can understand

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Which contains more molecules of water, 4.55 cm3 of ice (0.917 g/cm3 ) at 0◦C or 4.55 cm3 of liquid water at 0◦C? 1. the ice 2. the liquid? How many more molecules? Answer in units of molec. I know its the liquad water but how do I find how many more molecules there are I did: m/v=d for ice and liquad water ice mass= 0.917*5= 4.585 liquad water mass= .9998*5= 4.995 then subtracted 4.995-4.585= .41 and converted g to mol= .02277*6.022x10^23= 1.3716E22 but its wrong!!

As for me, I think the ice and the liquid will have the same number of molecules. They are the same substance but with different phase and according to the law of conservation of mass, mass cannot be created so they should the same number of molecules. Hope this answers the question.

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Convert between the Celsius and kelvin temperature scales

K = C + 273.15
C = K - 273.15 
(I think)

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Identify the form of energy that is converted into ther- mal energy by your body

Answer:    No, thermal energy is not being transferred by radiation in this image. The eggs are in direct contact with the metal pan, which is in direct contact with the gas flame, so this is conduction, not radiation. Radiation transfers thermal energy by electromagnetic waves, not by direct contact.


i just did it

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