During the early 1800s, which factor contributed the most to the start of the industrial revolution in the united states?

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Answer:  An abundance of natural resources

Further detail:

The Industrial Revolution had its beginning in Great Britain, and eventually spread from there.  Once the United States became involved, especially in the "Second Industrial Revolution" years (1870-1914), the size and resources of the country allowed the US to become a bigger industrial power than the nations of Europe.

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True or False: favorable statistics of population and Industrial Development invariably decide the outcome of a war.

True that happen  that used industrial

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European imperialism was started by





are the choices

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How did the national grange help farmer in the late 1800s ?


Initially, The National Grange was a social and educational movement that fought against the isolation of farmers, but soon began to promote consumer and distribution cooperatives to eliminate intermediaries in the commercialization of agricultural products, although most of these cooperatives failed due to the lack of experience in management, the hostility of the already established cooperatives and the lack of support among the peasants.

At the beginning of the 1870s its affiliation increased because of the agrarian depression that was taking place in the United States, and it was precisely in those years when it participated in politics through the so-called "third parties", with the main objective of ensuring that the States, especially those in the Midwest, where the organization was most established, will regulate railroad tariffs and grain storage silos.

With the return to prosperity at the end of the 1870s the organization was losing political force and returned to its initial objective: the social and educative improvement of the peasants.

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What role did colonies have during the Industrial Revolution?

They were primarily used by Britain to provide  food for the home nation.

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What are some examples of ancient romans' contributions to government

The highest positions in the government were held by two consuls, or leaders, who ruled the Roman Republic. A senate composed of patricians elected these consuls. At this time, lower-class citizens, or plebeians, had virtually no say in the government.

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Read the following excerpt from the Civil Rights Act of 1964. No person acting under any color of law may deny the right of any individual to vote in any Federal election because of an error or omission on any record of paper relating to any application, registration, or other act requisite to voting. Which of the following conclusions can be drawn based on this excerpt? A. States were intentionally placing errors on voter registration applications to keep African Americans from voting. B. States were nullifying voter applications due to errors and omissions on the forms. C. Voters did not understand how to accurately fill out voter registration forms. D. Voters were refusing to complete some sections of voter registration forms.

The following conclusion can be drawn based on the excerpt:

A. States were intentionally placing errors on voter registration applications to keep African Americans from voting.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, is talking about people whose right to vote is being denied. The fact that the act states that no one should be denied the right to vote due to errors or omissions in required records to vote, demonstrates that this was being a common excuse to prevent African Americans from voting. A way to stop states from doing this, was simply to pass an act in which this method was not longer useful to prevent some people from voting.

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What was a push factor for the Great Migration? A. Jim Crow Laws B. Homestead Act C. Territorial Rights D. Act Reservation Designations

The correct answer is A) Jim Crow Laws.

The Great Migration was a time period in US history during the early 20th century that resulted in the moving of millions of African-Americans from Southern states to Northern states. One of the biggest push factors behind this were Jim Crow laws.

Jim Crow laws were dominant in Southern states. These laws resulted in the development of segregated schools, public facilities, etc. These laws essentially limited the political and economic opportunities of African-Americans. This helps to explain why so many people left the south.

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Which of the following factors led to the mass immigration of Midwesterners to the Southwest? Select all that apply. A) drought B) farm foreclosures C) improper farming practices D) better-paying jobs

The correct answer is A: Drought and D: Better-paying jobs.

In the 1930s, farmers from the Midwestern Dust Bowl states, especially Oklahoma and Arkansas, began to move to California. A drought outbreak in the 1930s allowed dust storms to carry away topsoil, darkening the sky even at mid-day,  As families realized that the drought and dust storms would not end, some sold what they could not take and began to migrate southwest. Many hoped to become hired hands on California farms.

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Which phrase is accurate about reform movements in Latin American nations? (A) eliminated poverty in Latin America (B) protected and respected human rights (C) were inspired by the Mexican Revolution (D) enjoyed unanimous support of the people

Answer: C. In the late 1970s and early 1980s. The struggle against dictatorial regimes has intensified in Latin American countries. People advocated change reforms, they were inspired by the Mexican revolution of 1910-1917-it was an important period in the history of Mexico, during which the country was a civil war. The Revolution began as a revolt against the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz and ended with the adoption of a new constitution.

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A major reason for the isolationist trend in the United States following World War I was

A disillusionment over the outcomes of the war. :)

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What is the division of powers in federalism? A. City and state B. National and State C. State and international D. National and City

The answer was state and international

Hope that help you

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What industry had the greatest impact on the economy in the 1920's

Automotive industry. 

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What industry had the greatest impact on the economy in the 1920's

From the information, I gathered it was the Automotive. I hope this helps.  

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Which event would have first caused the united states to begin reversing its neutrality acts in the early of world war 2

Germany Invasion Of Poland

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Why did the United States want the Soviet Union to remove its nuclear weapons from Cuba? (1 point) A. It wanted to protect Cuba from communism. B. Cuba is close to the United States border. C. It was protecting nearby countries in Central America. D. The United States did not have any missiles of its own

The problem  was the closeness of Cuba to US. If the Soviet Union had its nuclear weapons so close to the US it could fire them and they'd reach the US before US could react in any way (e.g. by shooting down the plane carrying it). Generally countries feel very uneasy about nuclear weapons controlled by an enemy (or potential enemy) so close to their borders.

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Explain some of the reasons why Americans wanted the Indigenous tribes moved from the southeastern United States.

According to the Americans, the Indians were taking up space. Their country was rapidly growing, so they told the Indians to sign a treaty so they would move.

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Which of the following factors did not contribute to the fall of Roman Empire

The Empire fell.either to the Turks in1453,or to Napoleon in 1806 

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Which Muslim country, divided into 2 states, bordered India to the east and west

South Africa and North Korea

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How did farming change from the first industrial revolution to the second revolution?

Option 2 - tech improved fewer farmers needed

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