Electromagnetic induction occurs only when the current in the primary coil is constant. true or false

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Yes its True that Electromagnetic induction occurs only when the current in the primary coil is constant.
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Which energy transformation occurs in the core of a nuclear reactor? A.nuclear energy to mechanical energy B.nuclear energy to thermal energy C.thermal energy to nuclear energy D.mechanical energy to nuclear energy

The correct answer among the choices given is option B. The energy transformation that occurs in the core of a nuclear reactor is from nuclear energy to thermal energy. In a power plant nuclear fission which involves nuclear energy to heat up water around it. This part is  the core of the process.

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Which best describes what is occurring when a door is almost closed and rays of light fan out from the small opening? absorption interference refraction diffraction


It is defined as the bending of light  around the corners of an obstacle or aperture into the region of the shadow of the obstacle. This is refers to various phenomena which occur when a wave encounters an obstacle or silt.

While diffraction occurs whenever propagating waves encounter such changes, its effects are pronounced to waves whose wavelength is comparable to the dimensions of the diffracting object or silt.

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What do sound waves and infrared waves have in common, and what makes them different? both carry energy through space, but sound waves are mechanical and infrared waves are electromagnetic. both can transfer energy through matter, but sound waves travel through air and infrared waves travel through space. both can transfer energy through matter, but sound waves can be heard and infrared waves can be seen. both carry energy through space, but sound waves require matter to pass through and infrared waves do not.

The correct answer to the question is : Both can transfer energy through matter, but sound waves can travel through air and infrared waves can travel through space.


Before going to answer this question, first we have to understand the nature of sound and infrared waves.

Sound wave is a longitudinal wave which needs a medium for its propagation. The medium may be solid, liquid or gas. When we produce sound, the vibration of sound is received by our ear, and is heard due to brain.

Unlike sound wave, infrared wave does not require any medium for its propagation. It can travel in space with the speed of light. That's why it is a part of electromagnetic spectrum. But, this wave is neither heard nor seen. Only visible light is seen.  Infrared wave can also move in other medium also. It can be transmitted, reflected or absorbed by any medium.

From above, we see that both the waves can transfer energy through matter.

Hence, the second statement perfectly signifies the similarity and difference between them.

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As the frequency of sound waves increases, the wavelength of the sound waves decreases. true or false.

It is true that as the frequency of sound waves increases, the wavelength of the sound waves decreases. 

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Currently, one major disadvantage of renewable energy resources is that renewable energy resources _____ than fossil fuels. a. are more rare b. pollute less c. pollute more d. are more expensive

Solar energy technology is currently very expensive, but it is completely renewable and non-polluting. New advances in technology will hopefully make it cheaper in the future.


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Newton's law of universal gravitation states that every object in the universe attracts every other object. true or false.




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What happens to the heat that is produced from fission reactions that occur in nuclear power plants? a. it is used to turn water into steam. b. it is used to heat local buildings. c. it is a waste product and is not used. d. it is used to power nuclear fusion reactions.


a. it is used to turn water into steam.


In fission reaction the reaction is carried out in the reactor which is surrounded by water.

When energy is released in fission reaction it is absorbed by the water which is surrounding the reactor and then that water is converted into steam using this energy of fission

Further this steam is used to operate turbine which will convert the energy of team into electrical energy.

So in this way first of all the in this fission reaction energy is used to convert water into steam

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The sun's energy is stored in fossil fuels. true or false.

Yes,suns original energy are still stored at the bonds of fossils in which they taken long,long time ago and these fossils powered now industries,fuel for vehicles.In those chemical bonds holds much energy packed together for centuries.

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Which source is considered a primary source of scientific information?- an original research article in a scientific journal -a report about a new scientific discovery in the newspaper -a book that compiles important new research findings -a public lecture at a museum given by the scientist who did the research


-An original research article in a scientific journal


-Sources are considered primary, secondary, or tertiary depending on the originality of the information presented and their proximity or how close they are to the source of information.

-Primary sources are original materials/information on which other research is based. It includes journal articles of original research, conference papers, dissertations, technical reports, and patents. Primary sources are also sets of data, such as health statistics, which have been tabulated, but not interpreted.

-The Journals or Periodicals are the main type of publication in which scientific research is reported. May be published by learned societies or by commercial publishers.

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Which of the following statements about psychodynamic perspective is not true?


No True answer


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Why aren’t hydrogen fuel cell cars currently available to the public?

The simple, immediate answer is:  Because the public hasn't shown
any interest in it yet. 

why nobody is manufacturing and selling them yet ... there is
no line out the door and around the block of buyers with fists full of cash
looking for hydrogen fuel-cell cars.

To find what you're actually asking for, we have to look one layer deeper.
WHY is there no market for such a car yet ?

-- If you want it, then they build it.  But they will be built in small numbers,
so they'll be expensive for quite a while.

-- The fuel distribution infrastructure doesn't exist.  In high school English,
that means that if you drove one of these, you'd always need to plan your
moves carefully and in advance, because there are hardly ANY hydrogen
filling stations yet.  There's NO place in the USA yet where you'll see four
hydrogen stations on the same corner, all competing for your business and
all making a decent living.

-- There's also no fuel manufacturing infrastructure ... no hydrogen
refineries, where the stuff would come from IF a thousand filling stations
sprang up tomorrow.  So the stuff will become available little-by-little, and
when it begins to appear, you'll need to be really really committed to the
idea of the fuel-cell car that you just bought, because the price of the
fuel will be astronomical for a long time.

-- The existing big "energy" companies ... the ones with names that
everybody recognizes right away, that rhyme with DT, Loyal Clutch Smell,
DrexonFrobil, Howdy Salamco, Levron, MonacoPhllipo ... as well as the
several WHOLE COUNTRIES that make their living from the Billion$ and
Ten$ of Billion$ that they've plowed into finding, drilling, pumping, pipelining,
and refining petroleum, and then delivering, pumping and selling gasoline at
the thousands of filling stations ... those guys are not exactly encouraging the
world to go after a new fangled idea that'll eventually put oil out of business.    

When the population of the world basically rises up and demands hydrogen fuel-cell cars, loudly enough so that the big oil guys can't resist it any longer without looking like crooks, THAT's when they'll do the big turnaround, start
insisting that the fuel cell is the best thing for us since fruit, and that it was
really their idea all the time.

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A truck, initially traveling at a speed of 22 meters per second, increases speed at a constant rate of 2.4 meters per second2 for 3.2 seconds. what is the total distance traveled by the truck during this 3.2-second time interval?

U = 22 m/s,  a = 2.4 m/s²,  t = 3.2 s

s = ut + (1/2)at²

s = 22*3.2 + (1/2)*2.4*3.2²

s = 70.4 + 12.228

s = 82.688 m.

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in order for combustion to occur what needs to happen

The ignition point for a given fuel is met.

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A. True b. False: A wave can slow down and lose energy even within the same medium.

Wow !  There's a surprising bunch of ambiguities and misconceptions all wrapped up in that short burst of 13 words.

-- A wave doesn't need to slow down in order to lose energy.
-- When a wave loses energy, it doesn't necessarily slow down.
(A huge seismic wave and a gentle ripple both have the same speed
in water.)
(The light from one LED and the light from an exploding supernova
both have the same speed in space or in air.)

-- When you make a wave carry more energy, it doesn't go faster.

-- When you take energy out of a wave, it doesn't go slower.

-- A wave passing from warm air into cold air slows down. 
But it doesn't lose energy until it has gone some distance,
and that's not because its speed changed.

-- As long as it stays in the same medium, a wave doesn't slow down,
even though it may lose energy as it proceeds.

-- A wave's energy doesn't depend on its speed, and its speed
doesn't depend on its energy.

-- A wave's speed depends on the properties of the medium. 
So, technically, as long as it stays in the same medium, its speed
doesn't change, no matter how much energy it's carrying.

-- You may say "Well, I read that light can get slightly faster and slightly slower
in air, and in fact, the change of speed in air is responsible for the refraction of
light in air."

My answer to that is "Yeah but."

Light can slightly change speed in air, but that's because the properties
of the air have slightly changed.  So it seems to me that you'd have to say
that the air became a slightly different medium.

Have I missed any major permutations.

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Ptolemy’s model of the universe excluded any reference to heaven.True or false?

False, Claudius Ptolemy even accepted the church view of solar system,he only change in more complex epicycles but Ptolemy`s model is more sophisticated than the more obsolete Aristotelian model.

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Fusion occurs with atoms of elements less massive than a. iron. b. helium. c. calcium. d. uranium.

The answer is A. Iron.

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A charge of 30. coulombs passes through a 24-ohm resistor in 6.0 seconds. what is the current through the resistor? (1) 1.3 a (3) 7.5 a (2) 5.0 a (4) 4.0 a

Current is the rate of flow of charges.

I = Q / t

Where I is current in Ampere,  Q is charges in Coulombs, t is time in seconds.

I = 30 / 6

I = 5 A.

Option (2) is the answer.

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As more resistors are added to a series circuit, the current

Decreases. Adding resistors in series increases the overall resistance of the circuit, therefore decreasing the current.

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Which nutrient is the first (easiest) to be broken down and absorbed for energy use in the body? Water Carbohydrates Fats Proteins Whole grains are considered a good source of carbohydrates. a. True b. False

Whole grains are good carbs so it would be true. 
And the easiest would be carbohydrates. 

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A(n) exchangereversiblesynthesisdecomposition reaction occurs when a molecule is formed from the bonding of atoms, ions or simpler molecules.

synthesis reaction occurs when a molecule is formed from the bonding of atoms, ions or simpler molecules. A single product is created from multiple reactants. These reactions are exothermic since they release energy in the form of light and heat.

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Earth houses are predominantly illuminated with natural light. TRUE or FALSE.

It is true that earth houses are predominantly illuminated with natural light. There aren't many electrical installations in earth houses, which is why people living in these homes mostly rely on natural light to illuminate their rooms. They light their rooms by opening their windows and letting the sunshine enter the house so as to bring them some light since there is no electricity.

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Nuclear fusion is currently a practical alternative source of energy. TRUE or FALSE.

the answer is False..................................

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The freezing temperature of water is zero on both the "K" and "C" scales. a. True b. False

False. The freezing point of water is 0 degrees C but is 273K as the Kelvin scale starts from absolute zero but the Celsius scale is based upon the freezing and boiling points of water.

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Which of the following is an electromagnetic wave of energy? a. wind b. lightning c. natural gas d. ultraviolet light

Wind . . . moving air, has kinetic energy;  not a wave at all

Lightning . . . a pile of too many electrons falling over and pouring
                    down to either a cloud or the ground;  not a wave at all

Natural gas . . . a substance that is easy to burn in air and releases
                       a lot of chemical energy in the form of heat when you
                       burn it;  not a wave at all

Ultraviolet light . . . A wave, as well as an an electromagnetic one.  yay x 2.
                              Carries energy.

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For safety concerning a curve, you should: A. decelerate before the curve B. accelerate while driving up the curve C. shift to a higher gear D. adjust your speed to the current road conditions

The question is asking us what you should do "For safety concerning a curve. The correct answer is that you should : A. decelerate before the curve, this would reduce your speed, and also the time needed to break, so you will have more time to react to the environment and also you would need less time if you see someone on the road and decide to break.

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