Explain how there are over 4 billion possible comBinations for offspring variation

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Many organisms may mate and their are many types of species of organisms
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4. You and your family are driving through an apple orchard. You notice that the trees in the orchard have both red and yellow ripened apples on the same tree. How is this possible? Explain the process.

This is a possible scenario because plants have the ability to cross-pollinate. Cross pollination is the process in which a flower gets pollinated with pollen from another kind of flower of the same species. Insects, wind, and human intervention can be contributing factors to such phenomenon and it is very common in the farming industry to produce viable produces for consumption.

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Explain how a species, such as the panda, can become extinct.

I think that some animals are endangered mostly because of forest devastation. As wild animals live in the woods, their space is greatly reduced. This is all because of the human activity, that we cut trees to make buildings, industrial use in general...

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Are individual amino acids likely to be found in the mouth? Explain.

Yes because in our saliva are enzymes that break down the food we eat.

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In a paragraph address these following questions: • How does an underwater earthquake cause a tsunami? • Why do some earthquakes cause more damage than others? the paragraph needs to also include the following things: • discuss how the different types of waves are formed and describe how the waves travel • explain how scientists use waves to track and analyze earthquakes • cover recent events involving earthquakes and/or tsunamis that illustrate the points made in your explanation

What is an Earthquake

Earthquakes are vibrations in the earth's crust They occur along all plate boundaries but are more destructive usually at destructive plate boundaries

How are they measured

The magnitude or size of an earthquake can be measured by an instrument called a seisometer and are shown on a seismograph. The earthquakes are measured on the Richter scale from a value of 1 to 10. Each level of magnitude is 10 times more powerful than the previous. Therefore a level 7 is 100 time more powerful than a level 5.

Why do some earthquakes cause more damage than others?

Some earthquakes take place in rural areas where few people live and little is damaged

If they occur near large urban areas with many people, transport services, large buildings and services such as gas and electricity - there can be a great amount of deaths and damage

In Poor countries - LEDC's they have poorly built buildings, few emergency facilities, and the equipment to help rescue people - a good term to use is that they have a poor infrastructure.

In rich countries - MEDC's such as the USA they prepare for an earthquake with drills and have a great deal of trained emergency personnel and equipment to go to help the injured. They also try to build to withstand earthquake damage - ie The Transamerica building

The time of day can be important - If the earthquake hits when it is the rush hour or when there is a large number of people located in a certain area - this can cause a great loss of life

Obviously if they occur near to coasts then Tsunamis can cause a great deal of damage and deaths such as the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami

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You farm kelp and sell the kelp for food and as fertilizer. The wastes from the kelp can be used in an integrated aquaculture system in which kelp farming can be coupled with farming of fish or abalone. Make an argument that you are using a sustainable system of growing a renewable resource, and explain why it is beneficial (and more sustainable) to couple algae farming with fish farming than simply to farm fish independently.

A sustainable system refers to producing less or probably non-existent debris that are caused by the production of a particular material (i.e. produce, energy). This is a sustainable form of production of coupling algae growth and fish farming because you no longer need the supply of fish feed from other sources that are made artificially but rather, you are using the available algae growth that you are culturing. Farm fishing alone is non-renewable because this produces much waste that can directly harm the environment.

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Pumping carbon dioxide directly into the deepest zones of the ocean has been proposed as a strategy to mitigate climate change. Do you feel this would be an effective method for protecting the environment? Explain your answer, including one pro and one con, and whether this would be a permanent solution.

Pro: Pumping carbon dioxide directly in to the deepest zones of the oceans can have a great deal in lessening the greenhouse gases that are produced within the Earth's atmosphere. 

Con: Some organisms are tolerant to such practice, but some experiments have yielded that some organisms are not and can die from such exposure to too much carbon dioxide mixing with other chemicals that are found underwater. 

Permanent Solution: Greenhouse gases can be minimized if there will be regulations regarding the production of goods in factories, mines, and agriculture. If these things are regulated, the release of such bad gases will be lessened and nothing underwater will be harmed.

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Will give brainliest Explain by a series of statements or steps how a tree trunk gets wider

The trunk diameter growth occurs due to the development of meristem called vascular cambium.  

a) The inner portion of the tree is called heartwood and it acts as the supporting pillar of the tree. It is the dead part of the tree and does not decay . It is made up of cellulose fibers glued by lignin

b) Sapwood – it is the new wood that becomes intact to the heart wood . with every new layer of the sap wood, the older sapwood layer becomes the part of heart wood

c) Cambium cell layer – This is responsible for producing the new bark and new wood  as of the hormones passed down through the phloem.

d) Inner Bark – Phloem after dying turns to cork and become part of protective outer bark

e) Outer bark – it is the outer most covering of the tree trunk which is continually renewed.  

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Which statement best explains why a banana is yellow?

The yellow comes from the diminishing amount of chlorophyll as the banana ripens and turns from green. The banana then turns brown as the sugars ferment within the banana and its peel

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Which statement best explains why a banana is yellow? It reflects yellow light. It transmits yellow light. It emits yellow light. It absorbs yellow light.

Banana emits yellow colour because chromoplast makes plants emit certain colors for various reasons

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HELP! 25 POINTS!!! A baby's first breath initiates a series of changes that includes which of the following? A. The ductus venosus and ductus arteriosus both open. B. The ductus venosus and ductus arteriosus both close. C. The ductus venosus opens, and the ductus arteriosus closes. D. The ductus venosus closes, and the ductus arteriosus opens. Please answer and explain!!!!

The most profound change at birth is your baby’s first breath. At this point, your baby’s lungs, which were filled with fluid during pregnancy, must suddenly fill with oxygen from the air. The fluid in the lungs is removed through the blood and lymph system, and is replaced by air. Your baby’s lungs must be able to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide. At the same time, vigorous blood circulation in the lungs will begin. The first few breaths after birth may be the most difficult breaths your baby will take for the rest of her life.

There are a couple of things that will stimulate your baby to take her first breath. Hormonal and other changes during labour slow down or stop the production of fluid in the lungs, and may initiate the reabsorption of fluid from the lungs. This process is unlikely to have occurred if labour was very short or did not occur at all, for example, if your baby was delivered by caesarean section. Furthermore, physical stimulation and handling during delivery will encourage your baby to breathe. There are probably many other factors that stimulate baby’s first breath, but they have not been identified yet.

Your baby will need to work very hard to take her first breath, and her first few breaths may be shallow and irregular. With each breath after birth, more air will accumulate in her lungs, which will make it easier for her to breathe. After a few breaths, your baby will be able to breathe more easily, and her breaths will start to become deeper and more regular.

As the fluid in your baby’s lungs is replaced by air, the increased amounts of oxygen will stimulate a blood vessel close to her heart called the ductus arteriosus to begin closing. The ductus arteriosus was important to your baby’s body before birth, to divert blood away from the lungs. After birth, your baby needs blood to circulate through the lungs, and therefore, the ductus arteriosus is no longer needed. The ductus arteriosus usually closes during the first or second day of life. At this point, your baby’s heart will pump and circulate blood in much the same way as an adult’s heart. The transition from fetal to adult circulation can take minutes or hours. Problems with your baby’s colour or breathing may be related to this delayed transition.

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A man is accused of a brutal beating of a young woman. He claims that he never struggled with her, despite several eyewitnesses seeing him with the woman. Several hairs from the woman's head are found at the crime scene. The hairs are analyzed by a hair expert. The hair expert explains that he is certain that the hairs have been pulled from the victim's head. How do we know that the hairs have been pulled? A) A small medullary index is present. B) Chevron scale patterns were noted. C) The follicular tags are stretched. D) The medulla patterns are elongated.


C) The follicular tags are stretched.


Follicular tags are the parts of the follicule root that are still attached to the end of the hair, if they are stretched that means that the follicule suffered from distress from being pulled from the follicule and that the force with which was being pulled caused a rupture in the hair follicule that made the follicular tags to stretch and eventually separate the hair from the head.

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Using the Law of Gravitation, explain why the moon orbits the earth and the planets orbit the sun.

 The gravity of the Sun keeps them in their orbits rotating. Just as the Moon orbits the Earth because of the pull of earth's gravity, the earth orbits the Sun because of the pull of the Sun's gravitational pull.

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Name one freshwater ecosystem that is more productive than a river and explain why it is more productive.

In addition to providing economic, cultural and ecological benefits to communities, estuaries deliver invaluable ecosystem services. Ecosystem services are fundamental life-support processes upon which all organisms depend (Daily et al., 1997). Two ecosystem services that estuaries provide are water filtration and habitat protection.

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Explain the importance of the chemical and physical properties of water that make it vital to life

Chemical- contains nutrients and vitamins that the body needs to survive and sustain . For example water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, in which life wouldn't be without oxygen

physical- water is naturally clear and pure free from artificial processing and colors which positively caters to the healthy look of a person

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In this Punnett square, what is the probability of the offspring being a heterozygous purple flower Hint: you must take into account both the genotype and the phenotype.

By the 1800s, people generally understood that offspring inherited traits from their parents. Initially, however, it was thought that the traits of both parents blended together in their offspring. Called the “blending hypothesis”, this theory explained inheritance like two different liquids mixing together. Gregor Mendel’s careful work with thousands of pea plants in the 1860 proved the blending hypothesis wrong and explained how inheritance really happens.

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The first organisms evolved on Earth around 4 billion years ago. The fossil record indicates that the first organisms were which of the following?

The first organisms were prokaryotes. 

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which of the following is least likely to be a source of genetic variation among living organisms AllImagesNewsVideosMore SettingsTools SafeSearch on

Asexual Reproduction is least likely to be a source of genetic variation among living organisms.  i don't know about the choices you have listed though. but im pretty shure im correct

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Genetically engineered crops have been created which are more resistant to insect infestations than ordinary crops. Which of the following is a likely impact of the introduction of these crops? A. Crop yields will decrease. B. Insect populations will increase. C. More sources of water will be available. D. Fewer pesticides will enter the environment. 2. Cloning of organisms would allow scientists to complete experiments without having to account for genetic variation. Which of the following is an ethical boundary scientists must take into account in these experiments? A. Whether human cloning is acceptable in any form. B. How cloned animals are affected by their environments. C. Whether cloned plants have the same needs as other plants. D. How the genetic code of cloned organisms differs from other organisms.

Which of the following is a likely impact of the introduction of these crops?
D. Fewer pesticides will enter the environment - because the crops are genetically modified to prevent insects from consuming them, therefore the need for pesticides will lessen.  

2. Which of the following is an ethical boundary scientists must take into account in these experiments?
D. How the genetic code of cloned organisms differs from other organisms - scientists must ensure that codes of genetically modified organisms are totally different from the original organisms they are cloning.

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Scientific concepts can be explained through

Lots of hand waving as is in the current field of much of molecular biology. Other than that experiments and observations. Basically the utilization of the scientific method and then trying to find the mechanism by which something occurs through even more research/experimentation.

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Identify two different types of cells and explain what role they play in the body.

White Blood Cells

They protect the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders.

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Which two monomers may combine to form a polyester?


Monomer - terephthalic acid and ethylene


Polyester is also known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and the two monomer that combine to produce polyester are terephthalic acid and ethylene

Polyester can be produced from two other sets of monomers also such as  monomers containing one carboxyl group and one hydroxyl group.

An example of this kind of polyester is one made up of lactic acid and glycolic acid.

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Why is genetic variation important to the process of evolution?

Because you either have what it takes to survive in a certain place or you don't and you die quicker and you have offspring that grow to these standards while you couldn't because you didn't come from a younger generation which has a better immune system or better camoflauge or certian ways they can and can't eat and somethings that their bodys do to help them survive rough times.

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Explain how the respiratory system and the circulatory system work together to respond to your body's needs during vigorous exercise

The respiratory system helps import oxygen into your body and the circulatory system runs that oxygen through out your body which creates carbon dioxide, so the respiratory system takes and exports the carbon dioxide out of your body.

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Explain how the abiotic factors in an environment have a huge impact on the biotic factors living in an environment.

Abiotic factors
Abiotic factors are the physical and chemical conditions of an environment. For example : heat, salinity, pressure, light, wind, pH ...

Biotic factors
Biotic factors are all the biological conditions of an environment for a specie/taxa. It can include prey and predator abundance, available food amount, available space, intra and interspecific competition...

The development of organims is under the control of abiotic factors. Some are adapted to heat, cold etc ... The abiotic factors will define which organisms are able or not to live in a specified place.

The living organisms will constitute the biotic factors, which define if and how can an organism live in a specified environment.

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In 2001 scientists reported the successful use of gene therapy to treat three dogs that had been born blind. the animals' blindness was the result of a mutated gene. explain the steps that the scientists probably would have used to restore sight to the dogs

The scientist would probably use the following steps to restore the dogs' eyesight.
>Since normal gene is carried by harmless virus, scientists inject the virus into the eyes of the blind dogs. 
> Virus injected contains normal genes which replace the defective ones. This process is called gene therapy.
> After the process, the dogs can now see.

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Are there multiple types of bacterial colonies in anna’s sample? yes or no. explain your reasoning.

There are no various sorts of bacterial provinces in Anna's example. Just Serratia marcescens was discovered in light of the fact that the microorganisms in the specimen all had a similar shape and size. Microbiologists need to detach bacterial provinces from an example to have the capacity to take a gander at what sorts of microscopic organisms are in the example.

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