Explain one effect the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has had on the u.s.

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Because the US were involved in the wars and supported people who were against them, we've have had serious terrorist attacks such as 9/11.
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Explain how the election of 1860 was the final blow that initiated the start of the Civil War.

Following Lincoln's election, and before he even took the oath of office, seven states immediately seceeded from the Union. Those actions forced the president's hand. He couldn't restore the Union without a war. the majority of people did not vote for Lincoln, and the south as a whole detested him because of his policies

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What statement explains why the Senate did not ratify the treaty of versailles

Resistance to its harsh treatment of Germany objections to helping pay for Europe to rebuild a rise in isolationist sentiment in the United States a failure to include disarmament of the warring powers.

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What was one effect that the bubonic plague had on peasant and artisan workers living in Europe during the late Middle Ages

It turned the economy upside-down

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What two titles did the pharaohs of Egypt hold? Explain the difference between these titles.

Well, the Pharaohs were considered "gods on earth". Also,  the Egyptian people, holding the titles: 'Lord of the Two Lands' and 'High Priest of Every Temple'.

As 'Lord of the Two Lands' the pharaoh was the ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt. He owned all of the lands, made laws, collected taxes, and defended Egypt against foreigners.

As 'High Priest of Every Temple', the pharaoh represented the gods on Earth. He performed rituals and built temples to honor the gods. Hope I helped! :)

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Which of the following statements best explains the difference between a right and a responsibility? A right refers to something you have to do, and a responsibility is something you can do. A right is a privilege granted by the Constitution, and a responsibility is the action taken to engage in that right. A responsibility is a privilege granted by the government, and a right is the action taken to engage in that responsibility. A responsibility is based on a person’s values or beliefs, whereas a right is based on the values and beliefs of the nation.

The correct answer is D) A responsibility is based on a person's values or beliefs, whereas a right is based on the values and beliefs of a nation.

For example, a person may feel it is their personal responsibility to attend a church every Sunday morning. This is an action people take based on their own values or belief systems. On the other hand, the freedom to practice whatever religion you want is a right. This is due to the fact that it is part of the first amendment of the US Constitution and shows a value that our nation holds as sacred.

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Explain some of the reasons why Americans wanted the Indigenous tribes moved from the southeastern United States.

According to the Americans, the Indians were taking up space. Their country was rapidly growing, so they told the Indians to sign a treaty so they would move.

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How did the war in Korea influence the United States to support a conflict in Vietnam?

After fighting the war in Korea, the US had learned that communism would spread. In order to keep with their policy of containment, they had to rush in and stop Viet Cong from spreading communism (much like the domino theory that the US had). Had Viet Cong not wanted to bring about communism, there would be no need for invasion, and the domino theory would have yet to be proven.


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Briefly explain how the Civil War changed the lives of African Americans and Native Americans

The civil wars changed live of many african americans because they tore family structures apart, and mad ethnic groups hate each other.

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The President of the United States has just appointed you, a conservation Biologist, to work on a nation-wide plan to limit biodiversity loss. In this plan, you need to first explain why biodiversity is so important & then give at least 3 plausible strategies to aid in conservation, including explanations as to how they would be enforced.

Bio-diversity is very important because it maintains the abiotic and biotic relationships within a given ecosystem. Aside from this, it allows for the development and the continuity of the species' evolution. Three plausible strategies to aid in conservation are:

a. Strengthen the laws and regulations that are about conserving wildlife and preserving the environment (i.e. minimizing gas emissions, building sustainable energy)

b. Build conservation centers that would hold wild life and diverse organisms that can be saved or placed under strict observations so that they can reproduce more viable offsprings.

c. The government should allot a separate budget that is big enough to help conservation efforts of scientists working in the field.

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What steps has the international community taken to address humanitarian crises throughout the twentieth and twenty- first centuries, including human rights abuse? Evaluate the effectiveness off the international response to at least two human rights issues.

Problems that are dealt with regarding human rights abuses and humanitarian crises: poverty, slavery, people being tortured/abused, etc. International response can help by giving the needed $$$ to repair lost homes, or to provide food and clothing health, and schooling. You can help by volunteering, or donating money/essential items.

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What effect did abolishing slavery and the restriction of immigration to Texas from the United States by the Mexican government have?

All the tension between Mexico and America was

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Write a short paragraph describing the Mongols. Be sure to include information explaining how they lived and why they lived way they did. Please help A.S.A.P!!!! Brainliest to whoever does this!!!!

The Mongols were both ruthless conquerors and progressive rulers. When conquering land, they would burn down and destroy any nation that doesn't submit to Mongolian rule. This caused countless cultures to almost completely disappear from human existence. Although they destroyed many cultures, the lands that did submit lived in relative prosperity. The Mongol empire was religiously tolerant, meaning that people were allowed to practice their native religions. Mongolians also brought the Silk Road back, protecting the trade complex with Mongolian horsemen and allowing the spread of religion and trading goods to reach the point that it once had under the ancient Roman and Han empires.

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Effective decision-making means comparing the additional costs of alternatives with the _____ .

marginal benefits is the answer

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In what major way did conflict in the middle east affect the economy in the united states

They would destroy economical buildings that are extremely important and crash the market

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President roosevelt's new deal both help and hurt american farmers? How effective was the new deal in aiding american farmers?

It affected them by not producing enough crops and vegetables for these farmers to survive

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Who was the president at the start of the somali conflict?

Siyad Barre was the president during that time

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With which of the Founders do yo most agree regarding and security should be balanced in our country?Explain your answer with examples.

Answer: Patrick Henry had some great views on how liberty and security should be balanced in our country. He believed that the Constitution is so that the people can make sure the government is doing what it is supposed to and not so that the government can restrain the citizens. This was so well said because the constitution is for the people, not the government.

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What is the most likely reason Columbus described the Arawak as weak and frightened? A. To make him and his men appear strong and forceful B. To make it appear that they would be easy to defeat C. To explain why the native people thought he was a god D. To make some native people more willing to go with him to Europe


B. To make it appear that they would be easy to defeat.


The Arawak were some of the first native people that Columbus met in America. In his account, Columbus describes the Arawak as weak and frightened. This is most likely because Columbus did not want them to seem powerful or strong. Instead, he wanted to make it appear that they would be easy to defeat.

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Considering the original design of the 14th Amendment, explain how the Brown v. Board of Education decision was a strict constructionist interpretation.

Strict constructionists interpret constitutional statements strictly. That means they want the words of the constitution to be put into practice with close attention to the original intent of the constitutional protections that were put in place.  Since the 14th Amendment calls for "equal protection of the laws" for all citizens in respect to all their rights as citizens, Brown v. Board applied this to education and insisted equal rights could not be abridged or infringed upon in regard to educational facilities in any state of the Union.

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, decided by the US Supreme Court in 1954, ruled that all Americans are entitled to the same civil liberties and protections in regard to access to education. Until that decision, it was legal to segregate schools according to race, so that black students could not attend the same schools as white students.  An older Supreme Court decision, Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), had said that separate, segregated public facilities were acceptable as long as the facilities offered were equal in quality.  In the case of Brown v. Board of Education, that standard was challenged and defeated.  Segregation was shown to create inequality, and the Supreme Court unanimously ruled segregation to be unconstitutional.

The 14th Amendment was being violated by states whose laws supported the segregation of schools.  The full context of Section 1 of the 14th Amendment reads as follows:

  • All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

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How has Mexico's culture been shaped by conflict among different people? Be sure to name the groups were involved in the conflict, describe the conflict, and explain how the conflict shaped Mexico's culture.

The Spainish concured the Aztecs and took the other people as slaves, eventually causing them to want to be free from the Spainish.

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Which two of the following were main causes of Arab-Israeli conflicts in the twentieth century A.the division of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states B. The ottoman empires entry into World War I C. Egypts nationalization of the Suez Canal D. Yasser Arafat's rise to power in the PLO E. US support for Israels military

Two main causes of Arab Israel conflicts in the twentieth century were:

a) the division of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states. 

This general statement is quite known, as all three monotheistic religions claim ownership of the Holy Land. 
We can generally say that after the Crusades, Christians remained out of the conflict due to the massive losses they faced when they had tried to invade and conquer it (when Salah Al deen was at power, before the rise of the Ottoman empire). 

I am not sure about this one, but I assume the best answer would be D)
US support for Israels military

It's a generally known fact that the US is a close ally of Israel, and this is mainly why there are immense issues and conflicts between the two religions whom are living in the same territory/land. 

Generally, this topic tends to be those ones that kind of get biased responses (you know, due to people taking sides). I tried making this response as non-biased as possible, filtering it from opinion and such. 

Hope this helps. Comment if you need assistance. Glad to assist! :) 

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Which best explains why the Ku Klux Klan was formed?

Conservatives were threatened by changes in society and its moral standards.

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Choose all that apply. It appears that most of the world's population growth is taking place in developing countries. Predict what effects this will likely have. []People in developing nations will become more wealthy. []More employment opportunities will arise. []There will be an increase in demand for access to basic goods and services. []More people are going to be living in poverty.


The correct answers are C and D.


Due to the continuous growth of developing country's population, it is likely that there will be a great increase in the demand for basic good and services.

Even now, people from developing countries are lacking these essential commodities; an increase in their population can only mean a greater shortage of resources.

At the same time, this would mean that more people will be living below the poverty line, without access to everything they need to lead a healthy and prosperous life.

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What effect did the discovery of the com stock lose have on the west

it lured thousands of California miners to Nevada. ^_^

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