Explain the purpose of the marcher earldoms

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To guard the border (In England they were given the role to guard the border between England and Wales).
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1.)The Council of Trent consisted of Catholic priests who met between 1545 and 1563 for what purpose? A) to plan what would become the First Crusade Eliminate B) to propose ways to convert Native Americans C) to kick King Henry VIII of England out of the Catholic Church D) to address the issues involving the growing Protestant movement 2.)While many commoners in England initially opposed Henry VIII, they supported him when he dissolved the Catholic Monasteries. Like commoners throughout Northern Europe, many were angry with the Catholic Church for what reason? A) They objected to clergymen who lived lavishly. Eliminate B) They were Calvinists who believed in predestination. C) They were Separatists who wanted to leave the Church. D) They were Puritans who believed that the Church was too fancy and elegant.

Answer #1 - D) To address the issues involving the Protestant movement.

Answer #2 - A) They objected to clergymen who lived lavishly.

Some additional notes:

In regard to question #2, I've seen some people answer this question with item D, saying commoners supported Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries because they were Puritans.  That is incorrect, however, because the Puritan movement did not begin until later, under the reign of Elizabeth.

Regarding question #1, the Council of Trent, held over a span of years from 1545 to 1563,  served to reform some abuses that were acknowledged by the Catholic Church.  Mostly, though, the Council aimed to assert the full authority of Roman power and doctrine over the Protestant threat.

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What is the primary purpose of the European Union? 1. to create a common currency 2. to allow more trade between countries 3. to encourage immigration from one country to another 4. to permit workers to seek employment in international areas Number 2?

What is the primary purpose of the European Union?

A. to create a common currency

B. to allow more trade between countries

C. to encourage immigration from one country to another

D. to permit workers to seek employment in international areas

* I just took the test and this is the correct answer.

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Explain how agriculture changes in the south during reconstruction

After the civil war the south's agriculture didn't see much of a change in production. The only crops that seen a decrease were rice and sugar. The change in cotton was that former slaves were now growing it as well.

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What was the purpose of the knights of labor??

Answer: They were a union who wanted to educate the situation of labor.


At the end of the 19th century, the Knights of Labor was a labor federation that advocated improving the situation of workers, that fought for an eight-hour workday and encouraged the ethics of the Republican producers.

They acted like a union at times, representing workers, but those activities were not fully organized.

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Explain how john locke's political ideas could be used to justify the american revolution

Locke championed the social contract which includes the ideas of "government with the consent of the governed", rights of life, liberty and property." The founders were well versed in the writing of John Locke and other enlightenment philosophers, who were also influenced by Locke.

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What was the main purpose of the Santa Fe Trail


What was the main purpose of the Santa Fe Trail


The road to Santa Fe was a transport route opened by the Spaniards at the end of the 18th century and later used by the Americans in the 19th century, crossing the southwest of North America connecting the city of Independence, Missouri, with Santa Fe, New Mexico. The route was used to transport manufactured products.

The answer is: Let it be a transport route for manufactured products.

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Explain the interactions between Native Americans and early settlers from Europe

The European settlers were scared of the natives which they called savages. The natives thought that the settlers were taking their land. But there were few that tried to help the settlers. Like Pocahontas and John smith. Rate me, and if this helped, thank me. If this really helped, crown, rate, and thank.

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Explain how the speculative boom of the 1920s came about

The economic boom in the 1920's is all about the start and wide use of technology and construction of infrastructures to aid man on industrial needs. 
This was a significant turning point in the economy that opened faster means of transportation and communication. 

Trains, cars, and other vehicles were popularly used during those days. It made product distribution and raw material supply be on time. The working force can do and finish their jobs earlier.  To further maximize productivity, more roads were done for smoother and faster travel.

Electricity was widely distributed and made accessible to all people. It made electronic utilities like radios and telephones work for efficient communication. 

All the necessary economic improvements were laid out the 1920's to  

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What are the components of the new scientific establishment? explain their benefits and shortcomings.?

For the answer to the question above, In the dimensions of its financial support and in the breadth of its influence, science has indeed become a national Establishment. Politicians are more likely to abuse it by calling on it to advance their special causes than they are to ignore it. In this predicament, scientists cannot protect their essential interests in government by setting themselves apart in a separate status or separate department. They used to be content with the control of particular bureaus or programs. Today, in the White House Office or the lobbies of the Capitol, they are obliged, by the nature of the system they helped create, to play a responsible role in all aspects of national policy, and in the development of a new pattern of relationships between public and private institutions in our society.

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Explain how jews were treated during the roman empire

They WOULD HAVE been treated with the same consideration as others, but inevitably their treatment was harsh, simply because they refused to accept Roman rule for long, and kept rebelling. Around the year 66, Agrippa, nominally king of the jews, delivered a great speech warning the Jews and pleading with them not to start an insurrection. Among other things, he pointed out that if they rebelled, their holy city and Temple might be destroyed, since by "sparing these things up till now, the Romans have received no thanks at all."
Roman suppression of the various jewish revolts was often brutal, and led to great loss of life. Many rebels were killed in action or crucified during the various insurrections between 64 BCE and 135 CE, when the last one was put down. Ignoring agrippa proved very costly, since jerusalem and its temple were indeed destroyed. During Trajan's time, many rebels in the diaspora were killed, in cyprus etc. The crushing of the bar kochba revolt of 132-135 is said to have cost half a million jewish lives. Moreover, for nearly a century after 135, jews couldn't even live in jerusalem.
Besides the repercussions of rebellion, jews were penalized for not worshipping the deified caesars. There was a special tax, the fiscus judaicus, levied on them alone.

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Explain otto von bismarck's reason for wanting a unified germany

Before Bismarck, the German Confederation was a collection of states ruled by dukes and princes. These states faced constant revolutions, rebellions and changes in power. Bismarck's ultimate goal was to unite the German states into a German empire with Prussia at its core. He believed that unification would bring stability to the region. He also thought it would expand German power over Europe.

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How did many Americans try to escape the 'Dust Bowl' in the 1930s? A) They moved from the Great Plains. B) They left the state of California. C) They moved to the Northeastern U.S. D) They moved to Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Please explain

A) They moved from the Great Plains.

Most Americans moved to the state of California to escape, only to find out that the Great Depression has severely hampered the economy of the state

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The idea of epicycles was introduced by which astronomer as an attempt to explain the retrograde motion of the planets in the geocentric universe model? A. Brahe B. Galileo C. Ptolemy D. Copernicus

It's C; Ptolemy introduced epicycles into his model because he wanted to explain the retrograde motion of the planets.

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The idea of epicycles was introduced by which astronomer as an attempt to explain the retrograde motion of the planets in the geocentric universe model?

"Nicolas Copernicus" introduced the idea of epicycles to explain the retrograde motion of the planets in the geocentric universe model by "Ptolemy"

Hope this helps!

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Explain how the introduction of the horse in North America Changed the Lives of Indians

The Native Americans got their horses from the Spanish, which they thought that the horses were a prize possession, and they also used them for transportation and economics. Hope that answered your question :)

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How did Adolf Hitler explain the problems facing Germany in his book Mein Kampf?


He blamed the problems on the Jewish people and the great threat they represented to Germany.


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How did adolf hitler explain the problems facing germany in his book mein kampf


He blamed the problems on the Jewish people and the great threat they represented to Germany


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Explain the four basic causes of the Civil War in an essay of 200 words.

The main reasons for the secession of the Southern from the Union were states' rights, unfair taxation and slavery. In general, the states that seceded felt that the laws of the Union were unfair.

Abolitionist groups in the North succeeded in swaying popular opinion in favor of abolishing slavery, and many Northern states outlawed the practice. Business interests in the South, particularly agriculture, remained in favor of slavery because it was advantageous to the economy of the region. The Southern states were concerned about legal provisions that outlawed slavery in newly formed states admitted into the Union. Slavery was the most prominent issue in the Civil War, but it was not the only source of the conflict. Southern states believed they deserved more sovereignty and wanted to be able to nullify federal laws. Southerners were also upset about taxation laws that were disproportionately beneficial to the Northern states. A belief in Southern nationalism also played a role for citizens with no economic stake in defending slavery. These Southerners sided with the Confederacy, even though they did not own slaves. Abraham Lincoln's presidential election was also a direct trigger for secession. Seven Southern slave states formed the Confederate States of America before Lincoln was inaugurated.

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WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST ANSWER AND THANK YOU!!! In some countries, every young person must serve two years in some form of military service. The United States Congress has, from time to time, considered a similar policy for our country. Write an paragraph stating your position on this issue and supporting it with convincing reasons. Be sure to explain your reasons in detail.

I believe that the United States has one of the strongest military forces there is because the people who join are not forced to join, but willing. Not every person has the physical shape, nor the mental sturdiness to endure the military. One thing that the United States does very well throughout the work force is specialization. The reason it is so efficient is the fact that people learn certain skills and gain experience to further their skills in that area and eventually can be considered experts. Forcing people to take time away from education to be placed in the military unwillingly would not be the smartest idea. Another reason this wouldn't be a good idea is because of the possible dangers of doing this. Just think. Terrorists send a child into America with one mission, grow up until he is old enough to be placed in the military and then learn all of the United States military weaknesses. The military is very thorough when inspecting potential candidates to join. With every person having to join at a certain age, the security would be lessened and more threats could enter easily. I hope that the United States will continue with the plan that has been set already and continue being the world power as it is, without having to rid people of some of their freedoms.

I hope this helped! :))

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What two main political groups exist in the colonies in the 1770? explain how each group got its name

The federalist and antifederalist

the federalist wanted a strong government and the antifederalists did not

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Explain why the declaration of independence but being effective tool in these efforts

There are a few pieces of the Declaration of Independence which most Americans know ... and the pursuit of Happiness," are pieces of a philosophy that explain the ... But a close reading of the most important document in the early .... Explain why the Declaration of Independence would be an effective tool in these efforts.

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Imagine that a rent control of $600 a month is imposed for some of the apartments in the city where you choose to live. In 1 or 2 sentences, describe how this would increase your monthly personal income. Now suppose the rent control has also caused a housing shortage, and you cannot find an apartment to live in for $600. In 1 or 2 sentences, explain how this would affect your living conditions.

A rent control apartment is less expensive so you would have to spend less on housing costs and that means you get to keep more of your money.

If rent control causes a shortage of housing, your living standard will decrease; you will have to live somewhere you may not like just because there is not enough apartments available to choose from

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