Federalism is the principle that the.... A. central and state governments will share power and responsibility B. states are sovereign and only unified when facing a foreign threat C. nation is unified under a single and powerful central government D. government powers should be divided between three branches

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Federalism is the principle that the central and state governments will share power and responsibility. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the first option or option ". Although the powers get divided, the central government always has more power than the state governments. 
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Colonialism is the practice by which a nation-state extends its political and military power beyond its own borders over an extended period of time to secure access to cheap labor, raw materials and better markets. colonialism also has set the stage for

Colonialism also set the stage for the spread of virulent diseasesunequal social relationsexploitationenslavementmedical advances, the creation of new institutions, abolitionism, improved infrastructure, and technological progress. Colonial practices also spur the spread of colonist languages, literature and cultural institutions, while endangering or obliterating those of native peoples. The native cultures of the colonized peoples can also have a powerful influence on the imperial country.

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Use the graph and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following question. Why did the price of cotton drop after 1865? A. The boll weevil created an abundance of cotton. B. During the Civil War, many European textile factories had found suppliers outside the South. C. Without slave labor, Southern farmers could not afford to grow cotton. D. The Farmers’ Alliance forced the government to regulate crop prices.

For the answer to the question above.
The best answer I can give is letter B.
During the civil war, there was also a competition in the global market on the supply of cotton so Europe sought other suppliers from India and Egypt and this is why the price is down after 1865

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Who is the president of the united states go america?

Officially Donald J Trump

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How did the Safavid government resemble that of the ottomans

Centralized Power and Relied on Strong Military

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What was the most important instrument of government in the roman republic?

The senate of the republic  was the most important instrument of government in the roman republic

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In a totalitarian government, ______.

Il totalitarismo è una forma di controllo del governo che ha spazzato tutta Europa nel 20esimo secolo. E alla fine si diffuse in altre parti del globo, ma è generalmente caratterizzato da maggiori personalità che hanno contribuito a definire il totalitarismo. I leader come Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini e divenne sinonimo di controllo hanno tenuto sopra le loro nazioni e le persone.

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The overthrow of a government by citizens who had been governed is called?

This is called a revolution. Hope this helps.

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What is the powerful Asian army the drove the kushites out of egypt


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The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments reflected the growing 19th century American trend of a) granting universal manhood suffrage b) upholding rights of free speech and religion c) decreasing the power of the federal government d) recognizing the basic civil liberties of all races


d) recognizing the basic civil liberties of all races


The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments, also called the Reconstruction Amendments, were a series of legislation that aimed at recognizing the basic liberties of all race, more specifically of African Americans, who had been harshly discriminated and mistreated for decades. In theory, the amendment progressively recognized them as equal humans beings to White Americans, by prohibiting slavery, declaring that all person born or naturalized in the U.S. were citizen, which included African Americans, and by guaranteeing their right to vote. In practice, however, African American would still have a long way to go to gain fully equality.

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How will the bill of rights ensure that the government does not abuse its power?

The bill of rights are rights every person has, they cant be abused.

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Through what modern-day states did Coronado lead his expedtion?

His Expedition went through Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas

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What is the presidents power of executive order

Presidents can veto anything (cancel, reject) and a couple other things

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How did the creation of the public sphere lead to an increase of nationalism in Germany?

It gave a sense of belonging to the people in Germany.

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What type of representation would the states have under the Virginia plan

The Virginia Plan wanted representation proportional to the population of the state. It proposed a bicameral legislature (I think. Don't remember. It's been a long time!) in which states got seats in both houses based on how large their population was.

The way it's easy to remember is that Virginia was the biggest state in the country at the time, so naturally they thought the state with the biggest population should have the most votes!

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Which nation was the first to begin exploring the coast of Africa? A. England B. Portugal C. France D. Spain

In the 15th century, Portuguese explorer Prince Henry, also know as the Navigator, was the first known European to explore Africa, therefore your answer is B. 

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What did President Bush emphasize as a top U.S. foreign policy objective


There are many things that Bush emphasized as a top us foreign policy objective, but he was most known for "fighting the war on terrorism" which led to lots of strikes overseas.

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What is A ruler who has complete authority over government and the lives of the people

An absoulute monarch because i asked my teacher this a while ago.

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Which nation was Henry Hudson represented ?

Henry Hudson was represented by England! :)

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True/false During the war the executive powers of the federal government were expanded

The statement is true.

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Most of the territory west of Texas was obtained by the United States during the _____________.

Mexican-American War.

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Why and how did citizens try to change government Policy during the depression’s early years?

The major effect of the Great Depression on America was expanded government intervention into new areas of social and economic affairs and the creation of more social assistance agencies at the national level. The relationship between the national government and the people changed drastically. The government took on a greater role in the everyday social and economic lives of the people. The New Deal programs of FDR also created a liberal political alliance made up of labor unions, blacks and other ethnic and religious minorities, intellectuals, the poor, and some farmers

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How did the second great schism help lead to the end of medieval Europe? A.) it caused people to question the authority of the church. B.) it created fertile ground for the Black Plague to spread. C.) it provided a reason for the church to translate the Bible into many languages. D.) it was a reform such as Hus and wycliffe to leave the church Which circumstance causes second great schism within the Roman Catholic Church A.) The call of unification within the Eastern orthodox church B.) The election of multiple popes by different factions C.) The excommunication a powerful monarchs D.) failure of the crusades to win back the holy land

1. The Second Great Schism helped to the end of medieval Europe asit caused people to question the authority of the church. (A)

2. Circumstance causes Second Great Schism within the Roman Catholic Church was the election of multiple popes by different factions. (B)

Further Explanations:

1. During the medieval era,the church obtaineda lot of prominence as most of the individualsassumed in existence of Deity, hell, and heaven. People were misguided that only the path to get is through church. Second Great Schism integrated the society and added to the disbelieving and inquiring of the church's authority. It reduced the importance of the Church and its related authorities.

2. The determination of popes from diverse factions was the cause behind the happening of the second Great Schism. The views of each pope were different from each other. Each faction Pope’s advocated benefits of their own faction. All were having different views that resulted in the dispute among them.

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