Germany hoped to achieve a quick victory in the First World War by invading which country first? a. Russia b. Great Britain c. France d. Serbia

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The best answer is  C

The plan to attack France first was a plan by the German Chief of General Staff, Alfred Von Schlieffen which he came up with way back  in 1905.

He decided that France was the enemy to be defeated first, with Russia held off until the French were annihilated. He  worked out a detailed time timetable that took into account possible French responses to German actions. He believed that Germany would defeat France within six weeks, then after that  he would turn his full force on Russia. 

Schlieffen plan was heavily modified by his successor Moltke, thus during the outbreak of WWI in 1914, it was not implemented  as Schlieffen had envisioned.


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Did japenese ever borrow money from foreign countries

Nope but they are in huge debt

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Which of the following events occurred FIRST beginning 481 A.D.? A. King Clovis unties the Franks and conquers most of Gaul. B Charles Martel defeats the Muslims at Tours in France. C. Seljuk Turks conquer Asia Minor. D. Charlemagne is crowed emperor.

King Clovis unties the Franks and conquers most of Gaul.of the following events occurred FIRST beginning 481 A.D, Clovis was first king of the Franks in teh gaul and he was baptised in 495

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What was a great technological feat of the shuttle program? docking with the international space station repairing a shuttle in orbit putting the Hubble Space Telescope was put into orbit and later repairing it

I think it would be putting the Hubble Space Telescope up in orbit then later repairing it

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What two nations emerged as superpowers after World War II?

Soviet Union and the United States

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To pay reparations after world war 1, Germany? A. asked the United States to repay debts to Germany. B. printed more money. C. raised taxes on its residents. D. raised prices for its food and goods

B. Printed more money.

When the war was over, Germany was submerged in large debts and high inflation, not only due to the costs of the war itself but also for the reparations it now had to pay to the winning side. To pay for the war reparations, Germany decided to massively print money to buy foreign currency. This rapidly devalued its currency and the economy reached hyperinflation levels. By 1922, Germany was already unable to make reparations payments and the payment plan and method had to be reconsidered several times during the following decades.

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The Berlin Wall was an imaginary line in East Germany. True False

The answer is false there you go

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Before the Agricultural Revolution, many people lived in rural areas because A.they could grow food on small areas of land. B.nearby farms produced plenty of food. C.they could grow crops quickly and efficiently. D.wealthy landowners gave them jobs on farms.


Option A.


They could grow food on small areas of land, is the right answer.

Began during the later phase of the 18th and the early phase of the 19th century, the Agricultural Revolution was a period in which technological improvements led to an increase in the production of crops. The increased availability of farmland, favorable climatic conditions, more livestock and Increased crop yield were the main factors that led to the emergence of this revolution. Prior to the Agricultural Revolution, many people lived in rural zones because they could produce crops on small pieces of land.

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Which of the following is a trend that began during the Vietnam War and continued with the Internet? A) a move toward stricter control of mass media communications by Congress and the FCC B) the FCC's desire for the cable operators to control the media rather than the government, which led to the slow collapse of the Fairness Doctrine C) a shift away from the government making very specific rules with regard to communication and a move toward the public regulating and even producing mass media


C) a shift away from the government making very specific rules with regard to communication and a move toward the public regulating and even producing mass media.

The heritage of press inclusion of the war recommends that what goes for objectivity is in actuality authority. What's more, regardless of the calls of predisposition, what goes for promotion is minimal in excess of a stenographic. relativist introduction of debate among the forces that be.

At last the inquiry raised by press inclusion of Vietnam is the effect of this style of illuminating people in general on both the frame and the substance of political talk in the United States.

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Who was a British leader who criticized Britain’s treatment of the American colonies?

One British leader who criticized Britain's treatment of the American colonies might be William Pitt Elder. Pitt Elder opposed plans such as the bringing in of new taxes for the colonies, and delivered speeches on the troubled relationship that he felt Britain had with the colonies in America.

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The United States became involved in the war with Germany because __________. Germany invaded the U.S.S.R. Germany declared war on the U.S. after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. German submarines began sinking U.S. merchant vessels. Americans died when Germany bombed civilian targets in Great Britain.

Several days after the bombing of pearl harbor, Adolf Hitler declared war on Germany in a show of support with the Japanese empire, it was the second biggest strategic mistake of the war, the first being the invasion of the Soviet Union.

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Ottoman leader Suleiman and Safavid leader Abbas were similar for the following reason(s): A. They were the last great rulers to lead each empire. B. They were able to rekindle the embers of their empires' past greatness. C. both a and b D. none of the above?

The Safavid dynasty (/sɑːˈfɑːwiːd/ Persian: سلسلهٔ صفويان‎‎; Azerbaijani: Səfəvilər sülaləsi, صفويلر سولاله‌سى) was one of the most significant ruling dynasties of Persia (modern Iran) after the fall of the Sasanian Empire during the Muslim conquest of Persia in the 7th century AD, and "is often considered the beginning of modern Persian history".[16] The Safavid shahs ruled over one of the so-called gunpowder empires,[17] and they ruled one of the greatest Persian empires after the Muslim conquest of Persia[18][19][20][21] and established the Twelver school of Shi'a Islam[22] as the official religion of their empire, marking one of the most important turning points in Muslim history.

The Safavid dynasty had its origin in the Safaviyya Sufi order, which was established in the city of Ardabil in the Azerbaijan region. It was of mixed ancestry (Kurdish[23] and Azerbaijani,[24] which included intermarriages with Georgian,[25] Circassian,[26][27] and Pontic Greek[28] dignitaries). From their base in Ardabil, the Safavids established control over parts of Greater Iran and reasserted the Iranian identity of the region,[29] thus becoming the first native dynasty since the Sasanian Empire to establish a unified Iranian state.[30]

The Safavids ruled from 1501 to 1722 (experiencing a brief restoration from 1729 to 1736) and, at their height, they controlled all of modern Iran, Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Armenia, most of Georgia, the North Caucasus, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, as well as parts of Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Despite their demise in 1736, the legacy that they left behind was the revival of Persia as an economic stronghold between East and West, the establishment of an efficient state and bureaucracy based upon "checks and balances", their architectural innovations and their patronage for fine arts. The Safavids have also left their mark down to the present era by spreading Shi'a Islam in Iran, as well as major parts of the Caucasus, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia

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Why did colonial naval victories inspire colonists during the American Revolution?

Because the British navy was one of the strongest if not the strongest naval  armies.

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Why did colonial naval victories inspire colonists during the American Revolution?

The reason why colonial naval victories inspired colonists during the American Revolution was because the colonists were up against the greatest Naval power in the world

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Though unemployment during the Great Depression was widespread, it was higher in some parts of the United States than in others. A geographer uses unemployment data points to make a map, while an economic historian arranges data about state-by-state unemployment levels into a table. What information might the geographer be able to convey more clearly than the economic historian? A. The relative sizes of the areas affected by each level of unemployment B. The years when unemployment was worst in each area C. The percentage of each state's population that was unemployed D. The level of unemployment in each state

The correct answer is A. The relative sizes of the areas affected by each level of unemployment


A geographer different from an economic historian focuses on understanding social phenomena in relation to places and other geographical features, instead of focusing on the economy. This implies, in the case of studying unemployment during the Great Depression, the economic historian will focus only in economic aspects while the geographer would try to understand the phenomenon based on places and due to this, the geographer uses a map and might be able to study the areas affected by unemployment different to the historian that only a chart. Thus, the information the geographer might convey more clearly is "the relative sizes of the areas affected by each level of unemployment".

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Which of the following was not one of the four positions in president washington cabinet? A.) Secretary of War B.) Secretary of the Interior C.) Secretary of State D.) Attorney General


B.) Secretary of the Interior


President George Washington was in office for eight years from 1789 and untill 1797, he is considered as one of the founding fathers of the nation and he was the first president of the United States, the secretary of the interior wasn´t created untill 1849 by the president Zachary Taylor, and the first secretary of interior was Tomas Ewing.

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Which issue was central to the conflict between the North and the South during the decades leading up to the Civil War?

Questions in the American Civil War include questions on behalf of the war, tariffs, State law and the nature of war aims Abraham Lincoln. For more information about the naming, see Naming the American Civil War.

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Which side emerged victorious and with much greater wealth and territory at the end of the Third Punic War? A. Persia B. Carthage C. Greece D. Rome

Rome emerged victorious and with much greater wealth and territory at the end of the Third Punic War, after the third punic war Roman Republic became dominant power of the Mediterranian and ancient superpower, the thrid punic war ended with massive destruction of Carthage and whle it's inhabitants even for standrads of pagan ancient world it was seen as something terryfing

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(04.06 LC)Who did the Spanish use for labor in their early New World settlements? Enslaved Spanish Enslaved Natives Portuguese Africans

The correct answer is - Enslaved Natives.

Initially, after the Spanish managed to get control over big portions of the New World, they were using the native populations they enslaved as a labor force for their farms of cash crops.

Little that the Spanish knew that they actually brought diseases with them that the immune system of the natives was not able to cope with, so big portion of them died. Because this happened, the Spanish found themselves in a situation where they had established huge farms, but no labor force for them, so they rushed to get hold onto African slaves as a replacement for the natives.

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People looking for farm work during the Great Depression often moved to the Dust Bowl. commercial farms. California. Oklahoma.




The phenomenon of the 1930s known as the Dust Bowl was one of the worst ecological disasters of the 20th century. The drought affected the plains and prairies that extend from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada. The drought lasted at least between 1932 and 1939, and was preceded by a long period of above average rainfall. The dust bowl effect was caused by persistent drought conditions, favored by years of soil management practices that left it susceptible to the action of wind forces. The soil, stripped of moisture, was lifted by the wind in great clouds of dust and sand so thick they hid the sun. These days they received the denomination of "black blizzards" or "black wind". The Dust Bowl multiplied the effects of the Great Depression in the region and caused the largest population displacement in a short space of time in the history of the United States. Three million people left their farms during the 1930s, and more than half a million emigrated to other states, especially to the west.

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When Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for president in 1932, the country was supportive of Herbert Hoover. mired in the Great Depression. preoccupied with World War II. enjoying economic prosperity.

The best answer for this question can be reached using the process of elimination. The first answer can be eliminated due to President Hoover's decline in popularity following the Great Depression. The third answer can be eliminated because World War II did not start until 1939. The fourth answer can be eliminated because the country was not enjoying economic prosperity. Therefore, the most fitting answer is the second. The United States was undergoing the Great Depression during this time. Hope this helps.

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A bakery invests a portion of profits into sending its employees to a training on how to use more energy-efficient ovens that also can hold more baked goods. W hat goal is the bakery hoping to achieve by investing in the training? A.increase in productivity B.increase the goodwill of employees C. use of space D.replace its ovens

I believe the answer is: A.increase in productivity

By investing in training, the workers would much more proficient in using the technology. When this happen, the workers tend to need lesser amount of time to complete a certain order. This would increase both productivity and the net profit of the bakery.

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Which statement accurately describes a result of the Crusades? A. Christian knights gained permanent control over Jerusalem and the Holy Land. B. Muslims and Christians gained a deep respect and appreciation for each other's religion. C. The Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic branches of the Christian church reunited. D. Crusaders brought back new ideas about science and medicine from the Islamic world.

Muslims and Christians gained a deep respect and appreciation for each other's religion. statement accurately describes a result of the Crusades it could be stated by some the D would be righ either but it is rather misconception ebcause theis ideas which helepd to Carolignain rebirth obviosley took palce 300 yeras earlier via Byzantium and ideas of Persians and India's people embbreced by Arabas already reached Europe before the crusades

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Southerners called a northern Republican who moved to the South following the Civil War a(n) ____.

Northerners who moved south after the Civil War in hopes of economic gain or to work on behalf of the newly emancipated slaves were known as Carpetbaggers.

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Which country had the second largest sphere of influence in china?

The answer is Britain.

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What role did the korean war play in the cold war


The Korean peninsula had been occupied by the USSR and the USA after since 1945, taking the 38th parallel as the dividing line. The outbreak of the Cold War resulted in the partition of this country into two states: North Korea, where in 1948 a "people's republic" was established, that is, a communist dictatorship led by Kim Il Sung; and South Korea, where that same year Syngman Rhee established a strong pro-American dictatorship.

The triumph of the communist revolution in China on October 1, 1949 completely altered the geostrategic balance of Asia. Stalin, who had suffered serious setbacks in Europe (failure of the Berlin blockade or the Yugoslav schism), could not resist the temptation to recover ground in Asia and agreed to a North Korean attack on South Korea.

Thus, on June 25, 1950, Kim Il Sung's troops crossed the 38th parallel and advanced triumphantly to the south. The South Korean regime could barely maintain a small territory around Pusan.

The American reaction, to Stalin's surprise, was immediate. Washington called for the convening of the UN Security Council and won a mandate to lead an army to face the North Korean aggression. The absence of the Soviet delegate, who had refused to attend the meetings of the Council in protest at the American refusal to accept the People's China in him, led to this resolution.

The multinational troops of the UN, in fact the North American army under the command of General MacArthur, quickly recovered the lost ground and on October 19 they took Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

Three days earlier, on October 16, Chinese troops with massive Soviet military support penetrated into Korea by recapturing the US Army. On January 4, 1951, the communist troops retook Seoul.

At that time, MacArthur proposed the atomic bombing of northern China. Both President Truman and the majority of Congress reacted in alarm to a reaction that could lead to a nuclear confrontation with the USSR. In an increasingly open confrontation, Truman dismissed MacArthur amid the protests of the Republican right and replaced him with General Ridgway.

The USSR for its part expressed its intention not to intervene in the conflict and its desire that two different systems coexist in the peninsula. The "military tie" led to the opening of negotiations that would conclude in July 1953, shortly after Stalin's death, with the signing of the Armistice in Panmunjong. In it a new line of demarcation was agreed that meanders around the 38th parallel.

The survival of the North Korean communist regime has meant that this "Cold War frontier" has been the only one that has survived until the 21st century.

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