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Answer: The answer is B

Explanation: The deeper racial conflict

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PLEASE HELP ASAP!! THIS IS DUE TOMORROW!! WILL MARK AS BRAINLIEST IF ANSWERED NOW!! I need to make a summary of the following passage in your own words

This passage is saying how amazing it is that there is a Science museum finally opening. It's talking about all of the wonderful things that are going to be happening and in the museum. You can see how exciting and amazing the museum is just by the detail the author gives.

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Read the paragraph. She was much taller than the other girls. Her mannerisms seemed more graceful to Charlie. When she spoke, her words were marked by a slight lilt, which Charlie found endearing. This paragraph contains imagery. characterization. symbolism. dialogue.

Answer: A) Characterization

Explanation: Characterization is a literary device used by the author to explain and describe the details about a character in a story, it can be a description about how the character looks like, but also its personality, beliefs and emotions. In the given paragraph we can see a clear example of characterization, in this case, the author is characterizing the girl through Charlie's point of view.

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HELP ASAP!! DUE TOMORROW!! WILL MARK AS BRAINLIEST IF ANSWERED NOW!! Book: The Catcher In The Rye 6. What are the ideas and/or people that Holden pushes away? 7. What are the things/personal traits Holden needs to fix about himself? 8. What are some things/people that Holden hungers for? 9. What are the hurdles or obstacles in Holden's way? 10. What are the values on which Holden builds his foundation?

6) Holden comes on a lil too strong at times and some people find that rude or annoying like luce.
7) He needs to stop be a hypocrite because he hates phonies yet he acts as one.
8) Well some thinks sex.
9) well Holden does not want to go home because he flunked out of school, which is a big pattern in his life. Holden feels depressed and struggles with suicide.
10) He is nice and kind of accept people, but he believes strongly in little kids.

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HELP ASAP!! DUE TOMORROW!! WILL MARK AS BRAINLIEST IF ANSWERED NOW!!Book: The Catcher In The Rye 1. What thoughts occupy Holden's mind most often? 2. How does Holden see himself? 3. What do others say about Holden? 4. What are the burdens that Holden carries? 5. What are the things Holden loves?

1)He thinks of his brother Allie a lot. 
2)Holden thinks he is a lot of thinks but he mostly see himself as annoying, weak and depressed. the only people the really made him smile are lil kids.
3) People think Holden is smart, and annoying, for example the professor he went to after he left phoebe forgot his name claim that he was smart just troubled.
4) Holden keeps dropping out of school, he witnessed a suicide, and he lost his lil brother Allie.
5) he loves Allie, he loves writing/ English, he loves phoebe, he loves museums, and he loves children.

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“Mistress, I dug upon your grave To bury a bone, in case I should be hungry near this spot When passing on my daily trot.” In “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?” by Thomas Hardy, why was the woman’s dog digging on her grave in the poem? bury a bone locate a toy find his mistress mark his trail

The correct answer: 1. to bury a bone.

Explanation: In “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?” by Thomas Hardy, the narrator is a dead woman speaking from her tomb, and she asks who is digging her grave. She finds out it is her dog that is digging and assumes that he is trying to reach her (Why flashed it not on me/  That one true heart was left behind!) but the dog explains that not only is he digging to bury his bone, he forgot it was her resting place.

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ENGLISH: Summarize the story "Raymond's Run" in a brief and well-explained way. Answers that cross the guidelines will be reported, the best answer will be marked Brainliest.

This is from memory but I'll try my best.

Raymond's Run is about a girl named Squeaky who is a runner and has a mentally challenged brother named Raymond. She goes to the May Day festival and decides to participate in the running contest. Her main opponent is a girl named Gretchen. When she is about to run, she sees Raymond also getting ready to run as well. Before the race, Squeaky thinks her brother could be a good runner. She runs the race and thinks she won, but the judges still have to debate on who won. Squeaky realizes that she should start coaching her brother and decides to focus on her schoolwork more. She is eventually announced as the winner of the race.

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Please answer this question, will mark brainliest!

The correct answer is 'B. I will do so. Till then, think of the world.' because words in parentheses are not spoken aloud. 

Hope this helped! Please comment or DM me if you have anymore questions or don't understand. :)

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Help with English plz! Giving brainlist :D

hope that helps i cand read the rest of 1 tho

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Which punctuation mark belongs at the end of the sentence? Take the casserole to the neighbor A: . B: ! C: ?


A) pretty simple


It's A) because

Take the casserole to the neighbor ?

Naw it wouldn't be that for sure so it's not C)


Take the casserole to the neighbor !

it wouldn't be exicting because it's saying take the casserole to the neighbor


Take the casserole to the neighbor .

Makes more sense do you get what i mean?

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Offering 20 points!!!Realism was a popular literary movement in nineteenth-century America. American realist writers attempted to convey life authentically by including elements in their works such as true-to-life settings and characters, as well as regional dialects that reflected how people really talked. Which of the following excerpts contain elements of realism? ("No, you won't. Set down and stay where you are. I ain't going to hurt you, and I ain't going to tell on you, nuther. You just tell me your secret, and trust me. I'll keep it; and, what's more, I'll help you. So'll my old man if you want him to. You see, you're a runaway 'prentice, that's all. It ain't anything. There ain't no harm in it. You've been treated bad, and you made up your mind to cut. Bless you, child, I wouldn't tell on you. Tell me all about it now, that's a good boy.") (Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) (She had pagan eyes, full of nocturnal mysteries, and their light, as it came and went, and came again, was partially hampered by their oppressive lids and lashes; and of these the under lid was much fuller than it usually is with English women. This enabled her to indulge in reverie without seeming to do so—she might have been believed capable of sleeping without closing them up. Assuming that the souls of men and women were visible essences, you could fancy the colour of Eustacia's soul to be flamelike. The sparks from it that rose into her dark pupils gave the same impression.) (Thomas Hardy, The Return of the Native) (Then the gardener's eldest son set out and thought to find the golden bird very easily; and when he had gone but a little way, he came to a wood, and by the side of the wood he saw a fox sitting; so he took his bow and made ready to shoot at it. Then the fox said, 'Do not shoot me, for I will give you good counsel; I know what your business is, and that you want to find the golden bird. You will reach a village in the evening; and when you get there, you will see two inns opposite to each other, one of which is very pleasant and beautiful to look at: go not in there, but rest for the night in the other, though it may appear to you to be very poor and mean.') (Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm, Grimm's’ Fairy Tales) Now, as Christian was walking solitarily by himself, he espied one afar off, come crossing over the field to meet him; and their hap was to meet just as they were crossing the way of each other. The gentleman's name that met him was Mr. Worldly Wiseman, he dwelt in the town of Carnal Policy, a very great town, and also hard by from whence Christian came. This man, then, meeting with Christian, and having some inkling of him,—for Christian's setting forth from the City of Destruction was much noised abroad, not only in the town where he dwelt, but also it began to be the town talk in some other places,—Mr. Worldly Wiseman, therefore, having some guess of him, by beholding his laborious going, by observing his sighs and groans, and the like, began thus to enter into some talk with Christian.) (John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress)

The first one contains the most elements of realism. 

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Use the drop-down menus to mark the rhyme scheme of the poem. The boys are up the woods with day To fetch the daffodils away, And home at noonday from the hills They bring no dearth of daffodils

The rhyme scheme of this poem is AABB.

The rhyme scheme is the pattern of rhymes at the end of each line of a poem or a song. The rhyme scheme is usually indicated by using the same letter for the lines that rhyme, and the next letter in alphabetical order for any new rhyme. In this case, the rhyme "day" and "away" is labelled as A, while the rhyme "hills" and "daffodils" is labelled as B.

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How are long organization names set off in text? italics? quotation marks?

We use wewe or was??

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HELPPPPPPPPPPP ME PLEASEEE I NEED HELP will give brainlist, points, thank u, thanks on profile, and friend request and comment

The first is b
The second is c
The third is either c or d not sure
the last is a

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I NEED SOME HELPP will mark brainlsit

Your answer is C hope it helps

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Which punctuation mark belongs at the end of the sentence? Did the medicine help you stop coughing

Any question like how are you, are you ok, how was the game, ends in a question mark (?)

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HELP MEEEEE will mark brainlsit

It helps express "outrage" because he's pointing out that negros still are in a horrible position, and he's making everyone else aware of it.

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Match the number to the correct term I WILL MARK YOUR ANSWER AS THE MOST BRAINLIEST! blank verse theme parallel plots protagonist irony soliloquy monologue aside iambic pentameter prose 1. the central message or insight into life revealed by a literary work 2. a long speech in a play or in a prose work made by a character who is alone and thus reveals his private thoughts and feelings to the audience 3. the contrast between what is stated and what is meant or between what is expected to happen and what actually happens 4. the main character in a work of literature 5. a long and typically tedious speech by one person during a conversation with another character during a play 6. a poetic meter in which lines of poetry contain ten syllables made up of five iambs, two-syllable units with the stress falling on the second syllable; words such as alas and good-bye can be considered iambs 7. written language in ordinary form without the metrical structure that is used in poetry, usually written in paragraphs 8. two or more plots within one story that are linked by common characters, conflicts, or themes 9. when a character's dialogue is spoken but not heard by the other actors on the stage. They are useful for giving the audience special information about the other characters onstage or the action of the plot. 10. poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter

1. Theme
2. Monologue
3. Irony
4. Protagonist
5. Soliloquy 
6. Iambic Pentameter
7. Prose
8. Parallel Plots
9. Aside
10. Blank Verse

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A _______ is typically defined as two or more independent clauses joined without a punctuation mark or coordinating conjunction.

D. Run-on Sentence 
The other options wouldn't make any sense except maybe "A", but a fragment is not completed whereas a Run-on would be completed, just lacking punctuation.

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NEED HELP PLEASE Which lines in this excerpt from Arthur Conan Doyle's “The Contest” suggest that Emperor Nero was ruthless? A(An hour later the shepherd was well on his way to his mountain home, and about the same time the Emperor, having received the Chaplet of Olympia for the incomparable excellence of his performance, was making inquiries with a frowning brow as to who the insolent person might be who had dared to utter such contemptuous criticisms.) B(“Bring him to me here this instant,” said he, “and let Marcus with his knife and branding-iron be in attendance.”) “If it please you, great Caesar,” said Arsenius Platus, the officer of attendance, “the man cannot be found, and there are some very strange rumours flying about.” C(“Rumours!” cried the angry Nero. “What do you mean, Arsenius? I tell you that the fellow was an ignorant upstart, with the bearing of a boor and the voice of a peacock.) I tell you also that there are a good many who are as guilty as he among the people, for I heard them with my own ears raise cheers for him when he had sung his ridiculous ode. D(I have half a mind to burn their town about their ears so that they may remember my visit.”) “It is not to be wondered at if he won their votes, Caesar,” said the soldier, “for from what I hear it would have been no disgrace had you, even you, been conquered in this conquest.” E(“I conquered! You are mad, Arsenius. What do you mean?”) “None know him, great Caesar! He came from the mountains, and he disappeared into the mountains. You marked the wildness and strange beauty of his face. F(It is whispered that for once the great god Pan has condescended to measure himself against a mortal.”)

I think the answer might be C

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