Horses are able to mate with donkeys. Their offspring are animals known as mules. Mules are sterile, which means they cannot reproduce. Using this information, what can you conclude about horses and donkeys? a. Horses and donkeys are the same species. b. Horses and donkeys belong in different phyla. c. Horses and donkeys are different subspecies of the same species. d. Horses and donkeys are different species.

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D. Horses and donkeys are different species [but are in the same family: Equidae]
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Where do producers belong in a food chain?

The beginning or the first trophic level.

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A cell whose function is to relay information obtained from the environment to the brain is called a

It's called a neuron

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An example of natural selection is the tail of a male peacock. The females of the species choose mates based on the colors of the males’ tail feathers. If females begin using different criteria than feather color when they choose mates, what would most likely happen to the tails of peacocks over time? increased variation in tail feather color because the selection pressure has been relieved increased variation in tail feather color because the peacocks try different ways to impress the females decreased variation in tail feather color because no form of the trait is advantageous decreased variation in tail feather color because the only reason for variation was selection pressure


The correct answer is option D, decreased variation in tail feather color because the only reason for variation was selection pressure


According to Charles Darwin, traits that help an individual in selecting mates are favored by the sexual selection while all other normal traits are favored by natural selection.Thus , it is believed that this sexual mating pressure among the male peacocks produce large variation in the color and pattern.The male peacocks compete with each other to attract the female on the basis of their colorful tails and its varied patterns.

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Use the dichotomous key below to identify the animals shown in the photograph?

A is a beaver and b is a long tailed weasel

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Can someone tell me what species this butterfly

That species is a question mark. What project are you doing with butterfly?

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Explain how a species, such as the panda, can become extinct.

I think that some animals are endangered mostly because of forest devastation. As wild animals live in the woods, their space is greatly reduced. This is all because of the human activity, that we cut trees to make buildings, industrial use in general...

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Why are the Galapagos Islands important in our understanding of how species adapt to their enviornment? Discuss it's geographic location, what Darwin concluded, and the researcj of the Grants

Charles concluded that the finches beaks are examples of adaptive radiation. To fit in the island, they had to adapt to the conditions. This lead to Charles’ theory of natural selection. Charles came to the conclusion of evolution and natural selection. Natural selection is the process where organisms adapt to their environment to survive and produce more offspring. Evolution is where different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed. These theories have changed science forever and leave today’s scientists marveling of his theories. 

The Galapagos Islands are located in Ecuador and sit on the Pacific Ocean.
The Galapagos Islands were formed from 3 million to 5 million years ago. Volcanic eruptions typically shield volcanoes formed the islands. They are located over a “particularly hot mantel” that causes volcanic activity. The outcome of many eruptions were islands because the left overs were pushed to the surface. The Galapagos islands are pretty big reaching an area of 3,093 miles. The temperatures range from 69 to 84 degrees creating a typically warm climate. 

All plants and animals are native to the islands. It is likely that sea animals swam there, birds flew there (with the help of wind), and reptiles and small animals were carried on rafts of vegetation. Since all the plants and animals are native to the islands, they had to adapt to the new food source and climate. Beaks, size, etc. are all changes made to these organisms to be able to live on the islands. 

The Grant’s research on the Galapagos Islands showed that evolution exists and can happen over a course of two years. They proved Darwin’s theories are true.  They observed the evolution of the finches and are said to have seen it with their own eyes. They spent years measuring beaks of the finches and documented change overtime.

Darwin’s research showed that finches beaks are different to fit their food source. It also started the theories of evolution and natural selection.  

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How do ice cores, tree rings & index fossils provide valuable information about the past?

Tree rings are annual growth rings and their thickness indicates how growing conditions were for that year. Index fossils in their type and frequency are indicative of the environment that those organisms grew in and how prolific life was then in that environment. Ice cores drilled through glaciers and ice sheets like in Antarctica tell us about such things as the concentration of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (as bubbles in the ice layers) and also about climatic  conditions in glacial and interglacial periods.

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Describe how hibernation has helped bear species survive. Compare the needs of the organisms to the traits.

It's helps them survive throughout winter and thrive without food during winter too. Before they go into hibernation they consume a large amount of food which helps their heartbeat slow down. Other animals that don't hibernate have their source of food during the winter too, which is the reason why they don't hibernate.

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A student observes an animal that has a backbone, gills, and scales. It lays eggs and is cold−blooded. What does this animal have in common with all mammals? Answer Options with 5 options A. a backbone B. gills C. scales D. egg−laying E. cold−blooded

A. a backbone

If you think about it, us mammals (humans are mammals) don't have gills, scales, we do not lay eggs, and we are not cold-blooded. But we do have a spine, or backbone.

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Which of the following is a response ? A. a horse swishing its tail at a fly B. a loud clap of thunder C. a puddle drying up D. a seed being planted

A. a horse swishing its tail at a fly

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Which of these factors does CITES fail to consider when determining which species to cover? A. Species population B. Economic impact C. Analysis of trade D. Ecosystem sustainability

Option D, ecosystem sustainability, is the right answer.

"The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species" is the full form of CITES. The CITES is a global agreement among nations. The main aim of CITES is to assure that global trade in parts of plants and wild animals does not endanger their survival. However, it failed to include ecosystem sustainability while determining which varieties to be covered.

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Several species of fish and marine life eat plankton. How is that diversity important to the ecosystem as a whole?

Plankton is at the bottom of a food chain. Think of a pond. Mosquito larvae are in a pond. They eat the plankton. Small fish eat the larvae. Larger fish eat those smaller fish and the chain keeps going..BUTTT it all started with the PLANKTON. Without the plankton the whole food chain would be messed up and everything would start dying.. No plankton, no larvae, no small fish..and so on..

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Can animals live in space?

It's possible with Tanks of Air and a suit depending on which animal it is yes they can live in space just like Humans can

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There are several species of salamanders that have adapted for life underground caves, where there is no light. These salamanders usually havw small non-functional eyes. There eyes can be example of

Adaptation because the Q states that they had to ADAPT correct so the correct response would be adaptation hope this helped <3333333333333

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Urbanization has led to the displacement of animals such as panthers from their original habitat, the forest. What could be the major reason for this?

Since they have to cut the forest down in order to build, they have to displace animals like panthers from their original habitat. That can make panthers die and become endangered, or even extinct.

Have a nice day! :)

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How can introduced species lead to economic losses

no predator, Thus enabling it to  it to grow and kick the other organism out of the area

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Describe one benefit and one limitation of how the trichoplax can reproduce by simple division

Trichoplax needs tissues, organs and any kind of symmetry. It is made out of just a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand cells. This life form has a straightforward upper and lower epithelium, which encompass a system of fiber cells, and in that capacity has an unpredictable, three-layered, sandwich-sort association. Just five diverse cell-sorts have so far been portrayed; upper and lower epithelial cells, organs cells, fiber cells and as of late found kind of little cells that are organized a generally equitably divided example inside the minor zone, where upper and lower epithelial meet.

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Describe a cellular division process that could be used by Trichoplax when it reproduces asexually.


Mitosis is the type of cell division that can be used by asexually reproducing organisms.


Mitosis is a sequence of events that, in the end, one cell, called the mother cell, gives rise to two other cells, the daughter cells. The main feature of mitosis is that daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes as the mother cell. Besides that,  no genetic recombination occurs during the process, that is, daughter cells are copies of the mother cell. Thus, this type of cell division is related to asexual reproduction, organism or colony growth and tissue regeneration.

Meiosis, in turn, is somewhat different. Although it is also a sequence of events, in meiosis the parent cell gives rise to four other cells. The main feature is that these four generated cells contain only half of the parent chromosomes. Thus, meiosis relates to the formation of gametes and sexual reproduction.

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In this Punnett square, what is the probability of the offspring being a heterozygous purple flower Hint: you must take into account both the genotype and the phenotype.

By the 1800s, people generally understood that offspring inherited traits from their parents. Initially, however, it was thought that the traits of both parents blended together in their offspring. Called the “blending hypothesis”, this theory explained inheritance like two different liquids mixing together. Gregor Mendel’s careful work with thousands of pea plants in the 1860 proved the blending hypothesis wrong and explained how inheritance really happens.

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