How can a comet become the source of meteoroids and meteors?

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I am quite sure that when a comet comes flying down to eart little chunks began to just come off or float away and meteoroids go where you can see it and meteors hit the ground
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why can a thick atmosphere can help protect a planet from meteors

The atmosphere is created from a bunch of gases, it is held in place by the gravity, the friction of the atmosphere will cause the meteor to burn up before it even gets a chance to come in to view.

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What is the theoretical source of the solar nebula from which our solar system formed?

The different planets are thought to have framed from the sun based cloud, the plate molded billow of gas and clean left over from the Sun's development. The right now acknowledged strategy by which the planets framed is gradual addition, in which the planets started as tidy grains in circle around the focal protostar.

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Which source of energy do refrigeration systems and heat pumps have in common? air ground water sunlight


A) Air


In refrigerator system the compressor will compress the gas at high pressure so that its temperature is too small and if is passed through the air inside the refrigerator.

When this low temperature gas is passed through the air inside the refrigerator then it will extract the heat from the space or air at high temperature and hence it is the source of energy inside the refrigerator.

Heat pumps are used in in cold atmosphere where we require thermal energy to keep the temperature high. Here compressor will work on the gas so that it will absorb the heat from surrounding air and release it to the room or inside space.

So here in both cases the source of energy here is Air which will give heat to the system.

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Please Helppp ! Drying corn to make feed corn for cattle A. has no effect on pesticide residues. B. reduces pesticide residues. C. increase the amount of fat in beef. D. concentrates pesticide residues, which are further concentrated in beef. Which one of the following best describes the FDAs recommendation regarding using antimicrobial drugs in food-producing animals? A. Antimicrobial drugs shouldn’t be used in any food-producing animal. B. Antimicrobial drugs should be limited to situations where the use of drugs is necessary for animal health. C. Antimicrobial drugs can be should be given to all food-producing animals to ensure animal health. D. Hormone and hormone-like production enhancers are the only drugs approved to be used to ensure animal health. Research in plant biotechnology has focused primarily on characteristics that A. improve resistance to pests, reduce the need for pesticides, and increase survival rates in adverse growing conditions. B. allow genetically engineered seeds to be prepared within two months. C. allow genetically engineered seeds to double in size within one year. D. reduce the need for other genes to be introduced into a plant genome If the FDA or USDA has determined that an additive was safe for us in a certain food before the 1958 Food Additives Amendment was passed, it’s known as a A. color additive. B. GRAS. C. prior-sanctioned substance. D. indirect additive. The USDA Pesticide Data Program found that _______ percent of organic food samples tested positive for pesticide residues. A. 7 B. 23 C. 30 D. 15 Loss of appetite, vomiting, and jaundice are all symptoms of Hepatitis A, which can be caused by which of the following food sources? A. Minimally processed ciders and juices B. Egg products C. Undercooked liquid or moist food that has been handled by an infected person D. Raw shellfish from polluted water Which one of the following organisms can be transmitted by cats to humans through cat feces? A. Shigella B. Toxoplasma gondii C. Escherichia D. Listeria monocytogenes Improper use of cleaning agents in food-contact areas can add which of the following to food? A. Glass, metal, insects, and dirt B. Methyl mercury C. Dioxins D. Direct additives A man eats raw vegetables and has watery and bloody diarrhea. These symptoms are consistent with A. campylobacteriosis. B. botulism infection. C. E. coli infection. D. listeriosis. Which one of the following foodborne organisms creates havoc within the gastrointestinal tract by producing a toxin? A. Campylobacter B. Staphylococcus aureus C. Salmonella D. E. coli

The following are the answers:
1. B.reduces pesticide residues. 
    > It reduces pesticide residues up to 50%. It also does not increase the amount of fat in beef because, corn, like wheat and grain, are high starch or high energy food, which would mean that, it reduces the time to fatten the cattle. 
B. Antimicrobial drugs should be limited to situations where the use of drugs is necessary for animal health.    
     > Improvement in management and animal health care have largely improved safety of food and as an outcome, decreased the need for antimicrobial in the system of food production.  
3. A. 7
    >A meta-analysis of 2012 identified that pesticide residues were found in 7% of organic produce samples,  38% conventional produce samples. 
D. Raw shellfish from polluted water 
    > One way of getting Hepatitis A is eating contaminated food.
B. Toxoplasma gondii
    > Sources of infection of T.gondii is 
contact with contaminated cat feces.
Methyl mercury 
B. botulism infection. 
   > mainly caused by 
botulinum toxin.
D. E. coli 

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A source of sound is kept in a jar in a vacuum .Air is slowly introduced to the jar . what happened to the sound coming out of the jar


The intensity of the sound increases


Sound is a mechanical wave, that is produced by the oscillations of the particles in a medium. In this case, for example, sound is produced by the vibrations of the air particles.

At the beginning, since there is no air in the jar, no sound is produced, because there are no air particles that can vibrate, to transmit the sound. As air is slowly introduced to the jar, the sound intensity starts to increase. More specifically, the sound gets louder as more air is introduced in the jar. This is because the sound intensity depends on the air density: the greater the density, the more the air particles are, so we have a larger number of vibrations and so the sound gets louder.

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By counting the number of waves that pass a certain point each second, we will know the _______ of the wave. a. frequency b. wavelength c. speed d. source

The answer is A. Frequency

Hope I helped!


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What is the original source of energy that drives the wind?

The sun is the original source of energy

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As a sound source approaches someone, the frequency of the sound wave increases. decreases. decreases, then increases. remains constant. A? D? Idk someone please help thank you!

If the sound source is approaching you, the frequency you hear is higher than the real frequency of by the sound. How much higher depends on how fast the source is approaching. If the source's speed is constant, then the frequency you hear is constant ... higher, but not increasing.

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Which of these is the largest? A.Comets B .Meteoroids C.Asteroids D.All are the same sizes

The answer is b meteoroid

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If E1 = 13.0 V and E2 = 5.0 V , calculate the current I2 flowing in emf source E2.

The solution would be like this for this specific problem:

KCL at Junction a. 

+ I1 + I2 + I3 = 0 (1) 

+ 13 V - 0.2 R I1 - 0.025 R I1 - 5 V + 0.02 R I2 = 0 (2) 
8 + 0.02 I2 = 0.225 I1 
I1 = 35.6 + 0.0889 I2 (2A) 


KVL (bottom loop - CCW direction) 
- 0.02 R I2 + 5 V + 0.5 R I3 = 0 (3) 
0.5 I3 = -5 + 0.02 I2 
I3 = -10 + 0.04 I2 (3A) 


Replace 2A and 3A into 1. 

+ I1 + I2 + I3 = 0 
( 35.6 + 0.0889 I2 ) + I2 + ( -10 + 0.04 I2 ) = 0 
1.129 I2 = -25.6 
I2 = -22.6A 

Solve 2A and 3A for other currents. 

I1 = 35.6 + 0.0889 I2 = 35.6 + 0.0889 * -22.6 = 33.5A 
I3 = -10 + 0.04 I2 = -10 + 0.04 * -22.6 = -10.9A

So the answer is letter D.

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How do you identify short and long term comets

A second important difference between comets coming from the Kuiper Belt and from the Oort cloud is represented by their different characteristic periods.
In fact, short period comets are thought to generate in the Kuiper belt and have rather predictable orbits with short periods (up to 200 years). There are two major families of short period comets: the Jupiter family with periods of less than 20 years and the Halley family with periods form 20 to 200 years. That's short

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How do rivers change as they travel even further downstream from the source?

They go into different places and go differnt ways .

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Describe the characteristics of the water at the mountain source: Speed: Temperature: Oxygen Level: Nutrient Level:

The characteristics of the water at the mountain source will be as follows:

- Speed; the speed will be bigger, and this due to the bigger fall through which the water passes down the mountain's steep slopes.

- Temperature; the temperature will be lower, and this is due to the lesser influence of the sun on the water, both, because of its speed, and because of the shade from the forest (assuming there's a forest on the mountain).

- Oxygen level; the oxygen level will be big, because the water in this part is the purest, and doesn't have debris in it, or it has it very small amounts.

- Nutrient level; the nutrient level will be relatively low, because the water is cold and quick, as well as steep, there isn't a big chance for large nutrition base to form in that part of the stream.

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A meteoroid changed velocity from 1.0km/s to 1.8 km/s in 0.03 seconds. what is the acceleration of the meteoroid

A meteoroid changed velocity from 1.0 km/s to 1.8 km/s in 0.03 seconds.

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What are 3 common sources of voltage difference?

We are asked to enumerate 3 different sources of potential difference and the answers are listed below:
1. There was two parallel sources and voltage of each source is different from each other.
2. Different batteries are connected.
3, Different values of resistors were used in the circuit.

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Which refers to the change in wavelength that occurs when an object moves toward or away from a light source?

I believe the answer is The Doppler Effect 

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The ultimate source of energy that drives wind power is __________.

So we want to know what is the ultimate source of energy that drives wind power. The Sun is the ultimate source of energy because it heats up the Earth's atmosphere. Since the hotter air has lesser density, it starts to rise up. As it rises up it starts to cool. And as it gets cooler, it's density again rises and it gets heavier and starts to fall down. This is what we notice as wind. So the correct answer is: the Sun.

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Do we see planets because, like the sun, they are sources of light?

I think its because the the planets are reflecting the light from the sun... or something like that.

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The source of the sun’s energy is _____.

The source of the suns energy is nuclear fusion 

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An electric cell is a source of electric current because of a ________ between the terminals

This is because of electrolytes that get ionized

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A source charge generates an electric field of 4286 N/C at a distance of 2.5 m. What is the magnitude of the source charge? 1.2 µC 3.0 µC 1.2 C 3.0 C

Answer : Charge, q=3.0\ \muC

Explanation :

It is given that :

Electric field, E=4286\ N/C

Distance, r=2.5\ m

We know that the electric field at any point is given by :


k is the electrostatic constant.

q is the electric charge

r is the distance.

q=\dfrac{E\times r^2}{k}

q=\dfrac{4286\ N/C\times (2.5\ m)^2}{9\times 10^9\ Nm^2/C^2}

q=0.0000029\ C

q=2.9\ \mu C


q=3.0\ \mu C

The correct option is (b).

Hence, this is the required solution.

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Meteoroid is the term used to describe a solid particle that

Is drifting around in space

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Sunlight, wind, and running water are essentially "free." Yet renewable energy sources are a very small part of our energy consumption. Why is this?

The heat and energy of coal burning is more easier and more efficient to turn into electricity than any method using renewable resources. 

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When waves of equal amplitude from two sources are in phase when they interact, it is called ________.?

The answer is constructive interference. At the point when two waves meet such that their peaks line up together, then it's called productive obstruction. The subsequent wave has a higher adequacy. In dangerous obstruction, the peak of one wave meets the trough of another, and the outcome is a lower add up to adequacy.

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Consumptive water use is use that does not return water to its source. A. True B. False




In a consumptive water use , water is not returned to the source (lake, river, aquifer , stream etc.) from which it was extracted while in case of non-consumptive use of water the water either remains in the reservoir or it is returned to the source (lake, river, aquifer , stream etc.) from which it was extracted.

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