How did Jackson solve the issue of states' rights? A: He lowered federal tariffs but affirmed his power to use the military to collect them. B: He allowed the Southern states to ignore the federal laws with which they disagreed. C: He allowed South Carolina to secede from the Union. D: He invaded South Carolina and forced John Calhoun out of office.

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The correct answer is A) He lowered federal tariffs but affirmed his power to use the military to collect them.

The states rights issue referred to in the question dealt with the Tariff of "Abominations." This name of the tariff, given to by Southern politicians, showed their distain for this tax on foreign goods. This is due to the fact that many Southerners made significant profits through trading with other countries.

Some Southerners went as far as to nullify this tariff. Nullification is a process in which a state ignores a federal law or ruling because they believe it is unconstitutional. This resulted in controversy between Northerners, Southerners, and the president (Andrew Jackson). Ultimately the tariff was lowered but Jackson reinforced the idea that the federal government still has control over the states, especially when it comes to following federal laws.

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"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations." This excerpt from an inaugural address was given as the the country was emerging from A) World War I. B) the Civil War. C) the Great Depression. Eliminate D) Kennedy's assassination


B) the Civil War


This was President Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural speech that governed the country in the context of the Civil War. In the speech, the president mourned the terrible war, the deaths of Americans, and credited God with the will for the end or continuation of the war. In this speech, Lincoln set the tone for his plan for the reconstruction of the country that would emerge after the civil war, which would take care of Americans, families of the dead in particular, and rebuild a nation based on peace.

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Which of these religions originated in Japan? A) Buddhism B) Confucianism C) Islam D) Shinto

The answer would be D

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How did the Indian government respond to the economic slowdown of the 1980s A. It increased government control over Industry B. It Relax government control over Industry C. It put an end to foreign investment in Industri D. It pulled back on foreign trade

Answer: B. It Relax government control over Industry.


Around 1980, the slowdown in the growth of India´s economy created a crisis in the balance of payments, and by the end of 1990, India was undergoing a severe economic crisis.

As part of a bailout agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India was forced to apply economic reforms to slowly open up its industry through economic liberalization.

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These are all describing which international group? A) Red Cross B) United Nations C) Organization of American States D) North Atlantic Treaty Organization

First formed in 1975.

· Addresses issues common and vital to the leading industrial economies in the world.

· Members include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, & the United States

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how the ruling of Dred Scott v. Sandford illustrated the differences between the political goals of the North and the South?

The Dred Scott Case vs Sanford was about gaining freedom. The North were trying to help so that he would gain his freedom since he was in a nonslavery state but the South fought that he was property and remained property.

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Help ASAP ! God bless A? B? C? D?

It's number c that's the best answer

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I really need help please thank you so much Your teacher needs help! Before beginning the lessons on the U.S. Constitution, he asked his students to write essays on what they already knew. Now he has to correct those essays. Read the first essay and write a corrected version. The first two statements are correct. Fix the rest. You may list the corrections as bullet points. Then write a summary sentence about the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787 by the Constitutional Convention meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After ratification by 11 states (only 9 were required), the new United States government began operation in March of 1789. The Constitution establishes five branches of government that include the Congress, the president, the courts, the military, and the postal service. The Congress has two parts: a House of Senators and the Representatives. Each calls for two members and two alternates from each state. The president is responsible for introducing and passing all new laws, but the representatives can veto them. The highest court is called the Court of Special Appeals. The judges serve 10-year terms and are elected. Unlike the judges, the president is appointed by the Congress. The Constitution can be changed by a process called altering it. The first ten alterations to the Constitution are known together as the States’ Rights Acts. Alterations to the Constitution must be approved by half the states. Each branch of the government operates independently of the other. There is no system for separation of powers, which makes the government free of any checks and balances. Judicial review of whether laws are constitutional is possible only when the president asks for it.

Because we use this to help us stay on track with the money system.....

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How successful was the African National Congress in its goal of reforming the South African government and ending apartheid?

The African National Congress was able to call the attention of the international community because of the inhumane actions that happened during African American protests. It created pressure to the US government to finally put an end to apartheid besides of the tension that is also within. 

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Read this quotation from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Every man and every woman in this Nation-—regardless of party—who have the right to register and to vote, and the opportunity to register and to vote, have also the sacred obligation to register and to vote. For the free and secret ballot is the real keystone of our American Constitutional system. –President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1944

He was pertaining to the rights of all individuals to vote regardless of their gender and race and this was a sacred obligation of each. This was a part of  exercising democracy as constiturent of a government. President Roosevelt explains this as a duty to one's country.

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A meeting or vote to settle an issue is known as ?

I think it might be called Joint sessions

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How did andrew jackson first become successful

By leading the way as the leader of an army standing tall never faltering earning the nickname "Stone Wall Jackson" pls mark as brainliest

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Who was john brown and what did he do

John Brown was an abolitionist who took over the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, VA , and was hanged for that action.

Further explanation:

  • John Brown (1800-1859) was an abolitionist who supported armed struggle against existing laws and government in order to end slavery.  In October 1859, Brown led a raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.  The intent was to arm slaves to fight for their freedom and set in motion a slave revolt that would spread across other regions in the South.  The effort was unsuccessful and Brown was hanged for treason against Virginia.

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What 2 pre-civil war events was John Brown involved in?

Maybe cold war and soviet war

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Why were the Spartans not allowed to trade or travel?

Spartan laws discouraged anything that would distract citizens from their disciplined military life. Sparta did not welcome visitors from other cities, and did not allow their citizens to travel. The Spartans were not interested in other ways of life and did not want to bring new ideas to their polis. Today, we use spartan as an adjective to describe someone who leads a rigorously disciplined life that includes few comforts or luxuries

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The ________ Renaissance saw the resurgence of black music through jazz. A) Queens B) Harlem C) New York

The Harlem Renaissance is when African American art and culture blew up creating Jazz. I mean, if you like Hip-hop music, you should know this is where it all started.

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Match each era with the condition of Jews during that time period. Tiles/Choices: a.) Renaissance b.) Middle Ages c.) Enlightenment Pairs: 1.) Jews were first stigmatized as those who killed Jesus Christ. 2.) Jews were forced to leave Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. 3.) Jews were treated more justly, and many became assimilated into western European society.

1.) Jews were first stigmatized as those who killed Jesus Christ.  
- B. Middle Ages - this was a period that Jews were castigated for the crimes that they did not commit because of the innocence of leaders back then. 

2.) Jews were forced to leave Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. 
- A. Renaissance - this was a time when free-thinking and creativity was making its way in society and that Jews do not fit in with their traditional beliefs and practices. 

3.) Jews were treated more justly, and many became assimilated into western European society.
- C. Enlightenment - this was a period were people are now more accepting about religious backgrounds and people are now more assimilated into society.

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Hitler decided to invade the Soviet Union becaus

I thought it was because he needed more space due to the growing population? But they're probably right 

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What did the collapse of the Soviet Union result in? A The end of the Cold War. B The end of the Vietnam War. C The beginning of Communist rule in Hungary. D The beginning of democracy in Asia.

No, the answer is a. the vietnam war ended in 1955 and the cold war ended in 1991, which is the same year the USSR fell.

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What school did john adams go to??

John adams graduated from Harvard just like his dad did.

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Which government policy helped to create the contemporary American suburb? A.Serviceman’s Readjustment Act B.Civil Rights Act of 1964 C.Immigration and Nationality Act D.Immigration Reform and Control Act

The policy of the government that helped in the creation of contemporary American suburb is the Serviceman's Readjustment Act and the answer would be option A. This act is also called as the G.I. Bill which was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This act aims in providing them education, housing, and even insurance. 

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Which of the following statements best explains the difference between a right and a responsibility? A right refers to something you have to do, and a responsibility is something you can do. A right is a privilege granted by the Constitution, and a responsibility is the action taken to engage in that right. A responsibility is a privilege granted by the government, and a right is the action taken to engage in that responsibility. A responsibility is based on a person’s values or beliefs, whereas a right is based on the values and beliefs of the nation.

The correct answer is D) A responsibility is based on a person's values or beliefs, whereas a right is based on the values and beliefs of a nation.

For example, a person may feel it is their personal responsibility to attend a church every Sunday morning. This is an action people take based on their own values or belief systems. On the other hand, the freedom to practice whatever religion you want is a right. This is due to the fact that it is part of the first amendment of the US Constitution and shows a value that our nation holds as sacred.

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How did the railroad system in the south affect the growth of cities

It made it easily for some slaves to escape and go to north and start a new life there to try and escape which brought population which caused the cities

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What conclusion about the media can be drawn from these headlines? A. Media coverage of an issue can result in public policy change. B. Social media can influence mainstream media content. C. Media sources often use dramatic language to try to draw readers. D. Media sources focus on different aspects of a story, shaping public opinion.

The fourth alternative is correct (D).

The role of the media in an election is to demonstrate in an unbiased way the ideas of the campaign candidates to voters so that they make their choices based on the convergence of principles and ideas.

However, media production is done by human beings, who have their own perceptions about what is relevant in the electoral context. In addition, the media is segmented, so that it is natural in one debate, one business newspaper to focus on economic issues while another focuses on something that it considers problematic, such as the issue of immigration.

In this way, it is concluded that the media focuses on different aspects of a story and is capable of shaping public opinion. This has a natural character derived from the purpose of the vehicle and human nature, but it can also be purposeful, in order to influence public opinion.

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How were British troops evacuated from Dunkirk, France? A.) British fishing boats B.) Warships C.) Fighter planes D.) Submarines E.) Tanks

A. British fishing boats

Hope this helps.

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