How did the Industrial Revolution provide new opportunities for women? Select the best answer from the choices provided Women were able to travel more easily from Europe. Women were hired to work in factories as unskilled laborers. Women were allowed to buy and sell property for the first time. Women were willing to work in the fields to produce more cotton.

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Its the 2nd option. Its allowed women to break some of the bonds that confined then to the home.
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What is culture? answer in your OWN words.

A friend of mine just asked me about this, so I have lots of thoughts about it. This may be deeper than you need, but here goes: My initial feelings about culture lead me to think of simply a “way of life” but if I think about it just a bit more, I notice that the word “way” connects to the idea of a path or perhaps even a journey – as in “let’s go this way” or “you go your way, and I’ll go mine.” Of course there is a collective nature to culture, so culture is like a collective journey or shared path. But I also get a feeling of boats on a river. Each boat has a certain level of individual freedom, but collectively they are all floating down the same river, so there is a sort of shared movement and common history despite whatever individual movements or relationships there might be among or between the individual boats. And of course rivers have branches, so some boats follow one branch while other boats follow other branches, so shared histories diverge and thus different cultures have very different characteristics.

Getting a bit more philosophical/esoteric, I also get an image of the individuals in a culture existing like cells in body. Different cells belong to different bodies, but each body defines the context – the role, function , or “meaning” – of the individual cells. The “essence” of a brain cell is different than the essence of a liver cell, and these differences in essence are correlated with their different roles – but these roles, in turn, spring from their function in the overall body – and this is what culture does; it is the larger “body” or context that defines a great deal of our essence as conscious individuals. Just as there is a degree of literal truth in the old saying “You are what you eat,” I sense a degree of literal truth in the idea that we are, to a significant degree, constituted by the culture in which we live. Our bodies are constituted by the materials we ingest, and our minds are constituted by the “psychical material” that we ingest, and the contextual meaning of this “mental food” comes from or culture. I want to emphasize the word ‘constituted’ because it is a lot stronger than just saying “influenced by” – it gets at the idea that our culture becomes part of our actual, deep, essence.

As for examples from my own life…well…since I am a philosopher, a great deal of my life IS thinking about stuff like this, so in a way, I have been speaking from my own life this whole time. For various reasons stemming from my interest in philosophy of mind, I do not believe that there are any such things as isolated (or isolatable) conscious individuals. A major part of the essence of a conscious individual is the context which provides the systems of meaning-relations that constitute the very nature of consciousness. Consciousness, I believe, is culturally constituted. Without culture there is no consciousness, and without consciousness, there are no selves, no egos. Without my consciousness there is no “me” as the individual that I am. But I know you are asking for something more personal, so let’s see…here is one concrete example: I was raised in a culture that values monogamy and devalues alternative lifestyles. For various reasons I have protested against this cultural mainstream. To borrow from my boats/river metaphor, you might say that my wife and I have spent a lot of time “swimming up stream” on this issue. Part of our role in life – one of the labels defining who we are as individuals is our membership in “alternative lifestyles”. But notice that this definition of who we are – this aspect of our identity – only has meaning in the context of a culture that values monogamy. Even tho we don’t flow with the majority, our lives are still to some extent defined by the flow of the majority – the overall flow of the culture that gives our status as “protesters” the very meaning that it has. We are who we are because of the culture, even when we don’t flow with the culture. It is part of our very essence as individuals, and we cannot abandon this essence no matter how hard we try (or at least we can’t abandon it without losing our selves in the process).
Sorry if I’ve rambled a bit. I’ve taken classes on hermanutics, semotics, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, etc. I don't consciously remember much of anything from these classes (I just don’t have a memory for details), but I guess I must be learning something along the way, cuz me can sure talk big words ;-) I guess you could say that the verbal diarrhea you are now experiencing is another example from my personal life. It is who I am. I am the crazy dude who spouts nonsense all over the place – the one you’d probably be embarrassed to bring home to meet your mom

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During the early 1800s, which factor contributed the most to the start of the industrial revolution in the united states?

Answer:  An abundance of natural resources

Further detail:

The Industrial Revolution had its beginning in Great Britain, and eventually spread from there.  Once the United States became involved, especially in the "Second Industrial Revolution" years (1870-1914), the size and resources of the country allowed the US to become a bigger industrial power than the nations of Europe.

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What effects did the civil war have on women and african americans?

          A few women disguised themselves as men and joined the fight. Others served our country as spies and nurses.
          African-Americans fought for both sides of the war, but f
ree black men were finally permitted to enlist late in 1862 for the union army. Tens of thousands may have served, by their own will or otherwise.

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What was the US working towards during World War One?

In January of 1917, the British intercepted and decoded a secret telegram sent from German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmerman to the German ambassador in Mexico. He proposed that Mexico ally with Germany against the United States. He promised them the territories of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. 

President Woodrow Wilson gave a speech to Congress on April 2, 1917 asking for them to declare war on Germany. In his speech he said that the U.S. would go to war to "fight for the ultimate peace of the world." On April 6, 1917 the U.S. officially declared war on Germany.

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Why did the Commercial Revolution started?

Many companies have competition between them all want increase their trade

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One reason the bolshevicks gained peasant support during the russian revolution was because the bolsheviks promised to

Promised peace, land and bread

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How did the rise of rationalism pave the way for the Scientific Revolution?

Rationalism led to the use of empiricism, or observation, in science. Francis Bacon invented the scientific method based on rationalism. It also lessened overbearing religious dogma

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How did Jackson solve the issue of states' rights? A: He lowered federal tariffs but affirmed his power to use the military to collect them. B: He allowed the Southern states to ignore the federal laws with which they disagreed. C: He allowed South Carolina to secede from the Union. D: He invaded South Carolina and forced John Calhoun out of office.

The correct answer is A) He lowered federal tariffs but affirmed his power to use the military to collect them.

The states rights issue referred to in the question dealt with the Tariff of "Abominations." This name of the tariff, given to by Southern politicians, showed their distain for this tax on foreign goods. This is due to the fact that many Southerners made significant profits through trading with other countries.

Some Southerners went as far as to nullify this tariff. Nullification is a process in which a state ignores a federal law or ruling because they believe it is unconstitutional. This resulted in controversy between Northerners, Southerners, and the president (Andrew Jackson). Ultimately the tariff was lowered but Jackson reinforced the idea that the federal government still has control over the states, especially when it comes to following federal laws.

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How did the timing of General Washington’s attack on Trenton help ensure a colonial victory?

He attacked on Christmas. Puritans in the New World did not celebrate Christmas, but the Hessians (German mercenaries used by the British) certainly did. So the Americans launched a surprise attack on the Germans who were...ahem...celebrating, to put it mildly

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What factor gave Greece the greatest advantage for trade? Greece had many ships leaving port. Greece’s coastline bordered on four seas. Greece had surplus crops and animals to trade. Greeks did not have to travel far to reach other countries.

Either "Greece’s coastline bordered on four seas" or "Greece had surplus crops and animals to trade" :)

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Why did millions of people move from rural areas to the cities to work?

In my opinion it depends on the person. You move where your job is but it depends on housing.

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Africa is separated from Europe by the ______. A. Atlantic Ocean. B.Mediterranean Sea. C.Sahara Desert. D. Indian Ocean.

AFRICA is separated from EUROPE by the MEDITERRANEAN SEA and from ASIA by the RED SEA and the SUEZ CANAL .

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Which group did the Knights of Labor exclude from membership? A. Irish immigrants B. women C. African Americans D. Chinese immigrants

The American Federation of Labor (AFL ) was a national federation of ... The organization emerged from a dispute with the Knights of Labor (K of L) ...

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Which sequence of events best describes the role of textile manufacturing in initiating industrialization

The event that best describes the role of textile manufacturing in initiating industrialization is as follow

i. Demand for cotton grew,

ii. Cottage industry developed,  

iii. Machines replaced cottage industry

iv. Early shed factories developed

Further Explanations:

Industrialization was the economic and social changes that moved the human race toward Industrial society. It involved the recordation of the economy for production. New industries got instituted and it increased employment, roes the income of the individuals, created a new market for finished products and stimulated financial advancement. Britain is credited for the introduction of Industrialization to the world. It was a risky step towards advancement, but Britain proved itself to the whole world.

The advancement of the textile industry started with the manufacturing of cotton products or we can say that the establishment of cotton industries. Formerly these industries were cottage industries and were requiring more labor with less production. After the invention of cotton gins, these industries boomed got replaced from being a cottage industry to a mechanized industry with modern machinery.

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1. The differences in the economic development of the mid-Atlantic, New England, and southern colonies can best be attributed to the?

2. What was the main reason joseph Stalin created collective farms? Soviet farms were old-fashioned and inefficient. Collective farms would create many new jobs. Farmland could be turned into industrial land. Wasteful crop surpluses would be eliminated?

3. During the French and Indian War, France and Great Britain fought for control of North American territory. What impact did the end of the war have on the American colonies?

Answer Details

Grade: High school

Subject: US History

Chapter: Industrialization

Keywords: Industrialization, economic, social, Industrial society, economy, employment, society, Britain, Industrialization, technology, Industrialization, supremacy, textile industry, cotton industries, cottage industry

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Why is Euripides medea a difficult source to use to understand women in ancient greece

Probably because she doesn't exactly behave as normal people do. She was extremely vengeful and scheming and did things that would be expected of psychopaths and not regular people. It would be impossible to say that she's a great example of an Ancient Greek woman.

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How did New England's textile industry affect women?

The reason is fashion I suppose. The textile industry affects the production of clothes and women in our society have the tendency to buy any many different clothes.

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1-In New York Times v. Sullivan, the supreme court ruled that statements about public figures are examples of libel only when they are made with malice and reckless disregard for the truth. In which of the following ways does this ruling support a healthy democracy? (1 point) A)It promotes competition among a variety of media sources B)It allows people the freedom to criticize public officials C)It fosters cooperation between the media and the government D)It requires absolute certainty of all published information 2-Which of the following examples support the notion that a free press is an essential element of a limited government? (Select 2) A)Journalists are entitled to cover trials B)We need a fourth branch of the federal government C)It is difficult for public officials to win libel cases D)Information can be withheld to protect national security E)Proper search warrants can be applied to the media

1. B - It allows people the freedom to criticize public officials.

When the citizens had the freedom to cricitize its own government, the government would be forced to live up to a certain standard. This would dramatically reduce the complacency within the government body, and the government become more likely to listen and create legislations that satisfy the majority of people.

2. A. Journalists are entitled to cover trials


C. It is difficult for public officials to win libel cases.

Through this, the journalist could act as a middle man that connect what happen within the government body, transform it into pieces of information, and give it to the people so we can form our own opinion about it. Difficulties to win libel cases favours journalists because it allow them to criticize public officials without direct threat of of being sued for smearing their name.

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Which best describes Carrie Chapman Catt’s “Winning Plan” to achieve national women's suffrage? to demand a constitutional amendment instead of campaigning for suffrage in individual states to campaign strongly for women’s suffrage on the state level instead of lobbying Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to win women’s suffrage in as many states as possible while campaigning Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to amend the US Constitution to grant women suffrage and then establish it in individual states

I believe the answer is: to win women's suffrage in as many states as possible while campaigning Congress to pass a constitutional amendment.

Catt's winning plan revolve around selecting the government representatives that openly support suffrage movement to have a position in the legislative body.

By doing this in as many states as possible, the suffrage movement would have enormous power that force the federal government to conform and created an amendment to guarantee women's right to vote.

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What are three colonies founded to escape religious persecution in Europe? -Virginia -Maine -Maryland -Massachusetts -New York

The correct options are: Maryland - Massachusetts - Virginia.

In 1607 a group of English settlers built a tiny village in Jamestown, Virginia. Carriers of a card of the daughter of King James I of England, founded the first English colony that survived. A London company interested in obtaining profits financed the foundation, but never obtained them. Of the first 105 settlers, 73 died of hunger and disease in the first seven months after their arrival. But the colony grew and prospered over time. The Virginians discovered the way to earn money with the cultivation of tobacco, which they began shipping to England in 1614.

In New England, the northeastern region of what is now the United States, the English Puritans established several colonies. These colonizers thought that the Church of England had adopted too many practices of Catholicism, and they came to America fleeing persecution in English lands and with the intention of founding a colony based on their own religious ideals. A group of Puritans, known as pilgrims, crossed the Atlantic on a ship called Mayflower and settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620. A much larger Puritan colony was established in the Boston area in 1630. By 1635, some colonists They were already migrating to nearby Connecticut.

The Pilgrim Fathers (in English, Pilgrim Fathers or only Pilgrims) was an English religious group formed at the end of the 16th century that, being dissatisfied with the political-religious environment in their country, decided to emigrate, first to Leiden (Holland) in 1609 and then to the New World in 1620.

The pilgrims began their journey on August 5, 1620, from the port of Southampton aboard the ship Mayflower, after crossing the North Atlantic arrived at the American coasts of New England in November of that same year in the area where the current city of Provincetown practically in the Cape Cod of Massachusetts. These travelers wanted to settle in the English colony of Jamestown (Virginia) that had been founded in 1607, but navigational errors took them to more northern areas.

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During world war ii, this aircraft assembly plant put over 28,000 georgians to work building b-29 bombers.


Bell Bomber Plant


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After a bill is sponsored by a senator and passed a subcommittee's test, what are the next steps? Select all that apply. get approval from president work on a subcommittee to amend a bill get approved by the committee work with lobbyist to pass legislation through the House pass the Senate vote, and move to the other chamber

I believe the answer is:

- get approved by the committee  

- pass the senate vote, and move to the other chamber

After passing the subcommittee's test, the bill would be reviewed by the committee in order to see whether it's can be realized with their current budget. After that, the bill would be passed to the senate so each representatives from states could vote for the bill. Simple majority (more than 50% votes) would make the bills able to move to other chamber.

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How was Europe ruled at the beginning of the Middle Ages?

They had monarchs ruling small kingdoms. 

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Which quotation best describes John Muir's philosophy? A. "You shall not press upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns; you shall not crudity mankind upon a cross of gold" B. "Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if magic" C. "The city mansions are built on the broken bones and dropping heads of children" D. "As long as I live I'll hear waterfalls and birds sing...and get as near the heart of the world as I can"

The correct answer is D) "As long as I live I'll hear waterfalls and birds sing...and get as near the heart of the world as I can."

The quotation that best describes John Muir's philosophy is: "As long as I live I'll hear waterfalls and birds sing...and get as near the heart of the world as I can."

One of the best attractions in the United States is its forests and wildlife parks. Next time you spend your vacation in those places, remember to than this man. John Muir (1838-1914) was a Scottish naturalist that emigrated to the US and dedicated part of his life to the conservation of forests and parks in North America. He expressed his personal opinions in many national newspapers, co-founded the Sierra Club in 1892 and his determination helped to establish the Sequoia National Park in San Francisco, California.

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The arapesh and the mundugumor were two societies in new guinea that margaret mead conducted a study of cultural variation on in the 1930s. please select the best answer from the choices provided t f

The correct answer of the given statement above is TRUE. It is true that the Arapesh and the Mundugumor were two societies in New Guinea that Margaret Mead conducted a study of cultural variation on in the 1930s.  Hope this answers your question. 

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Which of the following was not a new tool during the Scientific Revolution? A. telescope B. microscope C. botany classification system D. Doppler radar

it is c botany classification system and i hope this help have an amazing day 

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Which is the best description of the living and working conditions of the urban poor at the turn of the twentieth century?


The best descriptions for the living and working conditions of the urban poor at the turn of the twentieth century, are: unsafe, unsanitary and unsanitary.


At the turn of twentieth century, and because of industrialization, and a decrease of opportunities in rural areas, the urban regions became overpopulated with people looking for jobs, easier access to the perks of city life, and running away from lack of opportunities in the country. As such, cities like Chicago, New York, among others not just in the United States, but around the world, began to face a problem of overcrowding especially in living areas, and the working places fared no better. In factories, there was little regulation on how workers did their jobs and apart from crowding, they had to face unsanitary conditions, which caused a lot of incidents and accidents. This without mentioning that buildings were not appropriately adapted to sustain so many workers safely, and ensure their safety. In living conditions things were not much better, and there was a burst of production of really small and clustered living units where families with more than 5 members could live in really small spaces. All these conditions made the urban poor face really unhealthy, unsafe and unsanitary situations.

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