How do you want to treat each other when there is a conflict? Please use something else besides respect.

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Well since earning respect is so hard, you can choose to talk it out. If that doesn't work, 
"pretend to apologize, because you hate them but you don't want conflict ." If they don't accept your apology then forget about him/her because she/he clearly doesn't care enough about you to resolve the conflict. 
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What are the minor conflicts in the other side of the hedge?

The narrator dies and wants to go back to his previous life but he has to force himself to learn to move on like everyone else

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And this new grief we bore with us to sea: our precious lives we had, but not our friends. No ship made sail next day until some shipmate had raised a cry, three times, for each poor ghost unfleshed by the Cicones on that field. What theme is best revealed by this conflict?


I would say that the theme revealed by this conflict in the excerpt is grief / sorrow.


In this excerpt, the speaker talks from a very sensitive position, talks about how beautiful their lives was, like if he or she felt nostalgic about the life they had, and how difficult it is to let go. It feels that the speaker is talking about the grief process, the sorrow he / she feels "for each poor ghost unfleshed by the Cicones on that field".

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Read the passage. excerpt from Act II, Scene 1, in A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare Helena I am your spaniel, and, Demetrius, The more you beat me I will fawn on you. Use me but as your spaniel: spurn me, strike me, Neglect me, lose me; only give me leave, Unworthy as I am, to follow you. In this passage Helena speaks of herself as Demetrius’s spaniel. Which mood does this metaphor create in this excerpt? A.It is affectionate because she is as loyal to him as a faithful dog. B.It is angry because she feels he has treated her no better than he would treat a dog. C.It is desperate because she is willing to be treated like a dog as long as she can be near him. D.It is fearful because he has threatened to beat her as he would a dog.

Answer:  C. It is desperate because she is willing to be treated like a dog as long as she can be near him.

Explanation: a metaphor is a figure of speech that consists in making a direct comparison between elements that aren't obviously related, without using the words "like" or "as" to make the comparison. It is often used to create an image in the readers' minds. In the given passage from Act II, Scene 1, in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare we can see an example of a metaphor when Helena says "I am your spaniel, and, Demetrius,  The more you beat me I will fawn on you" and it shows that she is desperate because she is willing to be treated like a dog as long as she can be near him.

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What does the value conflict mean

its a change of opinion created by differences in long-held beliefs 

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What is the external conflict in “To Build a Fire”? A. between human and dog B. between human and nature C. between human and human D. between human and God

The correct answer is B.

The conflict presented in "To Build a Fire," is between man and nature.

The man had been warned that it was too cold to travel, but being arrogant and smug, he decided to travel nonetheless. While was walking, the man fell through a thin patch of ice and could not start a fire to warm himself and save his own life.

This story shows the eternal conflict in which men underestimates nature and its dangers and believes he can conquer it all.

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In which stage of the plot do readers see the conflict resolve and learn the lesson. Rising action resolution falling action climax

Im pretty sure is the resolution 

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I want people to know that she was a great teacher who loved her family and her country. She had the courage to speak out and do something about the injustice. She worked hard to pass redress. When a group of people feel they have been treated unfairly by the government, the US Constitution guarantees you the right to redress the government. The Japanese Americans did that and because the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 was passed by Congress, our constitution is strong again. It was weakened by Executive Order 9066 when President Roosevelt ordered 120,000 innocent Japanese Americans into internment camps. Mary Tsukamoto always took the initiative to follow her beliefs. She was a respected author (she wrote the book, We the People, a Story of Internment in America), a political activist and someone who worked for world peace. She was selected by the California State Senate as a Notable Californian. What is the general topic that the paragraph concerns? inspirational women protesting injustice Japanese internment Chinese revolution


Inspirational women


The paragraph talks about Mary Tsukamoto and her life achievements. In my opinion, the most important achievement of her was her concerns protesting injustice and Japanese internment. Though that is just an example of how hard she worked and how she became respected and admired by many.

Also, I took the quiz on Edge and this was the correct answer. Hope this helps someone, have a great day!

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What does Rogers Dirty Face Symoblize in Thank You M'am? A. mrs Jones past B.Rogers poverty C. roger Lack of self respect decently D. rogers Fear PLEASE HELPPPP

i think it is Rodgers poverty but I am not a hundred percent sure.

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9.Which of the following elements of a traditional Greek tragedy is found in Othello? Select one: a. a prophet or seer to predict the end b. a main character in a position of power c. the audience knows the ending beforehand d. None of the above 10.When a character faces a reality that does not match their expectations, it is a source of _______________ in the piece of literature. Select one: a. conflict b. climax c. satire d. setting 11.An exchange student who expects to live in a fabulous, posh house while traveling to another country, but ends up in a cramped house with five little kids is an example of ___________________. Select one: a. juxtaposition b. satire c. allegory d. denouement 12.In the story S.O.R. Losers by Avi, the school forces a group of students with no interest in sports to form a soccer team. Based on this description, what is a plausible prediction for the story? Select one: a. The team wins the championship. b. The team loses every game. c. The students rebel against the school. d. The students love soccer. 13.Based on the following quote from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, what is the narrator's view of conquest? "The conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those who have a different complexion or slightly flatter noses than ourselves, is not a pretty thing when you look into it too much." Select one: a. adventure b. triumph c. simple d. ugly 14.Based on the following quote from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, what is the narrator's view of solitude? "…how can you imagine what particular region of the first ages a man's untrammeled feet may take him into the way of solitude - utter solitude without a policeman - by the way of silence - utter silence, where no warning voice of a kind neighbour can be […] heard by the whispering of public opinion?" Select one: a. it is a welcome taste of freedom b. one's mind can be warped without the opinions of others c. it provides clarity of thought d. none of the above

The answers are A,A,B,B,D,B but please take time to foind out why they are right and why the others are wrong.

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Midsummer Night's Dream Bottom can be described as A. Lacks confidence, selfish, but he means well B. Strong-willed, fiercely loyal C. Lacks self-respect, manipulative, but he means well D. Confident, foolish, but he means well

"Midnight Summer's Dream" is actually a comedy play that was written by William Shakespeare and the main character in this comedy is Nick Bottom. This play provides a comic relief. Nick Bottom is an outgoing character. He appears to be foolish and yet, he makes sense. Therefore, the answer to the question above is option D.

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Lord of the Flies is an allegorical tale about the conflict between “civilization” and “savagery”. When a group of English schoolboys become plane-wrecked on an uninhabited island, they first attempt to band together to create an orderly society. Food is gathered and signal fires are lit, but slowly a game of tug of war between chaos and order ensues. I wanted a short, readable book to ease me into the world of classic literature for my 2012 Classics Challenge and so I knew Lord of the Flies would be my first book. I was also aware that it had been placed into the dystopian genre. 58 years after Lord of the Flies was published, dystopia has become hugely popular, and so I wanted to see how it compared to the other dystopian books I’d read over the past year or so. I enjoyed finally getting to read this classic and slowly discovering the meanings behind certain things I’d seen or heard about before, such as the bloody sow’s head, the broken glasses, and why it is even called Lord of the Flies. I also appreciated the symbolism of the characters: Ralph, Jack, Simon and Piggy, as well things like the conch and the beast. I particularly enjoyed the first half of the book and seeing how the characters dealt with being stranded on a desert island. However, I was pretty distracted, for various reasons, while reading the rest of the book, and so I didn’t immerse myself into it as much as I should have. Even so, it was satisfying reading a novel that wasn’t completely straightforward, that had double meanings behind everything. Although, I did appreciate that I didn’t have to write a book report on it afterwards… As for the dystopian aspect, this surprised me. If I didn’t already know that it was considered to be an early dystopian novel, I’m not sure that it would’ve crossed my mind to put it in there. The novel’s less to do with social structure and social control systems and more to do with the conflicts within “human nature”. I tend to lean more towards the definition of “dystopia” meaning that society’s in a repressive and controlled state, rather than simply dysfunctional or a “bad place”. Overall, Lord of the Flies is an extremely readable classic. I can see why it has been chosen to study in schools - it’s about a lot more than the story, but I can also see that it’s easy to analyse it too much. It’s a shame that this has resulted in a lot of students despising the book. It’s worth reading on your own so you can make up your own mind about what the story represents. Rating: ★★★½ What type of writing is this? Question 1 options: A)Expository B)Persuasive C)Descriptive D)Narrative For this I chose persuasive s my answer .but it kind of seem descriptive .Therefore I'm torn on this.Thanks for the help.

I read it and i'd personally pick descriptive. just because, at the end it encourages you to read the book yourself. nowhere else in the writing does it try and sway you towards reading it.

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Which are features of myths? Check all that apply. supernatural gods or animals fantastic settings humorous elements that entertain the reader an attempt to explain the origin of the universe characters found in everyday life conflicts between worlds, beings, self, or natural elements everyday events

supernatural gods or animals

fantastic settings

an attempt to explain the origin of the universe

conflicts between worlds, beings, self, or natural elements

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We don’t breathe the same air speak the same language live in the same universe We are continents, worlds apart I am sorry my life has remained unscathed His scars still bleed, his bruises don’t fade If I could trade places with him I would pad the rest of his days wrap him in gauze and velvet absorb the shocks and treat his wounds I would scrub the numbers from his flesh extinguish the fire and give him back his life Analyze the conceits used in the stanzas and how they relate to the theme of the poem “Tattoo” by Gregg Shapiro.

In this poem, the author uses several conceits. A conceit is a type of metaphor that compares two unlikely things in a surprising or clever way. The unlikelihood of the comparisons often strengthens the impact of the conceits. In the case of the poem "Tattoo," the author uses conceits in two main ways. The first one is the fact that the author tries to emphasize the physical distance between him and his father by using the metaphor of continents and worlds. The second one is the fact that the author uses concrete items to talk about attacks and a desire to protect (gauze, velvet, etc.), when he is actually referring to emotional, not physical scars.

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