How does the author’s use of dialogue contribute to the story? A. It breaks up the paragraphs and makes reading the story easier. B. It allows the reader to better understand the characters. C. It provides a break from the narrative technique.

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B. It allows the reader to better understand the characters
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What term is used to refer to the emotional connection a word creates within a reader? A. Connotation B. Literacy C.symbolism D.Denotation

The answer must be D, denotation. Denotation has to do with the contrast or feelings of a word, so it should be D. I hope this helps :)

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Known for his narrative poems set in New England locales, Robert Frost may seem like a simple poet. Many people young and old can relate to his oft-read verse, including "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," "The Road Not Taken," and "Mending Wall." A second or third reading of Frost’s poems reveal, however, that his poetry is far from simple. Frost creates poems that are just as complex as they are accessible to the everyday reader. The effect is that they’re deceptively simple. "Mending Wall," published in 1914, is a perfect example of this. Frost's lines read easily on the surface. This belies how masterfully crafted the formal lines really are. This poem is about two neighbors' springtime ritual of repairing a stone wall that has been damaged both by the natural forces of winter and deliberately by hunters. The poem’s famous saying, "Good fences make good neighbors," is quoted in many different contexts. The poem’s first line, "Something there is that doesn't love a wall," shows from the beginning that Frost’s lines have a formal purpose. The lines have a literal meaning, but this meaning is reinforced by the way Frost constructed the lines. Frost’s use of inversion, wherein he writes the line in a turned-around way as he does instead of saying the more natural sounding, "There is something that doesn't love a wall," creates a sense of mystery and questioning, just as the first line of "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" does: "Whose woods these are I think I know." What type of essay is this?

More likely Robert Frost is a very famous poet and tends to get inspired by nature so I suggest that is is apart of nature

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1. Read the following lines from the poem "Eve to Her Daughters" in which the speaker describes Adam. In the process he had to on reveal everything, because he believed that mechanism was the whole secret- he was always mechanical minded. He got to the very inside of the whole machine exclaiming as he went, so this is how it works! And now that I know how it works, why, I must have invented it. As for God and the Others, they cannot be demonstrated, and what can I be demonstrated don't exist. You see, he had always been jealous. The details in these lines lead the reader to understand the Adam does not believe in the reality of A. God B. Secrets C. Inventions D. Mechanics 2. Read the following paragraph from "Saboteur" Then it dawned on him that Fenjin must have been sent over by his bride. What a stupid woman! A book worm, Who only know how to read for novels! He had expected that she would contact the school's Security Section, which would for sure send a cadre here. Fenjin held no official position; he merely worked in a private law firm that hurt just to lawyers; in fact, they had little business except for some detective work for men and women who suspected their spouses of having extramarital affairs. Mr. Chiu was overcome with a wave of nausea. Which of the following words best describes Mr. Chiu's feelings toward his wife? A. Infuriated B. Patient C. Patronizing D. Understanding Please check my work. I think 1 is A and 2 is Either A or C but I'm guessing it may be C but I think I may be incorrect on my guess.

Answer: 1. A. God

              2. A. Infuriated


Let's talk about the first question. From the excerpt, we may understand that Adam, after having a revelation, after understanding "how it works", concludes that, if he knows he it works, he "must have invented it". That seems to mean that, once man became rational and capable of logical thinking, he started to question God's existence - if God cannot be explained, he does not exist. Thus, the best answer seems to be letter A.

Let's move on to the second question. Right from the beginning of the excerpt, we may understand that Mr. Chiu is mad at his wife to the point of thinking "What a stupid woman!" Since she didn't do what he expected the way he expected it to be done, he thinks of her as useless. The adjective "patronizing" describes someone who acts with a superior attitude toward others, in a condescending manner, and that's why I do not believe it to be the best option. His words would be a mix of pity, contempt, and politeness. From the exclamation "What a stupid woman!", we can tell he's simply infuriated. So, I believe the best option to be letter A.

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Can u write a paragraph using these words feature record assuming metal launch thumbed incredibly developed episodes villains

Lily wanted to record the newly developed episodes about villains, but her TV was not working. So she decided to read the guide to how to use the TV. He guide was so thumbed, she could barely read it, but she figured out that one of the incredibly important parts of the TV was a little bent. She went to go fix it, only to find out that one of her metal tools was missing. Lily, assuming that her grandmother was home, decided to go watch the new show at her grandparents' house. She went over there and saw that the TV was on and her grandmother was watching a show about how rockets launch into space. Lily wondered why this was so important to her grandmother, but later found out that there was a special feature at the end of the episode. Lily and her grandmother then sat down together and watched a completely different show, forgetting about the new villain episodes and happily spending time together.

The end

Hope this helps... mark as Brainliest plz

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In the diary of Anne frank which theme is most supported by mr. Kraler and miep's gesture of bringing the cake to the annex on New Year's Day? A. Difficult times often make individuals stronger B. Family is often there to offer needed support C. Wartime often brings out great kindness in people D. Peace is appreciated most after it has been lost

In "The Diary of Anne Frank", the most supported theme by Mr. Kraler and Miep's gesture of bringing the cake to the annex on New Year's Day is option C. Wartime often brings out great kindness in people.

During the stay of the Franks, the Van Daans and Dussel in the annex, Miep and Mr. Kraler care about them and try to bring them anything they need. In fact, the group's life depends on the continual risks they take. They bring them, mostly food and other things they are asked to. It is due to their Dutch keepers generosity that the group managed to survive the dangers other Jews had to endure. In this way the theme that wartime often brings out great kindness in people is highlighted.

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Can you make a paragraph with the words feature record assuming mental launch thumbed developed incredibly episodes and villains

That's hard lol smsklsnananama

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Read the excerpt from "Why I Wrote 'The Yellow Wallpaper.'" This wise man put me to bed and applied the rest cure, to which a still-good physique responded so promptly that he concluded there was nothing much the matter with me, and sent me home with solemn advice to “live as domestic a life as far as possible,” to “have but two hours’ intellectual life a day,” and “never to touch pen, brush, or pencil again” as long as I lived. What social attitude of Gilman’s era does this excerpt best demonstrate? A.Women who were not married were considered dangerous. B.Women were not allowed to vote in local or national elections. C.Women were not supposed to exert themselves much physically. D.Women were not considered suited to work outside the home.

Answer: D.Women were not considered suited to work outside the home.

In this excerpt, Gilman describes her illness, and the treatment that she received by her doctor. Once Gilman felt fine, the doctor told her that she needed to remain at home and have a domestic life in order to be healthy. The doctor believed that Gilman's intellectual and public life was the reason for her illness. This shows that people at the time did not believe women should do much work outside of the home.

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Read the excerpt from "Mending Wall." We keep the wall between us as we go. To each the boulders that have fallen to each. And some are loaves and some so nearly balls We have to use a spell to make them balance: "Stay where you are until our backs are turned!" We wear our fingers rough with handling them. Oh, just another kind of out-door game, One on a side. It comes to little more: There where it is we do not need the wall: He is all pine and I am apple orchard. What does the line “And some are loaves and some so nearly balls” refer to? A. the lunch that the speaker shares. B. toys that they find while working. C. a game that the neighbor plays. D. the rocks that make the wall

The rocks that make the wall

Further Explanation:

“Mending Wall” is a narrative about two neighbours who meet each other during every spring in order to repair a stone wall which creates the division among their properties. This narrative was written by Robert Frost. The theme of this poem revolves around the wall and how both the neighbours perceive each other. During the spring of every year, the narrator contacts his older neighbour and they walk the wall as well as to replace the walls which have fallen.  

The narrator of the story thinks that his neighbour is less enlightened than he is and calls his neighbour by the name of “an Old-stone savage”. The narrator is the one who instigates the mending every year and also states that he would never do something mindlessly like his neighbour.  

Learn More:

1. The most influential and powerful members of a political party are most likely found

2. Why did President Reagan call for soviet leader Gorbachev to “tear down” the Berlin wall?

Answer Details:

Grade: High School

Chapter: Mending Wall

Subject: English

Keywords: Mending Wall, Neighbour, Narrator, Replace, Rocks, Mending, Instigate, Old-Stone, Mindlessly, Fallen.  

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I need a paragraph with using 4-5 with these words. Thanks The words Overcome Association Capitol Drought Dedicate Publicity Violence Conflicts Horizon Brillant

          As I awoke from  a deep sleep the sun shined through horizon. I thought about the violence in the dream that I was just having. As I had a brilliant idea mom walked in and said "Breakfast on the table late for work have a great day sweetie." I said "Thanks Mom."As was walking to her car outside some stupid kids hit her with paint. She became overcome with the words he was trying to say. 

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Read the excerpt below and answer the question. Behold, I answer to him who asks, What was God doing before He made heaven and earth? I answer not, as a certain person is reported to have done facetiously (avoiding the pressure of the question), He was preparing hell, says he, for those who pry into mysteries. (Book XI, Chapter 12) What does the word “facetiously” mean? lacking a serious or respectful attitude lacking pleasure or happiness nervously or anxiously quietly or privately


The word "facetious" means lacking a serious or respectful attitude  


The formal definition of the word facetious is to make fun of something or not to take something very seriously so it could refer to attitudes or personalities, in this case, taking away the seriousness or importance of the question or trying not to get to into a religious topic by talking about the things that God did.

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LAURA: Hello, mother, I was—[She makes a nervous gesture toward the chart on the wall. AMANDA leans against the shut door and stares at LAURA with a martyred look.] In the excerpt from The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, which element of drama is contained in brackets? dialect dialogue narration stage directions

The correct answer is D. Stage directions


In drama which is the representation of fiction through performance the term stage directions refers to the actions of the characters on the stage, this means the stage directions are the gestures, movements, position, and attitude of the characters during the events or scenes a play includes. These details and directions help the actors to know how to act and behave to fit with the characters they represent.

Additionally, these directions are usually linked to the lines or dialogues of the characters and included during scripts (a document that has all the information of a play) by using brackets or similar punctuation marks to separate the dialogues or words of the characters from their movements, gestures, and attitudes (stage directions). Considering the previous ideas, it can be concluded the information from the excerpt "The Glass Menagerie" that appears on brackets are D. the stage directions as this show the attitude and movements of the characters as in "She makes a nervous gesture toward the chart on the wall" which is the purpose of stage directions.

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PLEASE HELP ASAP!! THIS IS DUE TOMORROW!! WILL MARK AS BRAINLIEST IF ANSWERED NOW!! I need to make a summary of the following passage in your own words

This passage is saying how amazing it is that there is a Science museum finally opening. It's talking about all of the wonderful things that are going to be happening and in the museum. You can see how exciting and amazing the museum is just by the detail the author gives.

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Use the words atmosphere, energy, feature, measurement, rotation, solar system, solid, and surface in a short story

The launch of the ship took a lot of energy but eased as they sped through the atmosphere and into space.  The ship has a solid structure with a smooth interior surface. Buttons and lights blinked on and off and the beeping sounds filled the ships. The best feature of the ship was the monitor that measured the relative closeness of things within the solar system from the ship. With the rotation of the ship the monitor would move as well. With these things, the astronauts were ready for their long voyage into deep space.

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By beginning and ending “For the Union Dead” with images of breaking bubbles, Robert Lowell wants the reader to recognize _____.

The correct answer is: I know because I just checked my test!

that the monument of Colonel Shaw, like the aquarium, will one day likely be destroyed and forgotten

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A young girl with an uncontrolled magical power leaves her home to live alone in the forest. Which character motivation best matches this conflict? A. The girl hopes to find a prince to love. B. The girl loves her family and wants to protect them. C. The girl wishes to share her magic with others. D. The girl is angry with her family for loving her.


B). The girl loves her family and wants to protect them.


Conflict is illustrated as the clash betwixt two combatant forces. These conflicts bring action to the plot that leads to creating tension and interest in the narrative. The conflicts could be internal or external which serves to arise action and stress in the plot that enhances the curiosity of the audience and keep their interest intact(by leaving them uncertain about the upcoming events).

As per the question, the character motivation that best compliments the given conflict 'A young girl......forest' would be 'the girl loves her family and wants to protect them' which might have encouraged her to commit the action or step that she has done/taken. Thus, option B is the correct answer.

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Which do playwrights use to tell the actors how to move and behave A. dialogue B. stage directions C. narration character D. actions

I think the answer is B :)

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Read the paragraph. She was much taller than the other girls. Her mannerisms seemed more graceful to Charlie. When she spoke, her words were marked by a slight lilt, which Charlie found endearing. This paragraph contains imagery. characterization. symbolism. dialogue.

Answer: A) Characterization

Explanation: Characterization is a literary device used by the author to explain and describe the details about a character in a story, it can be a description about how the character looks like, but also its personality, beliefs and emotions. In the given paragraph we can see a clear example of characterization, in this case, the author is characterizing the girl through Charlie's point of view.

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Which element of satire uses exaggeration to make a point? A. Cultural conflict B. Irony C. Value condescension D. Hyperbole

The answer is D: Hyperbole.  The writers use satire to criticize corruption and foolishness of a society or an individual as fictional  characters. And this technique employs exaggeration, irony, ridicule or humor. Hyperbole is a form of exaggeration, which purpose is to lay stress and emphasis on an action or an idea by overstating it.

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