How is the great gatsby relevant to today's society?

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The Great Gatsby shows us a reminder of the American Dream. How the American Dream is not achieveable for all. James Gatz (Gatsby) wanted to make a new life for himself and become a different person. But in the end this blind pursuit of an ideal lead to his downfall. He believed that he could become anyone and do the impossible to change his social status. But as the novel shows it is not ideal for this occur, trying to change your self and become something can lead to blind pursuit of an ideal and this blind pursuit can lead to your downfall. Just like how Mrytle believed that by being with Tom she could suddenly become like the elite rich, she in the end couldn't change who she was and died. Just as Gatsby died, in the end they both died because they went after a dream they couldn't chase. So in essence Great Gatsby tells Americans the dangers of excess and waste and how the American Dream is not accesible to all.
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A ___ is a type of novel that places a great deal of emphasis on motives, circumstances, and interior characterization A. Sociological novel B. Novel of manners C. Picaresque novel D. Psychological novel E. Novel of sentiment F. Novel of incident


A Psychological novel is a type of novel that places a great deal of emphasis on motives, circumstances, and interior characterization.

D. Psychological novel


The psychological novel is the work of fiction. The novel deals with the internal thoughts, feelings, and motivations of the characters. The reactions which involve emotional and internal thoughts of the characters bring changes to the external events in the story.

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A young teacher must overcome a physical impairment in order to reach her young students. Which type of conflict is portrayed in this scenario? A. Character versus nature B. Character versus society C. Character versus character D. Character versus self

Answer: D. Character versus self.

Explanation: A In literature, a conflict is a literary element that consists in a struggle between two forces. Usually, is the main character who struggles against some other force. The conflict is what gives purpose to the characters and the story. In the portrayed scenario, we can see an example of a conflict of Character versus self, because the teacher is struggling with herself, in order to accomplish her goal.

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In conversation, the way we use the word tragic today _____. is exactly the way Shakespeare used it is not the way Shakespeare used it refers to punishment for serious wrongdoing refers to people who are doomed by their own actions


is exactly the way Shakespeare used it


The use of the word tragic is as same today as Shakespeare used. Merriam-Webster define the term as "of a kind to cause great distress."

Shakespeare had also used the term or evoked the feeling of tragic through his dramas and plays to cause great distress.

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According to Swift, what was the purpose of publishing Gulliver's Travels? A. He wanted to make fun of the upper class of England and their practices. B. He wanted to insult political officials so English society would call for their executions. C. He wanted to entertain readers with a funny and heartwarming story highlighting English characters. D. He wanted to correct human failings and remind people of basic human kindnesses

Jonathan Swift wittily wrote "Travels to Several Nations of the World" as a satire to depict the way kings governed and how society was constructed. By describing the advances in the nations that Gulliver visits and the great manners that smart horses can demonstrate, it is possible to say that he wanted to correct human failings and remind people of basic human kindness.

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1. All of the following lines from "Cranes" demonstrate the story's message about the effects of war on people except. A. "The northern village at the border of the Thirty-eighth Parallel was snugly settled under the high, bright autumn sky."**** B. "Then he suddenly he thought that Tokchae,too, must want a puff. But today, how could he offer a cigarette to a fellow like this?" C. "They made me vice-chairman of the league because I was one of the poorest and I was a hard-working farmer. If that constitutes a crime worthy of death, so be it." D. "I thought of evacuating, even if I hd to carry my father on my back. But my father said no. How could the farmers leave the land behind when the crops were ready for harvest?" 2. Read the following paragraphs from "Cranes." Without a moment's delay, still out of breath from running, they untied the crane's feet and wings. But the bird could hardly walk. It must have been worn out from being bound. The two held it up in the air. Then, all of a sudden, a shot was fired. The crane fluttered its wings a couple of times and came down again. It was shot, they thought. But the next moment, as another crane from a nearby bush fluttered its wings, the boys' crane stretched out its long neck with a whoop and disappeared into the sky. For a long time the two boys could not take their eyes away from the blue sky into which their crane had soared. Which word best describes the mood created by these paragraphs? A. Celebratory B. Comforting C. Admiring***** D. Tranquil I think 1 is A and 2 is C. I'm not 100% sure if I'm correct or not.

The questions on my unit test for the East Asia and Pacific Rim were different for question 1, so do not have that for sure.

2. c. admiring

Just took test.

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HELP! Read the following sentence from "the old man and the sea" (1) In Ernest hemingways novel The old man and the sea, the main character is Santiago. (2) He endures severe physical hardship. (3) The hardship come mainly in his fight with the great fish. (4) A painful loss is also suffered by him when sharks eat most of the great fish on the long journey back to shore. (5) Despite the suffering and loss, however, the novel is affirmative and hopeful, stressing the power of humans to reach for greatness and to inspire greatness in others. Which of the following best describes the writer's intention in sentence 5 in relation to the rest of the passage? A) To restate the opening sentence B) To present an interpretation C) To provide example D) To summarize the paragraph


The one that best describes the writer's intention in sentence 5 in relation to the rest of the passage is to present an interpretation.


This excerpt introduces the topic in the first line and the following ones give examples of the events in the story of the main character, then the sentence number 5 expresses how the writer feels towards the general message of the story, and by saying that it is affirmative and hopeful despite all the hard time the character has to pass through, is giving they understanding of the story.

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2.Read the following paragraph found in the selection from "From Emperor to Citizen." The "Articles for Favorable Treatment" stipulated that I could live temporarily in the Imperial Palace without fixing any definite time limit. Apart from three large halls that were handed over to the Republic, the rest of the Forbidden City continued to belong to the Imperial Palace. It was in this tiny world that I was to spend the most absurd childhood possible until I was driven out by the soldiers of the National Army in 1924. I call it absurd because at a time when China was called a republic and mankind had advanced into the twentieth century, I was still living the life of an emperor, breathing the dust of the nineteenth century. After reading this paragraph, what can the reader most likely conclude about China? A. It is a country that is defined by strict rules.***** B. It is a country that favors tradition over progress. C. It is a country that honors its royalty with extravagant living. D. It is a country that struggled to find its place in a global society. I think the answer is either A or B but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?


B. It is a country that favors tradition over progress.  


The text claims that China wanted to keep the traditions of the nineteenth century, even if the world was in the twentieth century and China has shown a promising breakthrough, whether in technology, government, or any other situation in the country. The part of the excerpt that makes clear that China is a country that favors the tradition of progress, is the passage: " I call it absurd because at a time when China was called a republic and mankind had advanced into the twentieth century, I was still living the life of an emperor, breathing the dust of the nineteenth century. "

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Which sentence correctly uses the past perfect tense? A. Last night, he dreamed about visiting the Great Wall of China. B. He had dreamed about the Great Wall of China long before he visited it. C. Again this evening, he will be dreaming of the Great Wall of China. D. He dreams about visiting the Great Wall of China one day

Sentence which correctly uses the past perfect tense is, B. He had dreamed about the Great Wall of China long before he visited it.

Past perfect tense refers to the actions which have begun in the past and finished in the past itself when another action happened.  

It is formed by, had + past form of the verb

In the above sentence, the first action that "He had dreamed about the Great Wall of China" is finished by the second act of "he visited it."

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Which of the following is the strongest claim for an argumentative research paper? A. Many residents have noticed that the shore along Silver Lake is riddled with litter. B. Many families think that Silver Lake is a great place to enjoy water sports and beach activities. C. Limiting activities along Silver Lake will reduce pollution in the lake and along its shore. D. Silver Lake offers recreational activities that are more fun than those at Mirror Lake.

The correct answer is: Option C. Limiting activities along Silver Lake will reduce pollution in the lake and along its shore.

An argumentative research paper picks a topic to be analyzed within the content, but the author is compelled to include information on the matter as evidence to support their claims.

Regarding Option C, the author is adamant and confident on the outcome of their claim, which can be noted with their use of the auxiliary verb "will" - meaning that said proposal will have an impact on somebody's interests. The reader is able to argue on this claim.

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A comedy of manners is a type of dramatic comedy that ________ the rules and behaviors of a society. A. Accurately Potrays B. Humorously Critiques C. Scientifically Studies D. Mathematically Measures

A comedy of manners is a type of dramatic comedy that B. Humorously critiques the rules and behaviors of a society.

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How do John Milton's sonnets shape society?

John Milton wrote in a wide range of genres, in several languages, and on an extraordinary range of subjects.He remade the moral, political, and cultural world around him; without him, the world we live in would look different.  One thing he offers, therefore, is a case for an education in the humanities – in languages, in philosophy and history, in literature, music, and art – as a route towards meaningful reflection on human life, and towards a considered contribution to civilisation's progress

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Write a paragraph explaining Gatsby's love to Daisy.

Gatsby know that he can't have daisy but we still do anything to try get her to be his own
Just go off of that

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In preparation for a group discussion, read about Henry David Thoreau’s passion for nature and the outdoors. I wish to speak a word for Nature, for absolute freedom and wildness, as contrasted with a freedom and culture merely civil – to regard man as an inhabitant, or a part and parcel of Nature, rather than a member of society. I wish to make an extreme statement, if so I may make an emphatic one, for there are enough champions of civilization: the minister and the school committee and every one of you will take care of that. I have met with but one or two persons in the course of my life who understood the art of Walking, that is, of taking walks – who had a genius, so to speak, for SAUNTERING. –“Walking,” Henry David Thoreau In a group discussion, a participant says, “I hate walking. Why walk when you can just get a ride?” Write three to four sentences in which you share your own viewpoint. Be sure to provide evidence and refer to the passage you just read.

Henry David Thoreau was an American essayist, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, and historian, two of his greatest works are: "Resistance to Civil Government" (also known as "Civil Disobedience") and "The Mask of Anarchy". His ideals can be summarized by this statement: “the Government should not have more power than the bestowed by its citizens”.

Henry David Thoreau was even imprisoned for refusing to pay taxes in protest for the Mexican-American War and the slavery.

Thoreau was an idealist; he opposed the oppression and tyranny from the government and I think that more people like him should exist for we need more free thinkers to defend the common citizen from the oppressive government we sometimes have.

But for now let us focus on his naturalist points of view, he loved nature and all contact with it, he spent a very long time in isolation in a cottage in the woods to get in contact with nature in a deeper sense.

I think walking is an excellent exercise, but we need to be specific about the kind of walking we can get. There is walking inside of the house in a walking machine of any kind, there is walking on the streets, there is walking on the park, on the beach. I think the best place to walk is a good, away from the city forest, where you can hear yourself breathing, where you can concentrate on nothing more than the nature surrounding you, or as Thoreau would say: "I wish to speak a word (with) Nature, for absolute freedom and wildness". Walking as a means of exercise is good but walking to become, for a couple of hours at least, a part of nature, is the real thing. As Thoreau would put it : I want to become "a part and parcel of Nature, rather than a member of society. "

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Take a few moments to reflect on the definition of the word tragedy. What do you think makes a play, movie, or piece of literature a tragedy? What role do you think tragedies play in our society? Why are they important? Compose a journal entry answering these questions.20 points

For the first one, i would think a world tragedy is 9/11. what makes a play, movie, or pice of literature a tragedy is if someone dies in it. the role it plays is about terrorism and war. well they arnt important. if there wanst any war or terrorism, the world would be so much more peacful. i hope these where the answer you where looking for.

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In "Wilson's War Message to Congress" the word "extraordinary" is repeated in order to A.communicate Wilson’s opinion of the United States government. B.make the message of war as concise as possible. attention to the greatness of the members of Congress. D.emphasize the importance of the meeting and its special purpose.

The word extraordinary is repeated two times - in the beginning of the  document. President Wilson calls the session extraordinary because the gathering has got such an importance considering the responsibility of the case. Then, in the next paragraph the president calls the announcement extraordinary and explains its purpose. We can observe that the word extraordinary is related with meeting. The correct answer is D.

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Which word best describes the mood of this passage? A) Gloomy B) Menacing C) Cautious D) Lighthearted Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (excerpt) "Show us where you live," said the man. "Pint out the place!" I pointed to where our village lay, on the flat in-shore among the alder-trees and pollards, a mile or more from the church. The man, after looking at me for a moment, turned me upside down, and emptied my pockets. There was nothing in them but a piece of bread. When the church came to itself,—for he was so sudden and strong that he made it go head over heels before me, and I saw the steeple under my feet,—when the church came to itself, I say, I was seated on a high tombstone, trembling while he ate the bread ravenously. "You young dog," said the man, licking his lips, "what fat cheeks you ha' got." I believe they were fat, though I was at that time undersized for my years, and not strong. "Darn me if I couldn't eat em," said the man, with a threatening shake of his head, "and if I han't half a mind to't!" I earnestly expressed my hope that he wouldn't, and held tighter to the tombstone on which he had put me; partly, to keep myself upon it; partly, to keep myself from crying.

Answer: C) Cautious

This excerpt transmits a cautious mood. The narrator is telling us of the man he has met. The man is slightly scary, but not outright dangerous. It is clear that he makes the narrator slightly uncomfortable, but he does not seem to be completely threatening. Therefore, while the narrator continues to interact with him, he does so with a cautious attitude.

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What are two different his between the people in Shakespeare's time period and the people today?

(Assuming you meant, 'things', I will answer the question accordingly)

Well, the themes are still the same. The only difference may be the language. Shakespeare used old English (also known as early English). That is why we need a translation for some parts of his plays. 

Also, back then, it was mostly about the monarchs, kings, queens, etc. So they had a different way of doing things. 

However, the themes still remain common to us today, which makes his work unique and interesting. 

Hope this helps. Comment for more help if needed. :) 

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Offering 20 points!!!Realism was a popular literary movement in nineteenth-century America. American realist writers attempted to convey life authentically by including elements in their works such as true-to-life settings and characters, as well as regional dialects that reflected how people really talked. Which of the following excerpts contain elements of realism? ("No, you won't. Set down and stay where you are. I ain't going to hurt you, and I ain't going to tell on you, nuther. You just tell me your secret, and trust me. I'll keep it; and, what's more, I'll help you. So'll my old man if you want him to. You see, you're a runaway 'prentice, that's all. It ain't anything. There ain't no harm in it. You've been treated bad, and you made up your mind to cut. Bless you, child, I wouldn't tell on you. Tell me all about it now, that's a good boy.") (Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) (She had pagan eyes, full of nocturnal mysteries, and their light, as it came and went, and came again, was partially hampered by their oppressive lids and lashes; and of these the under lid was much fuller than it usually is with English women. This enabled her to indulge in reverie without seeming to do so—she might have been believed capable of sleeping without closing them up. Assuming that the souls of men and women were visible essences, you could fancy the colour of Eustacia's soul to be flamelike. The sparks from it that rose into her dark pupils gave the same impression.) (Thomas Hardy, The Return of the Native) (Then the gardener's eldest son set out and thought to find the golden bird very easily; and when he had gone but a little way, he came to a wood, and by the side of the wood he saw a fox sitting; so he took his bow and made ready to shoot at it. Then the fox said, 'Do not shoot me, for I will give you good counsel; I know what your business is, and that you want to find the golden bird. You will reach a village in the evening; and when you get there, you will see two inns opposite to each other, one of which is very pleasant and beautiful to look at: go not in there, but rest for the night in the other, though it may appear to you to be very poor and mean.') (Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm, Grimm's’ Fairy Tales) Now, as Christian was walking solitarily by himself, he espied one afar off, come crossing over the field to meet him; and their hap was to meet just as they were crossing the way of each other. The gentleman's name that met him was Mr. Worldly Wiseman, he dwelt in the town of Carnal Policy, a very great town, and also hard by from whence Christian came. This man, then, meeting with Christian, and having some inkling of him,—for Christian's setting forth from the City of Destruction was much noised abroad, not only in the town where he dwelt, but also it began to be the town talk in some other places,—Mr. Worldly Wiseman, therefore, having some guess of him, by beholding his laborious going, by observing his sighs and groans, and the like, began thus to enter into some talk with Christian.) (John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress)

The first one contains the most elements of realism. 

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Which of the following factors are relevant to selecting a topic for a research paper? A. your access to research material B. your interest in the topic C. your classmates’ opinions on the topic D. your teacher’s guidelines for the paper Its multiple answers

rid  Brainly ChampionThe factors that are relevant to selecting a topic for a research paper are your access to research material,
your interest in the topic, and your classmates’ opinions on the topic. These will help you select the best topic for your research paper.

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