How many different allele combinations would be found in the gametes produced by a pea plant whose genotype was RrYY? A) 16 B) 8 C) 4 D) 2

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Answer: The correct answer is D) 2

Th genotype of the pea plant is RrYY, which shows that it has two genes that are corresponding to two different traits that are color ( Rr) and shape ( YY) of the seed.

During gamete formation, the alleles ( different forms of gene like R and r here) of these genes are segregated and enter in the gametes. There are two allele for the gene corresponding to color that is R and r, whereas gene for shape has only one type of allele that is Y.

Two different type of allelic combinations are found ( refer attachment) in the gametes, which are RY and rY.

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DNA contains all of the genetic information for a cell and is often called the A) architect of the cell. B) blueprint for the cell. C) powerhouse of the cell. D) control center of the cell.

The best answer is B.

DNA is sometimes referred to as the blue print of the cell's information because it is the store house in which all genetic information necessary for the cell's survival and reproduction is kept.

Without DNA, there cannot be any continuation of life and  no new generation of organisms. All living cells and organisms are essentially made up of protein in different forms. Apart from water, proteins are the most abundant molecules in the cell and body where they serves as the major  structural component and are  essential for growth and maintenance. Information for all these proteins is found in DNA. Without DNA, there can be no protein hence no life.

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What is the purpose of the fruit that develops on a flowering plant?

The primary purpose of fruit that develops on flowering plants is protection  and dispersal of seed.

A fruit is a seed container that develops from an ovary and any of the tissues that surround it.  Fruits are products of flowers and will therefore be found only in flowering plants.

The fruit protects the developing seed and aids in the dispersal of fully developed seeds which is accomplished by animals when they are attracted the fruit and eat it, walk off and defecate out the seeds elsewhere.

Fruits that develop from other flower parts apart from the ovary are called accessory fruits (pomes) e.g.  melons and squash

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Which of the following answers contain four disease causing organism? a. protozoa, inchworms, viruses, bacteria b. bacteria, virus, protozoa, fungi c. virus, bacteria, antibiotics, mitochondria d. protozoa, fungi, antibiotics, virus

The best answer is B.

Bacteria can be agents of disease. Diseases caused by bacteria are called bacterial infections.  Examples are typhoid which is caused by a bacteria called Salmonella and sore throat which is cause by a bacteria called Streptococcus

Viruses are smaller than bacteria but they have to invade and enter cells in order to live. They can cause  diseases such as HIV Aids and Hepatitis.

Protozoa are unicellular organisms mostly found in water. An example is amoeba which can cause amoebic dysentery.

Fungi are organisms which feed on dead organic matter. They can cause diseases such as Athletes foot in man.

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Which two structures are found ONLY in plant cells? A) vacuoles and ribosomes B) chloroplasts and ribosomes C) cell walls and chloroplasts D) endoplasmic reticulum and cell walls

The best answer is  C.

Plant cells are surrounded by a cell wall and have chloroplasts whereas animal cell do not.

The cell wall is  a covering that is rigid whose main purpose is to protect the cell and give structural support as well shape to the plant cell. The equivalent of a cell wall in animal cell is the cell membrane, which has distinct differences from the plant  cell wall.

Chloroplasts are plant  cell organelles which carry out photosynthesis by which plants make their own food. These are absent from animal cells because animals do not make their own food, they ingest it from external sources.

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A man has an air conditioner he wants to load into the back of his truck. Instead of lifting the air conditioner and carrying it to the truck, he improvises a ramp. He takes a board that is 3.6 meters long and places one end of it in the back of his truck, 1.2 meters off the ground. He leaves the other end of the board on the ground. He places the air conditioner on a dolly and pushes them both up the ramp and into the truck. What is the mechanical advantage of the ramp? A) 2.5 B) 3.0 C) 4.32 D) 4.8


Option B, 3.0


Basically , mechanical advantage help us is determining force that is required to pull up an object of certain weight over the ramp. It is a ratio and its general formula is

MA = \frac{L}{H}

Where L represents the length of  the inclined ramp and H represents the height of the inclined ramp

Substituting the given values in above equation, we get -

MA = \frac{3.6}{1.2} \\MA = 3.0

Hence , the mechanical advantage is 3.0

Option B is correct

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How are genes and alleles related to genotypes and phenotype ?

Genes and alleles are what someone is composed of (the genotype). Dominant genes passed down from parents are more likely to show on appearance (the phenotype) although not always.

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A generator converts mechanical energy into _____________________ energy. A) chemical Eliminate B) electrical C) light D) sound

the answer is B)electrical

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According to Mendel’s law of dominance, we would expect _________ percent of the offspring to have white flowers. A) 0 B) 25 C) 50 D) 75

Answer: The correct answer for the fill in the blank is A) Zero.

According to Mendel's law of dominance, in a cross between parents that are true breeding for a contrasting trait (like plant with pure purple and white flowers), only one form is expressed in the next generation and that form is called dominant trait.

As per the Mendelian inheritance, purple flower color is dominant over white flower color. When parents that are pure breeding for purple and white flower ( PP and pp) are crossed, they will produce all purple flowers ( Pp) in the first generation as purple is dominant trait.

Thus, percent of offsprings with white flowers is zero.

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What is the name of the polysaccharide that plant use to store the sugar that is produced in photosynthesis

cellulose is a major component of plant cell walls. Plant cells store sugars in the form of a polysaccharide called starch

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Most electrical power generation (except for solar) converts motion into electricity using a generator. The two required components for a generator are A) a turbine and a source of electrons to move. B) an armature free to spin and a permanent field magnet, C) a coil of wire and a magnet in relative motion to induce an electric current. D) two coils of wire connected by an iron core to create changing electric fields.


a turbine and a source of electrons to move.


A generator uses electromagnetic induction to generate electricity. The essentials components are a coil of wire and a magnet in relative motion to induce an electric current.

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Which is produced when an egg cell is fertilized by a sperm cell? a. larva b. an embryo c. a spore d. pollen

The correct answer is B.

Formation of an embryo begins  when the sperm cell meets an egg. When they meet, a zygote  is first formed. A zygote is a single diploid cell created when two haploid cells merge.

The zygote begins to divide , and when this division starts, the zygote turns into an embryo. So an embryo is an organism that is at the early stages of development and which is not able to survive on its own.

The term embryo is used only  to refer to eukaryotes or organisms that are multi cellular.

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Why do two flowers of the same species have different color petals? A. photosynthesis B. expression of an acquired trait C. exposure to sunlight D. expression of inherited trait

B. expression of an acquired trait, if it was d they would both inherit it

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What type of learning shapes innate behaviors? A. No learning is necessary. B. Operant conditioning C. Habituation D. Insight learning

Operant conditioning shapes the innate Behaviours in individuals.

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Which of the following is a need of most plants? A. To release carbon dioxide to the environment. B. To take up oxygen from the environment. C. To release water through their leaves. D. To capture sunlight to perform photosynthesis.

The  best  answer is D.

Plants need energy to grow and reproduce. This energy is gotten by the process of cellular respiration. This  process uses  carbohydrates as  substrate .

To be able to get carbohydrates, plants, unlike animals, have to manufacture it. Animals do not make their own food but plants do.

The plants therefore must engage in photosynthesis to make carbohydrates and this requires light to provide solar energy to drive the process, thus most plants, especially green plants, must have sunlight , without which they cannot live.

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The derived characteristic of protostome development is found in which of the following phyla? A. Sponges B. Roundworms C. Cnidarians D. Echinoderms

The correct answer is roundworm.

The evolution of worm like aquatic animals led to the formation of protostome. During development the first opening develops into mouth and the anus forms secondarily. This kind of a structure is seen in the roundworm.The common ancestors was evidently worm like aquatic animals.The phylum such as nematoda, mollusca, annelida and arthopods have prostostome developed body.

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Genetic flow is the transfer of __________ from one population to another? A) cells B) genes C) money D) natural resources

Answer: The correct answer for the blank is-

B)  genes.

Genetic flow can be described as the migration of a gene variant ( also called allele) from one population to another population.

In other words, it represents transfer of gene from one population to another.

If gene flow is higher in a population, then the migrant and the existing populations are said to be a single population as gene flow occurs through interbreeding of organisms.

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A train rolls to a stop along a horizontal track without the conductor applying the brakes. What answer choice BEST explains why this occurred? A) The train ran out of momentum. Eliminate B) The opposing force of friction stopped the train. C) The natural state of the train is not to be in motion. D) The force of gravity slowed the train until it stopped.

Answer: B)  The opposing force of friction stopped the train.


From Newton's first law of motion, we know that an object remains in the state of rest or constant motion unless and until acted upon by an unbalanced net force.

Here, the rolls to a stop along a horizontal track without application of break. There is absence of an applied force. It means that a force of friction acting in the opposite direction of motion train eventually brought it to rest state. Hence, the correct option is B.

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Which type of organic molecule is a starch? a. protein b. carbohydrate c. nucleic acid d. lipid

The best answer is B.

Carbohydrates, also known as saccharides , are molecular compounds made from only three elements namely carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

They are also known as sugars. Some of these sugars are simple molecules called monosaccharides, such glucose made from just one molecule. Other carbohydrate molecules are very large, such as  starch.

Starch is made up of a large number of monosaccharides namely glucose. Plants use starch as a way to store glucose and also as food in some mitochondrial processes.

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Operons allow prokaryotes to...? a. replicate DNA at the appropriate time. b. avoid mutations. c. keep their DNA organized. d. conserve energy ( Update; D. is the correct answer )

d. conserve energy so that only sequences are synthesised when required.

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A carbon atom has six electrons. How are these electrons shared in its atomic orbital shells? a.The inner shell contains two electrons and the b. outer shell contains four electrons. c.The inner shell contains four electrons and the outer shell contains two electrons . Both shells contain three electrons each.


The correct answer is B: outer shell contains 4 electrons.


Carbon atomic number is 6. Its electronic configuration is 1s2 2s2 2p2.

As you can see from the electronic configuration the inner shell has 2 electrons and the outer shell with principal quantum number 2 has 4 electrons. So the correct answer is B.

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What is the waterway between Siberia and Alaska called today? A) Cape of Good Hope B) Magellan Strait C) Caribbean Sea D) Bering Strait

Bering Strait was the name. It was named after Vitus Bering, a Danish captain, who sailed into the strait in 1728.

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How is the mass number calculated for an element? A. The difference between the mass and the protons B. There is no calculation. C. The product of neutrons and protons D. The sum of protons and neutrons

The best answer is D.

The mass number of an element is the sum of the number of protons and the number of neutrons. Protons and neutrons both weigh about one atomic mass unit or amu.

The nucleus of an atom is made up of protons and neutrons. Both these two types of particles are almost the same size.  Almost all the mass of an atom (99%) is in the nucleus. Atomic mass therefore is really a measure of the size of the nucleus.

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Which of the following plant hormones is responsible for inhibiting cell division and promoting dormancy? A. Auxins B. Ethylene C. Cytokinins D. Abscisic acid

it is the abscisic acid that follows the hormones to make the plant to produce more plants

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Which is one function of steroids? a) waterproofing leaves and feathers b) insulating and protecting bones and organs c) serving as chemical messengers d) providing energy storage

The correct answer is option c) serving as chemical messengers.

The steroids are the compounds, which transfer chemical message from one place to another. The steroids bind to the cells and activate the receptors of the steroid hormones. the steroid hormones are very important for many physiological processes, as well the development of sexual structures.

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Which of the following is not a major function of the roots? A. Development of root pressure that drives movement B. Uptake of nutrients C. Photosynthesis D. Providing a membrane in which osmosis moves water across

who needs roots and what good have they done to you? movement- no when roots cone out they come out vertically in the instance that they do not have movement

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