How were both the great compromises and the three- fifths compromise related to population?

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Okay, so the three-fifth compromise was about slaves being counted as three fifths of the south's population. The great compromise was that the amount of representatives to the house would be proportional with their population, while the senate would just have two Representative.
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What attempts did the North and the South make to compromise? What were the results?

Lincoln tired to end slavery. The north wasn't having it but the south wanted to keep it

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Russia had a special ethnic tie with Serbia because both countries had Slavic populations. Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia in July 1914. How this could lead to widespread war

Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia and July 1914. Use the - 2628215. ... Russia had special ethnic tie with Serbia because both countries had Slavic populationsAustria Hungary declared war on Serbia and July 1914. Use the map to explain how this could lead to widespread war

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Select all that apply: What are the basic units of each party at each level? 1) mass meeting 2) committee 3) public relations

Mass meeting


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Between three and four percent of France’s population were noblemen of Protestant faith. T OR F

The answer would be true

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"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations." This excerpt from an inaugural address was given as the the country was emerging from A) World War I. B) the Civil War. C) the Great Depression. Eliminate D) Kennedy's assassination


B) the Civil War


This was President Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural speech that governed the country in the context of the Civil War. In the speech, the president mourned the terrible war, the deaths of Americans, and credited God with the will for the end or continuation of the war. In this speech, Lincoln set the tone for his plan for the reconstruction of the country that would emerge after the civil war, which would take care of Americans, families of the dead in particular, and rebuild a nation based on peace.

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The Compromise of 1887 helped end an election deadlock between Hayes and Tilden, but also essentially ended which of the following


The Reconstruction Era


After the election with the winning of the Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877, he supervised the end of Reconstruction in the south, by withdrawing the federal army from their posts shielding Louisiana and South Carolina, and providing Democrats to take control in both those these states.

The restoring of the South after the war is known as the Reconstruction. This era continued from 1865 to 1877. The idea of this Reconstruction was to assist the South to become a part of the Union.                            

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True or False: favorable statistics of population and Industrial Development invariably decide the outcome of a war.

True that happen  that used industrial

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In Stalin's opinion, why did the USSR decide to go to war with Germany? a. because people of the world- including dissenters in Germany- has approved their cause b. because great Britain would be fighting with the soviets c. because soviet troops - including the navy - had received threats from German ships d. because Hitler took polish territory when he broke the nonaggression pact

The correct answer is Option A: because people of the world- including dissenters in Germany- has approved their cause.

Joesph Stalin justified the war of Soviet Union with Hitler's Germany because he believed that everyone was on his side. He believed the world had approved his cause to fight tyranny.

He also believed many Germans did not like Hitler and were also supportive of his cause.

We should not forget that the people of Soviet Union were already supporting Stalin.

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How did the great depression prepare Roosevelt for the war effort

It's a circuitous relationship, as the Depression did not constrain us into war, and truth be told, amid the greater part of the 1930s made us more independent. Yet, as the war in Europe warmed up in the last some portion of the decade, it turned out to be evident that the Allies, Britain, and France, couldn't remain all alone.

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Read the following excerpt from the Civil Rights Act of 1964. No person acting under any color of law may deny the right of any individual to vote in any Federal election because of an error or omission on any record of paper relating to any application, registration, or other act requisite to voting. Which of the following conclusions can be drawn based on this excerpt? A. States were intentionally placing errors on voter registration applications to keep African Americans from voting. B. States were nullifying voter applications due to errors and omissions on the forms. C. Voters did not understand how to accurately fill out voter registration forms. D. Voters were refusing to complete some sections of voter registration forms.

The following conclusion can be drawn based on the excerpt:

A. States were intentionally placing errors on voter registration applications to keep African Americans from voting.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, is talking about people whose right to vote is being denied. The fact that the act states that no one should be denied the right to vote due to errors or omissions in required records to vote, demonstrates that this was being a common excuse to prevent African Americans from voting. A way to stop states from doing this, was simply to pass an act in which this method was not longer useful to prevent some people from voting.

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What was a push factor for the Great Migration? A. Jim Crow Laws B. Homestead Act C. Territorial Rights D. Act Reservation Designations

The correct answer is A) Jim Crow Laws.

The Great Migration was a time period in US history during the early 20th century that resulted in the moving of millions of African-Americans from Southern states to Northern states. One of the biggest push factors behind this were Jim Crow laws.

Jim Crow laws were dominant in Southern states. These laws resulted in the development of segregated schools, public facilities, etc. These laws essentially limited the political and economic opportunities of African-Americans. This helps to explain why so many people left the south.

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What happened in the farmland of the Great Plains in the 1930s? The government bought all the farms. Strong winds and drought created a Dust Bowl. Cotton farmers switched to farming barley. Soybean crops were smaller than usual.

The answer would be 'Strong winds and drought created a Dust Bowl'

The Dust Bowl, also known as the Dirty Thirties, was a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the American and Canadian prairies during the 1930s.

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How old was Alexander the Great when he died? A. 18 B. 27 C. 33 D. 39

Alexander the Great was 32 when he died. But your answer choices do not say 32 so the closest is 33. So your answer is C - 33. Hope, I helped

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All of the following are true statements about abolitionists, EXCEPT: A. They were outspoken and strong-willed. B. They regularly terrorized people who disagreed with them. C. They were seen as a radical group by many people in the North. D. They made up only a small percentage of the population in the North.

B abolitionists did not terrorise people who disagreed with them because they were fighting for equality and that y=woulkdntr get them what they wanted/needed.

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Another oil bust would have a great impact on Texas. A. Texans have drilling rigs in storage. B. Oil is still a leading industry in Texas. C. The price of oil changes constantly. D. Oil shortages raise the price of oil.

Another oil bust would have a great impact on Texas.    

A. Texans have drilling rigs in storage.  

B. Oil is still a leading industry in Texas.  

C. The price of oil changes constantly.  

D. Oil shortages raise the price of oil.

 answer is c

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Which offers the BEST description of the location of Australia's major cities and population centers? A) They are primarily located along the coast. B) They are all primarily located in Western Australia. C) They are primarily located in the interior of the country. D) More cities are located in the northern half of the country than the southern half.

I would have to Say D. On this because looking at the map even though I am not from Australia. It makes the most sense to state there's more cities in the upper then the bottom cause all of the rest wouldn't make sense. Coast is the top of the country and it barely has any cities so that is false C is false. There are more cities outside of the interior then in the interior. so again that would be false. So If I had to choose. I'd go with D. I am sorry if i'm wrong. I hope you have a good day though

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Cochise and Geronimo were great warriors of the ____ nation. Apache Papago Navajo Hopi


  • Apache


Cochise was the pioneer of the Chihuicahui neighborhood gathering of the Chokonen and main boss (or nantan) of the Chokonen band of the Chiricahua Apache.  

Geronimowas an unmistakable pioneer and prescription man from the Bedonkohe band of the Apache clan. From 1850 to 1886 Geronimo united with individuals from three other Chiricahua Apache groups—the Tchihende, the Tsokanende and the Nednhi—to do various attacks just as protection from US and Mexican military battles in the northern Mexico conditions of Chihuahua and Sonora, and in the southwestern American domains of New Mexico and Arizona. Geronimo's strikes and related battle activities were a piece of the delayed time of the Apache–United States strife, which began with American settlement in Apache terrains following the end of the war with Mexico in 1848.

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Which of these political debates is MOST closely related to the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

You gave no choices with the question, but after some research the separation of church and state is a debate closely related to the 1st amendment.

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In what three ways did the invention of the Gutenberg press affect Europe?

The three ways in which the invention of the Gutenberg press affected Europe were:

Literacy rates increased as books became more accessible.

Printers could mass-produce books quickly.

Books became less expensive to buy.

The Gutenberg press marked the first movable type printing press. It made possible mass media to be published in a time that scribes were the only form of printing. Books were mass produced and they were cheaper and more accessible to people.

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How is the population of Texas described? I will give brainliest to the one who answers with two or more sentences and also who doesn't put what ever.

The population of taxes can be describe as a fast growing population. its is the state with the fasted growing population.

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