I don't know how i would even go about this question without more information

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Because the trapezoid is isosceles, the desired angle is equal to 180-31=149.
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Explain how to graph information from the table

The table gives you x and y coordinates. The graph has an x and y axis. Your x coordinates are paired with your y coordinates. Remember to always start at the origin, when plotting your points. For example, if the table gave you 2 for x and 3 for y. You would go 2 units across and 3 units up. Then, plot that point. Continue plotting the points and then if it's a linear graph, make a line with a ruler going through the points.

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If you are presenting very complex and complicated information, it is best to: a. use vivid descriptions. b. simplify ideas and concepts. c. motivate your audience. d. include appropriate humor.


The correct answer is: option: b

b. simplify ideas and concepts.

Step-by-step explanation:

If you are presenting a very complex and complicated information than it is best to:

b. simplify ideas and concepts.

Since it is useless to present the information which is difficult for every one to understand . If there is a  clear and accurate explanation of the ideas and the concepts that are included in the presentation then it will have a good impact on the audience.

The best presentation is one which is best described and creates no issues or misunderstandings.

Hence, the correct answer is:

Option: b

simplify ideas and concepts.

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Can someone help me with my last question

What you need to do is that you plug p=3 into the expression [(5.4p+5)+(8+3.2p)]/2 and you have:
= (21.2+ 17.6)/2
= 38.8/2
= 19.4

The average of the two boys' points is p=3 is 19.4 points~

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Can someone help me with my question


Meg earns $5.40 per car and $5 in tips. Given the information, Meg's earnings can be shown in the expression '5.40c+5'

Rich earned 3.20 per car and $8 in tips. Given the information, Rich's earnings can be shown with the expression '3.20c+8'

Now lets put the expressions together to see how much they made all together...

add 5.40c and 3.20c
add 5 and 8

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I will thank and badge if you can answer this question for me!!!A vector u has initial point (−2, 1) and terminal point (3, 5). Write u in the form u=ai+bj.

You simply subtract from the coordinates of the terminal point to the coordinates of the initial point.
The x-coordinate is represented the unit vector i and the y-coordinate is for unit vector j. So,
vector u = (-2 - 3)i + (1 - 5)j = -5i - 4j

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Please help me with these questions!!! I really need help :)

Rectangular prism
V = 12*8*4 = 384 in^3

Triangular prism
V = 0.5*3*15*16 = 360 ft^3

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Identify the arc length of TV in terms of π. (image is attached) The answers for this question were: ≈0.67pi in., ≈1.83pi in., ≈3.67pi in., or ≈1.33pi in.

Use the formula of arc length that is
s = rθ
where s = arc length, r = radius, θ = angle (unit must be in radian)
Given r = 5 in and θ = 48°( π /180°) = (4/15)* π = 0.2667 π,
s = 5 in (0.2667π) = 1.333 π in

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A merry-go-round has a radius of 10 ft. To the nearest tenth of a foot, what distance does the merry-go-round cover when it rotates through an angle of 72°? For my first try, I got 62.9 as my answer, and it was marked wrong. I did this a second time, and got 12.6. I would like to check with anyone else to see if I got the answer right. The answers for this question were: 62.9, 12.6, 25.1, or 125.7

Yes, the correct answer is 12.6 ft.

Using the formula of arc length, that is
s = rθ
where s = arc length, r = radius, θ = angle (unit must be in radian)
With r = 10 ft and θ = 72 deg ( π/180 deg) = 1.26 rad,
s = (10)(1.26) = 12.6 ft

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How do write the integer to the question, which is greater, 2 or -13?

Because 2 is positive and -13 is negative, and positive numbers are always greater than negative numbers, 2 is greater than -13~

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How do you write 10x 10 x 10 x10 using exponents SHOW YOUR WORK WILE ANSWERING THIS QUESTION

The way you write 10x10x10x10 using exponents. The way you use exponents is by counting the numbers of 10 there are since there is four you have to put 10 with a little number four on the top next to the number. Just in case that way you say it is 10 to the fourth power

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Please help with these math questions

There are several ways to solve this. I would use substitution. to do that you want to get the X in the bottom equation by itself. after that substitute that new equation for the x in 2x. so it would look like 2(new equation). solve that then you will find y. do the exact same thing to y to find x. if you're still confused, ask me.

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This question is related to the scatter graph can someone please help me on this question

I think the first two are false and the second two are true

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A store is having a sale to celebrate President's Day. Every item in the store is advertised as one-fifth off the original price. If an item is marked with a sale price of $140 what was its original price? Im having trouble with this question. Can someone please show the answer and explain??

Lets look at what we know so far:
♥ Sale Price: 20% 
♥ Original Price: $175.00
♥ Off Price: $140.00
Gather the information and solve: 
20% off of $175
= $140
Final answer: $175 

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Prove algebraically the the following equation is an identity: (2 cos x + 3 sin x) ^2 + ( 3 cos x - 2 sin x)^2 =13 Sorry I just updated the question b/c I was trying re edit this question with a plus sign in one of the equation so people don't get confused. But I couldn't find the edit button so just copied and pasted it again but updated.

(2cos(x) + 3sin(x))² + (3cos(x) - 2sin(x))² = 13
(2cos(x) + 3sin(x))(2cos(x) + 3sin(x)) + (3cos(x) - 2sin(x))(3cos(x) - 2sin(x)) = 13
(2cos(x)(2cos(x) + 3sin(x)) + 3sin(x)(2cos(x) + 3sin(x))) + (3sin(x)(3cos(x) - 2sin(x)) - 2sin(x)(3cos(x) - 2sin(x))) = 13
(2cos(x)(2cos(x)) + 2cos(x)(3sin(x)) + 3sin(x)(2cos(x)) + 3sin(x)(3sin(x))) + (3cos(x)(3cos(x)) - 3cos(x)(2sin(x)) - 2sin(x)(3cos(x)) + 2sin(x)(2sin(x))) = 13
(4cos²(x) + 3sin(2x) + 3sin(2x) + 9sin²(x)) + (9cos²(x) - 3sin(2x) - 3sin(2x) + 4sin²(x)) = 13
  (4cos²(x) + 6sin(2x) + 9sin²(x)) + (9cos²(x) - 6sin(2x) + 4sin²(x)) = 13
(4cos²(x) + 9cos²(x)) + (6sin(2x) - 6sin(2x)) + (9sin²(x) + 4sin²(x)) = 13
                                                                     13cos²(x) + 13sin²(x) = 13
                                       13(¹/₂(1 + cos(2x))) + 13(¹/₂(1 - cos(2x))) = 13
               13(¹/₂(1)) + 13(¹/₂(cos(2x))) + 13(¹/₂(1)) - 13(¹/₂(cos(2x))) = 13
                             13(¹/₂) + 13(¹/₂cos(2x)) + 13(¹/₂) - 13(¹/₂cos(2x)) = 13
                                               6¹/₂ + 6¹/₂cos(2x) + 6¹/₂ - 6¹/₂cos(2x) = 13
                                                6¹/₂ + 6¹/₂ + 6¹/₂cos(2x) - 6¹/₂cos(2x) = 13
                                                                                              13 + 0 = 13
                                                                                                    13 = 13
The following equation is an identity.

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When 560,000 is written in scientific notation what is the power of 10 what was the question

To find the scientific notation, we need to move the decimal until we get a number between 1 and 10.

560,000 --->  5.6


Now, we need to count how many times we moved the decimal.

We moved it 5 places to the left.

5.6 * 10^5

Final answer:      5.6 * 10^5

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A right triangle has legs measuring 4.5 meters and 1.5 meters the lengths of the legs of a second triangle are proportional to the lengths of the legs of the first triangle which could be the lengths of the legs of the second tiangle please answer i really need help in this question thanks

One approach that might be a great help would be if you would look
at the choices ... those things at the bottom of the question that you
didn't give us.

-- One leg is 3 times the length of the other leg.

-- Any right triangle that has one leg three times as long as the other
leg is similar to this triangle. 

I'll bet that if you look through the choices, you'll find one there.

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The total, T, salary of an employee who has a base salary of $27,000 and earns an extra $500 per month. Write an equation to solve the question. NEED HELP ASAP


Assuming you are looking for the annual salary...

A base salary is the fixed amount of money paid the the employer, not counting bonuses or benefits.

Along with earning a base salary, this personals earned an extra $500 per month. There are 12 months in a year.

The following equation can be written:


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Okay.This is a question just for points.And the question is what is {(94 x 3)+ (86 /2)- (3)}?

{(94*3)+ (86 /2)- (3)}= 282+86/2 −3= =282+43 −3 =325−3 =322 Answer is 322

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Made a mistake on a question. Correction: jack and Diana were multiplying 13X7. Jack said that if he added 7 thirteen times and he would get the right answer. Diana said that if she added 13 seven times she would get the right answer. Explain who will end up with the right answer and how do you know

Both Jack and Diana will end up getting the right answer because adding seven thirteen times is the same as adding thirteen seven times. 7x13 is 91 and 13x7 is 91 too. They just switched the numbers but they kept the operations the same which is called commutative property. You are doing multiplying so it is called commutative property of multiplication. 

Hope that helped:)

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Stella is doing her math worksheets. It takes her 1 hour 20 minutes to complete one worksheet with 12 questions. How many hours will it take Stella to complete 36 questions.

 that would be four hours.


1 hour 20 minutes x3= 4 hours 

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QUESTION: 7,8 and 11 please, please, please, please 10 point I don't have more PLEASE HELP 7.-Find the least common multiple of each set of 4, 10, 12 a)12 b)120 c)2 d)60 8.-Factor 54a + 24b a) 6(54a = 24b) b) 6ab(9 + 4) c) 6(9a + 4b) d) 78ab 9.-9. Caleb’s receipt for lunch is shown below. If Caleb pays with a $10 bill, how much change will he receive? a) $6.92 b) $5.74 c) $3.18 d) $3.08

Hey :)
Number 7:
-->Let's find the least common multiple of 4, 10, and 12 by listing again:
4: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40... 60
10: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60
12: 12, 24, 36, 48, 60
-->As you can see, the LCM is d or 60
* Just a random thought but did you accidently write 7 for the other one?

Number 8:
-->By factoring the expression, you would be finding a factor that both numbers share (usually the GCF) and divide the whole expression by that number:
"What is the GCF of 54 and 24?"
--> So now that you know the GCF or just factor, you can divide the expression by it:
--> Sorry if this gets confusing but now you put the end result in parentheses with what you divided it by on the outside
-->Or in other words, answer choice 'c'!

Number 9:
-->Sorry but I can't answer it yet because you didn't say what his recipt is. I can help you once you tell me what's on the receipt :)

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Use the information given in the diagram. Tell why UW=UW and UVW=WXU. a) Reflexive Property; Transitive Property b) Given; Reflexive Property c) Transitive Property; Reflexive Property d) Reflexive Property; Given


The correct option is D.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given the figure in which UV=XW, UX=VW and ∠UXW=∠UVW.

We have to tell why UW=UW and ∠UVW=∠WXU.

As the reflexive property of equality states that a value is equal to itself.

Hence, in quadrilateral UVWX,

UW is equal to UW by reflexive property

∠UVW=∠WXU as given

hence, UW=UW and ∠UVW=∠WXU by reflexive property and given in diagram.

The correct option is d)

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QUESTION POSTED AT 14/12/2019 - 11:39 AM

Use the information given in the diagram. Tell why UW=UW and UVW=WXU.a) Reflexive Property; Transitive Property b) Given; Reflexive Property c) Transitive Property; Reflexive Property d) Reflexive Property; Given


d) Reflexive Property; Given

Step-by-step explanation:

We have the quadrilateral UVWX.

We can see and also given in figure:




Now we have to tell UW=UW and ∠UVW=∠WXU.

The reflexive property of equality states that a given value is equal to itself.

Therefore, in quadrilateral UVWX, UW is equal to UW by reflexive property. Also line UW is common for both triangles.

∠UVW=∠WXU are same and it is also mentioned by double angle lines in the image.

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Craig sees an advertisement for a car in a newspaper. Which information would not be classified as quantitative? (1) the cost of the car (3) the model of the car (2) the car’s mileage (4) the weight of the car

"Quantitative" information is information that consists of numbers
and tells you the measure (quantity) of something.

The cost, mileage, and weight of the car are all quantitative items.

The model of the car may have numbers in it, but it doesn't tell
the measure of anything.  It isn't quantitative data.

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Four students are playing a math game at home. One of the math game questions asked them to write an algebraic equation. Brandon wrote: 3(5x - 0) William wrote: 7 < 2(6 + x) Alice wrote: 15x Kayla wrote: 11 = 2x + 3 Which student wrote an algebraic equation? (1) Brandon (3) Alice (2) William (4) Kayla

Kayla wrote an equation.
William wrote an inequality.
They both have solutions.
Kayla's solution is  x=4 .
William's solution is   x > -2.5 .

Brandon and Alice wrote expressions. 
Those are just numbers, that depend on the value of 'x'.

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THESE ARE SEPARATE QUESTIONS THAT I DECIDED TO COMBINE: 1. It takes Sarah 50 minutes to walk to her friend's house 1 3/4 miles away. What is her walking pace in miles per hour? 2. The temperature in St. Paul was 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Five minutes later it was 30 degrees Fahrenheit. What was the average change in temperature per minute as an integer? 3. Caroline bought 5 bracelets. Find the total cost of the bracelets if each bracelet cost $3.10. Justify your answer by using the Distributive Property. 4. Explain why the expression 13x + 10 cannot be factored. 5. Jamar earned $2,500 from his summer job at the grocery store. This is $350 more than twice what his friend Todd earned. How much did Todd earn from his summer job? Whoever is answering this please answer the questions fully. This questions are just worded long and I don't know how to answer them. So please answer all the questions above. Thank you!

1).  Her walking pace is  (1.75 miles) / (50 minutes).

If you want it in units of (miles per hour), do it like this:

               (1.75 miles / 50 minutes) x (60 minutes / 1 hour)

           =  (  1.75 x 60 / 50 ) miles per hour.

2).  The average change was 

                         (30 - 45) degrees  / (5 minutes) .

I'm sure you can do the division and make an integer out of that.

3).  Each bracelet cost $3.10.
Caroline bought five of them, so she spent $3.10 five times.
Either do the multiplication, or else write down $3.10 five times
and do the addition.

4).  In order to factor the expression, the two terms would need
to have some common factor ... both terms need either a power
of 'x', or they need two numbers that have a common factor.
They don't both have an 'x', and 13 and 10 have no common factor.

5).  Todd earned 'T' dollars.
Twice what Todd earned is  2T .
$350 more than that is   2T+350 .
The question says that 2,500 is exactly that amount,
so you can write
                                                  2T + 350 =  2,500

Subtract 350 from each side:    2T           =  2,150

Divide each side by  2:              (you can finish it now)

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QUESTION POSTED AT 14/12/2019 - 10:39 AM