Identify the pancreas as the source gland for insulin, and describe the function of insulin in maintaining blood sugar levels.

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Insulin is very important. If there is excess sugar in the body, the pancreas releases insulin to take the sugar and transport it to other cells to make atp
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Which of the following statements is true? Groundwater is the largest available source of freshwater. Most of Earth's water is found in lakes, rivers, and streams. Glaciers are made from frozen ocean water, so they are sources of saltwater. Most freshwater is used for public drinking and mining.

Answer: Groundwater is the largest available source of freshwater.

Ground water is a water reservoir. It accumulates in the saturated zone of the geosphere. The water accumulates when water from sources like river, lakes, ponds, rainfall, snow melt, and agricultural irrigation gets seep underground by the pores of soil and rocks. It is a largest source of freshwater, as it remains unexposed to the contamination.

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Omar studies the effects of a drought on the water level in a pond. He takes a reading of the water depth at the same location in the pond every day for the duration of the drought. Which method of displaying data would he most likely use to show changes in the water level?

A line graph because it displays the data over time of the water levels rather than a bar graph which measures multiple things

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Which level of classification contains orders but is smaller than phylum? kingdom family class species A-kingdom B-family C-class D-species




-There are seven major levels of classification: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species.

-Class is the third level of classification is class. For example, Phylum Chordata has classes in it like birds, mammals (Mammalia) and reptiles. Classes are way to further divide organisms of a phylum. Organisms of a class have even more in common than those in an entire phylum.

-Organisms in each class are further broken down into orders. A taxonomy key is used to determine to which order an organism belongs.

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Which question is most likely to be found in a dichotomous key for identifying a tree by its leaves? A-What is the shape of the tree’s leaves? B-What type of birds prefer nesting in the tree? C-Are the leaf bases attached opposite to each other on the branch? D-Are the leaves shaped in a way that slows the evaporation of water?

The answer is  C, are the leaf bases attached opposite to each other on the branch ? A dichotomous key is a tool that may be used to identify trees. It always gives two choices in each step and following all the steps will lead to the name of the tree being identified. Dichotomous key is a tool used to identify unknown organisms by leading a user through a sequence of paired, either or choices, to help them identify the unknown organisms.

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Which of the following polymers functions as insulation to help animals convert heat

Lipids, Fats are lipids whose main function is energy storage. 
They serve as stored energy reserves in plant and animal cells. 

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What was the main function of the protocells fatty acid membrane

  The protocell's fatty acid membrane allows chemical compounds, including the building blocks of DNA, to enter into the cell without the assistance of the protein channels and pumps required by today's highly developed cell membranes

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Which statements about cells are true? a. Cells are the basic unit of all living things. b. Cells have unique functions and features. c. All cells have some recognizable similarities. d. Every single cell works like a small factory. e. Cells follow a genetic DNA blueprint to construct an organism. f. Cells are composed of different parts called organelles

Answer: All the statements that are provided here are true when a cell is taken into consideration.

Explanation: The cells are known to be the basic structure and functional unit of the body. They have their unique functions based on the different organs in which they are located.

There are some recognizable similarities like structure for the cells. The cells need energy for working and it acts as a small factory. The replication of DNA acts as a blueprint to construct new cells to form an organism.

Every cell of the body function with the help of some small organelles like Golgi apparatus, mitochondria et cetera.

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Which statement describes a problem with the peer review process in scientific research?

It always requires scientists to have to reanalyze their data.

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The highest level of organization is the ______. tissue cell system organ

Cell Is the highest level of organization

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Hormones perform important functions within the reproductive system. During puberty, a number of changes occur in the body. Which hormone is responsible for the development of these characteristics in the female?

The correct answer would be the hormone, Estrogen. During puberty, a number of changes occur in the body. The hormone responsible for the development of these characteristics in females is Estrogen. Estrogen causes the female's body to mature and prepare it for pregnancy. 

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Where are endocrine glands found?

They are found in the body

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The kidneys and sweat glands both work to prevent excesses of?either uric acid or urine in the body.either water or salt in the body.either carbon dioxide or oxygen in the body.either feces or pH levels in the body.

The kidneys and sweat glands, both work to prevent excess of either uric acid or urine in the body. The kidneys play a vital role in the body. They are responsible for clearing out wastes and toxins from the blood and maintains the fluid balance in the body. 

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Karyotypes can be studied to determine an organism’s chromosomal makeup and to detect genetic defects. Patau syndrome occurs when an individual has an extra copy of chromosome 13, giving them three copies. Symptoms of Patau syndrome include extra digits, seizures, and cleft palate. Which word would geneticists use to describe the cause of Patau syndrome?

The answer is trisomy 13.

Trisomy 13 is a condition in which an extra copy of chromosome 13 is present. Instead of two chromosomes 13 in a cell, there are three chromosomes. This is a consequence of a failure of chromosome 13 to separate during the gamete development. Thus, an egg cell or a sperm cell will have two instead of one chromosome 13 and after a cross with normal gamete cell, a zygote will have three chromosomes 13.

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Which level of classification includes the most species

Domain is the highest level of classification. Domain includes EVERY species.


According to the Woese system, launched in 1990, the tree of life consists of three domains three domains are the Archaea, the Bacteria, and the Eukarya. Prokaryotic organisms apply either to the domain Archaea or the domain Bacteria; organisms with eukaryotic cells apply to the domain Eukarya.

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Functions of plant cell and animal cell

The structures of different types of cells are related to their functionsAnimal cells and plant cells have features in common, such as a nucleus, cytoplasm,cell membrane, mitochondria and ribosomes. Plantand algal cells also have a cell wall, and often have chloroplasts and a permanent vacuole.

Hope this helps !!!^_~!!!

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Which term is used to describe a fact that has always been observed true but could at some future time not be observed as true.




Theory is the set of fundamental principles of an art or a science, which provides a synthesized opinion, is a general notion, which can be refuted and reformulated.

A theory is the speculative part of a science, as opposed to practice. It is a system consisting of observations, ideas and axioms or postulates, constituting in its entirety a set that tries to explain certain phenomena. The explanation formed by a theory can be questioned in the future with the advancement of technology and the discovery of new concepts.

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A patient with muscular dystrophy starts to receive stem cells that generate muscle tissue. Which is the best prediction of what will happen to the patient's muscle function?

The best predict of what will happen to the patient's muscle function who has a muscular dystrophy and received stem cells to generate muscle is it will generate or produce working muscles fibres to heal or replace's the damaged muscles.  The inflammation of the muscles will reduce, therefore, the disease on the muscles will slowly progress.

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This picture represents an area of a blood vessel that has been weakenedWhat does this picture best represent?O high blood pressureO an aneurysmcoronary artery diseaseO a heart attack

The answer is highblood pressure, because of to much pressure produced by the heart the blood vessels tend to become damaged . worst case scenario: blood vessel breaks and the person dies if not treated properly. trust me i'm an engineer

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Which component of the cardiovascular system allows the body to function by supplying the cells with oxygenred blood cellswhite blood cellsO plateletsplasma

The Correct Answer On Edgenuity Is A.) Red Blood Cells 

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What do the skin and urinary system have in common? A. Both remove filtered wastes and reabsorb blood. B. Both remove undigested food from the body. C. Both remove urine from the body. D. Both remove urea from the body.

The correct answer is:

Both remove urea from the body Because for the urinary system, it removes urea and waste through the body through urine. For the skin, it removes urea through sweat. Both are secretions that help rid the body of waste.


Sweat glands in the skin discharge a fluid waste called sweat or exudation; however, its primary functions are heat control and pheromone release. The purpose of the urinary system is to discharge waste from the body, control blood volume and blood pressure, control levels of electrolytes and metabolites, and regulate blood pH.both eliminate excess waste from the body.

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Describe the impact cellular respiration has on other organisms and the environment.

Cellular respiration is the process by which living organisms break down glucose in the presence of oxygen in order to produce energy, carbon dioxide and water is always given off as the by products of the reaction. The process of cellular respiration is very important for living organisms because it is the only way through which they can obtain the needed energy to fuel the life sustaining activities of their cells. The process of cellular respiration also has impact on the environment because the photosynthetic plants depend on the carbon dioxide  and water, that is produced as the end product of cellular respiration to carry out photosynthesis. Animals in turn use the oxygen and glucose that is produce by photosynthesis to carry out the process of cellular respiration. 

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Which is the best definition of a phylogenetic tree? A)a table of classification that is based only on physical characteristics B)eight levels of taxonomic categories that are used to classify organisms C)a branching chart that depicts evolutionary relationship among organisms D)organisms organized based on structure and genetic comparisons

A phylogenetic tree  is a branching diagram or "tree" showing the inferred evolutionary relationships among various biological species or other entities—their phylogeny—based upon similarities and differences in their physical or genetic characteristics.

So the best choice is 
C)a branching chart that depicts evolutionary relationship among organisms

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A mountain lion population recently experienced a drop in population size. Which of the following would best describe the limiting factor that is involved?


B.The deer population experienced a rapid decline due to a parasite.


-Limiting Factor is an environmental factor that tends to limit population size. Limiting factors may be density dependent or density independent. The density dependent factors are factors whose effects on the size or growth of the population vary with the population density. There are many types of density dependent limiting factors such as; availability of food, predation, disease, and migration.

-Density independent factors can affect a population no matter what it's density is. For example: natural disasters, temperature, sunlight, human activities, physical characteristics and behaviors of organisms affect any and all populations regardless of their densities.

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