If a population grows larger than the carrying capacity of an ecosystem the, A.birthrate rises B. death rate rises C. birthrate must fall D. death rate must fall

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the answer is b since the death rate would rise

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How could genetic drift explain differences in genotype frequencies among populations?

If a population experiences a form of genetic drift, then their genome/genetic code would change. This then can cause the frequency to follow as well. Best example I can think of right now is moths in the Industrial Revolution: all of the soot released into the air caused the moths to be easily seen by birds that ate them (they were all white). This then caused those that were darker, like dark brown to match its new surroundings, weren't eaten by the birds because they could blend in. This caused the phenotype frequency (and therefore genotype) to change to having dark moths being more common than light. And we still see that today! Most moths are still dark brown. 

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1. Do you think the density of the ice affected the melting rate of the ice, or do you think adding the objects affected the melting rates? Be sure to include data to support your answer.


The density of an object refers to an extensive property, which signifies that it does not rely upon the concentration of the substance. Each and every substance in this world exhibits its characteristic density. Therefore, it would not influence the rate of melting as it does not fluctuate. However, adding the objects could accelerate the procedure as each object exhibits energy in the form of heat, which could provoke the mediating force for the melting process.  

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Zebra mussels are native to Poland and the Soviet Union. They were probably transported to the United States via trans-oceanic vessels. With no natural predators in the United States, zebra mussels A) will eventually die out due to lack of food supplies. B) caused a huge decline in native clam and mussel populations. C) compete unsuccessfully with native mussels and quickly die. D) successfully share the niche with native mussels and clams.

Correct answer: B). Caused a huge decline in native clam and mussel populations.  

The Zebra mussels are the water animals that are D- shell, which is made up of hinged valves that are joined together by a ligament. The main problem with them is that they filter water in order to eat the plankton. As they eat the plankton, it creates a competition between them and fish for food.

They are known to kill mussels population by attaching to their shells, they also out compete for food native mussels.

Hence, the correct answer would be option B.

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What two factors have been the GREATEST contributors to the exponential growth of the human population during the last two centuries? A) plentiful food and a mild climate B) the industrial revolution and peace Eliminate C) agricultural developments and peace D) good sanitation and medical advances

Answer: D)  good sanitation and medical advances

In the exponential growth, the population's growth rate increases over time, in proportion to the size of the population. It causes the population to increase faster in numbers. Good sanitation and medical advances will contribute to the exponential growth of the human population because clean environment will prevent the accumulation of pathogen inside the body and hence will prevent the cause of diseases. Medical advances will help in curing of deadly diseases like cancer hence, will increase the likelihood of survival of more number of individuals.  

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Consider the data summary above. After five weeks, the plants growing in soil containing worms grew an average of?




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Consider this northern site of primary succession following the retreat of a glacier. As we move from left to right, describe some improvements in the abiotic factors that support plant growth. A) change in climate over time B) less competition for water resources due to biodiversity C) improved soil quality: increased humus and water retention D) increased population density resulting in decreased pathogens

Answer: C. improved soil quality: increased humus and water retention.


An ecological succession brings change in the type of living species residing in an ecosystem with respect to changes that occur in the abiotic (non-living factors) with respect to time.

A region affected by a retreating glacier will not be suitable for the growth of living species. The soil may be lacking minerals and will be in the permafrost condition. So for the initiation of succession the improvement in soil an important abiotic factor is required. The improved soil quality will allow the accumulation of organic and inorganic minerals by physical and biological processes. This will help in formation of humus and water retention.

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What are 2 factors that would limit population growth in marine life

The answer is Food and Nutrients

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What would occur if exponential growth occurred in a population

Overpopulation would occur if exponential growth occurred in a population.

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How does your biomes climate and geography affect carrying capacity

Carrying capacity describes the maximum number of individuals or species an ... from time to time, four major factors affect the carrying capacity of the environment. ... As long as their prey is available, they usually do not suffer from food stress. ... Their Food and Water Requirements · National Geographic: Water Pressure ...

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What determines which plants to grow where?

The soil and sunlight

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You farm kelp and sell the kelp for food and as fertilizer. The wastes from the kelp can be used in an integrated aquaculture system in which kelp farming can be coupled with farming of fish or abalone. Make an argument that you are using a sustainable system of growing a renewable resource, and explain why it is beneficial (and more sustainable) to couple algae farming with fish farming than simply to farm fish independently.

A sustainable system refers to producing less or probably non-existent debris that are caused by the production of a particular material (i.e. produce, energy). This is a sustainable form of production of coupling algae growth and fish farming because you no longer need the supply of fish feed from other sources that are made artificially but rather, you are using the available algae growth that you are culturing. Farm fishing alone is non-renewable because this produces much waste that can directly harm the environment.

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Which of these factors does CITES fail to consider when determining which species to cover? A. Species population B. Economic impact C. Analysis of trade D. Ecosystem sustainability

Option D, ecosystem sustainability, is the right answer.

"The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species" is the full form of CITES. The CITES is a global agreement among nations. The main aim of CITES is to assure that global trade in parts of plants and wild animals does not endanger their survival. However, it failed to include ecosystem sustainability while determining which varieties to be covered.

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Several species of fish and marine life eat plankton. How is that diversity important to the ecosystem as a whole?

Plankton is at the bottom of a food chain. Think of a pond. Mosquito larvae are in a pond. They eat the plankton. Small fish eat the larvae. Larger fish eat those smaller fish and the chain keeps going..BUTTT it all started with the PLANKTON. Without the plankton the whole food chain would be messed up and everything would start dying.. No plankton, no larvae, no small fish..and so on..

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Which of the following can microorganisms do when living on or inside a larger organism's body?

Answer: The question is incomplete.

The options are not given but the correct answer is;

They can protect the body from infection.


Microorganisms are microscopic organisms that are found in every environment. They include bacteria, fungi, viruses e.t.c.

The can be single celled or form colony.

Microbes are of utmost important in larger animals in that they form symbiotic relationship with them. Microbes live in or on organisms.

Microbes help in digestion of food in intestinal gut and also help prevent infections due to their activities in or on the larger animals. Their secretions help to prevent Invaders. They benefit by having shelter and nutrients they feed on from their host.

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Which of the following conditions will result in the lowest rabbit population? a. ample land, cold springs b. little land, normal conditions c. moderate land, hot summers d. ample land, harsh winters



ample land, harsh winters


For those using edge for the graph

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Which of the following plants grow in clumps, bear rhizoids and walled spores, but lack xylem and phloem?

Answer: It's non-vascular plants.


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My mother, along with all of my godparents, began planning my quinceañera after I turned fourteen. My mother and aunts took me to a bridal shop where I was fitted for a long, white gown, which I would wear at the celebration. I felt my cheeks grow red with embarrassment as the women fawned and fussed over me in the store. I desperately wished that I could just find a hole to crawl into and hide, but there was no way out. My mother, who was in her glory, naturally assumed that the redness in my face was a glow of happiness. I let her go right on thinking that. It was her day, I kept telling myself. I was doing this for her. At last, the big day came. My father cooked up a special breakfast for my brothers and me first thing that morning. I had a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I was somewhat comforted by my father's easygoing manner and his apparent anticipation of the celebration ahead. After breakfast, my mother helped me dress for the quinceañera. While she was styling my hair, she paused every so often to wipe away a tear of joy that had trickled down her face. I couldn't recall ever having seen my mother quite this happy, and suddenly my heart swelled with affection for her. Two hours later, I found myself standing in the front of a church while all of my dearest friends and family members gazed up at me from the pews. As I looked out on the smiling, supportive faces of all the people I loved, I had an unexpected realization. This day wasn't for my mother after all; it was for me. The church ceremony was followed by a fiesta that lasted all day and into the night. My parents served food that they had worked for days to prepare. A disc jockey played all of the music I loved, and I was showered with beautiful gifts, practical advice, and good wishes from everyone important to me. As I watched my family members celebrate in my honor, I realized that my Mexican heritage was not something intangible, like a bunch of old stories about long-gone relatives. My heritage, I realized, was very real. It was with me at all times, and I was proud of it. What is the purpose of this essay?

To entertain/or to tell a story

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Name one freshwater ecosystem that is more productive than a river and explain why it is more productive.

In addition to providing economic, cultural and ecological benefits to communities, estuaries deliver invaluable ecosystem services. Ecosystem services are fundamental life-support processes upon which all organisms depend (Daily et al., 1997). Two ecosystem services that estuaries provide are water filtration and habitat protection.

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How does muscle cramps represent a homeostatic mechanism? How does increased heart rate represent homeostatic mechanism?

For the first answer, it represents homeostasis by having it ajust the muscles in the body.
for the second one, it represents it by having it the heart increase. i hope this answer helps.

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