If you won the lottery what would you do? Explained in a well paragraph

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If a person were to win the lottery, the smartest thing to do is use their money wisely. Even though a large amount of money is available and given to a person, they should not go out and buy everything they want immediately because sooner than they think, they will be in the same financial position they were in before they received the money. If a person were to win the lottery they should use their money wisely and put it towards future investments. 
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1. All of the following lines from "Cranes" demonstrate the story's message about the effects of war on people except. A. "The northern village at the border of the Thirty-eighth Parallel was snugly settled under the high, bright autumn sky."**** B. "Then he suddenly he thought that Tokchae,too, must want a puff. But today, how could he offer a cigarette to a fellow like this?" C. "They made me vice-chairman of the league because I was one of the poorest and I was a hard-working farmer. If that constitutes a crime worthy of death, so be it." D. "I thought of evacuating, even if I hd to carry my father on my back. But my father said no. How could the farmers leave the land behind when the crops were ready for harvest?" 2. Read the following paragraphs from "Cranes." Without a moment's delay, still out of breath from running, they untied the crane's feet and wings. But the bird could hardly walk. It must have been worn out from being bound. The two held it up in the air. Then, all of a sudden, a shot was fired. The crane fluttered its wings a couple of times and came down again. It was shot, they thought. But the next moment, as another crane from a nearby bush fluttered its wings, the boys' crane stretched out its long neck with a whoop and disappeared into the sky. For a long time the two boys could not take their eyes away from the blue sky into which their crane had soared. Which word best describes the mood created by these paragraphs? A. Celebratory B. Comforting C. Admiring***** D. Tranquil I think 1 is A and 2 is C. I'm not 100% sure if I'm correct or not.

The questions on my unit test for the East Asia and Pacific Rim were different for question 1, so do not have that for sure.

2. c. admiring

Just took test.

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Please help me with this. And Explain!

The question has no Errors

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HELP! Read the following sentence from "the old man and the sea" (1) In Ernest hemingways novel The old man and the sea, the main character is Santiago. (2) He endures severe physical hardship. (3) The hardship come mainly in his fight with the great fish. (4) A painful loss is also suffered by him when sharks eat most of the great fish on the long journey back to shore. (5) Despite the suffering and loss, however, the novel is affirmative and hopeful, stressing the power of humans to reach for greatness and to inspire greatness in others. Which of the following best describes the writer's intention in sentence 5 in relation to the rest of the passage? A) To restate the opening sentence B) To present an interpretation C) To provide example D) To summarize the paragraph


The one that best describes the writer's intention in sentence 5 in relation to the rest of the passage is to present an interpretation.


This excerpt introduces the topic in the first line and the following ones give examples of the events in the story of the main character, then the sentence number 5 expresses how the writer feels towards the general message of the story, and by saying that it is affirmative and hopeful despite all the hard time the character has to pass through, is giving they understanding of the story.

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10) In paragraph 1, the word appeal means

The correct answer is letter A: Charm

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2.Read the following paragraph found in the selection from "From Emperor to Citizen." The "Articles for Favorable Treatment" stipulated that I could live temporarily in the Imperial Palace without fixing any definite time limit. Apart from three large halls that were handed over to the Republic, the rest of the Forbidden City continued to belong to the Imperial Palace. It was in this tiny world that I was to spend the most absurd childhood possible until I was driven out by the soldiers of the National Army in 1924. I call it absurd because at a time when China was called a republic and mankind had advanced into the twentieth century, I was still living the life of an emperor, breathing the dust of the nineteenth century. After reading this paragraph, what can the reader most likely conclude about China? A. It is a country that is defined by strict rules.***** B. It is a country that favors tradition over progress. C. It is a country that honors its royalty with extravagant living. D. It is a country that struggled to find its place in a global society. I think the answer is either A or B but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?


B. It is a country that favors tradition over progress.  


The text claims that China wanted to keep the traditions of the nineteenth century, even if the world was in the twentieth century and China has shown a promising breakthrough, whether in technology, government, or any other situation in the country. The part of the excerpt that makes clear that China is a country that favors the tradition of progress, is the passage: " I call it absurd because at a time when China was called a republic and mankind had advanced into the twentieth century, I was still living the life of an emperor, breathing the dust of the nineteenth century. "

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Explain the pun: I usually take steps to avoid elevators

The device here is the pun since taking the stairs is only the other option from taking the elevator. Stairs are composed of steps, therefore it is a pun. Ignore what the other person said.

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Plz reword the paragraph below Researchers at university of Alabama at Birmingham did a study about texting while walking. They found that people who were texting were more than four times as likely to get hit by a car as people who weren't distracted. Texting on busy streets is also inconsiderate to other pedestrians. Plus, it stops traffic when cars have to wait for you to slowly pass. Instead of straining their eyes to look at screens, they should enjoy the sights.

The researchers at the University of Alabama did a study about walking while texting. They found that people who text have four times the chance of getting hit by a car. Texting on a busy street is inconsiderate of other pedestrians. It also causes traffic when people have to wait for you to cross the street. People should stop staring at screens when they can enjoy the view while it lasts. 

Hope this helps! (; 

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Explain the pun: Biking without a helmet is a no brainer

The joke is that if your ride without a helmet you can fall and your brains would *coughs* fall out... So umm... yeah

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Can I have a small paragraph like about 3 lines long describing a birthday party in a Gothic way?? It would help a lot

The tablecloths were all black.The girls were all in scary dark colors.I saw the cobwebs that had spiders in them.

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During the research process, it is okay to change your essential question? Explain why you might change your essential question? 50 points!! Please at least 2 sentences

As a senior in high school ive learned that Yes, it's ok change your initial question as long as you rewrite you response to the previous question. There's nothing wrong with changing as long as you have information to back the new question up. I just finished a 6 page paper on "How the fight for diversity in America help the postmodernism literary movement.". I changed my question twice. It's perfectly ok.

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Think about one of your best memories. If you were to write a paragraph about that memory, what types of sentences do you think that paragraph would include?

 I think that the sentences in the paragraph would include the memory. How you felt, maybe the type of memory. I am not quite sure but I hope the stuff I did give might help. Yeah... that is all.

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ENGLISH: Summarize the story "Raymond's Run" in a brief and well-explained way. Answers that cross the guidelines will be reported, the best answer will be marked Brainliest.

This is from memory but I'll try my best.

Raymond's Run is about a girl named Squeaky who is a runner and has a mentally challenged brother named Raymond. She goes to the May Day festival and decides to participate in the running contest. Her main opponent is a girl named Gretchen. When she is about to run, she sees Raymond also getting ready to run as well. Before the race, Squeaky thinks her brother could be a good runner. She runs the race and thinks she won, but the judges still have to debate on who won. Squeaky realizes that she should start coaching her brother and decides to focus on her schoolwork more. She is eventually announced as the winner of the race.

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What term explains molecule movement to maintain a balance?

What terms explain molecule movement to maintain a balance with the environment?
I i think the answer is diffusion.... I HOPE THIS HELPS ..:)

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Compare and contrast zoos gone wild,stripes will survive,and our beautiful macaws and why they need enrichment Then write a 5 paragraph essay. (I added the rubric/storys/directions)

I'd suggest doing some research on the topics, and then giving it a shot on your own. I doubt anyone will write a 5 paragraph essay for you... 

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Write a paragraph explaining Gatsby's love to Daisy.

Gatsby know that he can't have daisy but we still do anything to try get her to be his own
Just go off of that

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Which is the best definition for the term logical fallacy? A statement that is true about more than one thing A statement that explains why something is or why it should be A specific detail that supports a reason Reasoning that doesn't make sense when you examine it

I believe the answer would be C because a fallacy is a argument that is true yet not true at the same time so one a fist glance it could easily be mistaken for the truth but if further examined its easily discovered.

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Read the paragraph. Volunteering is a good way to gain skills and work experience. In a recent study, seventy-three percent of employers said they’d hire someone who’d volunteered. Among employees who had volunteered, ninety-four percent said that it had benefited at work. Students looking to improve their resumes should consider volunteering. Which sentence best connects back to the main idea? Volunteering is a good way to gain skills and work experience. In a recent study, seventy-three percent of employers said they’d hire someone who’d volunteered. Among employees who had volunteered, ninety-four percent said that it had benefited them at work. Students looking to improve their resumes should consider volunteering.

Answer: D) Students looking to improve their resumes should consider volunteering.

Explanation: In the given paragraph we can see the description of different benefits of volunteering, the main idea of the paragraph is that volunteering is a good way to gain skills and work experience. After the main idea is exposed, the speaker gives the reader some statistics that support that idea, to then at the end go back to it by saying that students looking to improve their resumes should consider volunteering.

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A Three-Point Turn Chapter 1 "You know, hardly anyone ever needs to do a three-point turn anymore," said Justin, trying to help Becky calm down. "Oh, so it's not a useful skill AND I am probably going to fail the driving test because I can't do it anyway," Becky said, raising her voice for emphasis. "That should make me feel like a million bucks when I flunk." Justin was riding with Becky so she could take her driving test. He had volunteered for the job because he thought she would be less nervous with him than with their mom, but so far, he wasn't sure he was making any difference. "Slow down, your turn is coming up here," he said, looking ahead. "I know, I know," she replied, "I've been here before remember—the last time I flunked." Justin was pretty sure if he had let her miss the turn, things would only have deteriorated further, but he wasn't sure he was fond of being the scapegoat for Becky's anxiety. "Listen, you need to take a few deep breaths," he said, hoping he could help her at least relax a bit. "Being nervous won't help you with the three-point turn or anything else you have to do. Hey, did you just take that turn without your turn signal on?" This was going to be harder than he thought. "Stop yelling at me," Becky replied, clearly frustrated, "I can't concentrate." "Look, you need to stop and get yourself together here," Justin started. "It is not just about passing the driving test. I don't want to get in an accident, so pull into that parking lot." Becky drove into the office building's parking lot where Justin was pointing. Justin knew they were less than a mile from the licensing office, and if she continued in this condition, he'd be having this same discussion three months from now when she tried the test again for the third time. "You need to get a grip," he started after she put the car in park, "because you have studied and practiced driving all year. You know this stuff inside and out, backwards and forwards. What are you so nervous about?" "I don't know, I don't know," Becky wailed, resting her head on the steering wheel. "I just get so tired of failing." Listening quietly as Becky sobbed, Justin realized this was about much more than a driving test. He also knew if he didn't find a way to help Becky things would just get worse. Chapter 2 Justin took a deep breath and collected his thoughts. Becky was an unbelievably consistent straight-A student. It was Justin who got the bad grades in school, and Justin who had to repeat every math class he'd ever taken. It was Justin who wished he could get the grades Becky got. Some things came easier for Justin: He was athletic, handy with tools, and good at making the best of whatever life threw at him. Mom called him her "lemons into lemonade" kid. But for the most part, Becky succeeded easily, whereas Justin had to work and work to just get a passing grade. Rather than having Becky catalogue all the things she supposedly "failed" at, Justin decided to try an alternative approach, one that wouldn't remind him of all the ways he had failed. "Okay, Becky, let's assume for a moment you fail this test again. What is the worst thing that could happen?" he asked. "I would be the oldest kid at school without a license and be humiliated," she replied. Justin thought he heard a bit of panic in her voice but continued with his plan. "Yes, but won't we still have to drive to school together for at least one more year anyway?" he asked. "Yes, but..." she started. "And who will know, if you don't tell anyone except your friends, that you don't have your license? You know Mom can't afford another car just for you, right?" "Yes," she said quietly. "So what difference does it make, really," he said. "Another three months to wait in the grand scheme of your life doesn't seem like all that long, right?" "I suppose not," she said. Justin could tell she was breathing more slowly now. "Besides," he said, "I would miss all the practice driving with you," and for good measure he reached over and pinched her arm. "Ow," she said, hitting back at him, "that hurt." "So let's go do this, okay? "Okay," she said. Becky cranked up the car, backed slowly out of the parking spot and drove up to the parking lot's exit. Justin noticed, as they waited for the traffic to clear, that she had remembered the turn signal. Use Chapters 1 and 2 to answer the following question: Which of the following best summarizes the main conflict of the story? A. Becky comes to terms with her obsession with perfection. B. Becky fails to use turn signals and sets off a pent-up argument with her brother. C. Becky gets upset on her way to a driving test while Justin tries to calm her down. D. Becky has a conversation with her brother about driving recklessly.

The correct answer is C. Becky gets upset on her way to a driving test while Justin tries to calm her down


In literature, the conflict is the struggle or opposing force the main character faces during the story and that stops the character from achieving some goal. Also, the conflict is considered as one of the main points in literary works as the story focuses on solving the conflict the character faces.

In the case of the text presented during the first chapter, the character Justin and Becky discuss as she feels she is going to fail again and she is worried about it as they both are in the way to the driving test. On the other hand, Justin is trying to help her be calmer but this seems not to work as Becky misses a turn signal and Justin asks her to stop driving which leads to a discussion in which Becky ends crying. During the second chapter, Justin decides to stop discussing and help her by showing her failing the test is not as terrible as Becky thinks and does not really change Becky's life as she can take the test again and wait for some months, which finally makes Becky feel better about the situation and continue driving. This means the opposing force or struggles Becky's faces are the feelings of frustration and anger for taking the test again while Justin struggles to make her feel better and calm.

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The purpose of a(n) _____ is to explain the reasons for changes in a character’s state of mind, feelings, and intentions. A. character analysis B.interpretation C. soliloquy D.lens essay


C. Soliloquy


A soliloquy is a device used in plays in which a character voices his thoughts to the audience, in this way, the audience has direct access to the reasons behind the actions of the character.This is how the audience comes to understand the behaviour of the character in question, his feelings and his state of mind. For example, in one of Macbeth's soliloquies he sees a dagger floating towards Duncan's room, this shows the audience that he is having hallucinations and he is not mentally well. The most important parts of the story are developed through soliloquies.

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When she finds Juliet weeping, Lady Capulet assumes that Juliet is still mourning Tybalt’s death. Explain why Shakespeare gives Juliet dialogue filled with double meaning. Support your ideas with at least two details from the play.

So she can get what she wants to say off her chest without allowing her mother to know that she loves Romeo

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Explain what an expository essay is and what method is most commonly used when writing this type of essay.

The answer is:

The expository essay is a genre of essay that requires the student to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, expound on the idea, and set forth an argument concerning that idea in a clear and concise manner. And the method used when writing this type of essay is comparison and contrast.

Hope it helps!

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HELP MEEEEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 POINTS AND BRAINILEST ANSWER!!! Writers organize their writings to make an impact on their readers. In Muir's writing about the Calypso Borealis, he places opposing views of his journey close together. Read the following paragraph. In two to four sentences, explain the opposite views described within the paragraph and discuss the impact of placing these opposite views close together. How long I sat beside Calypso I don't know. Hunger and weariness vanished, and only after the sun was low in the west I splashed on through the swamp, strong and exhilarated as if never more to feel any mortal care. At length I saw maple woods on a hill and found a log house. I was gladly received. "Where ha ye come fra? The swamp, that awfu' swamp. What were ye doin' there?" etc. "Mony a puir body has been lost in that muckle, cauld, dreary bog and never been found." When I told her I had entered it in search of plants and had been in it all day, she wondered how plants could draw me to these awful places, and said, "It's god's mercy ye ever got out."

Muir starts off talking about how long he had been sitting by the Calypso-so long that he wasn't tired or hungry anymore. We, as the readers, think he has a bad attitude about sitting by this plant.

 he is describing his wait as painful(he is WAY past being tired or hungry). However, the next sentence contrasts with this idea. When the sun sets, Muir suddenly gets this jolt of purpose and energy, stronger and determined than ever before. Can you see the pattern here? As for the dialogue, it is a woman speaking, and she lives in the log house he sees. She has a negative attitude towards the swamp, while Muir has a positive one. She wonders why he would want to be in a dangerous place like the swamp, explaining that a body was found in it. She then goes on to say that it was God's mercy that Muir was able to get out of the mucky swamp.

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How does President Wilson organize paragraph 8, which begins “It is a distressing and oppressive duty,” of "Wilson's War Message to Congress"? He details events in chronological order. He describes a clear cause-and-effect situation. He compares and contrasts his reluctance to go to war. He states a main idea and offers details to make his point.




Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of America. On 2nd April 1917, Wilson asked Congress to send the US troops to the war with Germany in World War 1. For him, it was a fearful thing to send peaceful people to the war, and that also such a dreadful war. But he makes his point that it is important to fight for the right, because for him fighting for the right is more important than peace.

In paragraph 8, of his message he is making his point of sending troops to the war and stating his main idea of his message.

So, option D(last option) is correct.

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In Chapter 40, Sal receives the gift of a chicken from Ben. The chicken’s name is Blackberry. Explain the irony in Ben’s gift and the name that he gives it.

In chapter 40, Sal receives a gift chicken from Ben. Chickens are Sal's favorite animal. However, this is not the only thing that is interesting about the chicken. The name of the chicken is Blackberry, which is interesting for two reasons. The first one is that blackberries remind Sal of her mother, and the feeling of fondness and sweetness associated with her. The irony, however, is that the chicken also reminds her of kissing, based on the story of the girl who claimed that kissing tasted like chicken. When Sal kissed a tree, she also felt a trace of blackberry, which reminded her of her mother.

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In Normandy, Baissac pretended to be a refugee from Paris living in the house of a schoolmaster. There, she helped to set up more resistance groups and organize sabotage actions. Again traveling by bicycle, she maintained secret communications between groups and transported supplies. This was extremely dangerous work. Often covering forty miles in a single day, she carried arms and explosives as well as information about targets. Her actions, along with those of her colleagues, often delayed the arrival of German reinforcements to the front lines of battle. Which best describes the central idea of this paragraph? When she lived in Normandy, Baissac assumed a different identity in order to complete important work while she lived there. Baissac’s goal was to get in the way of German troop movement, and she was often successful when she worked with resistance groups. Baissac did significant work as a spy when she lived in Normandy, sometimes traveling by bicycle to complete her tasks. As a spy in Normandy, Baissac performed a variety of important and sometimes dangerous tasks in order to get in the way of German troops.

The last option is the correct answer.  It defines Bassiac as a spy in a certain country. It also states that she performed her tasks as a spy well. Take note, when finding the central idea of a paragraph, you should eliminate unimportant details and focus on what must be interpreted. 

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