In addition to water, what would most likely be found in a plant central vacuole?

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Your answer would most likely be chlorophyll. :)

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Which of the following plant cell structures could not be seen when using the 10X objective of the compound microscope? A) Nucleus 2) Cell wall 3) Cytoplasm 4) Endoplasmic Reticulum

Endoplasmic Reticulum

ER Golgi apparatus, because it packages proteins received from the ER cytoplasm 

The Golgi body are the ones that slightly alter, organize and prepare so-called parcels to be delivered for all the organelles in the cell. They receive these packages mainly in the rough endoplasmic reticulum. These packages that set out by Golgi body are macromolecules that used and synthesized by cells in many operations. If ER is absent then it would only mean that Golgi body would have no use other than simply lysosomes but these macromolecules plays a dynamic role in many organelles –nutrients, ATP and cell metabolism. It'll have a ripple effect if ER is absent in the cell.

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Biology shows us the fossil record and comparative anatomies. Chemistry shows us that organic molecules can come from inorganic matter. Geology shows us that organisms that used to live together are found on separate continents due to continental drift. Which fields of science provide evidence for evolution? a.)biology only b.)biology and chemistry c.)biology and geology d.)biology, chemistry, and geology HEELLLLLP PPPLLLSSS

The answer to your question is D. To create the full picture of evolution, and how the species that exist on our planet came to exist in their current forms, it is important to take in information from all the possible fields of science including biology, chemistry and geology.

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The paper clip, which is denser than water, floats on the surface because of water's surface tension. Surface tension is a property of water that is the result of polar water molecules sticking together or water's property of A) adhesion. B) cohesion. C) buoyancy. D) capillary action.

The answer is cohesion. The high surface tension helps the paper clip (with much higher density) float on water. The property of a liquid that allows it to resist an external force, due to cohesive nature of its molecules. Cohesion refers to the attraction of molecules for molecules of the same kind. Water molecules have strong cohesive forces due to their ability to form hydrogen bond with each other.

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In algae and plants, photosynthesis happens in the

I think it is the flower or the whole thing 

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A bacterial cells DNA is found in its a. capsule b. nucleoid region c. nucleus d. ribosomes

The answer is: b. Nucleoid region

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In which form do plants store energy? a. starch b. glycogen c. chitin d. cellulose

In which form do plants store energy? A. Starch

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Which factor does not play a role in runoff the amount of rain or snow plants gravity solar radiation

Infiltration is the process by which rainwater becomes groundwater. In the water cycle, which involves primarily; evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Henceforth, after precipitation comes infiltration in the land areas leaving the rainwater aggregated in a single location which accumulates over time. Then this process is followed by runoff and subsurface flow by which water flows through other bodies of water, either in river, sea or ocean, even lake. Other rainwaters that has segregated and wasn’t able to transport itself stays in the process of infiltration, thus groundwater.

Thus, solar radiation doesn't play a role in runoff or infiltration.

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Which of the following describes why wetlands are important to the water cycle?

Wetlands Water Cycle describes and talks about how water can go from a solid, liquid, and gas. It helps our rivers run, lakes to stay full, and supplies our homes with water. Without the Water Cycle our water supply would be in trouble. 

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List 3 examples of a selectively permeable material or item. Explain where it is found or used and why a selectively permeable item is needed

Examples of selectively permeable materials or items are; 
1. Vacuum filter- it traps dust but allows air through
2. Coffee filter- allows water to pass through, but does not allow the coffee grounds.
3. Colander -used to strain liquid food from foods. it drains water but is not permeable to larger food particles.

Selective permeability means that a material or a substance allows the passage of some molecules or ions and other materials to pass through it, and inhibits the passage of others. 
For example a cell membrane is semi-permeable and thus regulates the transport of materials such that some particles pass through while others can not cross. A semi-permeable membrane allows selective movement of materials, it acts like a filter that allows particles to pass or not according to their size, solubility, electrical charge, or other chemical and physical properties. 

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Name an organism that is composed of 99% water

Jellyfish contain 99% of water.

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Name an organism that is composed of 99% water

The information I found is that Jellyfish (such as comb jellies) contain from 95 to 98 % water, some even 99%). (Jellyfish is probably what the question is looking for)

One more specific example is the Scyphozoa, a more specific type of jellyfish found only in seas. 

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Which is least likely to be a reservoir for fresh water

Oceans would least likely to be a reservoir for fresh water :)

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Classify each of the following as an atom, a compound, or a molecule: the smallest possible “piece” of gold (Au) the smallest possible “piece” of quartz (SiO2) water (H2O) what a molecule of CO2 is made of hydrogen gas (H2)

Gold is an atom, quartz is a compound, water is a molecule, CO2 is a molecule, H2 is a molecule.

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In addition to phospholipids, which of the following organic molecules are also a part of cellular membranes?

Fattyacid and glycerol is also the part of cell membrane.

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What would happen if you were given pure water in an IV?

The question is what would happen if you are given pure water in an IV. The answer is, the pure water will disrupt the osmotic balance of the body. Saline solutions are usually used in IV, this is because, there is a need to maintaint the osmotic pressure between the body cells and body fluids. Cell membranes are selectively permeable, infusing the body system with pure water will make pure water to rush into cells, dilute the contents and make the cells to swell up.

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Respiration involves a reaction between oxygen and ___? A) hydrogen B) glycerine C) water D) food substanced

Respiration involves a reaction between oxygen and glucose.

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Under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev, the doctrine of perestroika called for which of the following? A. Openness in communication B. Democratic elections C. A central banking system under private ownership D. More local control and free-market practices

Under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev, the doctrine of perestroika called for "A. Openness in communication", since the "closed off" Soviet Tactics of the past were clearly not working by the 1980s.

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Which is a compound? water iodine air calcium

Among these, it is water which is a compound.

A compound is a substance which is made up of two or more different elements. Apart from this, the different elements in a compound are bound by a chemical bond in a fixed proportion. Water is a compound which is made up of two different elements which are hydrogen and oxygen. The chemical formula of water is H2O. Also, the proportion of hydrogen to oxygen in water is definite which is 2:1. Among other options, iodine and calcium are elements. As far as air is concerned, it is a mixture of various gases not a compound. So, correct option is water.

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Which type of energy drives the water cycle? a. solar b. wind c. geothermal d. nuclear

The water cycle is driven by solar energy, see solar energy is what makes water evaporate, which needs to happen for precipitation to happen, and precipitation reaches earth in hail, snow, or rain which will run-off into oceans and evaporate or just eventually evaporate.
So, yes, solar.

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Compare and contrast plant organs and human organs

We hummens have blood in our orgens and plants don't.

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What's another name for the water cycle? A. evaporation cycle B. hydrological cycle C. condensation cycle D. hydrogen cycle

Another name for water cycle is hydrological ( B )

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What is a difference between starch and glycogen? A.) Starch stores energy, and glycogen provides structural support. B.) Starch is found in plants, and glycogen is found in animals. C.) Starch is composed of fructose, and glycogen is composed of glucose. D.) Starch is a monomer, and glycogen is a polymer.

The right answer is B.

Starch is, along with cellulose, the most common polysaccharide in the plant world. It constitutes the essential energy reserves of plants and is a component of the diet of humans. It is part of the group of slow sugars. Its consumption is particularly recommended to those who practice a sport.

Glycogen, which is a polysaccharide, is the form in which carbohydrates are stored in the body (animals and fungi). Glycogen is broken down into glucose molecules when the body needs energy.

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A substance that releases hydrogen ions in water is a base. True or false?

Answer: FALSE


An acid is a substance which donates H⁺ (hydrogen) ions when are added to water or any other solution. The amount of H⁺ions liberates per acid molecule defines the acidity of the acid like weak or strong. The base is a substance which donates OH⁻ ions (hydroxide ions ) in the solution or water.        

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Which of the following factors would have the least effect on the carrying capacity of an ecosystem? a. the total number of organisms b. the available water supply c. the available food supply d. competitive exclusion

Correct answer: D) Competitive exclusion

Carrying capacity of an ecosystem may be defined as the total number of organism it can support. Biotic and abiotic factors such as available space, water, food and shelter  act as a limiting factor, which determine how many organism can live within a ecosystem.

The competitive exclusion principle states that two species that compete for same resources cannot stably coexist.

One among the two competitor will always have slight advantage over the other, it leads to extinction of other competitor or lead to an evolutionary shift of the inferior one to a different ecological niche. Therefore, competitive exclusion have least effect on the carrying capacity of an ecosystem.

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