In the 1992 election, Ross Perot's run for the presidency can be seen as: A. a splinter party B. a party serving as an extension of an individual C. a single interest party D. the creation of a new permanent party in America

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I believe your answer would C. A single interest party as he was running as a third party for his campaign
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Read the statement: Both Jerry in "President Cleveland, Where Are You?" and Squeaky in "Raymond's Run" reach a point in where they realize that __________. Which best completes the statement and identifies a recurring theme? up collecting cards is something that everyone must do eventually b.the most important thing in life is achieving one's individual goals c.selling something of great value to one's rivals is sometimes necessary d.helping others is more important than helping oneself

The correct answer is D) helping others is more important than helping oneself.

Both, Jerry in “President Cleveland, Where Are You?” and Squeaky in “Raymond’s Run” reach a point in where they realize that helping others is more important than helping oneself.  

In “President Cleveland, Where Are You? Jerry is an eleven-year-old boy and the narrator of the story, which is the actions Jerry has to do in order to help his family. On the other hand, Squeaky is the nickname of Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker, the narrator in the story of “Raymond’s Run”, a great and fast runner. Both characters, Jerry in “President Cleveland, Where Are You?” and Squeaky in “Raymond’s Run” reach a point in where they realize that helping others is more important than helping oneself.  

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Affirmative action programs are designed to __________. A. increase minority and female presence in college and certain professional environments B. prosecute victims of hate crimes based on race or gender C. steer more people towards trade schools and two-year colleges D. single out suspects based on skin color

Answer: A. increase minority and female presence in college and certain professional environments.

 The Affirmative action programs follow the policies that encourage the improvement in opening opportunities in society for groups that have been historically excluded. Usually the focus is on employment and education. That means the it is given preference to women, black people, or other groups that are treated unfairly, when it is choosing people for a job, for example.

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Which type of account typically has very high liquidity, low or no interest, and low minimum balance?

The correct answer that answers the question above is that it is the basic savings account. This type of savings account helps you access your account easily, even though it has low or no interest. But to its advantage, it can provide a high liquidity.

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Each of the items listed below played an important role both in their own cultures and in world events. Use a keyword search and your favorite search engine, or what you have already learned about many of the topics through the course so far, to briefly describe each item, when it occurred, and who was involved (2 points per fact). Then, describe in one or two sentences (4 points) how the item influenced other cultures around the world (10 points each for 70 points total). Key words are: The Prohibition of Marriages Act in Africa Prison on Robben Island in Africa The Great Schism in Europe The Reformation in Europe European diseases in the early Americas Commodore Perry’s Black Ships in Asia United States Imperialism in Latin America


The Prohibition of Marriages Act in Africa. It was a law gone in South Africa in 1949 restricting relationships among "Europeans" and "non-Europeans". It was a politically-sanctioned racial segregation law that prompted more separation. The universal network denounced politically-sanctioned racial segregation.  

The Great Schism in Europe  

. This occurred from 1378 to 1417. There were two popes and even three popes contesting the amazingness of the Catholic church. This additionally put the seeds of the reconstruction development.  

The Reformation in Europe  

. It authoritatively began in 1517 with the production of the Ninety-five these by Martin Luther and it went on until 1648. Martin Luther contradicted the Catholic Church and its guilty pleasures framework.  

European ailments in the early Americas. Numerous local Americas passed on because of ailments that European brought like smallpox, measles, and influenza. About 90% of local American were demolished by these sicknesses. In certain spots like in the Dominican Republic, all the local American died.  

Commodore Perry's Black Ships in Asia  When the commodore Perry landed In Japan with four vessels: Susquehanna, Mississipi, Plymouth and Saratoga on July eighth, 1853 and made them guarantee to open their wildernesses to universal business. He utilized tact and weight.  

US Imperialism in Latin America  

. In 1823 the president James Monroe said that the USA was the defender of all the western half of the globe. The issue was that America was exceptionally occupied with its very own plan and furthermore with a common war. At that point, the Platt Amendment came to embed arrangements in the Cuban Constitution so it would avert European intercession in Cuba. At that point, Roosevelt announced that the Monroe tenet constrained the USA to be a universal police power. After that showed up a period called dollar tact or preacher discretion to defend the premiums of the realm.


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After declaring war on Japan in 1941, people of Japanese ancestry who lived in America were _______. a. blacklisted. c. deported. b. sent to camps. d. not allowed to vote.

The awnser is b. interment camps because of the ancesters who lived on the pacific coast

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The poet and writer José Martí a. was exiled twice from Cuba. b. plotted to overthrow the Hawaiian monarchy. c. sailed on the Empress of China into the port of Guangzhou. d. supported President Madero of Mexico.


The correct answer is A. The poet and writer Jose Marti was exiled twice from Cuba.


Jose Marti was a Cuban politician, philosopher, thinker, journalist and poet. He was the founder of the Cuban Revolutionary Party. He is considered in Cuba as a national hero, the greatest martyr and the apostle of the struggle for independence. The communist regime set up by Fidel Castro officially claimed his thought. He was deported twice from Cuba, in 1871 and 1879, when the island was governed by Spain.

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Which of the following is not a natural resource in South America? A. minerals B. Brazil nuts C. lumber D. elephants

This is a weird question but i think its minerals

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How did the first americans get to north america??


The answer is: Browsing.


Researchers from different European and North American universities have made a finding that shatters the most widespread hypothesis about the arrival of the first men to America, which claimed that they arrived in the American continent from Siberia crossing the Bering Strait, passable thanks to the decline of the oceans caused by the last great glaciation.

The answer is: Browsing.

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How does Nixon’s presidency continue to shape and influence American politics and culture?

Write the examples, cuz i cant really see what it mean

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, the currency of Venezuela.The president of Venezuela announced that the country would be devaluating the bolivar for the fifth time in nine years. The official rate is falling from 4.3 bolivars to the dollar, to 6.3, a 32% devaluation. By increasing the bolivar value of exports of oil to the US and other nations, the government hopes to alleviate a budget crisis caused by its increasing reliance on borrowing to meet spending obligations.In response to the announcement, the people of Venezuela lined up today to buy televisions, electronics, and airline tickets in order to protect themselves from projected price increases.Venezuelans started buying items immediately because of their fear of

In Venezuela, the Bolivar has already been devalued too much.

In the last 10 years it has gone from a difference of up to 99.99% to the past from 2.15 to 6.000 billion bolivars per dollar.

Generating hyperinflation and impoverishment within the country.

The Venezuelans started buying products because they knew that their local currency is going to devalue to the point that everything will be more expensive up to 99% than before.

I hope it help you

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What did franklin roosevelt do in his time period as president FOR FORTY POINTS AND INCLUDES BRAINLIEST.

Like James Said he did it to end slavery and because he also favored the colored people and cared for them that is why he did that.

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Which statement describes one advantage of a market economy? A) Nonproductive resources are rewarded. B) The government owns the productive resources. C) A high degree of individual freedom is offered. D) A large bureaucracy is required to make economic decisions.

A market economy is when competition makes economic decisions. It has the laws of supply and demand. Supply are the things being sold and demand are the buying of those items by consumers. There are many advantages to a market economy, but out of the choices given, the best answer would be C. A high degree of individual freedom is offered. I hope I helped! (Brainliest please)

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A mother has been continually nagging her daughter about how messy her room is. finally, the daughter gets so tired of her mom’s complaints that she cleans her room, thus stopping the nagging of her mother. given the fact that the withdrawal of the mother’s nagging served to strengthen the daughter’s room-cleaning behavior, the mother’s nagging would be considered a(n:


Negative Reinforcement


Reinforcements are important in operant conditioning, and we can distinguish positive from negative reinforcers. Positive reinforcers are those that motivate the subject to engage in a behaviour in order to obtain them. On the other hand, negative reinforcers are those that motivate a subject to engage a behaviour in order to avoid the reinforcers. In this example, the daughter cleaned the room because she wanted to avoid the mother's nagging, which makes it a negative reinforcer.

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In what type of election do minor parties typically find success

The answer would be state election. 

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A similarity between the leaders of state executive and legislative branches is that they serve four year terms of office. they are usually elected by popular vote. they are responsible for making state laws. they have budget-approval responsibilities. Answer is B

I believe the answer is: they are usually elected by popular vote.

In popular votes, the one who won the election is determined by pure majority method (the one that receive the most individual votes win). This is a little bit different from determining the leader of the country, which adopt an electoral voting system, where each states are assigned a certain amount of point, so some amount of  individual couts wouldn't be matter that much.

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1. A cashier gives one person a $5 bill and 15 $1 bills in exchange for a $20 bill. He gives a second person a $10 bill, a $5 bill, and five $1 bills in exchange for a $20 bill. Which characteristic of money does this illustrate? (1 point) durability portability divisibility uniformity 2. How does inflation primarily differ from deflation? (1 point) Inflation tracks changing prices but deflation does not. Inflation relates to rising rather than falling prices. Inflation happens only when the money supply is too small. Inflation occurs much less often than deflation does. 3. What is an interest rate? (1 point) a loan add­on required bank fee a service provided by a retail store a special type of price 4. What would rising demand for a certain type of car most likely lead to? (1 point) lower interest rates for all types of vehicles lower interest rates for that type of car higher interest rates for all types of vehicles higher interest rates for that type of car 5. What of the following is the best description for payment for labor? (1 point) salary interest principal productivity Abigail and Lawrence were hired as customer service representatives the same week. They’ve now been at the job for seven months. Abigail consistently gets positive feedback on her calls, and her call volume is 30% higher than Lawrence’s. Lawrence has been given good feedback for the most part, though some customers have said he could be more helpful. Neither worker has management experience, though Abigail hopes she won’t be on the phones for more than another year. Use the passage to answer the question. 6. What is the most likely event that will take place in this situation? (1 point) Abigail will become Lawrence’s immediate supervisor. Lawrence will be asked to give Abigail advice on helping customers. Abigail will be given a raise, but Lawrence will not. Lawrence will be given a bonus for getting good feedback from his callers. 7. Which of these actions is an entrepreneur most likely to take? (1 point) develop and market a new product begin working for a large corporation ignore ways to solve economic problems specialize in just one type of task Chris has been working at his job for five years. He likes it because it is challenging, but he wonders if he would be happier making all of the decisions for a company instead of having someone else make the decisions for him. Use the passage to answer the question.

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1. Your answer is C. Divisibility.

2. Your answer is B. Inflation relates to rising pieces rather than falling pieces.

3. Your answer is D. A special type of price.

4. D. Higher interest rates for that type of car.

5. A. Salary

6. C. Abigail will be given a raise but Lawrence will not.

7. A. Develop and market a new product.

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When President washington entered office, the U.S. army A. Consisted of over 35,000 soldiers B. Was about equal to the army of any European nation C. Was the greatest military in the world D. Consisted of less than 700 soldiers Stuck please help

B or D. I can'r really give a concrete answer. When Washington first entered office, the majority of the armed forced were disbanded due to the public's distrust of having a standing army. So for a time, the US employed irregular state militias to protect the fledgling nation. There was however a single regiment that was still standing, but was used to guard the Western Frontier. I would go with D due to the fact that when he first took office most of the army was disbanded.

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When President washington entered office, the U.S. army

Did you forget to add in the rest of the question, this is a full question?

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Six ways that the human rights violation influences individuals, groups and broader south africans community

- discrimination
- anger ( revolts and rebellions)
- serving unfair and undeserved sentenced in jail
- lack of jobs and resources
- causes feelings of inadequacy and self hate
- causes feelings of fear and danger

Please vote my answer branliest! Thanks.

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Individual runs away from home is a juvenile delinquent

Juvenile delinquent are minors young children around the age of 10 who have committed a act against the if the person who ran away from home was a minor that would be a juvenile delinquent.

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