James was observing cells under a microscope. He observed some cells which had a layer outside the plasma membrane. What is this layer called?

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The answer is letter A. Plasma membrane. The plasma membrane is the outer membrane that divides the interior cells and the outer cells. The plasma membrane protects the cell from its surroundings. The plasma membrane contains phospholipids that contains protein. 

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Dichotomous keys ask A.open-ended questions about animal behavior. B.open-ended questions about easily observable characteristics. C.yes-or-no questions about animal behavior. D.yes-or-no questions about easily observable characteristics.

The right option is; D.yes-or-no questions about easily observable characteristics.

A dichotomous key is a tool designed by scientists to help its users to identify a particular type of object and organisms based on physical characteristics. A dichotomous key is divided into two sections and it usually contains specific questions with two choices (yes or no) in each step. When a question is answered, the key guides the user to the next question to ask until the user is able to correctly identify the name of the unknown organism.

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The mineral particles found in the layers of a soil, including the topsoil and subsoil layers, were originally weathered from

Acid rain. The rain would have weakened the soil.

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Eugene describes the physical property of a material as “sweet and floral.” What physical property of the material is Eugene most likely observing? boiling point shape hardness odor

I believe the correct answer is "D.) odor"
Hope this helped, please let me know if I was correct.

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Letter D is the part of the cell that makes proteins. What is letter D? A) ribosomes B) chromosomes C) chloroplast

the answer is A.RIBOSOMES

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Which of the following is a good example of something a cell might do during G1 phase

Well you didnt put your answer choices but the examples are: Cell grows and develops and new proteins are made

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____ is a layer of organic sediment. a. Peat c. Lignite b. Bituminous coal d. Anthracite coal

A.Peat organic matter which causes decaying matter 

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Muscle cells have many mitochondria for A) energy. B) protection. C) divisibility. D) reproduction

A) Energy could be the answer.

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Humans cannot digest food without the aid of small single-celled organisms that live in our digestive tract. These small organisms help humans digest food by breaking down complex food molecules. Which common name is associated with these single-celled organisms that help humans digest food? A) algae B) bacteria C) protozoa D) virus

Bacteria are single-celled organisms that help humans digest food.


The symbiotic association of bacteria and human is of importance in the process of digestion. These bacterias are found in our gut, large intestine and sometimes in small intestine also. These bacteria break down big molecules into useful forms. Bacteria are also responsible for producing vitamin k2 and vitamin B in large intestine. They also help in mobilising of xenobiotics, bile and sterols.

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How has the nucleus in cells evolved?

Common parts of a cell

The cell is the building block of an organism, its smallest living unit. By definition, all cells have the following:

A cell membrane: As a barrier between the cell and its environment, the membrane provides structure, protection and control over the movement of materials in and out of the cell.Cytoplasm: This refers to the contents of the cell membrane excepting the nucleus. One of its main components is cytosol, a jelly-like substance which acts as protection and support for the remaining contents.DNA: Each cell contains genetic material. However, the way it is stored is one of the distinguishing factors between a eukaryote (a plant or animal cell for example) and a prokaryote (like a bacterium). These represent the two main types of cells. The former has a nucleus — for its DNA — as well as other organelles while the latter does not. Organelles are parts of a cell that have a specialised function and their own membranes.Nucleus

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Air masses that forms over land are called what??

Air masses that are formed over land are called maritime tropical air mass 

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Which statement is NOT true concerning the cytoskeleton of the cell?

It would be c hope this helps

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How many chromosomes does each cell have?

In humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair, the sex chromosomes, differ between males and females

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An organisms full set of DNA is called --?

An organism's full set of DNA is called the genome. 

Fun Fact: There are about 30,000-40,000 genes in a single human genome

~Hope I helped!~

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Maintaining internal conditions within in an organism is a characteristic of life known as _____. metabolism energy cells homeostasis

Homeostasis, it is the process of organisms regulating their internal conditions. 

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How are tumor cells different from normal cells? A.)tumor cells have no nucleus B.)tumor cells are smaller C.)tumor cells multiply too quickly D.)tumor cells are Prokarotes

Tumor cells are different from regular normal healthy cells in their growth patterns, life cycles and methods of intercellular communication. They vary in size and shape and often exhibit irregular nuclei, which contain disorganized chromosomes.

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What is an ecological system called that consists of all of its biotic and abiotic factors? A. Community B. Ecosystem C. Habitat D. Pure Culture

Answer: B. Ecosystem


Ecosystem is the ecological system which consists of all biotic and abiotic factors. The biotic factors include all living beings such as human beings, animals, plants and microbes. The abiotic factors includes soil, water and atmosphere. The living beings interact with their surrounding physical environment (comprising of abiotic factors)  in an ecosystem.

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Cells use glucose to make (1 point) Energy Proteins Enzymes Vitamins

energy is the correct answer and the other guy is right

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Describe one possible effect of a gene mutation in a body cell on an organism and one possible effect on the offspring of that organism

A gene mutation may result in an oncogene. So during that cell's replication the gate keeper genes will no longer be able to suppress it. This results in a mutated daughter cell.  If there is a subsequent mutation an a daughter cell, a tumor will be produced. 

Gene mutation can also cause mosaicism and result in different phenotypes 

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Because plant cells have chloroplasts and can do photosynthesis, why do they also need mitochondria?

They need mitochondria for storing water and sugar hope this helps :)

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