Most states have deer hunting seasons designed to reduce the size of the deer herd before it gets so large that deer starve to death during winters with little food. How might having humans as predators rather than wolves be expected to affect the deer population?

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It is thought that having humans as predators rather than wolves is expected to affect the deer population in that the human predators do not share the catch as much with their offspring, meaning that the deer population will decrease at a higher rate. 
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What two ways autotrophic bacteria make food

Autotrophic bacteria make food in one of two ways. Some capture and use the sun's energy as plants do. Others, such as bacteria that live deep in mud, do not use the sun's energy. Instead, these bacteria use the energy from chemicals substances in their environment to make their food. by blizwizx

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Which of the following is not a manmade cause of global warming? a. burning fossil fuels b. deforestation c. respiration d. population growth

The answer i believe is C. respiration

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A scientist observing a group of spider monkeys noticed that the adult females often spend time picking leaves off of tree branches. The scientist hypothesizes that this behavior is caused by boredom. Is the scientist’s hypothesis valid? A. Yes, boredom is a likely explanation for the spider monkeys’ behavior. B. No, humans are the only organisms that experience boredom. C. No, emotions of non-human organisms cannot be tested. D. Yes, the hypothesis could be tested through a controlled experiment.

D. Yes, the hypothesis could be tested through a controlled experiment.

Most mammals which is a more evolved class of animals in the animal kingdom has the neurological feature called the limbic system, the aforementioned structure is the anatomy which functions as the emotion system of the animals. Thus, it is plausible that such behavior of boredom is being elicited in the setting proposed above. And does animals have emotions? Some researchers suggest so but likely others suggest

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Respiration involves the release of energy due to the breakdown of large polymers. What type of a reaction is respiration?

Respiration is an exergonic reaction.

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Living things require specific organic molecules in order to survive. The picture above represents some specific examples of foods that are mainly composed of one of these necessary organic molecules. The organic molecules found in these types of food are A) lipids. B) proteins. C) nucleic acids D) carbohydrates.

Since the illustration is absent the four mentioned are the organic molecules are lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates. These are also called the macromolecules.
Macromolecules are a set collection of polymers that composes most of the organic substances specifically in the organelles of cells. Thus, these organelles use lipids and proteins in doing cellular activity and keeps them functioning. Observe nitrogen and carbon, these two entities are called elements that are composed of atoms. Elements are the basic composition of a substance. Going back, examples of molecules could be nucleic tides, polypeptides, RNA, protein, lipids and etc.  

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What should be included in an experimental design because of the way data is analyzed using statics

This is a complex question that has many answers but I will try to give a complete answer.

When designing an experiment you have to make sure
1) you have a representative, random sample - this means your participants are representative for the population you're taking them from (having random students from a class which are representative for students for example
2) you have a control and an experimental condition - you always need a control condition with which you can compare your experimental manipulation. Only in this case can you make sure that your results are the consequence of your experimental manipulation.
3) always test the desired variable before and after the experimental procedure

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In marine food chains, the ____________ are microscopic organisms called plankton.

Producers, because they produce oxygen

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Which of the following would cause gene flow? a. artificial selection B. individuals moving into a population c. genetic drift d. mutation

Your answer would be B. individuals moving into a population. 

Imagine you live in a small village that is remote and hasn't had much contact with people from different geographical areas or other continents even. Your community will have a certain gene pool as each individual has certain genes and when the genes of every person are taken into account this leaves us with certain genes that perhaps aren't found somewhere else. Suddenly, there is a big influx of another group of people coming from one particular region with a somewhat different gene pool to this community.

After some time, these people will reproduce and create new children who will have a more diverse gene pool (if the people from the old and new community would make babies for example). This is how the gene pools would get expanded and also gene flow would occur. 

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What word is used to describe the reaction that uses water to break apart a large molecule

Weathering I believe
when water constantly rubs a rock or when rain beats down on a mountain it weathers it away

weathering is the breaking down
erosion is the moving around
deposition is the settling down.

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What are two ways in which human activities can affect the impact of a natural hazard

A natural disaster like a tsunami can be heavily impacted by beachfront houses, drastically increasing the damage of the tsunami. Another natural disaster, such as wildfire, can be impacted by human logging. The logging would diminish trees and lessen the impact of the fire. 

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How can a change in technology affect scientific knowledge?

It helps scientists improve on research and tests/examinations to understand the object a little more. For Example: The newer modified microscope helps zoom into harder to see microrganisms. So if technology changed then most of our scientific knowledge wouldve been mistaken this whole time. We wouldnt know many things if technology didnt exist.

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Xylem _____. transport water and minerals upward transport food downward is only found in the roots of a plant is a plant's outer layer of cells

Xylem tissue that should help you out

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1. You just visited your doctor and he suggested you are at risk for heart disease. Which type of lipid should you avoid eating large amounts of? Carbohydrates Saturated Unsaturated Oils

You should avoid eating large amount of SATURATED FATS.
Saturated fats are those fats which chemically are made up of single bonds. This type of fat can be found in food such as animal fat, [for instance, butter, cheese, cream etc.], whole meat dairy product and fatty meats, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, etc.
Saturated fats are bad for the heart because it can raise the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood thus increasing the risk of heart diseases.

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What type of scientist studies how bacteria are affected by antibiotics?




-The type of scientists that studies how bacteria are affected by antibiotics are the microbiologists.

-Microbiologists studies microscopic organisms including bacteria, algae, and fungi. They study organisms that cause disease and environmental damage or are of industrial or agricultural interest. They also study the characteristics of nonliving pathogens, such as viruses and prions.

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Without phloem, a plant would be unable to _____. absorb water from the soil take in sunlight from the sun transport food from its leaves


transport food from its leaves


Phloem is a type of vascular tissue in plants which performs the function of transporting food from leafs to the various parts of the plants. We all know that food is synthesized in the leaf of plants because chlorophyll is present only in leaf.  But food is required by all other parts of the plant not only leaf. So once it is synthesized, it is translocated to other parts of plant like roots, stems, branches etc by means of phloem.

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The force of a vibration affects this

It affects sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What is biogeochemical cycling? For each of the following five cycles, state two processes in which matter changes its form: carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur.

The biogeochemical cycles move through mainly the biotic and abiotic components of the earth, more elaborately the spheres -biospheres, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere regions of the ecosystem. These biogeochemical cycles, from its terminology and discernable word morphology- involves the biological, geological and chemical components that make out to complete an exact and purposed cycle. The purpose in these cycles are to maintain balance and to ensure the ongoing process of the living and non-living organisms in the environment. These cycles’ help to living organisms survive and thrive. One popular example is the water cycle.

In the process of the nitrogen cycle.                 
The nitrogen cycle is a biogeochemical succession process of nitrogen that involves: fixation, ammonification, nitrification, and denitrification. Like any other biogeochemical cycles. This process undergoes and affects the biological, geometrical and chemical aspects in the ecosystem and the abiotic and biotic community. Hence, the nitrogen cycle leads the abiotic component –nitrogen- to contribute to the biotic community, decomposition and primal production. Further, it becomes an essential part of the environment because some life components are contains it, similarly, amino acids, nucleic acids in RNA and DNA.  

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Human genetic traits are controlled by a. nucleic acids. b. lipids. c. glucose. d. monosaccharides.

A) nucleic acids - DNA = dioxyribonucleic acid

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Seasonal changes occur because of A. Earth’s tilt. B. Earth’s shape. C. the distance between Earth and the moon. D. the time of year.

The main reason is the tilt of the earth.  The time of the year has something to do with it as the rays of the sun strike the earth more directly in the northern hemisphere in June, July and August giving the northern hemisphere warmer weather and less directly in December January and February giving us colder weather.
In the southern hemisphere the situation is reversed.

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Why do some human traits,such as height and hair color,show a large number of phenotypes?

For your questions it may be because of the climatic changes in your contry.(for eg people from very cold countries would likely be having more white hairs,or people from tropical countries such as India,Pakistan,Iraq etc have brown skin due to the exposure of high heat.)

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Which type of fermentation sometimes occurs in human muscle cells

The type of fermentation that occurs in human muscle cells is called lactic acid fermentation.  It is that burning sensation you get after a long exercise or workout. 

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A student wants to write her science project on rattlesnakes found in Texas. The most reliable contacts would probably be found by looking in the phone book under __________. state agencies zoos travel agencies farms

Wait a min. Let me look it up

The answer would be ZOO!


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Some animals can strategize, assess their environment, and cooperate with others to obtain food. true?false?

The answer is TRUE. Many animals need these treats to survive, get food, and aviod danger.

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