On a tour of several states, you discover a county governed under a state law that permits home rule. The county chooses its own form of government. You're probably in the state of

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based on the scenario, i think you're probably in the state of : Oregon in 1958, an amendment of Oregon constitution authorized counties to adpot the "home rules", which allowed them to exercise the state's power og governance within its own administrative area
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Who is the home inspector's most important source of business leads? A. Engineering firms B. Architects C. Real estate agents D. Lending institutions

This would be C. the Real Estate Agents. The engineering firms are only in charge of the construction of the home and the materials that are to be used for building it. The Architects, on the other hand, are responsible for the design of the home and the placement of the materials of the home. The lending institutions are focused more on providing the home inspector with money that he will need for a piece of property. So that leaves us with the Real Estate Agents. It is these people who deal with the sales of property which is why they are the source of business leads.

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hich of the following is the most widely used and accepted form of payment for making business travel arrangements? A. 30-day accounts payable B. Major credit card C. Cash D. Personal check

B. Major credit card is the most widely used and accepted form of payment for making business travel arrangements.

Major credit cards are issued for business purposes. This is to ensure that all expenses that are business related are all accounted for in compliance to documentation requirements. 

A 30-day accounts payable is usually used for business inventory not for business travel arrangement. It is also unwise to use cash or personal check for business travel arrangement mainly because cash can't be traced accordingly and personal check is against the personal account of the individual not of the company. 

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Who determines the salary and benefits government officials receive each year

The United States House of Representatives. 

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Which of the following actions would have negative consequences if you choose to accept a management promotion? a. Be prepared to review the keys to being a good manager b. Be prepared to learn your new responsibilities c. Be prepared to treat your coworkers in the same way you always have d. Be prepared to prove that you are the best fit for the job

C. Be prepared to treat your coworkers in the same way you always have.

If you accept a management promotion you're going to be above your coworkers now. You have to be prepared to treat them differently when you level up. 

A, B, and D are all expected of you and you should be prepared to do them.

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Assume you're using a three button mouse to access a short cut, you would

I believe its the right sided button. 

The middle button would be to scroll and the left would be to select something. 

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The chief reason that family and friends are frequent targets of aggression is thatA. frustration-producing obstacles are often unclear. B. they're convenient. C. as obstacles, they're unremovable. D. they cause the most frustration

I think the most likely reason that family and friends frequently become targets of aggression is that "they're there", that is, they are present when you come home from work, or when something happens and might just accidentally encounter us in a bad mood.

This can be phrased as "they are convenient"- they are there to be the object of frustration.

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What would be some of the drawbacks of having the victims of a crime, rather than the state (through its public officials), prosecute criminals?

When we let, the victims of the crimes do the prosecution, all of their action would most likely based on emotion rather than objective reason.

This mean that:

- Some crimes might go unpunished because the victims are too scared of the criminals.

- Some punishment may go over the top because of the anger that felt by the criminals

- The prosecuted could granted the victim with money so they can easily get away with their crimes.

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The freedom to make your own decisions can be limited if the business you choose is a

The correct answer is criminal activity. If you commit a crime or engage in any type of criminal activity you will be put in jail where you will not be able to make your own decisions and everything will be decided for you. How you spend your time, what you eat, when you go to the bathroom and for how long, when you sleep, anything that might come to mind.

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Local governments receive most of their money from what two kinds of taxes?

The local government receive most of their money from Real Estate Property Tax and Personal Property Tax.

Real Estate Property are properties that are immovable. This includes land, building, and all improvements (fixtures) that cannot be removed without damage to the property.

Real Estate Property Tax is levied on homes, farms, business properties, and most other real property.

Personal Property are properties that are movable. Examples are vehicles (cars, van, SUV)

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The United States imposes a tariff on electronics imported from China. Which would be a result? China stops marketing all products to U.S. consumers The cost of Chinese electronics goes down Electronics trade with China increases U.S. consumers buy more domestically made electronics

Answer: Consumers buy more domestically made electronics


A tariff is known to be a tax on imported goods and services from another country imposed or levied by the government of a country. Thus, it is imposed in order to protect local or domestics industries so as to encourage them to produce locally made goods. Hence, the cost of imported goods become expensive or high which makes consumers to buy locally or domestically made goods or products.

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Local governments receive most of their money from what two kinds of taxes?

 Taxes on personal income  Interest on the national debt Taxes on business earnings . Social security taxes
heres four i hope this helps :)

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List the three-part government of the British colonies and tell what each part did.

The three parts of the government were a Governor, a Council of Advisers, and an Elected Assembly. The governor was something like the president, that is the commander in chief with the power to veto. The Council and the Assembly were like the upper and the lower houses of the parliament. The lower was closely connected to the will and the demands of the people while the upper was more into legislature.

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What huge Christmas gift did France give to the United States of America in 1886?

The Statue of Liberty

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Who is responsible for reporting identity fraud? Choose one answer. a. The victim of fraud b. The police c. Any of the three credit reporting agencies d. The company that accepted a stolen credit card or false information

A. The victim of fraud is the one responsible for reporting identity fraud.

First and foremost, you are the only one who knows yourself. Not the police nor any of the three credit reporting agencies. So whenever something happens like purchases made using your credit card and you know for a fact that you did not use your card nor give permission to anyone to use your card, then you are a victim of identity fraud.

You must report to three major credit card bureaus. Call their fraud departments directly and request that a fraud alert be placed on your file. This will alert your creditors to contact you directly before any credit card purchased be made and confirm whether the transaction is legit or not.

You also must close accounts that you believe have been tampered with and file a police report. You must also contact your bank, card issuers, and other creditors personally to inform them of identity fraud at the same time protect you rights.

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Giselle has $10,000. She could put it in a CD earning 2% interest, a tech stock earning an 18% return this year, a mutual fund losing 3% this year, or an index fund earning an average return of 6%. If Giselle wants the investment with the lowest volatility which should she choose? Select the best answer from the choices provided. the CD the tech stock the mutual fund the index fund

The investment with the lowest volatility is the CD.

CD stands for Certificate of Deposit. It is a savings certificate that states that the bearer of the certificate is entitled to receive interest. A Certificate of Deposit reflects the amount invested, specified interest rate, and its maturity date.

In Giselle's case, her CD will reflect a $10,000 with an interest rate of 2% compounded annually and a maturity date that is either one month up to five years from the day of opening the CD account and depositing the cash.

Regardless of what happens in the stock market, Giselle is assured of earning 2% from her $10,000 investment. For example: her term is 1 year.
$10,000 * 2% * 360/360 = 200 is the interest she will earn for the year.

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When buyers refuse to pay a product’s stated price or when improvements in other items or fashion changes reduce the appeal of the current merchandise, a retailer must take a _____.

Reduction in the price. If they do not reduce the price, then people will not buy the product, and they will be left with too many of the same products. 

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The national banking acts of 1863 and 1864 gave the federal government the power to do what

Hey! The National Banking Acts gave the federal government three important powers: The power to charter banks The power to require banks to hold adequate gold and silver reserves to cover their bank notes The power to issue a single national currency Hope this helps! :)

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Government agencies are which of the following? A. Monopolies B. Independtly run. C. Defense contractors D. Part of the public sector.

Government agencies are D. Part of the public sector. Public sector is defined as a part of the economy that is owned and controlled by the government. Government agencies are called such because these agencies are controlled by the government; each branch of Government has its own agencies but each agency exists to provide services for its citizens.

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Do you think the United States should trade with countries that have a poor human rights record? Why or Why not?

Yes because they don't have the same exact rights as we have for an example in Columbia people are punish as slaves also in African

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What is the law of demand?

It is the fact that if prices increase demand of product goes down and if prices go up so demand of product goes down.

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You live in a state with a sales tax of 5%. You buy a car for $15,000. What is the sales tax?

The tax amount would be $750 for a car loan of $15,000 at 5%. -A

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The core subject of ______ also includes civics and government studies. A. English B. Mathematics C. History D. Science

The answer is C because civics is a part of history.

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A construction inspector is frequently supervised by a/an a. construction consultant. b. home inspector. c. architect. d. CEO

C. Architect

(Source: Pennfoster The inpection Process Part 1 Page 64)

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