One result of the opium war was that china 1) adopted democratic reforms 2) gained control of Hong Kong 3) regained control of Manchuria 4) was divided into spheres of influence

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The answer is number 4 because Britian basically forced opium into China so the public would become addicted to it then when the chinese government said to stop they went to war and basically dominated the chinese.
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What deal did the democrats and republicans make regarding the presidential election of 1786

The United States presidential election of 1876 was the 23rd quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 7, 1876. It was one of the most contentious and controversial presidential elections in American history. The results of the election remain among the most disputed ever, although it is not disputed that Samuel J. Tilden of New York outpolled Ohio's Rutherford B. Hayes in the popular vote. After a first count of votes, Tilden won 184 electoral votes to Hayes's 165, with 20 votes unresolved. These 20 electoral votes were in dispute in four states. In the case of Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina, each party reported its candidate had won the state, while in Oregon one elector was replaced after being declared illegal for being an "elected or appointed official". The question of who should have been awarded these electoral votes is the source of the continued controversy concerning the results of this election.

An informal deal was struck to resolve the dispute: the Compromise of 1877, which awarded all 20 electoral votes to Hayes. In return for the Democrats' acquiescence to Hayes's election, the Republicans agreed to withdraw federal troops from the South to end the Reconstruction Era of the United States. The Compromise effectively ceded power in the Southern states to the Democratic Redeemers, who went on to pursue their agenda of returning the South to a political economy resembling that of its pre-war condition, including the disenfranchisement of black voters.

This was the first presidential election since 1852 in which the Democratic candidate won a majority of the popular vote. This is also the only election in which a candidate for president received more than 50 percent of the popular vote, but was not elected president by the Electoral College, and one of five elections (in addition to 1824, 1888, 2000 and 2016) in which the person who won the most popular votes did not win the election. To date, it remains the election that recorded the smallest electoral vote victory (185–184) and the election that yielded the highest voter turnout of the eligible voting age population in American history, at 81.8%. Hoped this helped!

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During world war ii, this aircraft assembly plant put over 28,000 georgians to work building b-29 bombers.


Bell Bomber Plant


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How did the geography of the Indian sub-continent, during the reign of the Gupta, contribute to the movement of the people and ideas? 1) The control of the Asian trade routes meant that culture and ideas could flow freely through the Empire. 2) The location of the Empire between northern mountains and southern seas was subject to monsoons. 3) As the continent was enclosed by water on three sides, cultural exchange was limited. 4) The location of the Empire made it significantly vulnerable to attacks from seafaring pirates and profiteers.

Option no. 1 i.e The control of the Asian trade routes meant that culture and ideas could flow freely through the Empire is the right answer.

The geography of the subcontinent made the Guptas to dominate the International silk route, beyond the Himalayas which connected India to South-East Asia and other countries of the world. These trade routes not only promoted trade but also contributed to the movement of the people, ideas and cultures.

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In 2 to 4 sentences, describe why compound interest earns more money than simple interest.

First up, it is possible to say that compound interest earns more money that simple interest if we are taking the moneylender position, other case is a loss for the payer.

It is possible to say that compound interest earns more money because for taking into account the amound of money to be paid the future interests are added to the original debt. So that, the interests are paid not only over the original amount of money that was asked, but also are they over the interests that this money is going to generate in certain period of time.

In contrast, in simple interest, these are paid only over the original amount of money, without taking in consideration future debts.

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What is the slope of the straight line through points (2,8) and (4,6) ?

The slope is -1

Use the formula:     \frac{y_{2} - y_{1} }{ x_{2} - x_{1} }    
Or in this case:      \frac{6-8}{4-2}
Once you simplify,  you should get:      \frac{-2}{2}        which simplifies further to -1

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The Atlantic Charter confirmed that the United States and Great Britain believed in which of the following ideals? Democratic nations lack the authority to control totalitarian nations. Democratic nations have the right to build up their militaries in peacetime. Every nation has the right to choose its own form of government. This one - All countries have the right to expand their territories without limits.

The Atlantic Charter confirmed that the United States and Great Britain believed in the the idea that "Every nation has the right to choose its own form of government." This was just one of 8 major principles that the charter outlined between the United States and Great Britain. 

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During pontiacs war did France cause Indian nations to attach settlers

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What is one of the factors that helped buddhism spread through china

This should help. found this online!

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The british empire gained a footing in india through where?

Before the beginning of the formal rule of the Britishers in India, there was a background of Indo-European economic relationship. The British East India Company sometimes referred to as “John Company”, was a Joint- Stock Company established in 1600, as The Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies. During this time, other trading companies, established by the Portuguese, Dutch, French, and Danish were similarly expanding in the region.

The British Company gained footing in India in 1612 after Mughal emperor Jahangir granted the rights to establish a factory (a trading post) in Surat to Sir Thomas Roe, a representative diplomat of Queen Elizabeth Ist of England. The formal British rule in India is understood to have commenced in 1757, after the Battle of Plassey, when the Nawab of Bengal surrendered his dominions to the British East India Company. Henceforth the British Company transformed from a commercial trading venture to a political entity which virtually ruled India. 

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What were 2 goals of european imperialist

To expand their powers and get more resources.

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The green corn rebellion turned the public against which political party. A. Democrat B. Populist C. Republican D. Socialist

D. Socialist party...

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1. According to Islam, with which role did the angel Gabriel charge Muhammed? •caliph •emperor •messenger •Messiah 2. Which answer most precisely describes the location of Mecca and Medina? •Arabian peninsula •holy land and Mesopotamia • north Africa •southwest Asia 3. Why do Muslims consider the Quran sacred? •it is the word of God as revealed to Muhammed. •it gives instructions on the succession of leadership among Muslims. •it records and interprets Islamic law. •it records the efforts of the caliphs to spread Islam.

1- According to Islam, the angel Gabriel charged Muhammed with the role of God's messsenger.

This is affirmed in the Shadada (declaration of Muslim faith): "there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger".

2- The location of Mecca and Medina is in the Arabian Peninsula. Both cities are located in western Saudi Arabia.

3- Muslim consider the Quran sacred because they believe it is the word of God as revealed to Muhammed.

Muslims believe that the Quran is the "eternal and uncreated" word of God, revealed to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel.

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Describe the significance of Ida tarbell, upton sinclair, and jacob riis to progressive reforms throughout america

From 1900 to 1917, muckrakers - influential journalists - worked to expose the injustices in the society. They raised awareness during the Progressive era regarding the social, political and economic problems as well.

Thank you for posting your question here at brainly. I hope the answer will help you. Feel free to ask more questions.

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Mary borrowed 1,638 from her parents.she agreed to pay them the next 18 months

Good on her as long as the girl speaks three names and a man will do the rest

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The poem " white mans burden " is most directly associated with the concept of? 1. neutrality 2. appeasement 3. reparations 4. imperialism

The answer is possibly the 4th one

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If you lived under an economic system in which the government controlled all aspects of production, which economic system would this be? A. Traditional Economy B. Market Economy C. Planned Economy D. Mixed Economy

C. Planned Economy is the answer. A planned economy is an economy  in which production, investment, prices, and incomes are determined centrally by a government. It is not a traditional economy because in the question economy is not runed by tradition. A market economy is an economy ran by the people. A mixed economy is ran by the goverment, and the people. the question only says ran by the goverment, and not by the people thats why both of those answers are incorrect.

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