Please answer this simple question above on active transport

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Active transport is a form of specialized transport that enables cells of living organisms to take in essential nutrients, ions and other fundamental polar molecules for which they are found in high concentrations, but is still required for the organism. It is movement of these substances against the natural diffusion process which is from high to low concentration, active transport is from low to high concentration. Thus it involves energy in various forms to drive this process, usually it comes from the degradation or break down of a phosphate group from a molecule of ATP. This mode of transport also utilizes specific transport proteins to aid in the movement across the selectively permeable membrane of the cells for that organism.
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Don't just answer please explain :)

Ok, the genotype is the letter of the gene. So the genotype would be Q. Phenotypes are the physical appearance of a gene/trait. If Q was dominant for eye color, then that would be the phentotype. And to answer #9 I need more information on the prompt please

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Monty is continuing with his journal of observations of the Moon for a month. At the half way point, the Moon is fully lit (Full Moon). After about ONE WEEK, Monty observes the Moon again. What would Monty see? I HAVE MY ANSWER BUT I NEED AN EXPLANATION TO THIS ANSWER. B.The Moon would still be fully lit

Actually i think it would be a waxing crescent because it takes two weeks to turn full moon again so one week equals three phases two weeks though equals 7 because of the extra two days from the two weeks and thoose two days are  new moon

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What is the equation for cellular resperation? no stupid answer plz


joe will help u

Explanation: shes right

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Please help me with this 3 questions

1. C
2. A 
3. C

Hope it helps

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Please i need the answer help

The nucleus controls the whole cell, so  the answer is C.

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While Sophia was driving to work, she tried to avoid hitting an animal and instead hit a parked car. As the car stopped, her body continued to move forward at the same speed and in the same direction. What happened to Sophia’s body in the car accident is an example of an explanation that combines several hypotheses and observations. a factual statement about how something behaves or functions. an observation that has been confirmed and accepted as true. a possible explanation or answer that is based on prior knowledge.


The most appropriate answer would be "a factual statement about how something behaves or functions".

The factual statement about how something behaves or functions is termed as a law and the first law of motion or law of inertia best explains that what happened to the body of Sophia in car accident.

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Heres the same question with a picture. A driver starts his parked car and within the 5 seconds reaches a speed of 60km/h, as he travels veast. What is his acceleration?

I answered the question before but ill try to explain more. You know after 5 seconds they are going 60km/h, if you want to know how many km/h they are going per second (that would be their acceleration) you would take how fast he is going after those 5 seconds (60km/h)  and divide it by how many seconds it takes him to get to that speed (5sec) and your answer would be how many km/h they can get to in one second (their acceleration).

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1. What types of defenses does your body have? 2. How does active immunity differ from passive immunity?

1. skin tears saliva stomach acid with all produce friendly bacteria. 2. active immunity is when one has a disease or live pathegon and is immune to it afterwards. unlike passive immunity

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My question is what's is protein?!

Protein is a material located inside food ( Most of the time ).

Some proteins are nuts, meats, fruit, and of course, there are more.

Fact: Some people say Gatorade has protein in it, but it actually doesn't. 
There is 0 protein inside a Gatorade.
Just a fact! :)

It is a good thing that put's energy into you and helps you stay awake throughout the day, and keep you going.

But, you cannot eat too much of it, or you could not feel well, as for your body would not cooperate with too much correctly.

Glad I could help, and good luck!

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The earliest forms of life on earth were photosynthetic. Please select the best answer from the choices provided T F

Answer: False.


Archaea are known as the most primitive form of life on the earth. They are prokaryotic organisms in which true nucleus and other membrane bound organelles are absent.

They live in extreme conditions such as very high or low temperature, very high or low pH and high salinity.

They get their nutrition from various inorganic compounds such as metallic ions.

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HELP PLEASE! BRAINLIEST ANSWER! Which planetary body was Spirit designed to explore? A. pluto B. mars C. jupiter D. mercury

the answer is B i hop i helps

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Which of the following types of immunity do you expect would be the most effective in preventing a particular illness for a long period of time and why? (2 points) Active immunity: it allows the body to gain antibodies from several other outside sources. Active immunity: it allows development of memory cells that can later help fight infection. Passive immunity: it requires less energy to be expended by the individual overall. Passive immunity: it does not require the body to be subjected to repeated vaccine injections.

Active immunity: it allows development of memory cells that can later help fight infection.
D If a person eats hurriedly and barely chews his food before swallowing it, what effect will it likely have on his stomach? His stomach will have to excrete enzymes to digest carbohydrates as well as those to digest protein. His stomach will pass the food directly on to his large intestine without digesting it. His stomach will become infected because there was not time for his saliva to sterilize his food completely. His stomach will take longer to grind the food into chyme than if he had ground it well with his teeth.

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As subduction occurs, the oceanic crust moves from the _____ toward a ____. the answer options for both sides are Mid-ocean ridge Seafloor spreading Deep-ocean trench

Answer: Mid Oceanic Ridge (MOR) to Deep-Oceanic trench

Explanation: As the plate tectonic theory is a continuous process, so at some places, divergent plate movement takes place whereas at other places, convergent plate movement takes place. So from that context we can conclude that

  • initially two plates moves apart from each other,
  • and this plates then collides with the other nearby plates, thereby the heavier one gets subducted beneath the other, forming a deep sea trench.

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_____ is the change in velocity over time for an object Fill in the blank A. Motion B. Speed C. Acceleration D. Momentum Pls only answer if you know the answer

Acceleration is actually the answer. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity with time.
Formula is    change in v/change in time.
In terms of calculus it is written as Δv/Δt
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Endocytosis and exocytosis are forms of _______________. facilitated diffusion passive transport osmosis active transport

Question: Endocytosis and exocytosis are forms of_____?

Answer: Active transport

Endocytosis and exocytosis are forms of active transport.


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The world produces about 3.9 billion tons of food every year. Of that amount, approximately 2.6 billion tons is consumed each year. The rest is wasted. What percentage of food is wasted every year? Choose the closest answer. 1. 30% 2.33.33% 3. 60% 4.66.66%

Answer: 2)  33.33%


Given :

Food produced each year = 3.9 billion

Food consumed each year = 2.6 billion

Food waster every year = Food produced each year -Food consumed each year = 3.9 billion- 2.6 billion = 1.3 billion

Percentage of food wasted each year = \frac{\text {food wasted each year}}{\text {Food produced per year}}\times 100\%

Putting in the values we get:

Percentage of food wasted each year = \frac{1.3billion}{3.9billion}\times 100\%=33.33\%

Thus the correct option is 33.33%.

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State one similarity in the way that snakes and frogs get their energy. Choose the best answer. Both eat grain both eat grasshoppers both are consumers

Snakes might eat grains but it also eats grasshoppers that makes it a consumer.
Frogs eat grasshoppers also and similarly it is also a consumer.
A person might say that from this the answer surely is "both eat grasshoppers"
But the answer is "both are consumers" since eating of grasshoppers is a feature of consumers.

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How simple and compound machines are different

They are different because simple machines are used to make work easier. While compound machines are made up from 2 or more simple machines.

Just in case, some examples of simple machines are the pulley, screw, wheel, axle, wedge, lever, and inclined plane.
hope this helps

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The Karez well system _______. a. was the first known use of wells b. was a postindustrial system c. transported groundwater from a distance d. all of the above

Answer: option C

Explanation:  The Kanez wells accounts for about 30% of the total irrigation areas in the Turfan area.

The length of these wells varies with the geographical environment. It mainly consists of 4 parts the open channel, vertical well, small reservoir and underground channel.

The water outlet for the underground water is called as the dragon mouth which is in connection with the channels above ground. This transports the groundwater from a distance.

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Please help just the two top questions

43)A   42)D  bhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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What is found at the center of an anticline? The answers are •magma •the youngest layer of rock •the oldest layer of rock •the softest layer of rock Thank you!

I would say either the youngest layer of rock, or the oldest layer of rock

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