Please Help ASAP I have a 50 minute deadline! 1.What were the effects of communist policies in Eastern Europe? Check all that apply. a. Freedom of speech was eliminated. b.Enemies of the state were imprisoned. c.Agriculture and industry were privately owned. d.Cultural identity was destroyed. e. Consumer goods were available in abundance. 2.What does the term “de-Stalinization” mean? a.removing Stalin’s name b.changing Stalin’s policies c.supporting Stalin’s opinions d.opposing Stalin’s party 3.Which most contributed to the end of Khrushchev’s leadership? b.economic issues c.disagreements with other countries d.revolts by satellite states 4.One reform Khrushchev instituted was to a.eliminate the secret police. b.limit censorship to the media. c.allow political prisoners to be freed. the country to foreign visitors. 5.How were Brezhnev and Stalin similar? a.They developed a cult of personality. b.They increased censorship of arts and literature. c.They used troops to put down a rebellion. d.They imprisoned individuals who spoke against them. 6.What was the primary reason Nagy was removed as prime minister of Hungary? a.Thousands of Hungarians decided to flee the country. b.Many Hungarians were killed in a rebellion. c.The Soviets wanted to reverse democratic reforms. d.The Soviets wished to send a warning to other countries. 7.How were the rebellions in Poland and Hungary similar? a.The workers there demanded political reforms. b.The Soviets responded with military force. c.The leaders were severely punished. d.The Soviets agreed to make limited concessions. 8.What is the most likely reason Dubcek’s easing of censorship threatened the Communist Party? a.Activities of the secret police might have been revealed. b.Meetings could be held at any time and in any place. c.People could read about ideas contrary to state policy. d.Citizens might write letters demanding higher pay. 9.Under Khrushchev, how did the USSR proceed in the arms race with the US? a.They developed new and powerful weapons. b.They used weapons to invade other countries. c.They attacked dissenters with advanced weapons. d.They manufactured more weapons than other countries.

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1. I believe the answer is:

a. Freedom of speech was eliminated.

b. Enemies of the state were imprisoned.

d. Cultural identity was destroyed.

The communists policies transferred all the power in society to the hands of the government. This made the citizens to have very little freedom, and the citizens are subjected to the orders made by the government. Since the press in communist regime tend to be owned by the government, it is very easy to paint all of government's opposition in negative light.

2. I believe the answer is: changing Stalin's policies

The de-stalinization was initiated when Nikita Khrushchev rose into power.  It involves removing all of stalin's influence in the government (firing all of his followers and backers). It also revert back communism ideology that Stalin implemented and reverse it back to pre-stalin socialism.

3. I believe the answer is: B. Economic issues

The economic policies installed by Krushchev failed to stabilize the russian economy. At that time, the price of basic necessities such as food and housing started to rose rapidly (between 25 - 35 %). This lead to many dissatisfaction among citizens and revolts started to appear opposing Krushchev's regime.

4.I believe the answer is: d. open the country to foreign visitors.

The purpose of this policy was to increase the national income from tourism industry which previously dead under previous regime. It also invites many investors from other countries to give their investment , which might lead to establishment of many job opportunities.

5. b.They increased censorship of arts and literature.

Both Brezhnev and Stalin believe that arts and literature could very much influence the way people think. Because of this, they increase the censorship of arts and literature in order to ensure that none of them were made to criticise their regime.

6. I believe the answer is: c.The Soviets wanted to reverse democratic reforms.

The previous leaders before Imre Nagy was backed by the Soviet Union. Nagy did not agree with how soviet union conduct its policies and initiated a democratic reform in hungary.  Removing nagy from the government would reverse this democratic reform and bring back hungary to soviet's influence.

7. I believe the answer is: D.The Soviets agreed to make limited concessions.

Before they initiate the rebellion, all territories in Poland and Hungary were fully controlled by the soviet union's influence. Limited concessions refers to the territories given to each country in which they have a limited autonomy to govern themselves.

8. I believe the answer is: C.People could read about ideas contrary to state policy.

When the soviet union's impose heavy censorship to all media, they can control the narrative that perceived by its people. The media shall never paint the government in negative ways. When the censorship is eased back, many media would start to appear and criticize the bad things that the government had done, which might weaken the communist party's influence in the country.

9. I believe the answer is: A. They developed new and powerful weapons

During Khrushchev's reign, the USSR developed several nuclear weapons that are capable to create havoc to any country on earth. Khrushchev at that time believe that in order to maintain peace , a country need to possess a certain level of threat to others, so other countries do not feel that they could do as they please.

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Lincoln tired to end slavery. The north wasn't having it but the south wanted to keep it

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England and Spain went to war in the 1560s because Spain demanded a. that the Dutch remain Catholics. b. that the Dutch convert to Protestantism. c. that England pay high taxes on trade. d. control over the English Channel.

Answer: D is correct.

Explanation: At the time the Netherlands was a Spanish territory (Charles V inherited this territory from his ancestors, dukes of Burgundy) which brought quite a lot of money to Spain because Netherlands was the most  prosperous part of Spanish empire. The problem was the protestantism of Dutch, their unwillingness to get converted to Catholicism and obey Spanish Catholic mores and rules. The result of that ? Many rebellions of Dutch, disrespect toward Spanish power. Many Dutch found aid and support in England (in this respect English Chanel was crucial) and over the time there was sort of unwritten alliance between the Dutch and the English. And that was something Spaish crown wanted to stop. At the time Spain (house of Habsburg) was considered the most powerful of European countries.

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Communist Soviets claimed that capitalism

Created an unfair divide between rich and poor

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Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia and July 1914. Use the - 2628215. ... Russia had special ethnic tie with Serbia because both countries had Slavic populationsAustria Hungary declared war on Serbia and July 1914. Use the map to explain how this could lead to widespread war

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How did technological innovation most increase globalization

The Internet increased economic, social, and cultural exchanges.

Information technology (IT) and the connecting of people to one another around the world through the Internet have had tremendous impact in many areas. "Globalization 101" from the State University of New York Levin Institute noted that the information technology revolution has impacted industrial structure and jobs , the workforce, and financial markets. Those are powerful forms of economic exchanges. Add to that the social and cultural interactions made possible by the Internet, and you have a tremendously powerful force for globalization.

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East germany leader, hoped to restore order in east germany by allowing people to leave,eventually ended communist rule in east germany

In February 1945, with the war in Europe nearly over, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met at Yalta—a Soviet resort on the Black Sea—to plan the postwar world. Several agreements reached at Yalta later played an important role in causing the Cold War. A key issue discussed at Yalta was Poland. Shortly after the Germans had invaded Poland in 1939, the Polish government fled to Britain. In 1944, however, Soviet troops drove back the Germans and entered Poland. As they liberated Poland from German control, the Soviets encouraged Polish Communists to set up a new government. As a result, two governments claimed the right to govern Poland: one Communist and one non-Communist. President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill both argued that the Poles should be free to choose their own government. Stalin, however, quickly pointed out that every time invaders had entered Russia from the west, they had come through Poland. Eventually, the three leaders compromised. Roosevelt and Churchill agreed to recognize the Polish government set up by the Soviets. Stalin agreed it would include members of the prewar Polish government, and free elections would be held as soon as possible.

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1. How many times greater is the capacity of one gallon than 1 quart? 2. How many times greater is the capacity of one cup than 1 fluid ounce?

1 is 1 gallon and its 4 times greater than 1 quart I think 2 is 1 cup= f.l.o.z and 1 pint= 2.c

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What term did President Roosevelt use to describe the combined federal and civilian production of liberty ships, planes, weapons, and supplies needed by the military to fight World War II? A.“resources of revenge” B.“cooperative interventions” C.“weapons of war” D.“arsenal of democracy”

D.“Arsenal of Democracy”

President Roosevelt used the term for the first time in the radio broadcast he delivered on 29 December 1940. The term made reference to the efforts of American industries to manufacture military supplies that would be sent to the Allies in Europe as a form of support during the war, without getting directly involved in it.

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As a result of the problems of the Industrial Age, some influential reformers called for a: a new economic system. b: a single world government. c: a dictatorship in the United States. d: an end to all factories.


a: a new economic system.


Wages around the world increased, cities became over crowded, farm workers were fewer. Many skilled workers lost their jobs, many unskilled workers were being paid more than they would ever be. The change was significante for all and they all wanted an economic system to deal with that.

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Which countries had the highest number of Black Death

Italy, German, France

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Select all that apply: What are the basic units of each party at each level? 1) mass meeting 2) committee 3) public relations

Mass meeting


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Select that all apply: Functions of state committees include which of the following 1) organizing and managing campaigns for state offices 2) assisting in local campaigns 3) approving the governor's appointees 4) organizing state conventions 5) raising money

The correct answers are:

1) "Organizing and managing campaigns for state offices."

2) "Assisting in local campaigns"

4) "Organizing state conventions"

5) "Raising money"

Option 3 is not a correct answer because state comitte does not approve the governor's appointees. The Senate is the government institution that has the power and responsability to approve the governor's appointees

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In his code Hammurabi gives the reason why he is the one in power. what is that reason?

The Code of Hammurabi, (or Codex Hammurabi) is a set of 282 laws and penalties devised by the Babylonian King, Hammurabi, in approximately 1700 BC.

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During shays rebellion, daniel shays and 1500 other men stormed the springfield artillery because they wanted to what

B. Demand Fair government by disrupting National and State-run facilites

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Who applied the expression "Iron Curtain" to Europe

Winston Churchill 
This was a speech

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What was one effect that the bubonic plague had on peasant and artisan workers living in Europe during the late Middle Ages

It turned the economy upside-down

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"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations." This excerpt from an inaugural address was given as the the country was emerging from A) World War I. B) the Civil War. C) the Great Depression. Eliminate D) Kennedy's assassination


B) the Civil War


This was President Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural speech that governed the country in the context of the Civil War. In the speech, the president mourned the terrible war, the deaths of Americans, and credited God with the will for the end or continuation of the war. In this speech, Lincoln set the tone for his plan for the reconstruction of the country that would emerge after the civil war, which would take care of Americans, families of the dead in particular, and rebuild a nation based on peace.

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How did the Indian government respond to the economic slowdown of the 1980s A. It increased government control over Industry B. It Relax government control over Industry C. It put an end to foreign investment in Industri D. It pulled back on foreign trade

Answer: B. It Relax government control over Industry.


Around 1980, the slowdown in the growth of India´s economy created a crisis in the balance of payments, and by the end of 1990, India was undergoing a severe economic crisis.

As part of a bailout agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India was forced to apply economic reforms to slowly open up its industry through economic liberalization.

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These are all describing which international group? A) Red Cross B) United Nations C) Organization of American States D) North Atlantic Treaty Organization

First formed in 1975.

· Addresses issues common and vital to the leading industrial economies in the world.

· Members include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, & the United States

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According to jean-Jacques Rousseau, individuals participating in a social contract agree to be ruled by _________.

Answer: the general will (apex)


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Why do you think harriet tubman was willing to risk her own freedom to help other enslaved africans

She want the future to be different

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how the ruling of Dred Scott v. Sandford illustrated the differences between the political goals of the North and the South?

The Dred Scott Case vs Sanford was about gaining freedom. The North were trying to help so that he would gain his freedom since he was in a nonslavery state but the South fought that he was property and remained property.

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