Predict which of the following can impact an ecosystem's available resources? Long term drought Change of season from winter to summer A forest fire All of the above

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Answer: All of the above


Long term drought, change of season from winter to summer, forest fire are unfavorable environmental factors which can deplete the amount of resources already available with the ecosystem.

The long term drought will be a condition in which the ecosystem will suffer from non-availability of water.

The change of season from winter to summer can affect the organisms which are adapted to survive in the winters therefore, the biodiversity resources will be affected.

A forest fire is likely to be spread over the large number of tree populations which could be the habitat for large number of insects, animals and birds species hence, here also the biodiversity will be affected result in the loss of biodiversity resources.

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Why does the amount of daylight we see each day change throughout the year?

It is more concentrated during our summer months when the sun is higher in the sky

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Why does the amount of daylight we see each day change throughout the year?

Yes it dose because you will notice during the winter it's more dark and
cloudy and changes through the seasons

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Consider this northern site of primary succession following the retreat of a glacier. As we move from left to right, describe some improvements in the abiotic factors that support plant growth. A) change in climate over time B) less competition for water resources due to biodiversity C) improved soil quality: increased humus and water retention D) increased population density resulting in decreased pathogens

Answer: C. improved soil quality: increased humus and water retention.


An ecological succession brings change in the type of living species residing in an ecosystem with respect to changes that occur in the abiotic (non-living factors) with respect to time.

A region affected by a retreating glacier will not be suitable for the growth of living species. The soil may be lacking minerals and will be in the permafrost condition. So for the initiation of succession the improvement in soil an important abiotic factor is required. The improved soil quality will allow the accumulation of organic and inorganic minerals by physical and biological processes. This will help in formation of humus and water retention.

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Use what you know about natural selection to fill in the blanks in the hypothesis. It should answer the lab question, “What is the effect of the type of food available on the frequency of different types of bird beaks?” Hypothesis: If the type of food available changes, then…

If the type of the food available changes, then the frequency of beak types will change, because birds with beaks more suited to the available food will be more successful over time.

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Which are results of poor soil management? A. erosion, nutrient depletion, and desertification B. desertification, drought, and land reclamation C. nutrient depletion, desertification, and drought D. drought, land reclamation, and erosion

A: erosion, nutrient depletion, and desertification.

B, C, and D all contain drought which isn't a result of poor soil management, it's just not getting enough water.

Poor soil management, however, can cause erosion, nutrient depletion, and desertification.

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What is desertification? How are nomads and droughts related to this process?


the process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture. nomads of course are related to this through deforestation and agriculture. droughts are related the  affect of there being no water for plants to maintain life.


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Water changes from a liquid to a gas in the process of evaporation t or f? PLEASE HURRY!!!

I believe that's true

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You farm kelp and sell the kelp for food and as fertilizer. The wastes from the kelp can be used in an integrated aquaculture system in which kelp farming can be coupled with farming of fish or abalone. Make an argument that you are using a sustainable system of growing a renewable resource, and explain why it is beneficial (and more sustainable) to couple algae farming with fish farming than simply to farm fish independently.

A sustainable system refers to producing less or probably non-existent debris that are caused by the production of a particular material (i.e. produce, energy). This is a sustainable form of production of coupling algae growth and fish farming because you no longer need the supply of fish feed from other sources that are made artificially but rather, you are using the available algae growth that you are culturing. Farm fishing alone is non-renewable because this produces much waste that can directly harm the environment.

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Pumping carbon dioxide directly into the deepest zones of the ocean has been proposed as a strategy to mitigate climate change. Do you feel this would be an effective method for protecting the environment? Explain your answer, including one pro and one con, and whether this would be a permanent solution.

Pro: Pumping carbon dioxide directly in to the deepest zones of the oceans can have a great deal in lessening the greenhouse gases that are produced within the Earth's atmosphere. 

Con: Some organisms are tolerant to such practice, but some experiments have yielded that some organisms are not and can die from such exposure to too much carbon dioxide mixing with other chemicals that are found underwater. 

Permanent Solution: Greenhouse gases can be minimized if there will be regulations regarding the production of goods in factories, mines, and agriculture. If these things are regulated, the release of such bad gases will be lessened and nothing underwater will be harmed.

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Which law provides for the cleanup of toxic waste site in the united states A.soil and water conservation act B.cercla C. resource management act D.clean air act

Which law provides for the cleanup of toxic waste site in the united states A. soil and water conservation act.

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Which of these factors does CITES fail to consider when determining which species to cover? A. Species population B. Economic impact C. Analysis of trade D. Ecosystem sustainability

Option D, ecosystem sustainability, is the right answer.

"The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species" is the full form of CITES. The CITES is a global agreement among nations. The main aim of CITES is to assure that global trade in parts of plants and wild animals does not endanger their survival. However, it failed to include ecosystem sustainability while determining which varieties to be covered.

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A mutation exists in a gene that controls hair growth on the middle digit of human fingers. Some people have mid-digital hair, while others do not. The gene can be passed from one generation to the next. Which explanation best predicts what should happen to this trait over time?

A change exists in a quality that controls hair development on the center digit of human fingers. A few people have mid-computerized hair, while others don't. The frequency of mid-advanced hair won't change since it offers no specific preferred standpoint or detriment.

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Several species of fish and marine life eat plankton. How is that diversity important to the ecosystem as a whole?

Plankton is at the bottom of a food chain. Think of a pond. Mosquito larvae are in a pond. They eat the plankton. Small fish eat the larvae. Larger fish eat those smaller fish and the chain keeps going..BUTTT it all started with the PLANKTON. Without the plankton the whole food chain would be messed up and everything would start dying.. No plankton, no larvae, no small fish..and so on..

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Under which type of change would more organisms be able to survive? Why?

If the temperature of the earth was to rise. organisms would have a higher chance to survive because. bacteria thrives in warmth. an dies out in cold temperatures. so they will have a better chance to survive in the warmth.

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Give a complete description of these categories of energy relative to each other in terms of their wavelength and energy , infrared, visible light, and ultraviolet

Infrared rays are invisible, they have a much higher wavelength than visible light. Ultraviolet rays have a much lower wavelength than visible light. The higher the wavelength, the higher the energy. Hope that helps :)

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Urbanization has led to the displacement of animals such as panthers from their original habitat, the forest. What could be the major reason for this?

Since they have to cut the forest down in order to build, they have to displace animals like panthers from their original habitat. That can make panthers die and become endangered, or even extinct.

Have a nice day! :)

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HELP! 25 POINTS!!! A baby's first breath initiates a series of changes that includes which of the following? A. The ductus venosus and ductus arteriosus both open. B. The ductus venosus and ductus arteriosus both close. C. The ductus venosus opens, and the ductus arteriosus closes. D. The ductus venosus closes, and the ductus arteriosus opens. Please answer and explain!!!!

The most profound change at birth is your baby’s first breath. At this point, your baby’s lungs, which were filled with fluid during pregnancy, must suddenly fill with oxygen from the air. The fluid in the lungs is removed through the blood and lymph system, and is replaced by air. Your baby’s lungs must be able to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide. At the same time, vigorous blood circulation in the lungs will begin. The first few breaths after birth may be the most difficult breaths your baby will take for the rest of her life.

There are a couple of things that will stimulate your baby to take her first breath. Hormonal and other changes during labour slow down or stop the production of fluid in the lungs, and may initiate the reabsorption of fluid from the lungs. This process is unlikely to have occurred if labour was very short or did not occur at all, for example, if your baby was delivered by caesarean section. Furthermore, physical stimulation and handling during delivery will encourage your baby to breathe. There are probably many other factors that stimulate baby’s first breath, but they have not been identified yet.

Your baby will need to work very hard to take her first breath, and her first few breaths may be shallow and irregular. With each breath after birth, more air will accumulate in her lungs, which will make it easier for her to breathe. After a few breaths, your baby will be able to breathe more easily, and her breaths will start to become deeper and more regular.

As the fluid in your baby’s lungs is replaced by air, the increased amounts of oxygen will stimulate a blood vessel close to her heart called the ductus arteriosus to begin closing. The ductus arteriosus was important to your baby’s body before birth, to divert blood away from the lungs. After birth, your baby needs blood to circulate through the lungs, and therefore, the ductus arteriosus is no longer needed. The ductus arteriosus usually closes during the first or second day of life. At this point, your baby’s heart will pump and circulate blood in much the same way as an adult’s heart. The transition from fetal to adult circulation can take minutes or hours. Problems with your baby’s colour or breathing may be related to this delayed transition.

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Which process below would be considered a chemical change? A. Mixing two cheeses in a bowl. B. Grating cheese. C Molding of cheese.


The answer is C Molding of cheese.


A chemical change is a variation in the internal structure of a compound, to the point that it will be different from what it originally had. In a chemical change a change in the nature of the substance is verified, since new substances are produced totally different from the initial one, because there is a change in the chemical identity of the matter, where said the change is permanent. when the cheese is molded its chemical structure is permanently changed to what it used to be originally.

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Which of the following conditions will result in the lowest rabbit population? a. ample land, cold springs b. little land, normal conditions c. moderate land, hot summers d. ample land, harsh winters



ample land, harsh winters


For those using edge for the graph

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Which sign is NOT for a chemical change? Color change or Change in volume or Transfer of heat or light

The answer would be change in volume.

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It does not matter which food groups your daily meals include, as long as you don’t go over your recommended daily caloric intake. True False

False because the body needs different nutrition's from different food groups

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