Prisms separate light, such as that from the Sun, by wavelength

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Sorry I'm so late, but I just took this test and the answer is white (for people who didn't study well ;) )
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How will our Sun die?

Our Sun is in the main sequence star stage.
From there our Sun will evolve to be a red giant.

When it evolves many many years from now it will engulf all of the inner planets. But don't worry, that won't happen in our lifetime!

From there the red giant (sun) will die. The death of a red giant is known as a planetary nebula. Though at the center of the nebula there is still a burning core.
When the debris flies away from the planetary nebula, our Sun will turn into a white dwarf, then the core will burn out which gives us a black dwarf.

I've provided an image of a good life cycle of the star, if you follow along with the brief description I've given you it should make sense!

If you have any questions let me know! I hope this helps!

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Which body have a period of revolution of 29.6 days? A.The sun B.Earth C.The moon D. Jupiter

The moon is the closest one on the list. Its period of revolution around the Earth is 27.32 days. (But the length of the cycle of phases, like from one Full Moon to the next one, is 29.53 days.)

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Galaxies are separated by? A.Varied distance B.Moderate distance C.Extremely large distance D.Extremely small distance

Ur answer is c amigo ! ^---^ hope I helped

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The diagram shows a ray of light striking a mirror that is above a sink full of water explain what what will happen to the beam of light as it leaves the mirror and then enters the water

According to the law of reflection, the angle of incidence is the angle between the line normal (or perpendicular) to the surface and the light interacting with the surface of the water  . So the angle of the light to the mirror will be equal to that of the mirror reflecting light into the water.

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Trace the path of energy from the sun to mechanical energy in an organism

Sun to plants. Plants use photosynthesis to create sugar for energy. Animals then eat the plant and the energy they made is absorbed by the animal.

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Which statement is true about light when it slows down upon entering another medium? A. Light bends less, and there is greater refraction B. Light bends more, and there is greater refraction C. Light bends more, and there is less refraction D. Light bends less, and there is less refraction. HELP FAST PLEASE :( so stressed lol

Answer: B. Light bends more, and there is greater refraction.


Refraction is the bending of light when it moves from one medium into another. When light moves from a rarer medium to a denser medium from example from air to glass,  it travels slowly in glass and this leads to the bending of light towards the normal.

When light travels from a denser to a rarer medium for example from glass to air, the light travels faster and now bends away from the normal.

The normal is a line perpendicular to the boundary between the two substances.

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32. Only a small percentage of the energyemitted by the Sun strikes Earth. Usea diagram to explain why.

Only a small Percentage of the energy emitted by the sun strikes earth because, since the earth is going in circles round and round, the sun only hits part of the earth and not fully. So for example if the earth is going around and the sun hits Africa then in a couple minutes it will go to the next country and that country will have sunlight. Let me know if you need anything else or if this isn't partially correct. GLAD TO HELP! :)

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Light from a single laser is directed through two slits that are separated by a small distance. On the other side of the slits is an interference pattern of alternating dark(black) and bright bands. That dark bands coincide with areas of? A.harmonic resonance B.harmonic dissonance C.destructive interference D.destructive interference

The answer is destructive interference.  You have this for both C and D.  I suspect one of C or D is supposed to be constructive interference...  But destructive interference is the answer

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The incoming infrared radiation from the Sun as it travels towards Earth is _____

When it travels to earth, it is likely to pass through and be absorbed by the gaseous water molecules and carbon dioxide because if it directly passes, it could cause harm to every existing living things on earth for its capacity is too harmful for a living thing to endure. That is why components such as CO2 and gaseous water molecules are in need.

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Use Ohm’s law to find the resistance of the light bulb if you had a 20 volt battery and 0.57 amps of current.

The light bulb has a resistance of 15 ohms.

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PLEASE HELP... A diagram that shows the Earth at the center of the solar system is known as a: A. geocentric model B. heliocentric model C. universe model D. Earth-moon-sun model

Its A. Geocentric Model. Think "geo" as the Earth and "centric" as center.

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What is the primary reason that astronomers put telescopes and other instruments above Earth's atmosphere? The instruments can better view the universe without the distraction of electromagnetic rays emitted by the earth. The instruments can get closer to the objects they are observing at the extreme ends of the universe. The atmosphere blocks or absorbs UV, gamma, and x-rays emitted by processes taking place in the universe. The atmosphere absorbs the infrared light coming in from the sun.

The main reason as to why those telescopes that are located above the Earth's atmosphere is because the atmosphere absorbs infrared light which comes from the sun and this affects the viewing done by the astronomers. That is why, this is considered as a great disadvantage for those ground-based telescopes. The answer would be the last option.

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A light bulb is 4.1 m from a surface. how much luminous flux must the bulb produce if the illuminance required is 22 lx?

What are the options ?

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What two forms of energy does the sun supply?

Nuclear fusion and heat (thermal) energy

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Why does the moon have a greater effect on tides than the sun?

"Sun's Tidal Effect. Even though the Sun is 391 times as far away from the Earth as the Moon, its force on the Earth is about 175 times as large. Yet its tidal effect is smaller than that of the Moon because tides are caused by the difference in gravity field across the Earth."

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By counting the number of waves that pass a certain point each second, we will know the _______ of the wave. a. frequency b. wavelength c. speed d. source

The answer is A. Frequency

Hope I helped!


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A laser beam is incident on two slits with a separation of 0.215 mm, and a screen is placed 5.45 m from the slits. an interference pattern appears on the screen. if the angle from the center fringe to the first bright fringe to the side is 0.183°, what is the wavelength of the laser light?

Use: dsin(θ) = mλ  where d is slit separation, m is fringe order (1 here), and 
θ = 0.183
Now λ = dsin(θ) /m = (0.215e-3)(sin(0.183))/1 = 6.867e-7 or λ = 687.7nm  
(red laser)

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In a young's double-slit experiment, the seventh dark fringe is located 0.028 m to the side of the central bright fringe on a flat screen, which is 1.1 m away from the slits. the separation between the slits is 1.6 × 10-4 m. what is the wavelength of the light being used?

Use: dsin(θ) = mλ  where d is slit separation, m is fringe order (7), and 
θ = tan⁻¹(0.028/1.1) = 1.458deg
Now λ = dsin(θ) /m = (1.6e-4)(sin(1.458))/7 = 5.96e-7 or λ = 596 nm  

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When we look at the sun, we are seeing it as it was 8 minutes ago. so we can only see the sun "in the past." when you look at the back of your own hand, do you see it "now" or "in the past"?

Your own hand it is a matter of nanoseconds or virtually simultaneous. So technically almost everything we see is in the past.

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What are small bodies in the solar system which travel about the sun in highly eccentric orbits?

An increase in the mass of a celestial object by its gravitational capture of surrounding interstellar material.NebulaLarge cloud of interstellar gas and dust that collapses on itself, due to its own gravity, and forms a hot , condescend object that will become a new star.Nebular TheoryA hypothesis concerning the formation of stars and planets, and therefore the origin of the solar system, according to which a rotating nebula underwent gravitational collapse into a star with an accretion disk, from which planets condensed or formed by coagulation of dust particles into increasingly larger bodies.PlanetesimalsObjects ranging from one kilometer to hundreds of kilometers in diameter.Retrograde MotionThe apparent of backward movement of a planet.GeocentricHaving the Earth as a center.HeliocentricMeasured or considered as being seen from the center of the sun.EllipseOval shape that is centered on two points instead of a single point.One Astronomical unitEarths average distance from the sun.Terrestrial PlanetsThe four inner rocky planets

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If a wave vibrates back and forth three times each second, and its wavelength is 2 meters, what is its frequency

Velocity= wavelength * frequency
frequency= wavelength/velocity
3/2= 1.5 Hz

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On the 1-to-10-billion scale, about how far is it to the nearest stars besides the sun? on the 1-to-10-billion scale, about how far is it to the nearest stars besides the sun? 400 kilometers 4 kilometers 1,000 kilometers 10,000 kilometers 4,400 kilometers

Not sure what your question means but the nearest star is Alpha Centauri which is about 4.2 light years (ly) away.  This is roughly 4x10¹³ km away.  A billion is 10⁹ so this is 4x10⁴ larger than a billion.  I'd say the last one then...

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Given two positively charged particles, of equal magnitude, separated by a distance, "d". What will happen to the force field between the two particles when "d" is halved


C) increase by a factor of four


Electric fields, as well as charged particles, obey the law of attraction: opposite charges attract, like charges repel. Two positive particles would repel. If the distance between the particles is cut in half, the force field would increase by a factor of four. The electric field strength is inversely related to the square of the distance: "d" decreases by a factor of 2; multiply the original force by 4.

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An expert archer tried to shoot an arrow into a target lying at the bottom of a shallow pool. Even though the water did not change the direction of the arrow, the archer missed the mark by several inches. Which interaction between light and matter caused the archer to miss the target?

Refraction is indeed the reason the archer missed.  When light passes from inside the water to the air outside, it bends causing the image of the target to appear to someone outside the pool to be in a different position.  This is due ultimately to the difference of electric permittivity between water and air.

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