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Given the option of receiving a generic resume or a tailored resume, employers prefer generic resumes. True or false?

The above statement is FALSE.


If you desire to grasp the hiring supervisors' consideration, you must provide them with what they require. You need to take the time to tailor your resume to every employer and its intentions to increase your possibility of acquiring marked. Before returning to a job posting, analyze the job classification to see what credentials are essential.

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Is organic foods better than inorganic foods?

 Organic foods can be part of a healthy diet. Whether they are much better for you than conventional food is still up for debate. One benefit of organic food is that it is pesticide free, which is definitely better for the environment.

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Do you prefer organic or inorganic foods? explain. (5-10 sentences)

I prefer organic foods because the don't have all the bad chemicals/fertilizers that inorganic foods have. Also, they are much better for your body. The help keep your immune system up. 

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Do you infer organic or inorganic foods? explain. (5-10 sentences)

I honestly prefer organic foods due to the fact that I know they aren't sprayed with pesticides that could later inflict my health later in life. Organic foods are fresher due to the fact that preservatives aren't used to make it last longer. Organic foods have a higher nutritional value based on my personal research and studies I've come across. I avoid hormones, antibiotics and drugs in the animal products I consume. I like the fact that organic foods help preserve our ecosystems. Preservation of soil and crop rotation keep farmland healthy, and chemical abstinence preserves the ecosystem. Wildlife, insects, frogs, birds, and soil organisms are able to play their roles in ecology, and we are able to play ours, without disruption.

Hope that helps! (:

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Why is it a must to write the amount in words instead of numbers on a cheque.

Because people can get confused, and because it's more proper

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The Constitution defines all of the following as limits of the government’s power to tax except that _____. A) the federal government is authorized to tax imports and exports B) federal taxes must be the same in every state C) Congress cannot tax church services D) the purpose of federal taxes is for the common defense and general welfare of the nation

The correct answer is A) The federal government is authorized to tax imports and exports.

Congress has the ability to tax thanks to the US Constitution. With this in mind, Congress does have the ability to put a tax on imported and exported goods. This has been used quite often in American society, as the federal government has put tariffs on imported goods in the 1820's, 1880's, etc. The goal of these taxes on imported goods is to increase the price of foreign goods. This increase in price of foreign goods will make it more likely that citizens buy goods made in the US, as they will be cheaper than foreign goods. Tariffs are often implemented in times where American businesses need assistance when competing against foreign nations.

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A major reason for the isolationist trend in the United States following World War I was

The roaring twenties happened

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A secondary field of study that is not required in order for a student to graduate is called a(n):

If you did not know it is called a minor

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Tropical rain forests average about how many inches of rain a year?

Rainforests are subject to heavy rainfall, at least 80 inches (2,000 mm) — and in some areas over 430 inches (10,920 mm) — of rain each year. In equatorial regions, rainfall may be year round without apparent "wet" or "dry" seasons, although manyforests do have seasonal rains.

Hope this helps. :)

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Which of the following sentences correctly uses the verb ver? (5 points) Question 5 options: 1) Yo veo la piña. 2) Yo ve la piña. 3) Yo vemos la piña. 4) Yo ves la piña.

The correct answer is 1) Yo veo la piña because you need to conjugate ver to the 'yo' form.

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Under strong pressure sedimentary rock can become______. a)igneous rock b)salt c)metamorphic rock

Pretty sure it's metamorphic rock

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Transfer education directly results in an

Transfer Education Directly Results in An Associate's Degree

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Can some one explain this problem in detail for me please? (It's AP, Algebra 1)

X is gonna be 76 ur welcome

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Which mineral can be found in all samples of rhyolite and andesite

The answer is Quartz ! 

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Research indicates that most robberies involve little planning on the part of offenders? True or False

Well, if we consider random armed robberies, then it would be little planning. That's why so many are caught so consistently, so I reckon it's true.

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Is there any evidence that we might have a natural understanding of moral values?

Yes! How would we ever adapt to these values in the first place, if they weren't natural? How about the first instances of farming and agriculture? They're some good evidence.

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Do you think that moral values mainly come from what a community decides?

Yes, I think moral values mainly come from the community, because people are raised with those values by their families and the general community.

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What are the advatanges and disadvantages of pyramids?

Advantages were there were lots of space in the pyramid disadvantages are most pyramids required slaves to built them

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Jason hangs sheetrock for a local contractor. His job requires him to hang the sheetrock overhead on ceilings. What type of ergonomic-related hazard is Jason likely to encounter? A. Awkward Posture B. Contact Stress C. Static Posture D. Vibration

Correct answer choice is :

C) Static Posture


Back injuries, sprains and strains, wrist, shoulder, and elbow difficulties change many development workers. In part, this is expected to the nature of the work itself. Building a home needs that much of the job be made over your head and at ground level. These are circumstances that considerably improve your hazard of damage. Development work also needs the use of many hands and power instruments which are badly planned, difficult to hold and swing a lot. This also puts workers at huge risk for damage.

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Isabel y Marta _______ traen. (frutas)


Isabel y Marta las traen. (frutas)

The noun, frutas (fruits), is implicit in the statement. Like saying "Isabel and Martha will bring them".

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What type of volcano is mt. Saint Helen? Also, how was it formed?

Mount saint helen is an active stratovolcano and it was formed due to the subduction of the Juan de fuca plate.

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During the late 19th century, the American industrial workforce...

Many people want opportunities so everything was exploded, meaning out of order.

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What is the abbreviation for the name of an element and usually has either one or two letters?

For which element are we working with?

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Sometimes an infant will seem startled and will fling their arms out and possibly cry. This is known as the __________ reflex. A - moro B - rooting C - sucking D - grasping

The correct answer is moro reflex. This is usually witnessed in infants normally up to the age of 4-5 months (in some cases maybe more)  

It is caused by a sudden loss of support that makes the baby feel as if he or she is falling or is going to fall and hence the flinging of the arms and crying.

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Can somebody help answer these questions?

The six processes would be

I don't know the second one though sorry

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Describe the role of inertia plays in keeping planets in our solar system?

The tendency to resist change is called inertia.  It's interaction with the gravitational attraction with the sun is what keeps the planets in the solar system in stable orbits.

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Can somebody please help with these questions?

1. Freezing, melting, evaporation, condensation, deposition, sublimation. I'm not sure about the second I'm sorry

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What celestial objects cause tides?

The sun and the moon

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