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Can you give me a long list of old kid's cartoons

Jonny Quest (1964-1965, 1986-1987)
Top Cat (1961-1962)

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (1994-1997)
Phineas and Ferb (2007-present)
Gargoyles (1994-1997)
Hong Kong Fuey (1974-1976)
Cow and Chicken (1997-1999)

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Can you give me a long list of kid's cartoons

Paw Patrol
Dora the explorer 
Sofia the first
Doc McStuffins
Dragon tales
Mike the knight

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A retail bank is launching a new credit card. What will be embedded in the card for improved security

Maybe a chip that protects it's owner from being scammed?

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In relation to a computer, what do the letters cpu stand for? a. central processing unit b. computer processing utility c. computer processing understanding d. central pole unit

The correct answer to this question is a or central processing unit. The CPU is the engine of your computer. It computes the input given by the user and the memory. The speed is written down in gigaHertz. Well known manufacturers are Intel and AMD.

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People read all caps in e-mails as _____. yelling important points necessary for readability all of the above




Avoid writing everything in CAPS LOCK: do as you would in normal writing - switch between uppercase and lowercase. On the Internet, upper case text means you are mad and yelling. Also, it is more difficult to read a sentence entirely in uppercase. Use uppercase words only in titles or for emphasis.

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The critical evaluation of websites allows users to identify _______. a. websites displaying information b. their favorite websites c. popular websites d. websites containing false or misleading information

Answer: (D) Websites containing false or misleading information


 The critical evaluation of the websites mainly allow users to identifying the websites that basically contain the false or the misleading information.  The websites frequently don't have a publication procedure for checking the accurate exactness of the data they actually contain.

 In this manner it is imperative to assess websites fundamentally and evaluate how reliable the data on some random site. By evaluating the websites it also helps us to quickly identify the actual potential of the websites as sometimes it produce misleading results.

Therefore, Option (D) is correct.

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The search text that you type is called your _____.

It's call your question I Bielive but I'm not sure what your 

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What does encoding mean?

To convert an instruction or information into a particular form.

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True or false The receiver is located in the earpiece of a telephone.

The answer is true.

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What are the steps of active listening?

1 prepare mentally
2 pay attention
3 allow the speaker to talk without interruption until he is done
4 provide feedback
5 repeat the feedback until you and the communicator are satisfied that the message was conveyed well

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Which process centers the spreadsheet's content on the page?

select the Horizontally and Vertically boxes in the Margins tab of the Page Setup menu

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Is vpn internet service?

No, it's a type if connection

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Which marketing claim do you see on the opening screen of the new words with friends

The new words with friends app was marketed claim by Zynga. As we open the app, on the bottom left of the screen you can see the red and white Zynga logo. The Zynga company is known as an american video game provider and services.

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What does a operating system do ?

Software that manages hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs

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What is the keyboard shortcut ctrl z used for

Ctrl z is typically used to undo the last thing you typed / did
Ctrl y is generally the opposite, used to redo things that have been undone
Final Answer:
Ctrl z is undo.
Hope I helped :)

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Beth is giving her class a presentation about the benefits of yoga. at what volume should she speak while presenting?

She should speak clearly, and at a bit louder tone of voice

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To erase an entire entry in a cell and then reenter the data from the beginning, press the ____ key.

You have to press the Backspace key.

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Does the game cooking fever use data?

It will if your not connected to wifi

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What best describes proprietary file format?


Proprietary file format is the file format of an organization, company or an individuals that contain data that is stored and ordered according to the particular encoding schemes which are designed by an organization or the company to be secret.

This format is considered a trade secret.  

Originally, it is controlled by an organization or the company for own benefits.

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Why is the ipad not considered to be an enterprise-worthy device

Because Apple products offer limited stuff while for example, Samsung offers you a lot of stuff. With Apple products you have to pay for your music, movies etc, while with an Android phone or tablet you can download apps that allow you to download music, movies for free

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A microprocessor runs an internal program called a(n) a. operating system. c. instruction chain. b. scratchpad memory. d. PAL.

A microprocessor runs an internal program called an A) operating system. 

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If you are parked on an incline with a manual transmission vehicle and your vehicle is facing downhill, you should put your vehicle in to what gear?

If you're parked between cars, it's preferable to just leave it in neutral: this way, if somebody bumps you, it doesn't harm the transmission. Just make sure you've got the handbrake firmly set.

If on a hill, 1st gear if facing uphill; reverse if facing downhill. Just make sure to set the parking brake before releasing the clutch, so that the weight of the car is on the brake first; the gear is there only as a backup should the brake fail.

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What are web directories?

A web directory or link directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. A collection of data organised into categories It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links.

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