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What were the American colonists angry with Britain?

The high taxation on little things like tea,coffee and the news paper

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What is a sentence for epidemic

"Poor Rev. Martin died in a flu epidemic in '04," Fred said, his voice sounding duly respectful.

In 1903 the city was devastated by an epidemic of plague.

In 1888 there was an epidemic of yellow fever.

The country is naturally very healthful, as evidence of which may be mentioned that no great epidemic has ever visited the state.

While he was there a terrible epidemic of the plague broke out and lasted for two years, carrying off more than a third of the inhabitants of Cairo and Alexandria.

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The theme can often get confused with the blank

The theme can often get confused with the plot of fiction.

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Hong has completed 33 deliveries so far this week. He needs to make 60 deliveries for the week. What percentage of deliveries has he completed

Not english but ok
33/60 can be simplified to 11/20 which is equal to 55/100
thus, 55%

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The protagonist is always in conflict with the main character True or False ?

The protagonist is typically the main character, but no. It is usually other people in conflict with the protagonist (usually the antagonist) but it does not always have to be the main character.

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Whats the noun in the sentence 'wendy located her housekeeper'

Wendy and housekeeper are both nouns, but more specifically, Wendy would be a subject noun and housekeeper would be the noun.

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You want to put some money into a simple interest account. It pays 5% interest annually for 4 years. You would like to earn $600 in interest. How much money do you need to put in?


600 = P(0.05)(4)

600 = P(0.2)

P = 3,000

So you have to put in $3,000

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What is the participial phrase in the following sentence? Noted for her beauty, Helen of Troy was to become a well-known character in Greek mythology.

A participial phrase contains a participle, which is a verbal form with the endings -ed or -ing (or irregular, such as "written", as in "Written on monday (the piece was famous already on Tuesday)).
here the participle is "noted" and the whole phrase is this one:

Noted for her beauty

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Imagine that you want to help plan for a new mall or shopping center in your city. You want to make a presentation to show your city council why this new place is a great idea. How could maps help you make your case? In a short paragraph, describe two ways that maps could help you.

Maps can make a good impression on this particular case. It can show the mall's economy. Also, the map helps shopper if you chose to showcase it. These are the two main reasons.

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How many times does 204 go into 34

This is just 34 divided by 204, which is putting 34 of x into 204 groups, so obviously that's going to be a pretty long decimal.

34 / 204 ≈ 0.17

This is rounded.

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Imagine that you are a study habit expert. Your friends come to you with questions about how to improve their study habits. COLTON: I have trouble remembering information for my tests because I cram the night before. YOU: I think you should try studying ________________. before going to sleep only on Saturdays a little every day right before your test

So, Colton has problems remembering because he crams before the test: he should probably change this habit, and do the "opposite" of cramming: study a little every day.

Actually, studying a little bit every day is shown to give better results that a lot at once, even if the total time is shorter!

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Someone helllppppp, "wings and flying are often a metaphor for what?"

Both are clear symbols of freedom and of high goals. From Greek legends to Romanticism, these two have prevailed the humans' spirit.

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Write 17/7 - 5/3 in simplest form?

\frac{ 17 }{ 7 } - \frac{ 5 }{ 3 } = \frac{ 17 \cdot 3  }{ 7 \cdot 3 } - \frac{ 5 \cdot 7 }{ 3 \cdot 7} = \frac{ 51  }{ 21  } - \frac{ 35  }{ 21  }\\\\=\frac{ 51 - 35 }{ 21 } = \huge{\boxed{\frac{ 16 }{ 21 }}}

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A humorous imitation of a serious piece of literature is known as a .

It's satire to criticize the human's foolishness in the world. Its purpose is to use irony and sarcasm to show the ignorance of people.

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What is dramatic irony? when a character says one thing but means another when a character makes fun of another character without them understanding when the audience knows something the characters do not a gentle correction made by playful teasing

Dramatic irony is when the words and actions of the characters of a piece of literature have a different meaning for the audience than they do for the characters. In a comedy, for instance, the dramatic irony might be in the form of a misunderstanding between the characters that creates a comedic situation. See Shakespeare's Comedies for that. There can be 'situational irony' and 'verbal irony' too. The effect is to make the readers or the audience smile .

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Write the number that is ten million more than 842,369,165

842,369,165 + 10,000,000 = 852,369,165

852,369,165 is the number that is 10 million more than 842,369,165

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On average, a herd elephant travels 10 miles in 12 hours. Kamila wants to know how many miles they travel in 1 hour. Esau wants to know how long it takes the herd to go 1 mile?

It takes the herd 1 hour and 12 minutes to travel one mile.

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What are the opposites of 3,7.5 and 2 2/3

The opposite of 3 is -3.
The opposite of 7.5 is -7.5
The opposite of 2 is -2.
The opposite of 2/3 is -2/3.

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When writing an essay, the directions say compare Longfellow and Poe's reviews..., does it mean to contrast also? Should I just compare them or should I compare and contrast them?7 POINTS!!!!! Please help!

You should only compare them, which means only write what is similar about them.

Depends on the teacher, but if you contrast it too, they might give you bonus points. However there are also teachers who might give you more points off for not following directions.

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A kitchen garbage can is 5/10 full .a garbage truck is 1/10 full which is less

The garbage truck because 1 is less than 5

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To make sure your reader remembers the point of your essay, which of the following is most important? A. The order in which you present your ideas B. Choosing an interesting subject C. The introduction D. The ending

Well, to be honest, I don't think there is an absolute answer - but i'd go for A. Let's see them one by one:

A. The order in which you present your ideas
-IF your idea is an argument, then it's very important that one thing follows from another- and for this the order is important. If the reader understands your point, then they will remember it well: this is well known: we remember the things we've "understood" better. ,. If they don't- they won't.

B. Choosing an interesting subject - no, i think this is in any case not a good option

C. The introduction - if your reader can choose whether or not to read your work, then this might very well be the decisive point, (they simply won't read it if this part is bad!) but let's assume that they have to read it. then it's not as important as the order.

D. The ending - well, there is also the recency effect: we remember best what came at the end. So if you don't have an argument, but let's say, the claim - this might be more relevant.

In general, I would go for A, but I think it depends on the text

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What is the definition of gable in your own words? Or what is "built with a pitched roof" paraphrased? Thanks to anyone who actually helps, and perhaps Brainliest Answer to the one that helps (or has helped) the most!

The part of the front or side of a building that is attached and surrounds the end of a pitched roof.
A pitched roof is just a slanted roof. For example imagine a tent, it is not straight but pitched.

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Vocabulary word definition of someone rejected by a group

Would the words perhaps be outcast, or reject, or maybe social outcast?

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