The cookie baked_____. What is a good adverb for that?? Please help

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Some god adverbs might be:

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If Katie bought some flowers she use 3/8 of it to bake bread what percent of the flour is left

Eight minus three is five so 5/8.

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Nine people share 6 cookies equally what fraction of a cookie does each person get?

To find the answer, divide the 6 cookies by the 9 people, and convert that into a fraction and that will give you the answer you need!

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Katie bought some flower. She use 3/8 of it to bake bread. What percent of the flowers left?

62.5% of the flour left!

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A recipe calls for 4 tsp of baking soda and 1 fl oz of vanilla. Which measurement is greater? Explain

The 1 oz is greater because it takes 6 tsp to to equal to 1 fl oz.
Hope this helps :)

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PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST AND RATING AND THANKS!!!!!! A store employee conducted a survey of 390 randomly selected customers. According to the survey, 180 of the customers often use coupons. To the nearest percent, what is a good estimate of the percentage of all customers who often use coupons?

To find percentage, it's (part / whole) x 100

So for this, it would be:

180/390 x 100

180/390 is .46

Times 100 gives you the percentage:

46% of customers use coupons.

I hope this Helps!

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Is there anyone thats good at algebra and geometry and is able to teach the subject, who is in highschool?

I'm pretty good at algebra.

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Please help whose good at geometry ?

See photo for answers and solutions

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I'm not so good with volume that's why I'm asking so much on here sorry yall!

The answer is A. 105

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If the ratio of cookies to glasses of milk is 3:1 and there are 25 glasses of milk how many cookies are their

You know that the 1 = 25, so you multiply 25 by 3, which is the cookies, and you get 75. So there are 75 cookies. Hope this helps!

Aye sir!

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Jeff bought 10 cookies and ate 4 of them. He ate ____% of the cookies.

.4% of the cookies he ate.

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How to solve this problem im not getting a good answer

     1) rewrite x^2-9 in the form a^2-b^2, where a=x and b=3.
4 over x+3 + 3 over x^2-3^2
     2)Use difference of squares
4 over x+3 + 3 over (x+3)(x-3)
     3) Cross multiply
4(x-3)+3 over (x+3)(x-3)
     4) Expand
4x-12+3 over (x+3)(x-3)
     5) Simplify 4x-12+34x−12+3 to 4x-94x−9
4x-9 over (x+3)(x-3)

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for what a manufacturer spends for goods or services.

The cost is what a manufacturer spends for their goods and services. The price is what they charge and the markup is the amount they charge extra from their cost. The correct answer is A. 

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I need to solve this equation for my homework, I'm not good with frations and work would be useful 1/4(x-8)=3/4x

1/4(x - 8) = 3/4x


1/4x - 2 = 3/4x

Add 2 to both sides.

1/4x = 3/4x + 2

Subtract 3/4x from both sides.

1/4x - 3/4x = 2


-2/4x = 2

Multiply both sides by 4.

-2x = 8

Divide -2 from both sides.

x = 8/-2

x = -4

~Hope I helped!~

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Please help!!!!! Need answer give u good points

"Given" in math basically means data only from a specific section. In this cases, we only look at the 125 students who took the course. Out of the 125, 28 got into an accident.

28 of 125 chance of getting an accident given that a driver took the safety course.

28/125 = 0.224
22.4% chance
Rounded: 22%

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Loretta uses 1/6 bag ofchocolate chips to make abatch of cookies. She used13 bag of chocolate chipcookies. How manybatches did she make?

you would take 3/4 and multiply it by six or to make it easyier just take the three and add it six times which is 18 thn you take 18 and divide it by 4 which you cant evenly so take 18/4 and reduce it which is 4 cup and 2/4 or 1/2

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Jane sells boxes of cookies for $8 each. Sam sells boxes of cookies for $10 each. Each of them sold the same dollar amount. It was the smallest dollar amount for which this was possible.

In order to solve this problem, we need to find the least common multiple of 8 and 10.  The first step to doing this is finding the prime factorization of 8 and 10.

8 is 2*2*2, and 10 is 2*5.  The two factors of 8 and 10 are 2 and 5.  Now, we multiply 2 by the greatest amount of times it occurs.  This is 3, coming from the prime factorization of 8.  Next, we multiply 5 by the greatest amount of times it occurs. This is simply 1, because it only pops up once.

This is: 2*2*2*5 = 40, so 40 is the least common multiple.  Because the least common multiple of 8 and 10, $40 is the smallest dollar amount that Jane and Sam could have made.

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Mike determined that some children like to eat cake, some like to eat cookies, and others don't like to eat cake or cookies. He calculated the probabilities and created the Venn diagram below: a venn diagram showing two categories, cake and cookies. In the cake only circle is 0.2 in the cookies only circle is 0.5, in the intersection is 0.1, outside the circles is 0.2 What is the probability that a child eats cake, given that he/she eats cookies?

Hey there!

This is an example of conditional probability, or P(A | B). Let's say that the probability of a child eating cake is event A, and the probability of them eating cookies is event B. 

Conditional probability (A, given that B has occurred) can be represented and found by the following equation:

P(A | B) = P(A ∩ B)/P(B)

P(A ∩ B) is the probability of a child eating both cake and a cookie. This is also the middle of the venn diagram you were given. P(B) is simply the probability of event B happening, which, as we established, is eating a cookie. 

P(A | B) = P(A ∩ B) / P(B)
P(A | B) = 0.1 / 0.5
P(A | B) = 0.2

There will be a 0.2, or 20%, chance that a child will eat cake, given that they've eaten a cookie. 

Sorry for the late response, but I hope this still helped you out!

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Doreen uses 13 apples for every 2 pies she bakes. how many apples will she use for 12 pies?

13apples =2pies


6•13=78 apples

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ANYBODY ONLINE GOOD AT MAT I NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the missing statement in the proof? Scroll down to see the entire proof. Given: ΔABC with m

What is the missing statement in the proof? Scroll down to see the entire proof. given 90 ? A.

`/_BDC ~= /_ADB`


`/_BCA ~= /_DCB`


`/_BAC ~= /_BAD`


`/_DBC ~= /_BAC`  

answer ?

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I'm not finding any help on here. Could someone please refer me to a user that's really good at math? Thanks!

I'm okay depends on the question

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Mr butterworth baked a cake in the shape of a cylinder the cake had a diameter of 9 in and a height of 5 in. He spread chocolate icing over the entire cake (except the bottom) how many square inches of icing did he use?

Your answer should be 1271.7 in(sqrd) because you have to find the area of the base and then multiply that by 5in.

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A sporting goods manufacturer requires 3/8 yd of fabric to make a pair of shorts. How many shorts can be made from 15 yd of fabric?

The first step here is to make the two fractions the same. sure  \frac{15}{1} could work but what we would do about the  \frac{3}{8} ? Let's make them both the same by multiplying the 15 by the other's denominator, 8

15 x 8 = 120

Let's compare the two fractions

 \frac{3}{8}  \frac{120}{8}

Now what we do is divide the 120 by the 3.

120 / 3 = 40

40 must be the answer! I hope I helped!

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The scatter plot shown gives the relationship between weekly pizza orders and the price per pizza, along with the line of best fit. About what price is predicted when the demand is five pizzas? I'm not sure of the answer ,and I'm not that good with graphs.So thanks for help ,who ever responds :) Here's the answer choices: A) $4.00 B) $5.00 C) $6.00 D) $7.00


The answer is $5.

Step-by-step explanation:

When the demand is five pizzas, the $5 is predicted as the line is passing close to the $5 mark.

A line of best fit or also called the trend line is a straight line that may pass through some of the points, none of the points, or all of the points.

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This app honestly just never helps me! i post my questions and i never get them answered and its so annoying because i actually need a lot of help but no one can help me and if i dont get good grades in what im doing i may not graduate high school

This is a site run by students for students. And to attract viewers you need to give out some good points,and another thing is that this app HELPS you,because at the end of the day this app is not gonna sit beside you in exam. You have to do the studying. Anyways,I will see if i can answer some of your questions.

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There were 10 baked goods in a basket.four of them were sold.write a fraction to show the part of the baked goods that were not sold .

Try subtracting first there were 10 then four were sold I don't know what happens after but thats what I know

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