The force of attraction between any two objects is known as ____. A. Electricity B. Friction C. Gravity D. Magnetism

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C. gravity because all objects have some small gravity of their own
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Match each step in the conversion of biomass into electricity with the appropriate number. For example, Step 1 represents the first step. 1. Step 1 steam turns a turbine 2. Step 2 water boils into steam 3. Step 3 turbine powers a generator 4. Step 4 biomass is burned 5. Step 5 generator produces electricity


The transformation of biomass into electricity can take place via many methods. However, the most common one is the direct combustion of biomass substance like woody substances or agricultural waste. The other method, which helps in converting biomass to electricity is gasification of biomass. Let us consider the steps of biomass combustion:  

Step 1: The burning of biomass.  

Step 2: The generation of steam takes place due to the boiling of water.  

Step 3: The generated steam turns a turbine.  

Step 4: The generator is powered with the help of a turbine.  

Step 5: Electricity gets generated with the help of a generator.  

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What lens is thicker on its edge and makes an object appear smaller

I believe your answer is a concave lens. i hope this helps.

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How does adding an iron bar to solenoid affect the magnetic field of the electromagnet


It increases the magnetic field's strength.


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Which term is used to describe objects that are visible because of reflected light?

Would it be "illuminated?"

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Name the organ in the inner ear that interprets sound waves and expresses them as electrical signals for the brain.

The inner ear is a system of interconnecting tunnels called labyrinths within the temporal bone. The tunnels are filled with a fluid called perilymph.There are two major structures in the inner ear: vestibular systemThe first is the vestibular system which contains three small semicircular canals. The semicircular canals are responsible for equilibrium. Thus the vestibular portion is related to movement, balance, and body posture.

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Which of the following objects is correctly matched with a type of joint that performs a similar movement? A) a shower head, which is similar to a hinge joint B) a swivel chair, which is similar to a hinge joint C) a doorknob, which is similar to a pivot joint D) a cabinet door, which is similar to a pivotal joint

I think its c because a pivot joint would be circular movement in only one manner and that matches the turning of a door knob. a hinge joint does not swivel like a chair or move like a shower head, and a cabinet door, in my opinion would be like a hinge joint

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What is the mass if the density of an object is 5 g/mL and the volume is 3mL

Mass= density*volume
5*3 = 15 grams

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Meteoroids are small objects in space, usually made of rock or metal. These bodies often get close to a planet and fall through its atmosphere. A burning streak of light, called a _______ A. Asteroids B. Comet C.meteor D. Meteoroid is visible as it falls through the sky. Sometimes the object does not burn up completely and a part of it survives the fall to the planet’s surface. These rocky bodies, called _______ A. Asteroids B. Comets C. Meteors D. Meteorites are studied by scientists to gain a better understanding of our solar system.


The correct answer is option C.

The correct answer is option D.


Small body orbiting around the Sun in a solar system is called meteoroid.If it enters the Earth's atmosphere then it is termed as meteor.On entering the earth's atmosphere its starts burning and get vaporized. If the meteor has made through the earth's atmosphere by landing on the earth's surface then it is termed as meteorite.

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Water molecules are attracted to the molecules in the wall of the glass container

That's because both H2O molecules and 'glass molecules', more precisely an enormous lattice of silica oxide, are polar. The surface of the glass consists of unsaturated oxygen atoms which can form H- bonding with the water molecules, giving that U shape you are seeing when you put water in a narrow cylinder. 

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A force of 15 N acts upon a 3 kg block. Calculate the acceleration of the object. A. 75 m/s^2 B. 5 m/s^2 C. 45 m/s^2 D. 18 m/s^2

F = ma
F = 15, m = 3

15 = 3a
a = 5 m/s^2 or B

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An objects position is always defined relative to a reference point. If the object changes position, its motion can be described as moving in some direction in relation to this reference point. If the relative position of a diver Is begin described as below a certain reference point midway through a dive, what reference point is most likely being used A. The bottom is the swimming pool B. The diving board C. Other swimmer in the water D. The far side of the swimming pool

The position of the diver is described as "below a certain point"; therefore, the reference point must be above the diver. For a diver in the middle of his dive, the bottom of the pool, the other swimmers and the far side of the swimming pool are likely to be below the diver, or at level with the diver at most. Out of the options, the only point of reference that is likely to be above the diver is B. the diving board. 

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Which type of energy depends on the distance between two particles and the charge of each particle? A. Gravitational potential energy B. Chemical potential energy C. Kinetic energy D. Electrical potential energy


D. Electrical potential energy


  • Potential energy is a type of energy that is possessed by a body at rest. It is the capacity to do work.
  • Electrical potential energy is a type of potential energy that is needed to move a charge against an electric field.
  • Electric force is a force that pushes pushes like charges apart or pulls unlike charges together.
  • The electrical potential energy will depend on the electric force between charges which in turn depends on the distance between two charged particles and also the charge of each particle.

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Magnetism refers to A. Any force between a magnet and a nonmagnetic material. B. Only to an attractive force between magnetic materials C. Only to a repulsive force between magnetic materials D. An attractive or repulsive force between magnetic materials.

Answer: Option (D) is the correct answer.


When a magnet attracts or repel another magnet with a force then this property is known as magnetism.

Like opposites attract each other in the same way south pole of a magnet is attracted by north pole of another magnet.

Thus, we can conclude that out of the given options, magnetism refers to an attractive or repulsive force between magnetic materials.

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In an automobile, a 12 Volt battery simultaneously supplies electrical energy for the ignition, lights and radio. This electrical circuit must be


D.) DC in parallel


DC in parallel is the circuit in the car. It is DC because it is supplied by a battery. It is in parallel because you know that all of these can work at the same time independent of one another

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When the ocean floor collides with crustal plate? 1)mountain ranges are formed 2)the ocean floor slides underneath 3)salt domes are formed 4)specific gravity of rock changes

I would say number 2 ok because when ocean plates hit continental plates they slip under it.

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A new object has been discovered in the solar system. In your own words, justify how the object can be proved to be a planet


For an object to be considered as a planet, it must satisfy minimum three conditions:

1. The object must be round in shape.

2. The object must orbit the sun in a clear orbit.

3. The object must be biggest in its neighborhood that is it should clear its neighborhood.

For example, Pluto was once considered as planet but it was demoted to a dwarf planet when more similar objects were discovered in its neighborhood.

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Chemical energy is stored in food until it is eaten. The energy in food is an example of ____. A. Potential energy B. Static energy C. Magnetic energy D. Kinetic energy

Potential energy!!The energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others, stresses within itself, electric charge, and other factors.

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When a match is lit, ____ energy is transformed into light and heat energy. A. Electrical B.Gravitational C.Chemical D.Elastic

I think the correct choice wold be c.

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The moon’s surface gravity is much __________ (stronger/weaker) than Earth’s.

Weaker the moon only has 17% of gravity as earth does 

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Electrostatic charges are created by _____. stripping outer electrons from substances running electric current through a substance stripping protons from the nucleus of a substance running a substance through a magnetic field

Answer: Option (a) is the correct answer.


Electrostatic charges means the flow of electric charges in a conductor. When outer electrons are stripped out of atoms then these electrons tend to move freely from one place to another.

Thus, it results in the flow of electric charges.

Hence, we can conclude that electrostatic charges are created by stripping outer electrons from substances.

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Scientists use the magnetic properties of some minerals as evidence of

Scientists use the magnetic properties of some minerals as evidence of seafloor spreading 

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