The gabelle , the taille , and the tithe are example of the old regimes.. A:censorship of printed materials B:unequal system of taxation C:lack of religious freedom D:unfair system of justice

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B. unequal system of taxation.

The gabelle, the taille and the tithe are examples of the unequal system of taxation in France under the Old Regime.  The gabelle was a tax on salt, the taille a tax on incomes, and the tithe a tax paid to the Catholic Church.  These taxes were paid by members of the Third Estate (the common people).  The First and Second Estates (clergy and nobility) were exempt from most taxes, thereby placing an unfair burden of taxation on the Third Estate. 
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A weakness of Congress under the Articles of Confederation was that it could not A.) conduct diplomacy. B.) print or issue currency. C.) collect taxes. D.) declare war.


The correct answer is C. A weakness of Congress under the Articles of Confederation was that it could not collect taxes.


The Articles of Confederation constituted the first government document of the United States of America. They were approved by the Second Continental Congress on November 15, 1777, after several months of debate. It was a non-binding guideline until its ratification four years later, on March 1, 1781.

The Articles supported the Continental Army and allowed the thirteen states to form a united front before the European powers. However, as a tool to build an effective government in times of war, it was a failure. Congress could make decisions, but did not have the power to apply them. Perhaps, the biggest setback was the requirement of unanimous approval of the 13 States to modify the articles. At the same time, the most important power that Congress lacked was the power to collect taxes: it could only request money from the States. These, for their part, did not always comply with the demands and Congress did not have the necessary funds for its operation.

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Does hoover believe that society can help people and still preserve freedom

The answer is no. I hope this helps

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Under which economic system would factors of production/productive resources, capital can be defined as

Supply and Demand refers to the amount of products/resources available versus the amount of demand there is for that product/resources. The amount of capital that the product/resource is worth then fluctuates dependent on demand and flow of the product/resource.

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What natural material do you need in order to make porcelain?

The answer is clay in the form of kaolin

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Lines of longitude and latitude are used to create a system of __________.




Lines of latitude and longitude are used to create a spatial coordinate system. Currently, there are softwares that encode latitude and longitude lines in numbers and from there on, they are able to georeference addresses. In addition, the coordinate system is used to guide GPS locations.

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1-In New York Times v. Sullivan, the supreme court ruled that statements about public figures are examples of libel only when they are made with malice and reckless disregard for the truth. In which of the following ways does this ruling support a healthy democracy? (1 point) A)It promotes competition among a variety of media sources B)It allows people the freedom to criticize public officials C)It fosters cooperation between the media and the government D)It requires absolute certainty of all published information 2-Which of the following examples support the notion that a free press is an essential element of a limited government? (Select 2) A)Journalists are entitled to cover trials B)We need a fourth branch of the federal government C)It is difficult for public officials to win libel cases D)Information can be withheld to protect national security E)Proper search warrants can be applied to the media

1. B - It allows people the freedom to criticize public officials.

When the citizens had the freedom to cricitize its own government, the government would be forced to live up to a certain standard. This would dramatically reduce the complacency within the government body, and the government become more likely to listen and create legislations that satisfy the majority of people.

2. A. Journalists are entitled to cover trials


C. It is difficult for public officials to win libel cases.

Through this, the journalist could act as a middle man that connect what happen within the government body, transform it into pieces of information, and give it to the people so we can form our own opinion about it. Difficulties to win libel cases favours journalists because it allow them to criticize public officials without direct threat of of being sued for smearing their name.

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What are three colonies founded to escape religious persecution in Europe? -Virginia -Maine -Maryland -Massachusetts -New York

The correct options are: Maryland - Massachusetts - Virginia.

In 1607 a group of English settlers built a tiny village in Jamestown, Virginia. Carriers of a card of the daughter of King James I of England, founded the first English colony that survived. A London company interested in obtaining profits financed the foundation, but never obtained them. Of the first 105 settlers, 73 died of hunger and disease in the first seven months after their arrival. But the colony grew and prospered over time. The Virginians discovered the way to earn money with the cultivation of tobacco, which they began shipping to England in 1614.

In New England, the northeastern region of what is now the United States, the English Puritans established several colonies. These colonizers thought that the Church of England had adopted too many practices of Catholicism, and they came to America fleeing persecution in English lands and with the intention of founding a colony based on their own religious ideals. A group of Puritans, known as pilgrims, crossed the Atlantic on a ship called Mayflower and settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620. A much larger Puritan colony was established in the Boston area in 1630. By 1635, some colonists They were already migrating to nearby Connecticut.

The Pilgrim Fathers (in English, Pilgrim Fathers or only Pilgrims) was an English religious group formed at the end of the 16th century that, being dissatisfied with the political-religious environment in their country, decided to emigrate, first to Leiden (Holland) in 1609 and then to the New World in 1620.

The pilgrims began their journey on August 5, 1620, from the port of Southampton aboard the ship Mayflower, after crossing the North Atlantic arrived at the American coasts of New England in November of that same year in the area where the current city of Provincetown practically in the Cape Cod of Massachusetts. These travelers wanted to settle in the English colony of Jamestown (Virginia) that had been founded in 1607, but navigational errors took them to more northern areas.

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Which of the following was not a new tool during the Scientific Revolution? A. telescope B. microscope C. botany classification system D. Doppler radar

it is c botany classification system and i hope this help have an amazing day 

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Which of the following best defines the term Republic? a) a system of government where a small of group of people rule b) a system of government where all people vote for policy decisions c) a system of government where one person has absolute power d) a system of government where people elect representatives to govern

The statement that best describes the term Republic is option D. A system of government where people elect representatives to govern .

Republic, form of government in which a state is ruled by representatives elected by the citizen body. Modern republics are founded on the idea that sovereignty lies in the people. In a Republic the citizens are entitled to cast their vote in order to elect who they want to be their representatives.

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How did the 19th Amendment change the voting system in the United States?

Ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted American women the right to vote—a right known as woman suffrage. At the time the U.S. was founded, its female citizens didn't share all of the same rights as men, including the right to vote.

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If the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is part of the majority, he or she gets to write the A- appeal B- opinion of the court C- law D- dissent

Correct answer choice is :

B) Opinion of the court


In many courts, such as the Supreme Court of the United States, the preponderance view may be split down into estimated or lettered segments. This enables judges who write an opinion agreeing in part or disagreeing in part to easily distinguish which parts they join with the majority, and which segments they do not.

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Which word best describes the character of humanism? religious individual medieval depressing




Humanism is a moral philosophy that puts the humans of the most important living creature in the universe. This is a common perspective in many ethical ways of thinking which attribute the great importance to human dignity, aspirations and capabilities. Particularly rationality.

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What did a guild do for the merchants? A. maintained excellence B. provided security C. bought raw materials D.paid the taxes

A guild provided security for the merchants

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William Jennings Bryan believed strongly in and became an advocate of what Populist Party policy position? A. the spoils system B. bimetallism C. limiting immigration D. the gold standard

The answer is b. ..................................................................................................................................................................                                                                                                                                                         

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This guaranteed freedom of speech on the internet

Freedom to gather peaceable 

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If you lived under an economic system in which the government controlled all aspects of production, which economic system would this be? A. Traditional Economy B. Market Economy C. Planned Economy D. Mixed Economy

C. Planned Economy is the answer. A planned economy is an economy  in which production, investment, prices, and incomes are determined centrally by a government. It is not a traditional economy because in the question economy is not runed by tradition. A market economy is an economy ran by the people. A mixed economy is ran by the goverment, and the people. the question only says ran by the goverment, and not by the people thats why both of those answers are incorrect.

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Which was an important impact of the printing press of the gutenberg bible in 1456?

Allowed everybody to be able to own a copy whether they were literate or illiterate

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Many subject peoples began to feel discontent with their imperial masters during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In addition to nationalism, which one of the following reasons best explains why they felt that way? A. colonialism- they wanted the opportunity to carve out overseas colonies and territories B. freedom-they wanted self-rule and independence C. imperialism-they wanted to dominate their neighbors and build their own empires D. communism-they wanted a world in which the workers were in charge

The best answer from the choices is letter B.

B. Freedom-they wanted self-rule and independence

Thank you for posting your question here at Brainly. Feel free to ask more questions. The best and most correct answer among the choices provided by the question is Hope my answer would be a great help for you.


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Government help please! 1. The 10th amendment to the Constitution reads as follows: " The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." According to the 10th amendment which powers to the state have? select all that apply (I have to choose two) A. The powers not delegated to the United States B. The powers set out in the constitution C. The powers not prohibited by the constitution to the states D. The powers that the people want 2. Why did John C. Calhoun believe that nullification of federal law should be a power held by state? A. Because this Constitution does not expressly give Congress the right to control states B. Because he wanted the Civil War and was willing to push until it happened C. Because he was against states rights in all forms D. Because the Constitution clearly stated that nullification was justified 3. How did the earliest state constitutions differ from the majority of others created later? A. They did not include popular support B. They were handwritten by slaves C. They were not based upon their colonial charters D. They did not create a court system

1.The correct answers here are the options A and C.

Under the United States Constitution, the powers that the states possess are those that are not given to federal government and those that are not prohibited by the Constitution itself. This is clearly seen here in the 10th Amendment. The states are free to set forth any laws that are constitutional so this does not mean any powers people want. 

The correct answer here is the option A.

John C. Calhoun believed as did some other prominent politicians that nullification of federal laws was justified as the Constitution does not expressly give Congress the right to control states. But nullification is actually not legal and not true because of the Supremacy Clause that states that the Constitution and the federal laws created in accordance with it are the supreme law of the land. Also,  Article III of the Constitution states that it is the federal judiciary that has the final say in the constitutionality of a law.

3.The correct answer here is the option A.

When the citizens of the United States think about  the Constitution they mainly think about the Constitution of the United States. But before the colonies came together to create the Union they already created their own individual constitutions and entered the Union as free states. But these have been changed after the establishment of the Union in order to more reflect the Constitution of the United States. 

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Use the internet and other reference materials to learn how interactions between Cuba, the U.S., and other nations have had a significant impact on each other and on global events. Write an essay of 300 words describing how the saying, "No man is an island," can be applied to the nation of Cuba. Include your predictions as to how past events may impact Cuba's future.

The phrase "no man is an island" can be easily applied to the case of Cuban politics. What the phrase means is that no person can remain unaffected by his context or by the actions of other people around him. We can extend this metaphor to describe the situation of different countries in the international arena.

In the case of Cuba, much of its cultural, historical and political legacy has been influenced by the actions of other countries. Cuba was colonized by the Spanish, which affected its development during the modern period. Moreover, after independence, it engaged in a revolution for full autonomy. During these years, Cuba adopted a communist ideology that was influenced by the Soviet Union. However, this made Cuba an enemy of the United States, and this relationship and the eventual dismantling of the Soviet Union has shaped much of the recent history of the island.

Past events have affected Cuba in many ways, but it is unclear how the island will develop in the future. It is likely that, as time goes by, capitalism becomes more accepted in Cuba. This is likely to increase the relationship between Cuba and the United States.

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Which of the following statements does not describe the importance of the Alaskan Purchase? The land lacks valuable raw materials. The discovery of gold brought many settlers to the region. It is a land with rich oil deposits.

The correct answer is A) The land lacks valuable raw materials.

(The land lacks valuable raw materials) does not describe the importance of the Alaskan Purchase.

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